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did he sign or didnt he
when i arrived at my apartment i put my key in the door and let myself in. i walked into the living room and harvey handed me the divorce papers and said "ive signed them" and left the room i followed after harvey and watched him walk out the apartment with all this stuff in suitcases

when it was just me in the apartment i felt so all alone but a part of me was telling me its for the best and a bigger part of me felt numb with pain. I wanted the pain to go away so i took the bottle of jack daniels from the living room and i drank it and did somethink i never thought i would do i got my car keys and i drove to harveys moms house

when i got there bella said "he doesnt want to see you leon and i dont think he wants to see you drunk!" harvey came to the door and said "your drunk?!" i looked at him and said "just a little" harvey took my hand and said "how did you get here if your drunk" i turned around and pointed to my car and said "i drove" harvey looked really mad at me and said "you fucking drove your car when your drunk are you stupid" i nodded my head and said "apparently so" "why do you do this to me leon?" "because im a fuck up and i always will be" "your not a fuck up leon" "sure i am i fucked up a relationship with kyle i fucked up a marrage with you i fucked up a family relationship with my brother" "those things are not so important leon you need to learn to accept your self" "sure harvey maybe i should haved died in that car wreck i was in" harvey started cry and said "no you shouldnt have i love you and im deeply inlove with you come here" harvey put his arms around me and hugged me really tight

"give me your car keys your staying here tonight" "here in my back pocket" so harvey took my key and lead me into his old bedroom and laid me on his bed when harvey went to leave i grabbed him and said "dont leave me harvey please dont leave me" harvey took my hand and said "go to sleep i will be in soon" after harvey said that he me kissed my four head and i went to sleep in the middle of the night i woke up without a hangover and paniced because i didnt remember my surroundings i started breathing heavy and kept saying "where am i" harvey woke up and said "babe its okay your at my moms house your okay relax" slowly but surly i returned to laying down harvey put this hand over my body and said "are you okay" "im fine i think" "good go back to sleep im going to stay awake for a bit to make sure your okay" "you dont have to do that im not your responsabily anymore am i?" "i never signed the papers i wanted you to think i had so you knew how hurt i was" harvey showed me his left hand and with the help of the moonlight i could see he was wearing his wedding band "i found it in one of your pockets" "i really love you harvey i really do" me and harvey shared a magical kiss and he said "i love you too your mine and noone elses now close your eyes and go to sleep" i went to close my eyes and then i realised something and said "baby why am i still dressed?" "well i did try to undress you but you told me im no longer allowed to touch you" "o wow sorry" so i got undressed and said "goodnight" to harvey

the next morning harvey was fast asleep and i kept thinking to my self look at this beautiful man (<I'm not just beautiful i'm stunning lol>) im lucky enough to be married to him im lucky enough to know he loves me and treasures me and will do anything for me so anyway harvey woke up and said "hey baby how long you been awake?" "about 10 minutes can we go home id like to have a shower and brush my teeth in my own bathroom" so me and harvey got dressed and we said bye to bella and went home

when we got back to are apartment we walked in and had a shower and brushed are teeths i was talking to harvey as he had a shave and when he was done we got dressed as we was going dressed i said to harvey "baby can i borrow some boxer shorts?" harvey handed me a pair of pink and black ones and said "can i take them off you later?" i laughed and said "i dont think so my hustband wouldnt be to happy about that" harvey laughed and said "im sure he wouldnt mind" i remembered something from last week and got dressed into the football uniform harvey brought me and said "want to do my medical test" harvey really went for me and though me on the bed and said "fuck yes i do" so we got undressed again and we had sex most of the day (well we had sex 4 time in that day) and it was fantastic the only reason we didnt do it a 5th time was because we was both tired and we wanted something to eat so we got dressed again for the final time and drove over to my mom and told bella to meet us there when we all arrived we had a take out meal and we all talked and had a few glasses of red wine when are meal was finshed me and harvey went home and we went to bed becuase we was really tired after todays events so when we got into bed i kissed harvey goodnight and told him how much i love him and he told me how much he loves me and we went to sleep


2012-06-14 19:13:00
richboys love 58 is now out but be warned it gross its about me being sick after harvey has been really nice to me all day

what do you guys think i want a sign like Richboy$ love


2012-06-14 17:28:38
im really sorry me and harvey both agree we wont give photos out and we are staying to that rule im srry

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2012-06-14 16:51:10
Plzz keep writing and we are realllyyyyrealllyyyy. Realllyyyyyy looking forward to see ur picture with ur husband weve been reading ur whole biographie story but i need to see what u look like i wanna imagine the real face of u two when i read im a big fan of urss and u should write a book about ur lifee love u guyss and dont fight again never in ur life and i think harvey should spoil u alot u deserve it ;) thank u guys and plz i would love to see ur photo together maybe at ur wedding if u dont mind or any pic it doesnt matter love uuuuu guys mwahhh (harvey keep a good loook on leon hes the cutest)


2012-06-13 18:55:36
im having a day where i feel so fucking ugly no matter that i wear or do so my hustband decides to put me infront of a mirror to feel worse about my self i want ice cream :(


2012-06-13 18:54:05
its not my ending im writing untill 100 no matter what

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