Ok part 7 I left out the sex slave scene because Amy was now been controlled by Sara. I have wrote sex scene the ending is different. Enjoy.
A couple months ago I got fucked by Zoe's Father and her 2 brothers and their cock felt good inside my tight teen pussy. After that I when home told mom she fucked herself and I fell asleep. In the morning I was wondering if I can go over to Zoe's house again and I was invited yet again I was filled with cum and was asked to be a sex slave for them which I said yes. I was told that their was going to be a party and that all the slave had to be present at the party.

"Ohh yes Amy your so good I like fucking your tight pussy."

"Mmmm give it to me Daddy give it to me."

Zoe's Father told me to call him Daddy since I was his slave. Daddy fucked me for 5 minutes but before that my other 2 master had already fucked me before mostly Daddy didnt last long and I was already tired. Mostly I moan to make him think he was pleasing me. I fell in love with Daddy at the beginning then it die because he didnt fucked me like before. It was all about him and not playing with his toy properly. I fell his cum blast inside my cunt.

When he was done he told me about the party and that I had to be their. Been Daddy's slave really got boring a 5 minute fuck session was not doing it for me anymore also Zoe and her mom was not getting pleased by him anymore so all 3 of us just want the boys to fuck us only they last longer and got rough on us. Sam fucked me once when I was on my period it hurt so bad and Sam just didnt care if it did hurt I got turned on by that. Now when I have my periods I get fucked also I stop taking birth control it was much better like that.

The party was in 1 week I didnt get fucked for a whole week Daddy wanted me so horny for this party and hope that 1 week of not getting fucked would rough sex play with me again. I stayed at home talked with mom about what she was up to. Her divorce was finalized she got the house in the settlement and took $250,000 from my "dad" also I was not my dad's biological daughter so I guess my real dad was that 80 year old grandpa. I dont know if he is alive but didnt care if he was but would have been nice to know what kind of person he was. Would he had fucked me, would he let his friends fuck me, would he had made me and mom his slaves, would he had sold me to strangers. I would never ever get these answer so I didnt try.

Since mom got the house she decided to rent the rooms to get money coming in. There are 7 rooms 2 of them were used by me and mom we talked and it was ok with me also hoping mom get all boys maybe I can get them in my room and use my teen body. We went to place an ad in the newspaper and with 2 days we got a few reponds by very young guys Im gussing college guys. Since we both lived in the house mom asked me to interview along side her but I never really interview them I tease the guys by wearing a tight white tan top with no bra and a mini skirt with no panties. When they look at me I would open my legs a little for them to see my hairless pussy. I made them weak and tense it was fun also a turn on that they could have fucked me right there in front of my mom.

5 hours of teasing and showing off my pussy it was hard to choose which boys I would want to come live here and maybe fuck me. Mom and I talked on which would we want to live with but apart of me didnt feel right of just moving strange college boys in the house. Now if I meet a stranger somewhere and he fucked I would be ok with that. These boys would live in the house and I want to feel save in my own home. Mom did a background check when they came back I disappointed in some were charged for beating a woman others for anger management there were only 2 boys left but I wouldnt let them fuck me. It was a bust mom let a single father, a school teacher, and 20 year old college girl move in. I didnt like it but it bother me at all.

The college girl was the first to move in she had red hair blue eyes lip ring and a tattoo that said open for an ass whooping. I laughed she had nice tits bigger then Zoe's like D's I think she was fit and had an ass that was made to get spank. I helped her move in just a few boxes the last one I carried was light as I reached the top of the stairs I tripped and the box hit the ground what I saw was a lot of kinky sex toys, toys that I havent seen before. The girl walked out of her new room I though she was going to be angry but she just laugh because a dildo was close to my mouth.

"Im sorry... I... I tripped and..."

"Hey hey hey its ok. Just pick it all up and bring in here."

I picked up all the toys walk in her room as I walked in she was getting naked my mouth just drop there was a pale white redhead blued eye girl with tits hanging. The box was in my hands I dropped it and hit my foot it hurt a little she laugh as she put on a silky black dress and ask if I was ok. I said yes she place me in her bed took my shoe and sock off to check my foot. At first she was just massaging my foot then was tickling I was laughing as I tryed to move my foot away from been tickled. She grab my foot again and started licking it, it felt weird getting my foot licked but I got pedicure yesterday so my feet looked cute.

She moved up my legs to my pussy but to her surprised I open them and let her access. My pussy was been rubbed good as I felt a finger slide in.

"Wow your tight little lady."



"Amy is my name."

"Oh well is nice to meet you Amy and the rest of you (giggling). Im Sara."

I smiled at her, Sara continued on my pussy. Sara was good until she used her tongue I was in heaven Sara was good at licking my pussy is true what they said girls knows how to lick pussy better then a guys. I never had my pussy licked so good before I cum on Sara's mouth twice then she left the bed to go to the box that I was carrying and knew she was going to use her toys on me. Sara came back with a ball with strap, a dildo with straps, some rope, some kind of leather pad the kind you use at the kentucky derby.

