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By Systematic

It felt good to be home. Red was bustling around the house doing maid things in a state of blissful contentment. I didn’t like the way she was looking at me, but I did my best to ignore her. I had a sly text from Sandy, thanking me for last night. Rolling my eyes, I made myself a sandwich and moved on with my life as best I could with my ribs aching the way they were.

Inevitably, I found myself at my computer, taking stock of the feud between myself and Oracle. A commenter had pointed out to me that she had fired some shots toward me on the forums, criticizing my work for being too matter of fact, and my sex scenes for being too brief. She complained that some of my stories didn’t even include any actual penetration.

I was annoyed. Where, exactly, did the rules say that I had to write about penetration? I’d have reminded her about a few things, but I restrained myself. I wouldn’t get anything out of it, and I wanted to stick to the high road anyway. I typed out a few notes about the things that had happened that day, because I thought maybe I could make stories of it.

Red banged on my door. Rubbing my eyes, I got up and opened it. “I’m taking a nap,” I said, and closed it. And that was what I wanted to do, so I locked my door and went to the sofa by the big windows to lie down. It was hard to find a comfortable position with my ribs hurt. I have a nice view from this window of the yard of the house next door. And something was going on. My nap could wait until I saw more.

I got up and dragged my telescope over for a look. The house next door was very different from this one, it was more modern and trendy. It was a rental. From week to week we never knew who’d be there. Sometimes it was rich people, even famous people. Sometimes a well to do family on vacation, and sometimes we didn’t even know who the people were. It was never empty.

This week’s tenants were a pair of sisters from overseas. I sometimes encountered the people who stayed at the house, but these two I’d avoided. They were identical twins, distinguishable only by their short hair, which was dyed, one bright green, one bright blue.

They were curvy and well-tanned, and they wore matching skimpy bikinis, which they were both bursting out of. They were both excited about something. I watched them tie down cushions to a pair of long, low tables in the back yard, beside the pool. They were both gleaming with oil, and I thought they were probably intending to sun themselves for a while, but they wouldn’t be this excited over just that. They’d been lying in the sun all week.

They disappeared into the house. I was curious, so I positioned my telescope, focused it, and took a look. I’d never used it for something like this before, but I didn’t own a good pair of binoculars.

I looked through the windows of the rental house, and spotted some tanned skin passing one. I followed it; they were going toward the front. Moments later there was more movement. The two sisters came out into the back, along with two men whose size and physique reminded me of Brett. They were all holding drinks.

For a few moments they drank and spoke and laughed by the two tables. The men had towels, and small bags. From all the way over here, of course I had a silent show. I could only guess what they were talking about, but I had a good idea. It was the last day of the sisters’ vacation. They wanted to make it a memorable one, and they didn’t trust amateurs to do it for them.

I didn’t have to wait long. Soon the sisters were both lying face-down on the towels laid out on the tables. The men undid the strings tying their bikini tops, and began the massage. They were both pros, and no doubt very good, but I think the two sisters squirmed a little too much. I’d creatively named them Green and Blue, and the men I’d named Green’s Guy and Blue’s Guy. I hoped they wouldn’t swap, or this would get confusing. I thought about getting up to get my notepad, but I didn’t feel like it. I was tired out and aching, so I just watched.

The massage part was a formality. The guys would have gone through with it, but Green and Blue didn’t want to wait. Green flipped onto her back, baring her large breasts, and grabbed her guy through his shorts, then pulled him down to kiss him. Not to be outdone, Blue pushed herself up and turned to kiss her own guy over her shoulder, pushing her bottom up to rub him with it.

I watched the rubbing and kissing. Green’s guy slipped his hands over Green’s oily body, and she pulled down his shorts to reveal a huge endowment, which was swollen and ready. Blue was on her feet with her back to her guy, who was squeezing her breasts while she suckled his tongue and ground her backside into his groin.

Together, like they’d rehearsed it, they both started to strip down their partners. The two physical therapists wore flimsy shorts, shirts, and flip flops to make this easy. In moments they were both nude, and both receiving vigorous blowjobs from the kneeling sisters. Green was cupping her guy’s scrotum and suckling the head of his penis, while Blue was taking her guy as far into her mouth as she could, and applying as much suction as possible. Green stood up, lips glistening, and kissed her guy deeply. Her fingers were wrapped around his wet penis, stroking lazily. He pulled down her bikini bottoms just enough to bare her ass to the open air, and gave it a light slap. The flesh rippled, catching the sunlight. Too bad Red wasn’t watching.

