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Chapter Six: On the Edge of Eternity

James stood on a precipice, behind him was where he had come from, the old world and old beliefs that had been shattered in a single week by one they considered their brother. Ahead of him was his destiny, their destiny as they would charge into battle and set right the wrong that had been done. His brothers and sisters stood by his side on this razors edge, their weapons and lives pledged not to him but to setting things right. Their sole purpose, their reason for existing had been to protect what their creators had made, to defeat the hordes of evil that looked to raze all of creation and leave nothing but smoldering ash in their wake. It had been their eldest brother Ares who let this plague reach its black tendrils onto their world and in his madness he had conspired to set about the destruction of all living things. They would stop him at all costs.

The small group of immortals stood on the roof of the second observatory of the Tokyo Sky Tree, the largest structure in Tokyo standing at two thousand and eighty feet at the very tip with the observation point was at one thousand four hundred and seventy six feet giving them a great view of the entire city. Erin, the second eldest of the remaining immortals stood by his side, her long bronze coloured hair dancing in the wind as her eyes looked over the river before them to where the Nexus stood. A wide beam of crackling red energy connected both to the sky and the Earth vomited vile demons onto their land as black roiling clouds blocked out the sun.

James’s real life as Gabrielle had been filled with the tale of the prophecy where the seals would be shattered and the darkness would spread across the world extinguishing all light in existence. They would be the one light in the night that couldn’t be dimmed, the force of good that would push the demons back into their shattered world and end the shadow, but as James stood there looking out over a single Nexus point he realized how foolish they had been. Even Catherine with her gift of sight wouldn’t have been able to see this coming, how could she? Betrayed and hunted they had hid like cowards while the demons made quick work of the resistance man had been able to put up. This wasn’t Ares’s doing, it was theirs for being too afraid to face their brother and deliver justice when they had the chance. Even James should have stood up to him but on the one chance he had to make things right he sat quietly as Aglea had been torn apart and he was stripped of his youth and cast aside like a runt. Perhaps he was a runt. Maybe this was actually all his fault.

He still relived that day in his dreams, tortured by the events that he had brought down. He wasn’t the only one that suffered for his actions though; Erin’s husband Baal had paid the price for his younger brother’s crimes and his name would always be a scar on his brain, a brand that would always remind him of his cowardice. Today he would put his fear behind him and face his brother in combat, let fate and the gods decide what would happen. If he could do one thing right in his life it would happen now and he wouldn’t let anything stop him from finishing it for good.

‘I will only offer this one last time,’ he spoke loudly, two golden swords appearing in his hands, ‘No one else has to risk their life today.’

‘But it’s such a good day to die brother,’ Apollo laughed.

‘We are with you Gabrielle, in life and in death,’ Erin said softly and in less time than it took him to breath all his brothers and sisters were by his side, their golden weapons shining in the shadow before them.

In the moment before they were about to leap into the air and bring the fight right to the enemies doorstep an explosion ripped through the demons an instant before two military jets screamed through the air above them. War machines of varying types, sizes, and abilities erupted on the once dead streets of Tokyo raining death on the demons lines. The crack and pop of automatic gun fire, the twang of grenade launchers, the hiss of rockets, the booms of tanks, and the earth shattering explosions from planes dropping bombs filled the air and James watched in surprise.

‘I have to hand it to the mortals,’ Apollo started, ‘They sure don’t like giving up do they?’

‘They won’t last long being that close to the gate,’ James pointed out and already the tide was turning as the surge of unholy monsters rushed the tanks and soldiers still firing frantically.

‘Well then we better get down there, I’m sure my husband wouldn’t want the humans to have all the glory!’ Serenity said and Apollo flashed her a wide grin as he weighed his trident in his hands. With a quick nod they jumped into the air, their powers propelling them like rockets as they shot across the river in a matter of seconds and found themselves their enemy.

Like four meteors they crashed into the street, cracking the pavement and sending a tidal wave of debris in every direction as a cloud of dust exploded beneath their feet and obscured their presence for a few seconds while it settled. The roar of battle around them was deafening and James found it a little distracting as he tried to gain his bearings on where he had landed. Erin was right at his side but Serenity and Apollo had already moved into the fray and James could make out twisted and disfigured limbs soaring through the air as they cut down whatever was in front of them.

As soon as the dust had settled and the surprise of their arrival had worn off a few seconds later they got caught in the cross fire as the military behind them opened fire once again and targeted them. Bullets bounced off their skin and even though he knew the humans were only protecting themselves from what they perceived a new threat he still had to fight the urge rising up in him to turn around and take out the minor annoyance. Before that urge grabbed hold of him Erin quickly came to his side and rolled her eyes making him chuckle a bit, he knew as she did that it would take a lot more than a few tanks and a handful of bullets to put them down, so he turned his sight back to the demons who were converging on his brother and sister as the walls closed in on them.

He gripped his solid golden swords in his hand and felt the metal bite into his flesh as he jumped high into the air and landed heavily on a group of dog like monsters covered in scales rather than fur. He felt bone snap under his plated boot and slashed out with his swords, severing heads from bodies as the black blood of his enemy sprayed everywhere. It was now bloodlust that started to creep into his mind and the addictive sensation begged him to let in and become nothing more than a killing machine, but he knew if he was going to survive this day he would need all his wits about him.

