A young girl finds a dirty old man to teach her what she needs to know
"Now remember, just stay here by the pool. We'll be back about 5:00."

"Yes, I know, don't worry, I'm not going to wander off and let somebody kidnap me." She rolled her eyes as she said it, secretly wishing that somebody would kidnap her. It would at least make her life interesting for a change.

"Okay, then, we'll see you later." Her mother was smiling as she wheeled away her brother's stroller, her father by her side. Her mother was always smiling lately, whether she had any reason to or not. It was like she didn't have a brain any more since she had Vickie's brother. The only good thing about it was that her parents paid so much attention to him that Vickie could do pretty much whatever she wanted. She watched until her parents disappeared, then stripped off her t-shirt and cut-offs, leaving just the bikini. The one that would give her parents a stroke if they ever saw it.

He flopped down in a chair by the pool with a beer and started looking at the women. When you're an old fart, that's what you do. Especially when you're an old fart without the advantage of having lots of money. He knew most of his vacation would probably be spent watching women by the pool, wishing he had the guts to approach any of them, then jerking off to porn back in his room. It had been that way for years. But he always looked. There was always the chance that he might get lucky.

Vickie couldn't believe how lame her parents were. Like, she was thirteen years old, for God's sake, and they wouldn't even let her go on dates. How fucking ridiculous was that? Everybody she knew at school was going out with guys, and a lot of them were getting like felt up and stuff. A couple even said they'd done it, let their boyfriends fuck them, but Vickie figured they were probably lying. Oh, the girls would let the guys do it, but she didn't think the boys would have the balls to actually go through with it. Fuckin' junior high pussies.

Vickie didn't care anyway. She wasn't going to let any little boy fuck her. She'd seen enough on the Internet (at least her parents let her use the computer) to know that most guys went crazy over young girls like her. You didn't even have to be hot (but she was, of course), you just had to be young. Vickie had already decided that the first guy she let fuck her was going to be older, with some experience, but he'd have to be really hot, with a good body. And today she had all day by the pool to see if she could find him.

He gave all the females a good look, but didn't see any that were likely prospects. There were a couple of mid-thirties suburban mom/housewife types, the usual short hair, bodies that were getting a little more round than they used to be. One was with what Curt assumed was her husband. The other was alone and might be a possibility, but she had her nose in a book and didn't seem to be much interested in what was going on around her. There were several young ones, college-age or just over, in skimpy bikinis, giggling and watching the younger guys, trying to get their attention. A couple of them were real stunners, the type you'd expect to see in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. No chance any of them would even look at him twice, but it meant that he'd have plenty of scenery to watch roll by.

The main reason he noticed the young one was he could hear her whining her answers to whatever it was her parents were telling her. They were only about five feet away. He glanced over. Really young, he guessed maybe fourteen. Round face, pretty, but not going to give anybody a stroke. Long, wavy dark hair. Body was kind of round, too, when she got older she was going to have trouble keeping the weight down, but right now she was kind of hot. And Curt was plenty enough of a dirty old man to take a good look. He'd jump on something under-age if he got the chance. It had been a long time since he'd had anything quite that young, though. He'd been a teenager himself, at least forty years ago.

He watched her. She kept an eye on her parents until they disappeared with the baby stroller, then quickly stripped off her t-shirt and shorts. The bikini she had on underneath showed plenty of her small, round tits, and the bottom barely covered her slit. No wonder she'd made sure her parents were gone before she exposed herself. Curt took a good look, while the girl settled onto a reclining chair and started ogling the body builder wannabes. She was practically licking her lips. Curt chuckled to himself. She had about as much chance with those guys as he did with the super-model types.

Vickie started checking out the guys. There were quite a few of the tall, muscular types she liked to fantasize about. A couple of older guys, like her dad's age. And one creepy one, really old, with gray hair, sitting not far from her. He kept looking over at her, and it was making her nervous. He wasn't even dressed right to be at the pool, had on jeans and a wife-beater, no shorts or anything. She finally decided to just ignore him and see if she could get the attention of one of the younger guys.