"So Amy have you been with a girl?"

"Umm yeah."

"Really tell me about it?"

"Well there was 2 of my best friends Ally and Zoe but Ally left."

"Oh why she left? Did got tired of your pussy haha."

"No its a long story."

"Fair enough. Now I got to 2 questions. How long you been a slut? And when you did you started been a slut?"

"Umm... a few years now and at 5 years old."

"Wow we have something in common. I myself started at 5 with my daddy he was so good to me."

I smiled that her daddy had fuckerld her at the same age as me. Sara tied my arms to the bed post and had my legs free I was scared on what Sara was going to do to me. She grabs the leather pad and smacks my boobs it hurt a little 15 more smack on each boob it was red. Next Sara moved to my pussy but was firm with it light padding it got me so horny and wet. Sara got the ball gag and put over my mouth then she showed me this big dildo and attached to the strap on I knew right there and then she was going to fuck me. Sara played with my pussy getting even more wet and shoved 4 fingers up my pussy to get my slutty hole trying to stretch it as much as she can.

Sara looked at me smiled got on top and kiss my ball gag. She slide up and down teasing my pussy next Sara pushes that big dildo inside my pussy I tryed to scream but it was muffed by the ball gag she got like 3 inches and she let it sit there for a moment. Again Sara pushes in some more I scream again by muffed by the ball. Then pushes more inside me I couldnt take it anymore as I started kicking my feet around.

"Hey is almost full inside you. My dildo is 11 inchs and 5 around and I know it hard for your tight small pussy to take it but it has been inside smaller and tighter then yours haha.

Sara just pushed and pushed until finally there was no more to push.

"There that wasn't so bad was it hahaha. Now Im going to fuck you just relax and enjoy it"

I couldn't speak due to the ball in my mouth. I feel the dildo sliding in and out of me I was having pleasure when it was coming out it took a few minutes for my pussy to get used of going in. 10 minutes later I was so wet and enjoying the fucking that Sara was giving me she removed my ball gag and the thing I said was...

"Sara fuck me... harder... pound my slutty pussy... c'mon give it to me."

I was out of breath as I tryed to speak Sara fucked me for another 10 minutes she put my legs on her shoulders giving her a better way to pound me and go deeper inside me. I lost count how many times I cummed Sara got tired and just layed on top of with the dildo still inside me. She off me got a mirror and showed me my pussy I couldn't believe it was open and could see inside it. Sara untied me she left me in her room and fell asleep. I woke up in the midnight Sara was sleeping next me naked with one of her hand on my boob. As I moved it hurt so bad I looked again at my pussy it was still open but it got smaller.

Sara was naked so I decide to give her a late night pussy licking her pussy smelled so good like strawberries I guess she took a shower before she got in bed. I started licking her smooth pussy enjoying every bit of it then I fingered her feeling her warm wet pussy I couldn't help myself I finger fucker as hard I could. My movement become faster as my hand started to get wet by Sara's pussy. Few more seconds later her pussy juice squirted I was in awe I took my fingers out and licked then but I was amazed that Sara squirted so I did again this time I got rough on her the pressure in her pussy got greater as she cummed and squirted again I opened my mouth to catch some of her juice it tasted so good.

I clean Sara up I licked her clean and left her naked I when to the bathroom to clean myself and took a shower. When I got out of the shower my pussy still hurted I passed Sara's room she was still naked and I though to myself she is a hot girl hope she fucks me again. I went to my room dropped my towel got on bed looked at pussy hoping it will better in time for the party this weekend.

Few days have passed Sara and I became friends she was like a sister to me teaching me thing all kinky and bondage stuff. I got a call from Daddy saying I have to be there at 9 am in the morning. I went to sleep early the day before but couldn't sleep I was excided and horny I stop myself from masturbating I wanted to save it for the party. It was 6 am and was still up then finally I fell a sleep 30 minutes later when I woke up it was noon.

"Shit" I thought I got dress quick headed to Daddy's house. Once I got there I knocked on the door a old guy I believe 60 answer the door without a word he pulled inside pushed me to the wall and mosleted my body then another guy younger I believe mid-20s now both mosletsing me. I was turning wet they kneel me down and was told to suck I did with in 5 minutes each cummed in mouth. The old man grabbed me by the hair took me to the living room there I saw Zoe with 5 guys getting DP giving handjobs and a blowjob. Mommy (I call Zoe's mom) was getting her old stretch by 2 big black bulls it was unbelievable seen her fucked like that.

Next thing I know I get pushed down to the floor and 10 cocks surrounded me all guys just started touching every each of my body I was getting face fucked, fingered, giving handjobs, spanked, fingered in my ass, slapped in my face, getting my hair pull, and name calling. I was so turn on I was there toy for the day. A guy got on top an fuck hard and fast I cummed in 2 minutes then another guy took his place he was a little big I could feel my little pussy been abused by the brutal pounding.