As he hacked and slashed his way into the heart of the beast a mongrel jumped out at him from a pile of already slaughtered, it’s gnashing razor sharp teeth heading straight for his throat. Planting his right foot on the ground he swung his body out of the way, the demon soaring by him as he reached out with one of his swords and sliced it from nose to ass and watched with satisfaction as the two halves travelled another five feet before falling to the blood stained ground.

The scream of a rocket announced the arrival of the humans who would not go away and James felt the ground rip apart at his feet and a ball of fire engulfed him and everything within a few feet, bodies of demons being tossed aside in the shockwave. A memory of a life passed through his mind quickly and he remembered his eventful outing as with the Canadian military during the Second World War where a German grenade had ripped him apart on the shores of Juno Beach after he had only been there for a few minutes. The rocket, while more powerful had no effect on him and he managed to stay standing as the explosion died out and a hail of bullets swam past him striking anything and everything the soldiers could find.

Once again James ignored the mortals and their toys and cut down a hulking beast with three arms and two heads, the heavy body falling at his feet in multiple pieces. He caught a glint of gold deeper in the mass of demons and realized he was lagging behind, his brother and sisters already having made great gains in the fight as their combat prowess pushed them on further at blinding speeds. Not wanting to look like a wimp he thrust himself at a group of monsters and cut them down like they were nothing to him.

Covered in sweat and the stinking blood of his enemies he whirled around unleashing pure fury as nothing could stand against him, limbs flying through the air as his blades sang with the carnage. A rather large bear like demon with half a head charged at him and he spun around with a kick snapping the solid bone with a sickening crack as it fell down into a twitching mass at his feet. His immortal senses were working at full capacity and it was almost like he had eyes in the back of his head as he read the movements of his enemies surrounding him. Calming his old human fears he held tightly to his confidence in his abilities and readied himself for the coordinated attack they planned, his swords tingling in his clenched hands.

They assortment of creatures jumped on him all at once, their sheer mass weighing down on him as his knees started to buckle and claws and teeth reached out for him. He consolidated all his power and in one massive urge and a startling battle cry he shucked them off him, his swords cleaving through horrid flesh as he was covered in blood. Thirty plus demons fell to him as whirled about, leaping into the air and using his hands to rip heads from shoulders before grabbing his swords and hacking them to bits. Sensing only one thing left moving behind him he quickly spun around and brought both his swords down in a terrifying arc planning to cleave the beast in half only to hear the metallic twang as his weapons were blocked by a shimmering golden bow, the sound ricocheting off the walls of shops and buildings like a sick song.

‘That was close,’ he heard the most wonderful voice in the world to his ears as he caught a glimpse of bright blue eyes with a hint of green at the center and a flash of red hair dancing in the wind of the storm that raged above them.

‘Amy! I thought you were staying behind!’ he roared trying to play at being angry, but in the back of his mind he knew he was extremely glad to see her here.

‘You didn’t really think we’d let you guys have all the fun did you?’ she beamed and James noticed Elizabeth off to her side, her golden weapon driving deep into the skull of a demon.

Before James could open his mouth to say anything a terrifying roar shook through the air and a massive shadow flew over them as winged dragons entered the battle, their molten fire erupting in front of them as a couple of jets screamed towards them. The planes stood no chance as their fuel tanks erupted and sent shattered pieces all over the place. Elizabeth smiled politely at him and then leapt into the air as she took off after the dragons, knowing that even if only one of them strafed the immortals they wouldn’t be able to stand against their fire and everything would be lost.

‘Watch out!’ Amy cried out and James ducked down as the twang of her bow rang in his ears. She struck two demons right in the face, their heads exploding from the magical arrows. ‘Damn there’s a lot of them isn’t there?’

James jumped back into the battle with Amy at his back picking off targets he was too far from, their combined strength making short work of the demons. For only just getting his full powers back and Amy still trying to get used to the weight of destiny thrust upon her they worked well as a team, covering each other’s backs with stunning speed and unmatchable strength. James had watched his brothers and sisters fighting together in human wars of the past and felt a little envious at how they worked together, like two sides of the same coin. They were able to predict what the other was doing and compensate for any weakness’s they may have left in the unit instantly as they danced through battle. There really was no greater feeling for an immortal than to be in battle with someone he trusted with question at his side.

Out of the corner of his eye James caught sight of dragon racing at them, its massive jaws open wide as the fire burned in its belly, ready to burn flesh from bone at any moment. He reached out and grabbed Amy by the shoulder as he jumped out of the way with her in tow a second before the molten lava covered the street where they had just been standing. The intense heat melted everything it touched, wood, flesh, and even flesh and the disgusting smell of burning demon skin filled his nose. Before the dragon could even wheel in the sky for another attack a golden blur smashed into its neck, severing the extremely heavy head from the beast as it fell from the sky. James would have to remember to thank Elizabeth when this was all over for protecting them in the skies.