She spent the next couple of hours getting frustrated. None of the guys seemed to be paying any attention to her, no matter how obvious she got. She did everything but take off her bikini, not that it covered much up as it was, twisted herself into all sorts of positions to give them a good look at everything she had, and still none of them so much as looked. Except the creepy old guy, of course. It's not like he was staring at her or anything, but he kept looking over at her every so often, and he usually had a nasty smile on his face. Like he was making fun of her or something, but he wasn't saying anything. Vickie was about ready to leave just to get away from him.

It was all Curt could do not to laugh at the girl. He didn't think he'd ever seen anybody be so obvious about what she was trying to do. And it wasn't doing her any good, of course. None of the budding Schwarzeneggers was going to be interested in her when there was plenty of riper fruit around. He almost felt sorry for her. Finally he just couldn't take it any more. He managed to come up with enough energy to lever himself out of his chair and step over to where the girl was sitting.

Good, the creepy old pervert was getting up to leave. Vickie turned to look for more guys, then almost jumped when she heard a voice.

"I hate to disappoint you, but you're trying to get the wrong ones." Shit! The old bastard was standing next to her chair talking to her.

"I... what..." She was startled by him being there, or she would have just told him to get lost, or screamed that he was molesting her.

"Don't take this the wrong way. I mean, you're plenty cute, and I think you're hot." God, he was coming on to her. She had to do something pretty quick. "But seriously, honey, the guys you're looking at want something like that." He pointed to a tall, leggy, blonde with a set of huge boobs walking along the edge of the pool. "And they know they can get her. And don't have to worry about going to jail for it. You need to be looking for somebody a little more... uh... let's say desperate." He had a really nasty smile on her face. Vickie finally found her voice.

"You mean like you?" She put as much venom into the words as she could, but the old man just laughed.

"Yeah, an old man like me who'll take any piece of ass he can get. Or some geeky guy your age who just can't wait to find a girlfriend who's willing to put out. Be realistic and take what you can get. I guarantee you it's better than waiting for something that's not going to happen." She wanted to come back with a smart-ass answer, but couldn't come up with one. He turned to leave, but before walking away, he looked back at her and said, "I'm in 519. Just in case."

Curt didn't expect to see the girl again, unless she was leading a couple of police officers to him. He was amazed he'd even said anything to her. Normally he'd have just sat and watched all day. Now he was back in his room, and figured he might as well pull out the laptop and watch a little porn. The knock on the door startled him. A quick look out the peep-hole showed the girl from the pool. He couldn't tell if she had the cops or her parents with her. Oh well, he'd been living dangerously already today, might as well keep it up. He opened the door. The girl was alone, walked in without being asked, closed the door behind her.

"So, are you really desperate enough to want somebody like me?" She was looking down at her feet, looked and sounded embarrassed. Curt wasn't sure if it was because she'd never done anything like this before, or because she was desperate enough herself to want somebody like him.

"Yeah, honey. I'm desperate enough. I'll do anything you want." His cock was hard already. He reached out, tangled one hand in her hair, and pulled her toward him. He pushed his mouth against hers, hard, and felt her lips part. She tasted sweet. This was going to be fun.

She should have just ignored him. He was nothing but a greasy old pig. Shit, she probably should have reported him to the cops. But what if he was telling the truth. Maybe he was all she could get. She sure as hell didn't intend to die a virgin.

Vickie had almost chickened out and not knocked on the guy's door. When he opened it, she practically ran inside before she changed her mind. She had a horrible feeling that he'd been teasing her all along, that he didn't really want her, but when she asked he said he did, then grabbed her and started kissing her. Vickie had kissed a few guys at school, had even let a couple of them feel her up outside her clothes, but this was different. This guy was no nervous boy, he was a man who knew what he was doing. His tongue was in her mouth, tasting of beer, and his hands were all over her, squeezing her boobs, her butt, slipping between her legs and pressing up against her crotch. She was breathing hard right away, already farther along than she'd ever been with a guy.

