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One time my little brother Steven had his friend Michael sleep over. Michael had black short hair, average height, average weight and pretty much was a typical 7th grader. While Steven and Michael were playing video games all night, I was thinking about getting Steven's underwear for a nice sniffing. As soon as they went to sleep, I snatched Michael's bag of clothes as quietly as possible and brought it into my bedroom. I dug through the bag until I found Mike's gray boxers. I took them out and started to inhale the smell of Michael's 12 year old butthole as I stroked my cock. I shoved the underwear in my face with force until I finally cummed. I quietly put the bag back and took the underwear to my room for tommorow.
The next morning, I woke up and heard Michael coming downstairs to my room to ask for a video game. I had forgotten that I left his underwear on the floor and as soon as he entered my room, that's what he noticed.
Mike: What are you doing with my underwear?
There was a long pause before I could think to say:
I found them downstairs and thought they were mine.
Mike: They were in my bag.
Another long pause.
Me: I found them next to the couch...
Mike: My underwear was at the bottom of my bad.
As he comes over to pick up his underwear, I make one of the most daring moves of my life.
I grabbed his arm and pulled him onto my lap and started to kiss him. He tried to get away but I held onto him tightly. When he broke free he screamed "what are you doing? stop!" but I grabbed in again and pulled down his pants. He couldn't escape for he didn't have any muscle tone at his young age. As I pulled down his pants, the first thing I noticed was his ass. I told him to calm down and that he would enjoy what I was going to do, but he still was screaming at me to stop. I squeezed his butt cheeks with my free hand and then stuck my finger into his asshole. He jumped and told me to stop but I just stuck it in deeper.
Upstairs I heard Steven scream "I'm going to get a controller from my friend" and the front door slammed shut.
As I twisted my finger around in Michaels butthole, I noticed his pre puberty penis begin to grow. He was enjoying it. I noticed he stopped fighting and stayed still as I fingered his ass.
I asked him if he liked it but he didn't reply.
I pulled off his pants and underwear completely and began to stroke his cock. After about 20 seconds his cock was fully erect. He started to make little moaning noises and that was the sign that he was enjoying it. I spun him around and spread his ass cheeks open to reveal his little pink butthole. I licked around the rim and finally stuck my tongue as deep as I could into his hole. He started to moan and jump as I licked his ass. After a minute of rimming his ass, I lay down on my back and tell him to sit on my face. He slowly does as I says. He positions himself above my face and then sits down with all his pressure. I shake my face in his ass and lick around his hole. I push him up to breathe and then pull him back down again. I start rocking him back and fourth and he starts to do it on his own. I inhale nothing but the smell of young asshole. I tell him to bounce up and down on my face and he does. His moaning has grown intense.
I tell him to lay on his stomach and spread his legs. Once he did, I burried my face in his ass for as long as I could breathe. I put my hands on his waist and push him up into my face. After 5 more minutes of butt play, I stick my cock into his ass. Barely fitting, I start to fuck his tiny young ass. He was moaning from both pleasure and pain. His young tight hole felt so good on my cock that I cummed in less than a minute.
I pulled my dick out and told him to suck my cock clean. He did as told.
I told him to get dressed and go back upstairs and never mention this day.
2 weeks later the same thing happened again........................

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