Really do you guys want an Introduction? Picking up right were I left off.
I climbed into the car to see Amanda smiling at me one of her eyes was black and her lip was split and still a little swollen as I climbed into the passenger seat, we made it maybe a mile before she pulled over and leaned in and kissed me. “Would you two stop that, you can do it later I’m hungry” Laura’s voice said from the back seat, I completely missed her and now that I did look I wondered why. She was dressed in a tight little mini skirt and a white schoolgirl dress that was tied in front. I was thrown back in the seat as Amanda stepped on the gas and the tires squealed down the road. It wasn’t long before we pulled into a drive in and Amanda got our orders and added an extra burger for her mom she said.

She got out after eating to go to the bathroom, and Laura leaned forward in her seat, “You wanna do something nasty?”

“Um what do you have in mind?” I asked

“Oh Billy get your dick out”

“What here? What if someone walks by?”

“Then I’ll lean over and cover you up with my mouth” she whispered her breath hot in my ear. Her hand fumbling at the buttons of my pants, I helped her out and soon she was stroking away at my cock while at the same time sucking my ear. I almost had a heart attack when Amanda opened the door and got in.

“Fuck Laura couldn’t you wait?”

Laura Grinned at Amanda “Get your mom’s burger”


“I want to put some special sauce on it she said her hand stroking my recovering cock. For a minute there my hard on was gone when I thought we were busted but now… I wasn’t sure what was going on but Amanda opened up the extra burger and held it open in front of my throbbing cock. The first splat of cum spurted out and soaked the top bun and the following spurts coated the burger almost completely. Amanda slapped the bun on and put it back in the wrapper. Laura leaned over and gave my wilting cock a nice little lick as Amanda started the engine and got us rolling again with a quick lurch backwards and a more violent lurch forwards.

We pulled up to a nice little house in the suburbs, hell really I barely knew where I was only this was sort of one of the nicer neighborhoods. “Wait here five minutes and then follow us in”

“Okay” I struggled to say. The girls walked through a side door and I waited the allotted time. I walked in and closed the door quietly behind me. I heard talking through the utility room where I was standing “Well? What are you looking at me for Girl? We all know you’re a lezzie don’t act like you havn’t ever licked a pussy before, shit You have done me at least twice when I was almost too drunk to remember it. And I know damn well I have walked in on you and Amanda enough times to know you girls like clams better than sausage.

“Mr’s Barrons” Laura began “Didn’t Mandy tell you she got a new boy friend?”

“The hell she did?”

“That’s how I got this black eye” Amanda supplied and my split lip”

“Hell I thought you were fighting over pussy you were fighting over sausage well then that’s okay” and I heard a sharp slap. “Well where is he I wanna give him a try”

“Mom!” Amanda protested, “He is my boyfriend”

“Yes Mandy dear and while your living under my roof you’ll share all your toys with me, all of them got it.

“Okay Mom, Fine” just don’t jump his bones when he walks in, I have him waiting out in the car. “Lets eat first”

“Sounds good to me Mandy dear, I don’t mind much getting full after getting full”


“Right I’ll behave” It was right about that time that I decided to turn the corner and walk into the room. “Oh Hello” the older woman said turning in her chair so her legs were under the table and apparently more importantly so that her lower half was covered. “I’m Janie”

“Pleased to meet you Janie, I’m Bill” I said sitting down at the small round table, Amanda sat down on one side and Laura on the other with Janey in front Amanda passed out the burgers.

We all started eating and after a few moments “Amanda honey could you go get me a beer?”

“No get it yourself” Amanda responded.


“Don’t look at me?”

Janey stood and turned in one swift motion apparently slightly embarrassed by her nudity at the table her slim body covered only in a thin blue half tank top and well the rest of her… was quite the sight to see she had small hips and a nice round ass.

As she walked slowly into the kitchen, both girls motioned to me for me to go after her. I waited till they were almost hissing with urgency and I got up and found Janey bent over rattling bottles in the fridge.

There was no elegant way to do this so I dropped my pants right behind her and slid my cock right up to the hilt inside of her juicy” twat.

“Oh!” she exclaimed.