Suddenly he stopped, stepped back, his hands on her shoulders. "How old are you, anyway?" She was scared again, thought about lying to him, afraid he'd throw her out if she told the truth. But she decided that nothing was going to scare him off.

"Th-thirteen," she stammered.

"And how much have you done with guys?" He was looking in her eyes. He'd know if she told a lie, she was sure.

"Not as much as you already did." He smiled.

"Good." He started unbuckling his belt. Vickie watched, licking her lips. God, he was actually going to do it to her! When she'd been eyeing the guys down at the pool she was just hoping to get a kiss, maybe a feel, but the old man was actually going to get down with her. She gulped when he got his dick out of his pants. It was a little bigger than she expected. He chuckled.

"Never seen one before?"

"No, I... Not for real, just like pictures, you know." Her mouth felt dry. She was afraid she was shaking.

"Well, everybody's got to have a first time." He pulled her closer to him and she looked down at his dick. "You can touch it, it won't bite. But we need to get you out of those clothes." He pulled up her t-shirt, whipped it off over her head, then undid her shorts and pushed them down. Now she was standing in front of him in just her bikini. No big deal, he'd seen her like that at the pool, so had all the other guys. But then he reached around behind her, undid the tie of her bikini top, slipped it off. She started to reach up to cover her boobs with her hands, but realized that would look really stupid. She looked up, wondering if he'd think she was too flat. He was looking at her boobs the way she looked at a new outfit.

"Mmmm, nice, honey. Let's see the rest." He put his hands on her hips, slid her bottom down until it dropped to the floor. Vickie thought her heart was going to jump right out of her chest. She was starting to feel fluttering in her belly; she could tell she was getting wet the way she did when she touched herself.

Once he had her naked he didn't say anything else, just pulled her against him and started kissing her again. But now they were both naked, and Vickie's boobs flattened against his chest, she could feel his dick, hard and smooth, pressing against her bare belly. She felt like she was going to pass out, but she couldn't tell if it was from horniness and excitement or fear.

Curt liked what he saw when he got the girl's clothes off. Nice little tits, the kind he liked, slightly rounded belly (yeah she'd be a chubby one when she was mature), hips that had just started to flare out. She didn't shave, but it hardly mattered, there was barely any hair between her legs, just a little soft brown fuzz. He could tell she was nervous, maybe even scared, but she didn't resist when he pulled her naked body against his to kiss her again.

He ran his hands down her spine, just brushing his fingertips against her skin. When his fingers reached her ass she stiffened for a second, then gasped and relaxed, pushing her belly harder against his stiff cock. He pulled away, reached up with his hands to cup her tits, squeezed them. She moaned, low and sexy, her eyes closed and her head leaned back. He milked her tits, pinching the nipples when the reached them. The girl squealed slightly and her eyes popped open. Curt could tell from the look on her face that she didn't mind just a little pain anyway.

He grabbed her hair, tighter this time, pulled her back into a kiss. This time he slipped his hand between her legs, rubbed her slit. The girl moaned again, pushed her pelvis against his hand. He curled up a finger and let it slide between her cunt lips. She was wet. Hot and wet. And as tight as anything he'd ever felt.

Vickie felt his finger slip inside her and almost jumped. But as soon as she was over the shock she gasped, as she felt the muscles in her belly tighten around his finger. It was the first time she'd ever really had anything in there. She'd touched herself down there, but always just rubbing along the outside, she'd never put her finger in. Now that she knew what she was missing she wondered why.

Vickie clutched at the guy as his finger explored her insides, twisting, curling up. Her muscles kept rippling every time the finger moved, and she was digging her fingers into his shoulders. He didn't seem to mind. Suddenly he pulled the finger out of her, pushed her away slightly.

"God, don't stop! I want more!" She was shocked at the way her voice sounded, like she was begging.