They were up on their feet an instant later and flew over the burning road as they landed once more in battle, Erin cutting down four demons right in front of them. Apollo and Serenity waded through a hundred demons and joined them, their golden armour splattered with black blood and even a few scratches on their skin, golden blood dribbling out. As they all joined up again the demons faltered and slowly started to move backwards, closer to their gate. He had not expected this and found himself at a loss to explain it. The demons were supposed to be immune to fear and would never flee from a battle, yet here they were giving the immortals a wide berth.

‘This can’t be good,’ Apollo observed and James nodded, his swords held at the ready for whatever was coming for them next.

Elizabeth dropped out of the sky right beside them, her hair singed in places and a nasty gash on her left arm that hung limply at her side, golden blood pouring out and dripping to the ground where it sparkled in the dark light. Amy quickly dashed over to her and checked the wound, wrapping a dirty cloth she found on the street tightly around it to stop the bleeding. Even though they were immortals they could bleed out and die so they had to make sure she would be okay enough to continue.

‘What the hell are those?’ Erin called out and James’s head quickly snapped to the direction she was looking at. His blood ran cold as he watched ten hulking pure black figures walking towards them from the heart of the demon forces. They were human in form but mere shells of the perfection that was the human body, standing close to nine feet tall with long arms and legs, muscled chests and twisted faces crowned by two large red eyes that sent shocks of fear into the immortals. James had never seen such a sight in his long life and hoped he would never have to again.

The horrendous creatures stopped thirty feet away, their lipless mouths opening into wide grins as they showed off row upon row of serrated black teeth. Weapons appeared in their hands, massive tools of death forged in dragon fire ensuring they always burned just under the black crystal surface, tendrils of acidic smoke rising into the air.

‘Do you think they are like us?’ Serenity asked with an edge of fear in her voice.

‘They are nothing like us!’ Apollo raged and jumped forward, covering the distance between them and the horrors in a half second. His trident flew through the air as he struck out at the middle demon but in a flash of black a massive black sword sliced through the air and cut Apollo’s trident in half before the monster struck him in the chest with his hand and sending him flying back into his brother and sisters hard enough to send them all tumbling.

The barking laughter of the immortal killers filled his ears as James jumped back to his feet, summoning both his swords to him as Amy and Erin were quickly at his side. Serenity and Elizabeth gently helped Apollo to his feet as he stared intently at his broken weapon still in his white knuckled fist, a look of shock etched all over his features. Amy quickly notched an arrow on her bow and fired into the line of advancing demons coming straight for them, only to watch in horror as the arrow was knocked out of the sky by another arrow made from pure dark energy.

‘This isn’t possible!’ Erin roared, ‘How can these things even exist? They have our power, our strength and our speed!’

‘Do the gods fight against us now?’ Serenity cried looking to the heavens.

‘This is not the work of the god’s sister,’ James said defiantly, ‘These are nothing but shadows of what we are and they will fall before our might today!’

With a terrifying roar of his own James charged at the unholy creations, his swords held out at his sides as he pushed his strength into his legs making him run faster, a golden blur among the shadows. Using all the power he had in his body he lashed out at the monsters, his swords singing as they crashed into the massive axe his prey held, sparks exploding into the air. He quickly spun and drove his leg into the abdomen of the demon immortal, pain shooting through his bones as the strike connected and he quickly realized they were even stronger than them. The kick did nothing more than to knock James off balance and he wasn’t able to avoid the fist that drove into the side of his face as he was thrown back, his armour creating a shower of sparks as he slid across the pavement and stopped just before he bowled into Amy as she let loose a volley to rain down, not a single arrow connecting.

Out of nowhere a sword came down on him and would have cleaved him in half if it hadn’t been for Amy using her bow to deflect the attack and let him roll to safety as she jumped back, raising her bow and releasing an arrow that was easily knocked aside. The demon that had just attacked him now set it’s red eyes on his mate and lunged at her, the tip of his sword narrowly missing her stomach as she flipped out of the way, getting more used to what her new body could do and couldn’t.

The song of metal smashing into metal rang out in the streets as the rest of the immortals joined the fight and it was becoming apparent that they were in over their head. Their strength couldn’t match their foes and their speed was barely faster as the immortals danced around them more on the defensive than offensive. James did his best to block the attacks that came his way but he soon found himself fighting three on one and was focusing more on just staying away knowing he couldn’t take them all at once. The story wasn’t much difference for the others as they gave more ground than they took.

A black arrow screamed out of the melee and grazed James as he barely managed to avoid getting stuck with it, the dark energy tearing into the skin on his right shoulder. It was nothing more than a scratch but pain coursed through his body from the energy and he doubled over as he gasped, his mind screaming at him to keep moving. He rolled out of the way a second before a mace smashed into the pavement and bounced back to his feet, kicking his leg against the side of the building next to him and pushing off as he cartwheeled in the air and over his attackers. When he landed safely he slashed out with his sword, putting all his considerable muscle behind the attack and managed to catch one of the unholy creatures by surprise, his blade biting into its abdomen as he sliced nearly half way through before rolling away from another attack. The scream of joy he was about to let out got stuck in his throat as he watched the creature turn back to him, its body barely held together but still a lethal fighting machine as liquid fire dripped out in the absence of blood.

