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Day Five At The Resort

The Morning After The Toga Party

I awoke the next morning feeling very good. Last night for me had been an evening of very enjoyable and controlled sex and my body felt terrific. I realized that I was alone in my bed and when I looked over at the other bed I saw that Biff had joined my son Jerry and his new bride Joannie in their bed. Joannie was riding Biff's cock while her husband fucked her in the ass. They were trying to be quiet and Joannie was not her normal vocal self. She grunted softly as the two cocks pounded her holes and they fucked until they all came.

I slipped out of bed and went to take a shower leaving the three of them still coupled to each other in the other bed. I was enjoying the warm shower letting the water cascade over my body when Joannie came in and joined me.

"I am so full of cum. I don't know where Biff gets it all. He is like a cum manufacturing machine," Joannie said with a giggle.

"Yes he is quite amazing," I confirmed.

Joannie washed cum out of both her pussy and her ass as we showered together. Joannie then turned her attention to me and began to soap and wash my body.

"Let's wash each other," she said.

I began to soap her up and wash her as she ran her hands all over my body. We washed each others tits, ass and pussies. We fingered each other and rubbed each other's clit. Joannie taught me what she called the bowling ball grip. Joannie reached under my cunt and inserted her middle finger in my soapy asshole then she put her thumb in my pussy. Joannie would flex her thumb in my cunt rubbing my clit with the back of her thumb as her middle finger probed my bung hole.

Joannie had me follow her lead so I put my middle finger in her ass and my thumb in her pussy. We stood in the shower finger fucking each other and then with our free hand played with each other's tits. "Don't you just love this?" Joannie asked.

She was so sexually charged that her energy passed through my body as well. Soon we both came on the other's hand with the shower water washing our juices away. We hugged after our orgasm as much to steady ourselves as to embrace one another. We dried off after the shower and walked naked back into the bedroom. I had become totally comfortable with being naked all the time. There in the room on the bed, my son Jerry was on all fours as Biff fucked him in the ass.

"Oh man this feels good; I forgot how good your cock feels in my ass. Fill me up with your jizm. Oh how I have missed this the past few days!" Jerry exclaimed.

Biff kept pounding Jerry's ass as he milked Biff's dick with his ass muscles. Joannie and I stood there naked holding each other and watched them until Biff unloaded in Jerry's ass. As I had seen before Jerry collapsed on the bed and Biff's impressive cock slipped from his stretched asshole. Cum bubbled out of his ass and ran down my son's legs over his balls.

Biff and Jerry then showered and we all dressed and went to breakfast. We arrived later than usual so we agreed to make this a brunch and skip lunch today. We ran into Lori, Nancy, Dan and Dave all who joined us at our table. We had our meals and agreed to meet later on the nude beach. We stopped back at our room to change into our tees and shorts, although they wouldn't be on long and headed down to the beach.

We set up eight lounge chairs and awaited the arrival of the other group. Lori, Nancy, Dave and Dan arrived shortly afterwards and this time removed all of their clothes without hesitation. They pulled up their chairs and started talking with us. Lori and Nancy shared with us how much they enjoyed the female sex with Joannie last night. Then Dave and Dan talked about fucking Joannie's ass and what a turn on it was for them. It was the first time they had fucked anyone in the ass.

"So it was a first for each of you and you can thank Joannie for that," said Biff.

Joannie stood up to a mock applause and bowed to each of them wiggling her shapely ass. Everyone laughed at her and then we got back to our conversations. Lori shared with us that she and Nancy got it on together this morning. They coupled in a 69 position and ate each other's pussy until they came.

"Wow that's great, I told you that you would like it and now you have something else to add to your swing sessions," Joannie complimented them and then challenged, "Anytime you want to eat my pussy just let me know."

Lori and Nancy both blushed and Lori replied, "Maybe later."

The group was interested in learning more about our situation and how it came that we traveled together and fucked each other. I looked at Biff, Jerry and Joannie with a where do we start look.

Jerry jumped in and said, "Probably a little background first before we tell you about our relationship. Let me take you back to our college days."

