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Older bioengineer brother gives younger brother a sex change
Hi this is my first time writing anything so I'd like your opinion on it .

This has some themes like younger the adult sex so be warned .

Today's my fourteenth birth day . My brother is a famous bioengineer and has made a lot of money in his career. He is coming home for my birth day and also the fruneral of his wife . She died in a car accetent on the way home .

I hear a knock at the door and see that it's David my brother . I run down the stairs and open the door sense mom is in the back doing the garden stuff .

" happy birth day , Jarry " David said . He had black patchs under his eyes from lack of sleep . His eyes that used to look happy , now look sad and depressing .

" hi David , I'm sorry for ant Carry " I said

" it's not your fault , little buddy " he said while messing up my blond hair . I have blue eyes like the sky , while that's what my mom says but the kids at school say it makes me a dumb blond .

" can we still go to the ice-cream shop ?" I asked

" sure , we can still go " he said . There's a place in town really called the ice-cream shop and it's very good .

" yay " I said befor running to the back yard where moms at .when I see her I ask

" mom can I go to the ice-cream shop with David ?"

She looks up befor saying " sure , it's your birth day . Go have fun "

I yell happy as I run back to the front .

" mom says we can go " I say happily

" great let's go " David says befor walking over to his black hummer .

We listened to kids music while driving . David kept giving me weird looks but I did not know what they ment . When we reached the Ice-cream shop. I got out and followed David inside .

We walked over to the stand and I ordered a homemade ice-cream bar and went to the rest room .

After I was done , I ran to the table where David was at . I sat down and we said small talk . I started eating and almost as soon as I started . I felt dizzy and had a head ache .I started to see dark spots around my vision . It started to get darker and darker but befor I fully went under . I saw David giving me a evil smile .

I wolk up to the sound of beeping , lots of beeping . I tried to open my eyes but the felt like stones . When I finally got my eyes open , I saw a giant wall mirror . I saw that there was a lot of computer equipment and two chairs by a bed .

In the bed was a girl with blue eyes and blond hair . She was in a hospital gown and blue panties . She had small breast but they looked good on her . She looked around my age . She also had restraints on het arms .

I moved around a little to get in a better seating place and the girl did too . I moved back and the girl did the same thing at the same exact time .

" stop copying me " I said . Instead of my normal voice , a high pitch girls voice came out . I then relized that the girl is me . I let out a high pitch scream and cryied . Lots of tears fell from my eyes .

Then a hidden door opened up and out came David with a lab coat and a smug smile on his face . He wales up to me .

"help me David , we need to find out who did this to me" I said

" oh , there's no need for that Jarry or should I say Carry . I'm the one who did it " says David

" but why David , I love you "

" oh that's the point , when my beloved Carry died with my un-born child . I was devestated but when I saw you today . I decided to bring you to my lab and change you DNA a little . You might not love me as the original Carry but you will do . I changed you so that if you were born female , then you would look like this . Everything is perfect . Including your virginity " he said the last part with a laugh .

" please change me back " I begged .

" why would I do something like that . You need me and I need you " with that he came toward and grabbed the end of my dress . When it would not go the way he wanted he ripped it off . When the cold air hit my skin . My newly formed nipples grew hard .

" oh, so perfect " said David befor he started sucking on my left one .I tried to move my nipple out of his month but I can't with my hands attached to the table .

" no David , stop " I said but he just sucked hard . Something weird started happening . Me newly developed viagina started to get wet .

" David please stop " I begged but instead of stoping he went to my right one . He started to lightly bite it and it made my viagina even wetter .

" David stop now " again he egnored me and got up . I'm thinking ' thank god he's done ' but he just went to were my legs were . He started to poke at my blue panties and a squishing sound came from it . He looked at me with a insainly happy smile and said .

" your almost ready . I only have to do alittle more "

' oh no ' I think

He starts to pull them off and I try to kick him but he crabs my legs with one hand and continues to pull them off . When he did he put them to his nose and started smelling it .

Sould I continue ???


Should I do another part . Please tell me and I'll do it .


2012-07-09 23:48:11
First I would like to say thank you for your courage to write your own story. You should continue, because as you do your skills as a writer will improve. Writting is an art, nobody paints like Picaso the first time out, and likewise nobody writes like Hemmingway at first crack.

It had a few common spelling and grammar errors, but thankfully you didn't run the whole thing together in one huge paragraph. Separating your dialogs between characters is nice.

I look forward to reading more.



2012-06-14 11:48:57
It's a good idea but more work needs to be done on this so that it reads better. Keep going with it, you've got a cool idea, but do some editing


2012-06-14 00:58:05
Ok so ur age is a secret, and ur experementing with ur sexuality, your either very young or old. But u said fourteenth so Im guesing ur from twelve to Fifteen urs old?,

anonymous readerReport

2012-06-12 20:52:40
Good story, all that is needed is a grammar and spell check

anonymous readerReport

2012-06-11 16:03:17
No it makes no sense

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