What little hope he had left in him was starting to drip away as he was unable to find a way to kill these things and all around him his look of disappointment was mirrored in the faces of his family as they fought as hard as they could only to pushed back further. Amy had pretty much given up trying to fight back and was jumping from broken roof top to broken roof top, her bow held limply at her side as she tried to avoid getting herself killed. James ducked under a wild swing from a double axe and rolled out of the way of pike smashing into the street in the exact spot he had been a half a second beforehand.

Before James could slash out at the legs of an enemy close to him crippling pain shot through his entire body as a blood curdling scream ripped through the air shaking the ground as he fell to his knees clutching his head. Time slowed down around him and he looked into the center of the street where Serenity had been engaged in a fight with a single dark immortal, her sword raised up as she meant to bring it down on the head of her foe seconds after a massive black smoking sword ripped through her breast plate and out the other side covered in golden blood. As her sword fell from her lifeless fingers and clattered on the ground her name was etched into the minds of all the golden clad immortals present.

It wasn’t sorrow that filled their hearts like it had with the loss of the rest, instead James felt dark rage building in his blood that tipped the balance he had strived to maintain. A terrifying roar echoed off the walls as Apollo, consumed with anger shot towards his wife’s killer faster than James had ever seen him move. Tossing his broken trident aside and grabbed both arms of the demon and ripped them from its shoulders in a single motion and he tossed them aside as fire poured from the blood stumps left behind. Before the creature could open its mouth to cry out in pain Apollo placed a hand on each side of its face and twisted, his muscles bulging from the strain as the head popped off and the lifeless body fell forward onto the ground.

The sight of one of their own being torn to pieces so easily like that stopped the nine remaining dark immortals in their tracks as they looked on in horror at what had just happened in the blink of an eye. The anger that bellowed deep inside James and boiled over, thrusting him into action as he took advantage of the shock in his enemies. He drove his blades through the neck of the closest one to him, feeling his weapons slice through the black flesh and smash into the spine hard enough to shatter it killing the demon instantly.

With two quick deaths the rest of them started to fall back as their golden counter parts pressed the attack with sheer fury behind each blow. Apollo was engaging two with his bare hands, snapping bone with each strike as he kept them away from the body of his wife. Amy sat on the roof unleashing a torrent of arrows that skewered a dark immortal multiple time as he tired fiercely to ward them all of only to find that she was shooting too many too quickly and after a few second it fell with at least two dozen arrows buried in it. Erin and Elizabeth worked in tandem as they took on three at once, golden weapons flashing through the air as their terrible dance of death enveloped anything close and hacked them to bits and pieces.

With each new death the remaining immortal demons seemed to get slower and weaker as they were pushed back until the fight was right in the middle of the demons front lines once again, James and his family slaying every moving thing before them. The black blood of the demons mixed with the liquid fire blood of the dark immortals as it sprayed in every direction as they drove deep into the enemy, the Nexus getting closer and closer as they pushed on to their final destination.

The horde started to close in around them, the crushing weight slowing the remaining immortals to a slow crawl as they struggled to keep moving knowing if they were denied now they might not have another chance again. James swung his swords back and forth, feeling the blades sink deep into flesh time after time as the hellish screams of his victims roared out in pain, a pile of bodies piling up around him as he stepped over the corpses pushing as hard as he could to the gate. Amy had his back and on more than one occasion he had to stop himself from bringing a sword down on an enemy as Amy picked it off with her bow a second beforehand, sweat forming on her brow as the toll of using so much of her power for so often started to hit her. James could feel weariness filter into his mind and body and each swing of his heavy swords took more and more strength as he gasped for breath. This couldn’t go on much longer or they would all be too weak to face their final challenge and James figured that’s exactly what Ares was banking on.

James drove his sword through the last dark immortal, the fiery blood pouring to the ground in a pool as it fell lifeless before him, its red eyes dimming until they were nothing more than black coals smoldering. His brothers and sisters cut down the last of their enemies until the only thing before them was the massive red gateway into the demons world, the dark magic surrounding it cracking and popping as tendrils of red electricity arced outwards. Over a million demons dead or dying around them and yet the mood was sombre as they looked on, their real enemy nowhere to be found.

‘Show yourself you coward!’ James roared tilting his head to the heavens, ‘No matter where you hide we will find you and bring you to justice!’

‘You don’t think they went through the Nexus do you?’ Elizabeth asked in hushed tones. James looked at the faces of his siblings for the first time after their battle and saw tired people before him. Elizabeth still bled from her wound and her face was too pale, Erin wore a mask of sadness and Apollo openly wept for the loss of his beloved wife. Amy, the newest immortal looked stunned as she looked back out over the street and saw it covered in black gold and red blood, the military presence greatly diminished but looking on at the immortals in awe at what they had just witnessed.

‘ARES!’ James yelled out again, ‘Show yourself!’