Jerry quickly covered the initial relationship with Marilyn, Biff and himself. Then he moved it along to when he and Joannie started dating and when Biff was brought into that relationship. Jerry explained in great detail the various copulations that he, Joannie and Biff engaged in. He talked about how great it was when Biff fucked him in the ass while Joannie sucked on his cock and when he sucked on Biff's cock as Joannie fucked him in the ass with her strap-on dildo.

Joannie jumped into the conversation and said how she loved to be double and triple fucked. She loved Biff's cock in her ass, pussy and mouth while Jerry was using another hole. Joannie explained how Jerry fucked her ass as he hand fucked her pussy with the dildo and Biff filled her mouth with his cock.

Biff explained that sometimes he could talk his date into joining them and then they had foursomes. The three of them had always loved group sex and experimented with bi-sexuality. Originally they planned to bring a fourth person on the honeymoon before Marla had entered the picture. But once she joined in it was only fitting that she be fourth.

Lori, Nancy, Dave and Dan were speechless as they listened to the Jerry, Joannie and Biff tell their story. They sat there stunned for a few minutes before Dan spoke.

"I knew all of you were into the group thing but man you are really wild," Dan sighed and then looked at Jerry and asked, "Did you really enjoy fucking and sucking cocks?"

"Absolutely and I still do," answered Jerry and then asked, "How about you guys, ever have your cocks sucked by a guy, ever fucked a guy's ass? Want to give it a try?"

Dan and Dave looked at each other quizzically and then Dan said, "I don't know I have never given it a thought."

"Me either!" said Dave.

"You guys should give it a shot," chimed in Biff, "I think you will be pleasantly surprised."

"Yeah you should try it and it looks like you guys are already sporting a woody," Joannie added.

It was true, Dave and Dan had erections. All this talk about sex had gotten them excited. Still they weren't ready for guy sex yet. Dan and Dave embarrassingly put their hands in their laps trying to discreetly mask their erections.

Lori changed the focus by asking me how I got involved with Biff, Joannie and my own son Jerry. I explained to the group how I had spied on them. First I watched Jerry suck Biff's cock and then I watched Biff fuck Jerry in the ass. After that I looked forward to spying on them. The next time I watched them Joannie was with them. I watched Joannie suck Jerry's cock as he sucked Biff's. Then they double fucked Joannie with Biff in her pussy and Jerry in her ass. Later Biff fucked Joannie in the ass while she sucked on Jerry's cock. Finally Jerry fucked Joannie in the ass as Biff fucked him in the ass.

"My God Marla, how did you ever stay quiet during those sessions? I would have had my hand buried in my pussy and I would have had very vocal orgasms." Lori asked.

"Well I tried to be quiet and wait until I was alone in my bedroom to masturbate," I replied.

"Yeah but she wasn't as quiet as she thought and I caught her looking at us," Biff quipped.

I went on with the story and told everyone how Biff had seduced me poolside. Then I told them how Joannie had joined Biff and I in my bedroom and how she introduced me to female sex. I told everyone how Joannie had walked me through my first anal sex with Biff's big dick stretching me to new proportions. I explained the next time I was together with Biff and Joannie how my son Jerry had snuck in and fucked me in the ass while Joannie was eating my pussy and Biff was fucking my face. Then I told them about my first double fuck with Biff in my pussy and Jerry in my ass.

"After that first foursome with these three, we continued having group sex together. I agreed to join them on this honeymoon and you know the rest," I concluded the story.

"That is some story and if that was supposed to relax me a little, it didn't work," said Dan sporting a full erection.

"Ditto," said Dave in the same state.

"Come on you guys I can help you out," offered Jerry as he stood, grabbed some lotion and walked toward the nude Jacuzzi.

"Go on guys, I guarantee that you won't be disappointed," urged Biff.

"Yes go on it sounds so hot," Lori encouraged them.

Dan and Dave had mixed feelings. It would be a first with a guy but they were so horny at this point that they agreed. They tried to appear reluctant but one could tell they were a little curious and excited. They stood up and draped towels over there shoulders with the long ends covering their crotch as they followed Jerry over to the nude Jacuzzi area. Jerry was headed to the same area where he had fucked and sucked Michelle and Brandy the other day.