I started long slow strokes and pulled her away from the fridge she still had a beer in her hand and as I lifted her and carried her back to the table she opened it and took a pull. “I sat down in her chair her pussy still impaled on my cock and while she ate I tickled her clit, and bit her neck and her shoulder. She groaned as she chewed her cum soaked burger. And as she took her last bite the girls giggled.

“Whats … so funny,” she slurred.

“Only that Bill blew a load in your burger” Laura said.

“Oh fuck” she moaned as I pulled her nipples through her shirt.

“Now are you going to let me keep him?”

“Hell Mandy I might just steal him from you he’s a fine catch.”

“He’ll knock you up” Laura suggested.

“He better not, don’t know if I can deal with being knocked up by… Ohhhh, shit…. She moaned as her pussy contracted around my cock.

“I think you should Bill.” Laura said “fucking bend her over the table and fuck the shit out of her”

“Amanda tell your dike girlfriend to…” I picked Janey up and laid her over the table while the other two girls worked on their hamburgers we.. sort of they were no wearing only panties and they worked the burgers with one set of grease covered fingers and with the other set they were working on something even juicier. The squelching sounds only made it more obvious. I held Janey down across the table and started to really pound her tight delightful pussy.

“Yeah oh yes fuck my pussy” Janey cried.

It wasn’t too long before my balls were starting to boil and I groaned as I slammed my cock into my girlfriend’s mother’s pussy my hot cum boiling out and filling her. I held her still on top of the table as the two girls high fived each other.

I sat back in the chair and watched as Janey’s clinging pussy contracted and twitched in the aftermath of our mutual orgasms.

Laura knelt down between my legs and cleaned my sloppy cock with her mouth and tongue. It was a few minutes later and Janey let out a loud snore.

The two girls pulled me back into the living room of the house. “I’m sorry” Amanda said… “It’s the only way I can well you know have you come over is for you to do my mom”

“and if you knocked her up…” she will want you around

“Mostly to bitch at you” Amanda said “of course if she gets too belligerent just bend her over and giver her a good fucking.”

”Yes I noticed that seemed to calm her down.”

“If you fuck her in the ass…” Laura began.

“No!” Amanda interrupted.

“No what?” Laura responded.

“No ass fucking” Amanda hissed angrily.

“I don’t know about that…” Laura responded.

“We were going to do all sorts of nasty things to you till you had to go home… but now… I think maybe you maybe just better go home” Amanda apologized.

“Mandy don’t be like that…” Laura complained.

“No Laura you told…” Amanda Interrupted.

“You did not Mandy” Laura retorted.

“Yes you did.”

“Well EXCUSEEEEEEEEE ME!” Laura shouted.

“Look bill… I’ll take you home now, I’ll call you tomorrow okay?”

Being totally confused by the argument between the two girls I just nodded “okay Laura”

“Thank you Bill,” she took my hand hand after grabbing her keys from the countertop where she had left them, led me back to her car.

“I’ll talk to you later” She said as she stopped the car in front of my house. I leaned over and kissed her deeply lightly caressing her neck with my fingertips.

“Mmm” she sighed “I’ll be thinking about you tonight.”

“Me too” I replied I turned and walked to the door and wondered if I really would or if I would have time.

I walked in the door, and I saw Claire pop out of her room to see who had come in. “Bill? Is that you?” my mom Asked.

“Yes it’s me Mom” I replied.

“Honey I have to run back to the office to pick up a few things. Can you hold down the fort for an hour or two?”

“Sure mom”

“I’ll pick up some Pizza on the way home” She said and she picked up her keys and walked out the front door.

The instant the door slammed shut my sister clad only in a pair of white panties herded the other girls out into the living room they were in a similar state of undress. Mickey plopped down on the couch next to me and Keisha and Brittany sat down in front of me facing me. Carol walked to the window and peeked out of the blinds as Mom pulled out of the driveway.

Six Pages a little over 1700 words, Thanks Matt for pushing me to push out another Chapter, hope this meets everyone's needs. Vote!... More to follow... Right after I finish some more chapters of some other stories that I'm writing.

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