Blue gave her guy another few seconds of service, then got up, and he leaned down to suck on her right breast, cupping the other and pinching the nipple. I saw her buttocks clench in pleasure, and her toes curl. She might have had a small orgasm right there, just from her nipples, but it only made her more excited. Both sisters were clearly enjoying the two hard members brushing and bumping into them as they rubbed themselves over the two guys. Blue tweaked Green’s nipple, and Green rubbed Blue’s bottom over her swimsuit.

They both released their guys and pulled down their bottoms all the way, stepping out of them to stand fully nude by the pool. Green’s guy’s erection twitched. Both sisters’ pubic hair was carefully trimmed in the shape of a butterfly, and both were color coordinated. They were still staring at each other. Green reached down and ran her fingers lightly along her slit. Blue traced a slow circle around her clit. Both of their fingers came away sticky, trailing strands of fluid.

They lay back on the two tables and spread their legs. Both guys knelt and went to work with their tongues. The sisters reacted differently. Blue seized the cushion beneath her and arched her back, her bottom rising from the cushion. Her guy cupped her buttocks and held her up, continuing to eat her out. Her mouth was wide open; I suspected she was making a lot of noise.

Green had both hands on her guy’s head, his tongue was inside her, and she was pumping her hips against him, eyes shut as her legs flexed and spasmed. Blue reached over and grabbed Green’s breast, squeezing it hard. Both sisters twisted and writhed on the tables. Green came with a series of jerks that made her breasts bounce, and her belly flutter. Blue’s back bent, and she squirted several jets of clear fluid onto her guy’s face, which she licked off when he climbed on top of her for a kiss.

It didn’t take the twins long to recover from their orgasms. Blue had her guy’s hand between her legs, rubbing, and Green had knelt in front of her guy again, and was licking his scrotum as she stroked his shaft. The faces he was making suggested she was doing a good job.

Blue turned her guy around and had him lie back on the table. His penis stood up like a flagpole, throbbing in anticipation. I felt like these two guys had arrived as seasoned pros, but now they were just horny teenagers. The twins had overwhelmed them. Blue circled the table to straddle his head from above, and I saw him lean up to nuzzle her labia. After a moment she moved forward along the table, dragging her mound across his chest and leaving a shining trail of lubricant until she positioned herself over his erection.

Green came around the table to face her, but stayed on her feet. Her guy was behind her, and he took hold of her arms as she bent over. Blue plunged herself onto her guy as other one penetrated Green from behind, holding her by the arms to keep her upright.

Once all the way in, Green’s guy had to pause to get his breath, and Blue had done the same, taking her man to the hilt and keeping him there. She gyrated her hips, and his hands grasped the slippery flesh. She cupped her own breasts and lifted them to suckle her nipple as her sister’s dangled in front of her.
Green’s guy couldn’t wait. He began to drive into Green from behind fast and hard, and her knees wavered with each thrust. Her back curved, and her oiled breasts were in rhythm.

Blue lay back on top of her guy, giving me an incredible view of his penis entering her from below. She continued to lick at one nipple while her other hand rubbed vigorously at her clit. Her guy started to move too, and soon her hands were once again gripping the cushion. He pounded her as she lay on top of him, her breasts bouncing wildly.

Green’s round and shining bottom was turning red from how hard her guy’s pelvis was slapping it, and there was fluid running down her thighs. Blue’s Guy’s hands were slipping on her hips and abdomen because of the slick mixture created by the sweat and oil; I could see her vagina clutching at him as he pushed into her from below.

Green suddenly pulled free of her guy and fell forward on top of her sister. Her guy moved with her, staying upright, but laying his hands on her buttocks and continuing to pump into her. The sisters were kissing messily, their breasts pressed together, both of their bodies moving in the rhythm set by the men sandwiching them. Blue reached up and laced her arms around Green’s neck as her sister forced her tongue into her mouth. Then they broke the kiss and hugged each other as they came, grinding their pelvises together.

Green’s Guy had leaned over, supporting himself with a hand on Green’s glistening back, but now he straightened and pulled out, his hand around his swollen penis as he came all over her back. Likewise Blue’s Guy slipped and came as well, shooting out big strings of pearly cum between Blue’s legs that landed all over Green’s mound and buttocks. The white semen stood out easily against their tanned bodies.

Green’s guy collapsed on the other table, more cum dribbling out onto his stomach. Blue’s guy looked happy to be alive. The sisters were kissing each other tenderly. Blue’s hands had found Green’s buttocks and were gently kneading the oiled flesh and smearing the semen.

I yawned and closed the shades; my nap had waited long enough.

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I enjoy the twist of bisexualism...its different from the teen guy falling inlove with a teen girl and romping her for all shes worth...good story!!

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Quite enjoyable stories.

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