Lori jumped up and said excitedly, "I have to see this!"

Nancy didn't say anything but she followed Lori. Biff, Joannie and I all remained behind in our chairs. They were all gone for no more than a half hour. When they returned Dave and Dan had a flushed, embarrassed look on their faces and Jerry was all smiles. Lori and Nancy appeared disillusioned.

"Well how did it go?" Biff asked them as casually as if he were asking about a game of horseshoes.

Dave and Dan just blushed but Jerry offered, "They were great. Dan fucked my ass and I sucked Dave's cock. They filled me up with cum." With that said Jerry took off for the ocean to wash off and cool down.

Lori said, "That was so hot to watch three guys together. I never thought that I would see anything like that in person. My pussy is on fire right now."

"Mine too," added Nancy, "It was really exciting to watch them. Jerry looks just like a girl when you can't see his cock."

"Come on girls. Let's swim out to the raft and I'll put out those fires in your pussies," Joannie offered and then headed for the ocean.

"Go ahead," I encouraged Lori and Nancy, "Just follow her lead,"

Lori, Nancy and Joannie swam out to the raft together. Biff, Dan, Dave and I remained in our chairs. Soon Jerry came back out of the water and rejoined the group. I explained to Dan and Dave what was about to take place on the raft. They turned their chairs toward the water so they could see the action.

When they reached the raft Lori and Nancy sat on the edge and Joannie began to work her magic. First her face was between Lori's legs and then apparently after Lori orgasmed, she moved over between Nancy's legs. As always it was impossible to make out the details but it was obvious that the girls were having their pussies eaten. After Nancy apparently orgasmed, Joannie jumped up on the raft and Lori moved between her legs and began to eat her pussy. It appeared that Nancy sat closer to Joannie and that the two of them were kissing and feeling each other up as Lori ate Joannie's twat. Then Lori switched places with Nancy and began to kiss Joannie as Nancy hit the water and moved between Joannie's legs. Eventually Joannie lay back on the raft indicating that she had cum again. The three girls just stretched out of the raft resting.

Dave said, "Man this too much, shit I'm hard again."

"Yeah, I am too," admitted Dan.

"Okay guys let's go, this time you get my ass Dave," said my son Jerry and he headed back toward the nude Jacuzzi.

Dave and Dan anxiously followed him to their spot. This time there was no apprehension on their part. They definitely wanted to get their rocks off again and they looked forward to another session with Jerry.

The girls swam back from the raft and stood up by us toweling off their shapely naked bodies. I looked at Nancy and for the first time I felt a stirring in my loins. Her petite delicate Japanese figure was so enticing with her small breasts and curvy ass. Her fair skin was accented with her jet black long hair and the black tuft of hair just above her pussy. I knew that I would have her before the day was done.

"Where are the guys?" Lori asked.

"Oh they got horny again and went over there," I told her and pointed.

"Come on let's check them out," said Joannie as she took off across the sand with Lori and Nancy right behind her.

"Well they seem to be enjoying themselves today. How are you doing Marla, horny yet?" Biff asked.

I just laughed and said, "I'm getting there and I think I will ask Nancy to go for a swim when she gets back."

"Good for you," he replied.

About 30 minutes later they all returned to our area. My son Jerry was all smiles again as he walked right past us and headed for the ocean. Dave and Dan returned with a more satisfied look on their faces this time. As the three girls approached they made quite a beautiful sight walking naked together. The leggy Joannie with her long blond hair and tan athletic body, Lori the dark hair beauty with her firm fake tits and Nancy the delicate oriental with her mysterious far-east appeal sauntered across the sand toward Biff and I. They did not go unnoticed as many an eye both men and women followed them to their chairs.

"Well guys I must say you overcame your reservations about bi-sexuality rather quickly," Biff said to Dan and Dave.

Dan replied, "Yes I guess we did. You were right Biff, Jerry has a very talented mouth and fucking him was just like fucking a woman." "I couldn't believe how he worked those ass muscles and milked my cock dry!" exclaimed Dave.