‘Are you looking for me little Gabrielle?’ the deep voice of Ares laughed from behind them and they turned all at once to see Ares, Andromeda, and Tobias standing among the dead demons, their golden armour sparkling.

‘Tobias!’ Elizabeth cried out and started to run towards her husband before Erin managed to catch her around the waist and hold her back.

‘Would you look at this,’ Ares laughed again, ‘a lover’s reunion!’

Both Ares and Andromeda laughed but Tobias averted his eyes from his wife as she struggled desperately to free herself from Erin and jump into his arms. It was a gut-wrenching sight to see and James knew the pain they both must be in that things had come down to this, standing on opposite sides of the war. He couldn’t imagine what it must be like for them and hoped he never got a chance to find out; he never wanted to look at Amy with anything other than love.

‘Stand down Ares!’ James ordered knowing that he probably wouldn’t take too well to being told what to do by someone he considered beneath him.

‘He doesn’t get that chance!’ Apollo roared in anger, ‘He is the reason my wife is dead and he will pay for it with his LIFE!’

Before anyone could stop him Apollo rushed out from the group and charged his older brother with nothing but his fists to fight with. Ares watched on with a wide grin as the lightning quick Apollo got closer and closer, confidence oozing from him and James could do nothing to stop what he knew was about to happen. Apollo threw out his left fist meaning to hit Ares in the head but found nothing there anymore, and only a split second later the older and stronger immortal appeared behind him thrusting his golden spear through his back and out his stomach. James watched as the ripple of pain of losing one of their own ran through the immortals and nearly bit his cheek off when it took everything he had not to fall to his knees like the rest. Only he and Ares were still on their feet as Apollo fell to the ground dead, a soft smile on his face knowing he would be with his wife once again.

‘Well now that that is out of the way should we get back to what we were discussing?’ Ares mocked, ‘It must be lonely without your wife Tobias.’

‘Stop it brother,’ Tobias breathed but they could all hear the whisper. His face was hard and he refused to look anywhere but at the ground even when he was being spoken directly too, but James could see a glimmer sorrow in his eyes.

‘Oh be nice now, I am actually in a pretty charitable mood right now. I’m releasing you from the vow you took and I will let you and your wife both leave in safety. See, isn’t that nice?’

Suddenly Tobias was looking up, hope written all over his face as he heard the words of his eldest brother but James knew there was something else going on here. Whatever Tobias had promised Ares he would never willingly release him from it, especially when it cut his numbers down to only two. Ares was a brilliant tactician and a genuine madman; he would never let them get away like this. Not for love anyways, even though he was married to Andromeda, James knew his brother held hatred above love, and his hatred for James trumped everything else.

‘Come Elizabeth, embrace your husband once again and leave this place. I know you want nothing of this fight and I grant you freedom from persecution, you and Tobias can spend eternity together!’

‘Don’t do it!’ Erin cried out as her sister slipped from her arms and rushed towards her husband who held his arms open wide, tears welling in his eyes. James was in motion now, rushing after his sister using all the power he had left in his muscles to spur him on faster hoping he would make it to her before her husband did.

He watched as the two met only a few feet away from Ares and knew he was already too late when Andromeda looked to her husband and winked before she disappeared into thin air. Erin and Amy cried out in horror as she reappeared behind Elizabeth, her long sword held out ready to strike. James was still thirty feet away and Tobias who had seen what was going to happen was wrapped up in his wife’s arms and could do nothing to protect her. In an instant Andromeda drove her golden sword deep into her sisters back skewering both her and Tobias, their last screams of pain lost in the immense pain that washed through all of them. This time even James and Ares were brought to their knees as the combined pain of losing two immortals in a second crippled them and their cries boomed into the heavens high above.

‘Why are y…you doing this Ares?’

‘The gods will it!’ he answered as he rose back to his feet, his spear held loosely at his side as Apollo’s golden blood dripped from the tip.

‘You’ve lost your mind brother! Do you really think they gods would want such carnage?’

‘Don’t you dare question me! I hear their whispers constantly in my mind, guiding me to their final goal! Everything must be washed clean in the fires of their great army!’

James pushed himself back to his feet and summoned both his swords into his hand, he knew before long he would need them. Ares had almost evened the odds and was now only outnumbered three to two and even James knew that was no advantage at all, Ares was the strongest of them all and his wife was no push over either.

‘Listen to yourself Ares! We were created to protect everything that you have set out to destroy! Your mind is playing tricks on you because I could never believe that the gods are telling you to kill your own brothers and sisters!’

‘They were weak!’ he roared, ‘Those who died were not meant to be immortals and were not my brothers or sisters! And you are nothing more than they were! Nothing will stand in the way of me and my gods!’

‘Look what you are doing Ares!’ Amy yelled out and Ares refused to look at her, his eyes growing harder and darker.

‘You have no right to speak to me!’ he bellowed pointing his spear at her, ‘You are an abomination and when I am done slaughtering your little lover I will tear you asunder and throw your pieces to the far corners of the universe!’

James quickly leapt back to stand between Ares and Amy, his swords held at the ready for an attack he knew wasn’t far off now. There was no getting through to his brother and he began to wonder why he had even tried, Ares was too far gone for logic to reach him now and the only way to stop him would be to kill him.