Another guy got on top rolled me so I be on top I rided him for a minute or 2 then I feel a cock pressing into my ass. I was thinking "shit Im gonna get fucked like Zoe and Mommy." Now I was getting DP get my cute little ass fucked so hard and my little pussy was cumming again. Another 2 guys took the other guys places and once again full of cock. As I was getting DP I was getting face fucked hard I couldn't breathed 8 cock were fucking my face I thought I was going to die from this.

I tryed to looked to the side of me and see Daddy he had a whip and was whipping Mommy she screamed as the guys fuck her then I see Mommy getting filled with cum by the 2 black dudes after they empty other guys wouod go in and cumm inside Mommy. After 12 guys cummed in Mommy her pussy was licking cumm non stop. I feel something warm going into my mouth it was cum I looked up and it was an old fat hairy guy and not good looking at all.

He moan in pleasure another guy invaded my mouth he was just fat and ugly I looked at the rest some were hot and some were that you wouldnt want to fuck. Im cumming from the DP as I feel my holes getting filled with cum. One by one the men were getting dressed some still fucking Mommy, Zoe, and I. Mommy was getting DP by 2 young hotties, Zoe by an old fart that was enjoying her young body, as for me had 3 guy in all my holes Daddy was saying goodbye to the people leaving. Everybody finished on me feeling cum fulling up again in my holes. I was felt in the floor like a $5 whore with cumm all over my body I see Zoe on her knee tired Mommy in the couch all used aa the young hotties spanked her ass.

As the left Daddy carried Mommy to the bathroom having a bubble bath he did the same with Zoe in her own bathroom. As for me Daddy grabbed he sat in a chair place me on top of him fucked me for a long time. I was so tired I didnt have any energy to move then lay me on the floor and fucked my used up asshole. I feel Daddy's hot cum inside my abused asshole. He felt me there on the floor then I passed out.

The next morning I woke up next to Zoe on her bed she was cuddling me with her hand in my boob and the other on my pussy. I try to remember what happen last night and little by little it came back to me. I smiled and decide to put my hands on Zoe on her boobs and stick a finger in her pussy. I dont know how long I sleeped but Daddy came in woke up us saying we need to eat. We talked about what happen I said I had fun and blah blab blah blah blah until I said I dont want to be a sex slave anymore everybody understood Daddy kissed me spanked my little ass, Mommy gave me a hug and said Im always welcome at their house.

Zoe didnt say anything she just hugged me kissed me and smiled. I left the house walked home. As I was walking a guy pulled up asked me that he was looking for a house when he told me the address I said thats my house I got in he drove and on the way home I saw he had a hard on I went in and rubbed his cock. He didnt stop me I unzip him and sucked him off he cummed and swallowed his cum. We got home there was Sara she went to hug this guy which I found out it was her boyfriend. Later that day he came in my room dropped his pants and told he wants to fuck me of course I was still sore from last night and told him. I just gave him a BJ.

In the follow weeks Sara's boyfriend was fucking Mom Sara and I. Then Sara asked for a big favor and I was shocked at the favor I didnt know what to say I just said yes I will carry your baby. I agreed to get pregnant by her boyfriend and have Sara raise her. Mom didnt like the idea but she knew she was going to be a grandmother one day. I got off the pill I asked for 2 week before I fuck Sara's boyfriend. 2 months later I was pregnant I dont know how many time I was fucked but it was done. I was back school and everybody saw that my belly was growing also were calling me names like whore, slut, tramp, ect it didnt borther at all. I was almost jumped by jealous bitches at school because all boys were hanging around me doing things for me.

When the boys heared I was almost jumped about 10+ boys walked me home making sure I got home safe they were all sweet. Even when I walked to school some waited outside my house to walk with me. 6 mouths of been pregnant was really hell I was feeling very horny everyday when boys walked me home only 5 boys join me I invited them to my home got them in my room and I let them fuck me. I did this for a mouth and all my horniness went away. I was ready to go into labor 50 hours I was in labor it felt like forever until I finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Sara and her boyfriend decide to rent an apartment and were moving 2 miles away Mom would visit once an while seeing her granddaughter as for me I didnt want to see her even tho I wasn't her real mother it didnt feel like I was.

Ever since I gave birth I changed I wasn't much of a slut but did had many boyfriends and I did fucked them I was on pill again. I focused on school and my relationships. I was 15 when gave birth to a baby girl and yet again 2 years later I gave birth to a baby boy Sara wanted another baby I agreed I lost some of boyfriends over this. When I turned 18 I didnt want to raise any kids I didnt want to be a mother. Sara asked me for 2 more and thats it. I tied my tubes at 25. I become a dominatrix making guys my bitches. As I look back at my life I had 4 pedophile but the biggest pedophile was sex. If I didnt let the guy moslet me I dont think I would be were I am now.

The end.

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please check your work before submitting it. You left out words, you misplaced some words with other words and the grammer was horrible. I really dont think you are 22. The way grammer is I believe you are about 13-14 years old. If you can fix these then I believe you have the makings of a good story writer.

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