All this talk and activity had gotten me hot and I looked out toward the raft and saw that it was vacant. "Come on, Nancy let's take a swim," I urged her.

I clearly caught her off guard and she looked surprised. She looked around almost for approval from the others before she got to her feet and joined me.

"Okay, if you want," Nancy said uncertainly.

The two of us headed toward the water and then slowly swam out to the raft. Once we were near the raft we stopped and swam close to each other. I ran my hands over her delicate body underwater sending chills through her.

"Do you want me to eat you first or do you want to eat me first?" I asked her surprised at my own directness.

Nancy replied, "I'll do you first. I'm not as hot as you right now but I will be after I eat your pussy."

I got up on the raft first and spread my legs for Nancy. Nancy moved between her legs and stroked and lightly probed my vulva. I was struggling to contain my desire, and when I felt Nancy tease my secret entrance I couldn't stand it any longer. I pulled Nancy to me and tried to get her to lick my sopping wet pussy. But Nancy was not concerned about my urgency and continued at her own pace.

I pushed myself onto Nancy's face and I knew that this was what I wanted. I needed this beautiful Japanese girl to lick at my sex, to explore me with her tongue, my hidden crevices and taste my juices. Nancy movements were unsure at first, knowing only that she wanted to taste my womanhood. She knew I was encouraged by my murmurs of pleasure that her actions caused.

Nancy had an overwhelming desire to touch and feel me and she brought her hands up to caress my buttocks. She kneaded gently at my smooth flesh, spreading my cheeks until I knew she could see the deep shadowed cleft between them, and my puckered amber ring that nestled there. She startled me when she reached for it with her tongue, licking, and running the tip of her tongue around it, feeling my tight muscles react to her probing tongue.

I whispered encouragement to her, "Oh yes, oh Nancy please don't stop."

I felt my tight ring dilate from the pressure of her tongue. This felt so good. Nancy then pushed a finger into my pussy and I felt it delve deeply into my warmth causing my vaginal muscles to contract involuntarily.

"Put your finger in me," I begged and Nancy knew exactly what to do. She moistened her finger with my cunt juices and she pushed it into my tight rosebud, slowly easing her way in. Her tongue continued to lick and tease my sex now slipping over my moistened lips and stopping at my tight pleasure nub. I pushed myself against her, grinding my hips so as to force Nancy's finger further and deeper into my anal channel. I could no longer concentrate on anything apart from the feel of Nancy's hands caressing my ass as her finger penetrated my private entrance while her mouth nibbled frantically on my clit. I knew I was about to cum and I knew that would as good as ever. That special feeling rose over me and I buried my face in hands to hide my cries of pleasure. I felt my juices flow, my pussy swell and I squirted streams of cum into Nancy's mouth. At first she was startled when the first squirt shot into her mouth but then Nancy licked and swallowed, drinking the streams of cum with her own sounds of pleasure.

For a moment we stayed glued to one another, too weak to move. Then very slowly, Nancy eased her finger from my rectum and laid her head on my thighs with her arms entwined around my legs. This was only the start of our explorations and now I would take her.

"You are a very fast learner Nancy," I gasped.

"Yes, Joannie is a very good teacher," Nancy replied.

"That she is," I agreed.

"Marla your pussy gets so swollen when you are excited and when you cum it squirts out like you are peeing," Nancy commented.

"Yes that's true. Biff calls it my puffer pussy and I am a squirter. Now let's see if I can get you to squirt for me," I answered.

Nancy and I switched places so that she was now seated on the raft and I was between her legs. I gently pushed Nancy's legs wider apart and I watched as the outer lips of her sex spread and the pink inner surfaces were revealed to me. They were already glistening with juices and I knew at that instant how Joannie must have felt. I couldn't wait to taste her juices for myself. The opening of Nancy's vagina was a dark and mysterious shadow and felt like velvet.