‘Stand down Ares!’

‘Enough! The gods are calling to me from just beyond the gate! When I am done cleaning your blood from my weapon I will join them!’

Ares was upon him instantly, appearing three feet in front of him as he drove his spear towards James’s chest with such force that when James blocked the lethal attack one of his swords was smashed from his hand and thrown to the side. James raised his remaining sword high to attack Ares but was caught off guard when a foot connected with his stomach and sent him flying backwards, his body screaming in pain from the attack. He tried to pull himself to his feet but another leg caught him in the chest and pushed him back down so hard the cement cracked around him and the flash of a golden spear bore down on him. Sparks broke through the dimming light as a golden sword intercepted the death blow and parried it aside before Erin threw her shoulder into Ares and tossed him aside like a sack of potatoes.

His sister chased after Ares and James watched as the two eldest remaining immortals clashed, streaks of gold followed by explosions of sparks and cement. James pulled himself up and summoned his second sword back into his hand as he scanned the street looking for Amy and found her dancing with Andromeda, her long sword swinging through the air as Amy jumped aside and unleashed a flurry of arrows that were knocked away before they could hit Andromeda.

James was torn on what he should do. Amy was new and her powers still a mystery to her and he feared she wouldn’t last much longer against the more experience Andromeda, but Erin was taking on Ares all alone and he was the greatest threat. When Erin was thrown into a nearby building the decision was made for him and James rushed in to engage Ares while he was focused on their sister, his swords whistling through the air as he brought them down on the elders unprotected back. Ares was too good though and sensed the sneak attack, turning on his heel and ducking between James’s blades and smashing his head into his chest which sent skidding back a few feet.

‘You’re too slow Gabrielle!’

Ares jumped at him, his spear jabbing through the air as James flipped from side to side and out of the way totally unable to find a weakness in the attack. Erin quickly jumped back into the fight, covered from head to toe in dust as she attacked Ares from the side while James parried the spear mere inches from his face. With his attention split between two enemies Ares found himself in new territory as he had to focus on defence first and quickly knocked several attacks away before leaping into the air and landing on the top of a nearby building. James and Erin jumped after him, their swords flashing through the air as they tried to make contact with more than just Ares’s spear but couldn’t find an opening anywhere.

James could feel Erin’s anger in the air and knew she was losing herself in the bloodlust, her mind filling with the moment when Ares drove his spear deep into her husband Baal’s chest. Her swings were powerful and James could see Ares’s arms buckle a bit with each block he made but he was still faster than both of them combined and was proving it by not letting a single blade get within a foot of his body. Both James and Erin stuck at the same time but had their attacks parried as Ares twirled his spear in both hands with amazing speed before lashing out with his left leg and hitting Erin directly in the face, launching her off the building and landing roughly on her back ten stories below them.

Feeling his own anger start to pump through his blood James slashed his blades through the air, criss-crossing them in a dazzling display as Ares was momentarily caught off guard and furiously fought off the two dozen attacks he received in a matter of seconds. As his swords smashed into the shaft of the large spear James glimpsed an opening in his brothers defence and spun on his left leg while lashing out with his right and caught Ares square in the jaw with enough force to toss him a few feet back before he managed to right himself and land safely on his feet on the rooftop.

‘You’re going to have to do better than that!’ he roared as he wiped a bead of blood from his lips and charged at James. Ares threw his spear through the air like a rocket and James barely side stepped away as Ares’s body was suddenly on him, large powerful fist smashing into his face like jackhammers. James was staggered and tried to bring his swords up to fight off the attack but Ares quickly caught him with an uppercut that had him flipping end over end as he fell towards the hard pavement below.

He landed with a crash that sent cracks in the pavement for ten feet in every direction as his body sunk into the ground a foot. James’s head was spinning and he was struggling to catch a breath as he saw Ares leap off the building and came crashing down on him, his spear held out before him ready to pierce through his brother’s body. Only a few feet away from finishing James off a golden streak shot through the air and smashed into Ares as they both rocketed off and landed in the middle of the military tanks and soldiers as they ran in terror.

James stood up and grabbed his swords from the ground, his eyes locked on the fight going on near the end of the street as Erin and Ares began to toss tanks at one another. His head still spinning James started to hobble towards the fight not even sure he could continue when a feminine scream ripped through the air and stopped his heart cold. Even Erin and Ares had stopped fighting, their weapons held still in the air as they were caught in the middle of an attack and all at once they looked towards the blazing portal at the other end of the street. Andromeda was on her knees, a blazing white arrow lodged in her right shoulder as Amy stood behind her with another arrow notched and pointed at the woman’s head.

‘Give up Ares or I kill your wife right now!’ she yelled out after she spat golden blood on the ground.

Ares brought his spear down and slowly walked away from Erin who stared at the newest immortal in awe at what she had just accomplished. ‘You would give me my wife’s life in exchange for peace?’ he asked and James could hear something he didn’t like in his voice.

‘Come to your sense Ares! It’s over, you’ve lost!’ she answered.