"Don't worry honey, you'll get plenty more." He raised the finger that had been in her to his face, sniffed it, then licked along one side. "Tastes really good, honey. You want to see how you taste?" He was holding his finger in front of her. God that was disgusting, she could never do something like that. But she found her mouth open, sucking his finger in the way she'd seen girls do with guys dicks in the vids she watched online. She tasted her own juices on his finger and felt her belly fluttering even more. She wondered what he'd do next.

Curt picked the girl up, tossed her onto the bed. He pushed her knees as far apart as they'd go as he lowered his face to her crotch. He put his thumbs on her pussy lips, spread them apart. She smelled incredible. He pressed his mouth against her, pushed his tongue out into her. Shit, she tasted even better than she smelled. He felt her hips jerk, heard a soft moan.

He started working her over with his tongue. Up and down her slit, the tip diving inside her pussy, then pulling back out. Sucking, scooping her juices out of her, then licking all around her pussy lips. Up to tickle her clit, but only barely, then down, until he just brushed against her asshole. He wanted to ram a finger into her ass, but didn't know how she'd react. Hell, he was half afraid she'd scream when he actually started to fuck her and bring hotel security down on him. But he was too far gone to stop now.

Vickie couldn't believe it when he started licking her down there. She'd seen things like that in vids, but wasn't sure anybody really did it in real life. God, she felt like her whole body was on fire. She was moaning, and she could feel the muscles inside her twitching.

"Fuck, that feels so good!" His tongue had hit her clit. Now she knew what all the women online were talking about. She wished he'd keep licking there, but he went back down again, along her slit. His fingers spread her butt cheeks apart. Oh god, what's he doing? His tongue lapped at her butt for a second and she felt it clench, sending another shiver through her. Then he moved back up again. Fuck, he licked my butt and I liked it! His tongue was back up to her clit again, swirling around it this time.

"There, please, right there." Little electric shocks were coursing over her body.

Yeah, she was begging for it now. Time to give her what she needed and get on to the main event, his cock was begging as hard as she was. He took her clit between his lips, sucked on it, as he slipped a finger back into her pussy and started pumping. Her little body started jerking on the bed, and he sucked harder. Her hands grasped at his head, pulling him tighter against her crotch.

"God yes, uuuhhh uuuhhh uuuhhh!" Vickie was going nuts having his mouth on her clit and his finger inside her at the same time. Without thinking about it she started bucking her hips out at him in rhythm, trying to get his finger deeper in her. Another finger wiggled between her butt cheeks, pressed against her tight little ring. He wasn't trying to put it in, just rubbing it around her butthole, but it felt good. She was gasping for breath now, her body tingling more and more as little ripples seemed to shoot out from between her legs to the rest of her body. The tip of his finger slipped up inside her butt, and she liked the way it felt.

Her body shook, stiffened, shuddered again. Her fingers tore at the guy's hair. She couldn't catch her breath as all the muscles in her lower belly spasmed, jerking her body up and down. She knew she was making noise, but had no idea what she was saying, or even if it was words.

Then it was over and she slumped back onto the bed, breathing hard. She opened her eyes, looked up at the man. He was hovering over her now, smiling.

"Time for you to get fucked, baby." A thrill of excitement swept over her when she heard him say that.

She was ready, no doubt about it. Her mouth was lolling open, tongue resting on her lower lip. Her eyes were hooded, her breathing shallow. He didn't think he'd ever seen a look of such utter need.

He was poised above her, ready to clamp his hand over her mouth if she screamed. No telling how a virgin was going to react to having her first cock jammed up inside her. Her legs were spread wide on the bed. He took her hand in his, guided it to his cock.

"Help me in, baby." She moved his cock until he felt it press against her slit. He wiggled it a little, felt the tip open her up. Then he rammed his whole cock into her virgin pussy in one thrust. He felt her cherry give way, her hole open up for his cock, until he banged against her pelvis and his balls slapped her ass. Her eyes got big, she bit down on her lower lip. Something like a whimper forced its way out. But she didn't scream. And as soon as he started pumping in and out of her, he could feel her hips thrusting back at him.