I slowly reached forward and spread Nancy's labia wider allowing my fingers to play up and down her moist slit. I felt Nancy quiver, little goose bumps from her shivers of sensation ran down her thighs. Stretching her wider I could see a firm nub of erect pink flesh standing proudly like a tiny cock at the top of Nancy's sex. I knew that this was her seat of pleasure and the cause of all the urges that she had felt over the last two days. I let my fingers tickle her clit lightly, teasingly causing her to gasp as her thighs jerked in sudden tremor. I lowered head and took the nub of tissue in my mouth, rolling it lightly between my lips and scraping it gently with my teeth. I could smell her arousal. The deep musk made me light-headed and I wondered if this is what Japanese pussy smelt like.

I tongued and licked gently up and down the length of Nancy's slit and I had to hold her thighs apart as she began to buck beneath me. I knew that Nancy was reaching her crisis as she moaned, almost growling with meaningless sounds of ecstasy arising from her. I slowed my assault as I wanted to extend her pleasure as long as I could. I fingered Nancy's sex again, ran my fingertips up and down her sex and scratched lightly at her labia.

With a fingertip I probed the entrance to Nancy's vagina. I knew that I wasn't the first to tread this path and that I must still go gently. Nancy's cry of pleasure at being penetrated encouraged me to thrust my finger in her deeper and faster. I could feel the muscular walls of her tight pussy grip at me as I caressed the folds and crevices inside her pussy. I slid my middle finger in alongside the first finger and allowed my thumb to rest lightly on Nancy's clit.

Nancy's pussy seemed to suck at my fingers drawing them in deeper and faster until my fingertips seemed to make contact with Nancy's womb. Both of us were panting so I began to rub her clit frantically. I knew that Nancy was about to cum. I watched Nancy arch her back and I felt her muscles contract down around my fingers. I pulled my fingers from her cunt and covered it with my mouth once again sucking hard on her clit. Nancy covered her mouth with her hand to smother her cries of ecstasy as she writhed on the raft with her head moving from side to side as the waves of sensation rolled over her. Nancy came in buckets drenching my face with her juices. I was intrigued with the taste of her and I wondered if some sea water had gotten in her pussy or did she always taste like this.

We had been so pre-occupied with our coupling that we did not notice a couple swim up to the raft. They had remained in the water and watched me eat Nancy's pussy. They smiled at us when we acknowledged their presence.

"That was very beautiful," said the woman.

"Yes it was quite a show," said the man as he pulled himself up on the raft sporting an erection, "Look what you did to me."

"And now I will just have to take care of this," the woman said and then engulfed her partner's cock in her mouth.

"You are welcome to stay and watch if you like," the man offered.

Nancy and I had witnessed plenty of cock sucking within our own sex sessions, so we opted to swim back to our group. We left the unknown couple to their own indulgences and swam back to the beach. We rejoined our group on the beach and then we all sat around and made plans for the evening. Tonight the entertainment would be an Elvis impersonator who was supposed to be very good. We all agreed to meet for dinner, attend the entertainment session and then adjourn to our room for the night's activities.


The dinner was excellent as always and the entertainment was superb. The Elvis impersonator sounded just like the "King" and sang all of his popular songs. We had an enjoyable evening dancing with each other to all the songs. After the entertainment we headed to our room for the evening's orgy.

Once in our room everyone shed their clothes immediately and we soon had eight beautiful naked people touching each other. Joannie wanted to take on three of the guys first. It had been a few days since she had three cocks in her at the same time. The rest of us sat on the opposite bed to watch Joannie put on a show for the rest of us.

Joannie had Biff lay on his back as she straddled him and lowered her pussy onto his huge cock. She told Dan and Dave to take her ass and mouth. Dan hurried to get behind Joannie and fed his cock to Joannie's hot ass. Dave positioned himself at her face and she gobbled his dick right up. Lori, Nancy, Jerry and I sat on the opposite bed and watched as the three men fucked all of Jerry's wife's holes.

Joannie was incredible whenever she did three guys, she was the most lustful and wanton woman I have ever seen. She had so much energy she went from orgasm to orgasm non-stop, demanding more all the time. She would get so aroused that she never came down in between orgasms it would be just one right after the other, each one more intense then the other. It was difficult for the three guys to keep up with her; she shook, groaned and screamed uncontrollably for them to fuck her harder and longer.

Dave came first shooting his load into her succulent mouth. Joannie swallowed it all very quickly and sucked him dry. Dave fell back with his softened cock slipping out of her mouth.