‘It is far from over young one! Go ahead and kill her! She means nothing to me!’

Amy gasped at the statement, the tip of the arrow dropping a little as she looked on in horror. Even Andromeda was stunned by what her husband said and tears started to roll from her eyes as she cried. ‘What are you saying husband?’ she asked.

‘You are a weakling! Letting yourself get wounded by this abomination? You deserve to die if you cannot win against such an inferior bitch!’

Ares screamed past James know, his spear held out far in front of him as he charged at his defenceless wife and James was too stunned to move. Amy on the other hand saw the attack coming and in an act no one saw coming she tossed Andromeda to safety as the spear flew through the air and struck her in the side. James screamed out in horror as he watched his mate soar through the air, impaled by his brother and landed heavily on the ground a few feet from the portal struggling to hold onto life.

In a fit of pure rage James gathered his power around him and teleported right behind Ares, kicking him in the back a second before he brought his swords down on him and slicing two large and deep wounds into his skin as the golden armour he wore was cracked. Ares wouldn’t be killed so easily though and summoned his spear back into his hands just in time to block a devastating attack from James, the shaft of the golden spear cracking slightly under the pressure.

Ares kicked out and caught James in the stomach forcing him back a few feet and allowing Ares to get back to his feet. They attacked each other at the same time, their weapons smashing against one another so loudly a sonic boom ripped through the streets shattering the few windows that had been left intact. Over and over they struck at each other as sparks exploded from their weapons, neither of them giving an inch to the other. James’s rage lent him new strength and he repeatedly threw it full force at his brother hoping to shatter his weapon and end this once and for all.

Erin was quickly back in the fray and their attacks combined had Ares taking small steps back towards the crackling Nexus as he tried to stand tall. Erin brought her sword down on Ares forcing him to hold his spear above his head to block the attack leaving his torso open to a strike. James quickly took advantage of it and slashed both his swords over the front of his chest, feeling the armour give way once more as his swords bit into his enemies flesh causing golden blood to pool around the ugly wounds. Ares let loose a terrible cry of rage and drove the butt of his spear into Erin’s face hard enough to toss her aside as he brought the other end down on James who barely parried the attack before he was skewered.

‘YOU ARE AN INSECT COMPARED TO ME!’ he roared and head-butted James with force.

Pushing the blinding pain aside James brought his swords back down on his brother with amazing speed, avoiding the block and cutting deep into his shoulders before kicking out with his left foot and hitting him in the chest so hard Ares flew back ten feet until he was right in front of the portal. With all his strength James jumped forward and kicked aside the feeble attempt Ares made to strike him with the cracked spear before holding his swords high above him ready to deliver the final blow.

‘I yield!’ Ares cried out suddenly, ‘I yield to you brother!’

The words struck at James harder and deeper than any weapon could and he hesitated, reason flooding back into his angry brain as he stared at his wounded brother before him, his hands held up in surrender and his eyes closed in fear. For a reason unknown to James he started to lower his weapons slowly as he gave his brother the mercy he would never have received if their places were switched.

‘KILL HIM GABRIELLE!’ Erin screamed out but it was already too late. James saw a glint of gold as Ares summoned his weapon back and drove it into his stomach, puncturing organs as it pushed through his tender flesh and shattered his spine and shot out just under his shoulders.

Agonizing pain ripped through his very soul as Ares lifted him off the ground and tossed him back off the spear and landing hard on his back. Small burst of black obscured his vision as death quickly approached and he choked on his own blood as his lungs filled up with it. Ares stood above him with a wicked smile and James knew he was laughing but he couldn’t hear it, he could hear nothing but his own gurgling anymore. As the darkness pressed in on him he watched in horror as Ares turned and jumped through the red gateway and disappeared a moment before the last of his life left his body.

‘Welcome my son,’ a familiar voice said through the darkness and James opened his heavy eyes to find himself floating in silver light, magical powers washing over his destroyed body. His only thought is that he must have lost his mind, the person he saw floating before him couldn’t be real. Dressed in gleaming golden armour that matched what Amy now wore with short mousy brown hair and a very lithe body was Catherine, the second youngest of the immortals. She looked exactly as he had in life expect for one detail, her normal brown eyes had changed to a bright almost liquid like silver.

‘Am I dead?’ he asked and quickly realized how stupid of a question that was, of course he was dead!

‘You are close to death child,’ Cat answered with a gentle smile, ‘Are you afraid?’


‘That doesn’t sound very convincing to me,’ she laughed, the sound like a symphony.

‘I’m not afraid to die, I’m just afraid to leave Amy behind.’

Cat moved closer to him, her hands moving up to cup both of his cheeks as she touched her forehead to his and sighed softly, her sweet warm breath washing over his face. ‘You do not realize who Amy is do you?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Amy is Aglea reborn my son,’ she said softly and the words hit him hard, ‘The woman you loved so very long ago that was taken from you by your brother. You were always my favourite James and I wanted you to be happy so I brought her back to spend all of eternity at your side and in your bed.’

‘But how?’ he stammered, ‘Only the creators have that power!’

‘Come now, you are smarter than that aren’t you?’