God it hurt! It was like a knife slicing through her between her legs. She bit down on her lip so hard she thought she was going to bite right through it. But she couldn't scream, or let him know that it hurt. He'd laugh at her. Maybe stop and take it out. And she didn't want that. She wanted him to fuck her, wanted to know what it was like. So she tried to ignore the pain.

He held his cock inside her for a few seconds, then pulled it back, til it was almost out of her, rammed it back in again, hard. Started pumping it into her, hard and fast. It didn't hurt as much any more, and feeling his cock sliding in an out of her was starting to feel really good. She moved her hips against his, the way she'd seen girls do it on the Internet.

"Yeah, dude, fuck me!" That's what he was doing, fucking her. It was actually happening, she was naked in a guy's hotel room with his cock in her pussy, getting fucked. And there was nothing her lame-o parents could do about it.

The guy was holding her hips with his hands now, really pounding his cock into her, and it felt better and better. She could feel his cock sliding over her clit as it moved. It was making her gasp.

"Make me cum! Please make me cum!" She'd heard girls in the vids she watched say it, and she knew that was what happened when he licked her. She wanted it again, and she could feel it getting close. He was grunting like some kind of animal now, shoving his cock into her like he wanted to rip her in half. "Oh fuck, yeah! Uuuuuhhhhh!" Her body went crazy again, thrashing uncontrollably on the bed, making those noises. Just as she was starting to relax he slammed all the way into her, held himself there. She felt something pumping out of his cock into her pussy. Her body gave another shudder and panic streaked through her mind.

Curt let out a long groan as his cum poured out into the little girl. Shit, it had been a long time since he'd had his cock in anything that young, that tight, since he'd pumped a load into a little virgin. He couldn't remember when he'd cum so hard, or so much. He could feel it squeezing out around his cock onto the bed under her.

He saw her eyes get big again when he started to shoot in her, like they did when he stuck his cock in her. What, did she think he was gonna pull out? Nothing she could do about it now. He finished pumping his load into her, lay on top of her for a few seconds, just relaxing.

He shot inside me! Fuck, what if I get pregnant? He was just laying on her now, not doing anything. She wanted to push him off, scream at him for doing that. But then she relaxed. What if she did get pregnant? Her parents would probably kick her out of the house and she wouldn't have to worry about them any more. Maybe she'd even find this guy, move in with him, make him help her raise the baby.

He lifted himself off of her. She felt his cock pop out of her, could tell that it was smaller than it had been before. He was standing by the bed now, looking down at her.

"Come here, baby. Suck my cock, get it nice and hard again, so I can fuck you in the ass."

Her body moved, leaving her mind behind. She was on her knees in front of him, his limp cock in her hand. She opened her mouth, took it in. He tasted strong, bitter. She could taste herself on him, too, just a hint of what she'd tasted on his finger after it had been in her pussy. She started sucking, felt his cock start to stiffen almost immediately. As it did her brain started working again, thinking about what his cock would feel like in her ass. If it would hurt as much as it did when he popped her cherry. She'd liked it when he touched her there with his tongue, when his fingertip slipped inside, but his cock was a lot bigger than that. She felt scared and excited at the same time again, like she had when she'd first come into his room.

"That's right, suck it you fuckin' little slut." Being called a slut turned her on even more than she already was. She was a slut, she realized that now. She'd let this dirty old man, a stranger, put his cock in her, fuck her, and cum inside her. Now she was sucking his cock, and then she was going to let him fuck her in the ass. She wanted that, she knew it now, and she couldn't wait to get back to school and tell her friends all about it. About how dirty she was, about what it was like to be with a real man. His cock was almost hard now, filling up her mouth.

She was sloppy, probably the first time she'd given a blow job. Curt didn't care. Her mouth felt good around his cock, just like her pussy had. Her ass would probably feel even better. He'd never fucked a thirteen-year-old in the ass. He couldn't wait to see how tight it would be.

He was hard and ready now. He reached down, put his hands on the girl's head, guided her off his cock. She actually looked disappointed that she didn't get to suck longer. He moved his hands to her shoulders, helped her stand up. She looked like she was ready to devour him.