Joannie yelled, "Jerry I need your cock."

Jerry scrambled out of our bed and knelt in front of Joannie. She sucked his erect dick right into her mouth never missing a beat with Biff and Dan. Dan came next and filled her ass with his hot cum. He continued to fuck her back hole as she milked his cock dry, eventually it softened and slipped from her pulsating asshole.

"Marla get a cock and fuck my ass," she screamed.

Lori and Nancy looked confused as I got off the bed to retrieve a strap-on from our dresser. They looked on in amazement as I put on the harness with the large fake cock dangling in front of my pussy. I moved to bed and got behind Joannie and inserted the hard dong into her ass. I watched the expressions on Lori and Nancy faces as I plowed my fake cock into Joannie's asshole. They were in a trance never before having seen such a scene.

"Get ready Joannie, I am going to cum," Biff warned.

Biff then tensed before he shot his seed deep into her pussy. Then he picked up the pace and fucked her hard draining his cock of every drop of cum. Joannie's pussy overflowed with Biff's copious load and much of it ran down over his balls.

"Oh shit, I feel it. God I love your cum, I love to be filled with it. Let me clean off your balls let me suck you dry," Joannie bellowed.

Biff slid out from underneath her and presented his soaked cock and balls to her mouth as her husband temporarily moved out of the way. Joannie sucked his cock until it was empty and soft and then she cleaned his testicles of all cum.

"Marla please get someone to fuck my pussy," Joannie ordered.

I withdrew from Joannie's ass and walked over to my dresser to retrieve another strap-on. As I walked my own fake cock dangled and bounced lewdly in front of me.

The guys were spent except Jerry who was back in Joannie's mouth so I looked at Lori and Nancy and asked them who wanted to fill Joannie's pussy. Lori jumped at the opportunity and quickly put on the harness with my help. Lori then lay on the bed under Joannie as she lowered her pussy on the dildo. I inserted my dong back into her ass and once again she had three cocks in her, two of them fake.

Lori got into it and learned quickly that the dildo's hard nub rubbed right against her clit. The three of us worked Joannie over as she continued to move from one orgasm to another. She was insatiable.

Jerry couldn't hold out any longer and squirted his jizm in his wife's mouth. Joannie gobbled it up and sucked him dry. Jerry withdrew his deflated cock and joined Biff, Dan, Dave and Nancy on the other bed to watch his wife's performance.

"Nancy give me your pussy," Joannie ordered.

Nancy shyly moved to the bed and presented her pussy to Joannie. Joannie sucked her cunt right into her mouth and quickly located Nancy's hard little clit. Before long Joannie had Nancy writhing in orgasm and Lori and I were experiencing our orgasms triggered by the dildo nubs.

Joannie went into convulsions as orgasms rocked her body. Her hips moved violently and rapidly dislodging my fake cock from her ass. Her mouth left Nancy's pussy as she collapsed on top of Lori fucking herself on the fake cock. Joannie's hips moved from fast to slow much like a ride coming to a stop. She was drained and exhausted from her numerous orgasms but I knew that after a brief rest she would be ready to go again. Joannie was possessed with sexual drive and energy. Joannie had four loads of man cum in her and she was responsible for the three women's orgasms.

"Wow! Now that's what I call a good fucking," Joannie exclaimed.

"I think we all agree with that," I replied.

As we were resting I showed the double dildo to Lori and Nancy. I explained that the lesbians had given us the two strap-on dildos and the two headed dildo in case we needed them. The girls wanted to hear more about our sessions with the lesbians so Joannie and I told them what transpired without getting into explicit details.

"You know making it with another woman was the furthest thing from my mind when we came to the resort," Lori said and then continued, "I knew that girl-girl sex would be available to us if we wanted it. I just didn't expect it would happen but I am glad it did."

Nancy added, "Yes, I am so happy that we were introduced to lesbian sex. It is so erotic to have a beautiful woman eat my pussy and then my eating her pussy in return. I have never used a dildo and it was exciting to see you two fuck Joannie as she ate me."

"It certainly was hot watching you girls get it on and I am glad that Jerry taught us about bi-sexuality. I really enjoyed fucking and cumming in his ass and mouth," Dan admitted.

Dave echoed, "Yeah it was a real turn-on to fuck Jerry's bubble butt and Joannie's hot asshole. I'll never forget it."

"All of you were certainly willing partners and although I didn't get to fuck Lori and Nancy in the ass I still had a great time with all of you," Biff told them.

"I think that anal is stretching it for me. I didn't even like a finger in there," Lori told us.

"I liked when Marla stuck her finger in my ass while she ate my pussy but I can't imagine a cock being in there especially one as big as Biff's," Nancy added to the conversation.

"Of course everyone knows that I love it but it does take some time to get broken in to where you can accept a big thick cock like Biff's," Joannie said.

Biff added, "You know I love to fuck asses but the next best thing for me is to fuck a girl doggy style. That way I can still play with her shapely ass."

We sat around and talked for awhile longer and had a few drinks. Everyone was still kind of tired so we decided to go down to the nude Jacuzzi and relax there. This was our first trip to the nude Jacuzzi at late night. We were surprised to see so many people there in the nude. Many of the guests who did not use the nude beach where there at the Jacuzzi totally naked. We agreed that the late hour of the night and the alcohol played a big factor.

The eight of us found a spot on the side of the Jacuzzi where we could all sit together and we watched the gatherings and couplings before us. Jerry spotted Brandy and Michelle sitting on the opposite side from us. They were sitting next to each other kissing and stroking the other's cock. They were soon joined by two other men who moved in front of them and began to suck their cocks.

"Those are the two gays I told you about," Jerry said pointing toward Brandy and Michelle.

We watched as the two other men sucked Brandy and Michelle to orgasms and then switched places with them. Brandy and Michelle then began to suck the cocks of the other men.

All around the Jacuzzi there were various displays of sex and pairings. Guys with guys, girls with girls and couples all having sex with each other. Although with the couples it was difficult to tell which partners belonged together.

There were a few good looking couples but not anything to really get us turned on. We soaked in the warm waters and allowed our bodies to relax and we watched the activities surrounding us. After a while we decided to return to our room.

Once back in the room Dan and Dave were geared up for some more butt fucking. These guys had really taken to anal sex and had obviously decided to get as much as they could at the resort because Lori and Nancy would not be providing them asses to fuck here or at home. Dave asked me if he could fuck my ass and Dan was already zeroed in on Joannie. Joannie got the double dildo and inserted it in our pussies as we lay on our side facing one another. Dan then slipped his cock into Joannie's ass as Dave penetrated mine. Joannie and I fucked each other with the double dildo as the two guys reamed our asses.

On the other bed Biff had Lori on all fours and was fucking her doggy style. Jerry was doing the same to Nancy as the four of them watched our action in the other bed. Biff ran his hands all over Lori's shapely ass as he fucked her pussy. Jerry had managed to work one of his fingers into Nancy's ass as he too fucked her pussy. It wasn't long before Joannie and I came drenching the fake double cock in our pussies. Dan and Dave were next to cum shooting their loads into our rectal channels.

Lori and Nancy came quickly and flopped on the bed in front of Biff and Jerry. Biff and Jerry brought their cocks over to Joannie and I. Biff fucked Joannie's ass and my son fucked my ass as Joannie and I fucked each other with the double dildo. Joannie and I had multiple orgasms before Biff and Jerry came in our bung holes adding there cum to Dan's and Dave's.

At that point we were all pretty well spent and we agreed to call it a night. The four of us said good night to Lori, Nancy, Dan and Dave and we returned to our own room. Jerry slept with his bride Joannie and I slept with Biff. We slept soundly that night and neither of us woke to urge of early morning sex.

When we did finally wake up we barely had enough time to shower, dress and make it on time for breakfast. We did not see Lori, Nancy, Dan or Dave that morning and we assumed that they had slept in. We were later to learn that the four of them were leaving the resort that day. As usual we ate and then returned to our room to put on tees and shorts, after which we headed to the nude beach. This would be our last day at the resort because the next day we were flying home.


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