"Time to see what that cute little ass of yours is like, baby."

He moved her so she was facing the wall, stood behind her. She felt him spread her ass cheeks apart, and she put her hands against the wall to brace herself. His hand rubbed through the crack of her ass, massaging her tight little hole. A finger plunged into her, all the way up inside her, not just the tip like before. Her rectum squeezed around the finger, and she could feel the lips of her pussy pulsing as her other hole was violated. She moved one hand down, between her legs, rubbed her slit.

He was leaning against her now, his body pressing her against the wall. She could feel his breath in her hair, on her neck. His finger twisted inside her ass, and she rubbed her pussy harder, feeling little shocks shooting through both her holes.

"Ready, baby?"

"Yeah. Fuck me in the ass." Taking a line from what she'd seen online again. He probably wouldn't care. His finger pulled out, she felt what had to be his cock pressing against her anus. He slammed against her from behind, driving her against the wall. She was ripped open, pain lacing through her as his cock buried itself in her ass, trying to split her in two. She gasped, pressed her head against the wall. And slipped a finger into her pussy.

Christ, that was the tightest hole he'd ever been in. He started reaming her out, humping into her like some kind of wild animal. Every stroke was making her hips bounce off the wall. Good thing he'd set her up against the wall to the bathroom. If it led to a different room they'd have security up there for sure.

The girl didn't seem to mind. She was moaning, humping back against him, and he was pretty sure she was finger-fucking herself while he banged her ass. She was turning out to be a lot wilder than Curt had expected.

It hurt bad, but it felt so good at the same time that she didn't care. Vickie kept pumping her finger in out and of her pussy and rubbing her clit while the guy's cock was slamming into her ass. Her pelvis was on fire, everything from the upper part of her thighs to the middle of her belly was tingling, jerking. She could feel her body trembling, knew she was going to cum again. It hit her hard, her whole body shaking, somehow the combination of his cock in her ass and her own finger up her pussy making it more intense than the first two.

As her third orgasm of the afternoon rolled over her, her body just sort of gave out. She slumped against wall, too worn out to even hold herself up. It didn't matter. The guy wrapped his arms around her, one hand cupping a breast, the other rubbing over her belly. He never missed a beat with his cock, still pumping her ass as he kept her from collapsing on the floor.

"I'm gonna cum in your ass, baby, want that?" His breath was hot on her neck, his voice raspy in her ear. She nodded weakly, about the only motion she could manage. She felt his cock twitch inside her ass, and his cum flooded her bowels. Her body gave a last jerk as she felt him filling her up. He grunted as he pumped the last of his cum into her, then held her up and moved her to the bed, dropped her onto it.

Fuckin' A that was unreal! Her ass was so fucking tight he couldn't believe it. Best day I've had in a long fuckin' time. Glad I decided to say something to her by the pool. Gotta piss now, though, bad. Better get into the bathroom, not sure this ones enough of a slut yet to want that.

He disappeared into the bathroom, and she could hear him peeing. She just lay there on the bed, too wasted to get up. She wanted to. She wanted to run into the bathroom, watch him pee, take his cock in her mouth again, taste him, taste his pee, taste his cum.

Yes, I'm a fucking slut and I want to do all those things that the really nasty girls talk about online. God, I'm so horny, I want him to fuck me again.

Not going to happen, too worn out, and it's getting late, have to get back to the pool before my parents get there.

The guy came out of the bathroom, looked down at her.

"Hey, baby, if you can move, you better get going. Don't want to be gone when your parents get back." He hesitated, then asked, "How long you going to be here? At the hotel."

Her heart skipped. "A few days. You?" It was still a strain to talk.

"Yeah, I'll be here for another week."

She chewed on her lower lip for a second. "Can I come back up here?"

He grinned. "Any time you want, baby. I've got lots of things I can show a girl like you."

She slowly pulled herself up off the bed and started to get dressed, her mind turning over a list of the kind of things he might want to show her.

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