All of the pieces suddenly fell into place and James gasped in shock at what this meant. The rebirth of his one love, Amy becoming an immortal, Catherine’s foresight were only in the realm of a gods doing! It baffled him that he didn’t see it before but the realization that he wasn’t supposed to know came crashing down on him. None of them were meant to know that one of their creators had been with them the whole time!

‘But why?’

Catherine pulled herself away from James and looked him directly in the eye, concern written all over her gorgeous face. ‘I suppose we have the time for me to tell you the truth. After everything you and your siblings have been through you deserve nothing less than that. At the beginning of the universe there were four gods and together we sought to create life so we wouldn’t be so lonely. We created humanity on countless worlds and were satisfied with our work, but the eldest of us felt they were not perfect enough and wanted to start over again to make a race of creatures that would be perfect in every way.

‘The three of us that were happy with what we had created fought him off and banished him to the far reaches of the universe thinking he would no longer be a threat to our worlds. We were wrong though and a darkness started to spread at the edge threatening to consume everything we loved. We knew we had to intervene before it was too late, but before we did we created ten immortals to watch over our greatest prize, earth, while were gone. We were closing in on our fallen brother when I realized something wasn’t right on Earth so I came back to see what was going on.

‘My brother had learned that we left protection on Earth and tampered with the greatest of the immortals, weakening his mind and corrupting him and I knew Earth wouldn’t be safe if he was left unwatched. I decided to join them under the guise of an immortal so I could keep an eye on everything but it became apparent that he was beyond saving.’

‘Why didn’t you just kill him?’ James asked in anger. All of this could have been stopped if this god could have just done what needed to be done.

‘We are not all powerful like you believe James; Ares was created by three of us together and was now protected by the dark one. He was beyond my reach but I knew I had to do something so I used what power I had to create you, a backup if things fell apart. When the idea of your creation entered my mind I saw a vision of what would come to pass if I chose that course of action and I knew it was the only way the universe would stand a chance.’

‘Some chance that was!’ he scoffed, ‘I was killed by Ares if you didn’t realize!’

‘You are not dead, just dying my son. You are the greatest of the immortals James and it is all because of something the rest of us could not have guessed. You were stripped of your youth and forced to live like a human for so many years, feeling their pain and emotions every day of your life only to be reborn and go through it again. It is your human side that puts you above your brothers and sisters, your ability to never lose hope and to love unconditionally. We created the others in pairs so they would never be alone but the love they felt was forced upon them where as you were free to love anyone you wanted. It is your freewill that makes you what you are.’

Cat moved back to him and gently kissed his cheek, her hot lips leaving a mark on his soul as he felt the power of the gods fill him for a fleeting second before receding. ‘Why are you telling me all this? I can’t make a difference anymore, you said it yourself that I am dying down there.’

‘Your fight is not over my child,’ she whispered, ‘As we speak I am repairing your body and closing the gates that plague earth, cutting the demons off from causing any more death. It won’t last long though and now that Ares has gone to be with the dark one he will want revenge for what has happened today. They will consolidate their forces and prepare for a final attack and you all must be ready for it when it happens.’

‘There are only three of us left!’

‘No James, there are others now and they are waiting for you to find them. I have used the last of the power I had to create them and they are the only thing that can stand against what will come for you. They are like you my son, mortals and will only gain their gifts when they turn eighteen so you must protect them from harm until then. They are the purest hearts I could find and they are untainted by the dark ones evil power.’

‘How am I supposed to find them?’

‘You will be drawn to them and they to you and you already have one in your care, Amy found her on the streets of New York and has her safely hidden away in her realm. The rest are orphans of the war and will need parents to take care of them so love them like you would your own daughter.’

There was something in the way Catherine said the last part of that sentence that caught his attention and he asked, ‘My daughter?’

Catherine smiled softly at him and nodded, ‘Yes your daughter. I must admit I never saw her coming but she will be the greatest gift to creation when she is old enough. The night you and Amy made love when you both were still mortals she was conceived and already grows in your mate’s womb. With the lineage she comes from she may be the key to everything so keep her safe at all costs. The daughter of an immortal who became a man and a woman who became immortal, yin and yang if you will.’

‘This is more than I could have ever wished for!’ he cried out in joy as his heart swelled up in his chest and pumped pure happiness into his body.

‘I am truly happy for you my child, but my time grows short. I must send you back now.’

‘Will I ever see you again?’ he asked.

‘I’m afraid not. Like I said we are not all powerful beings and what I have done today to ensure the survival of all our worlds has drained the last of my power away. The time of gods has passed and the fate of the universe is in your hands now. I trust you all completely to stop what we started eons ago.’

James felt the warm sun beating down on him, warming his stiff bones as he opened his eyes and looked out on a new world for the first time. The heavy black clouds that had hung over most of the world for over a week had been dispersed and the sun finally came back out to fill the world that missed it dearly.

Amy’s dazzling face was hovering inches above his and when she saw his eyes open she split into a wide smile and threw her body on his so hard it knocked the air out of his lungs. ‘Thank god you’re okay!’ she squealed and James hugged her back.

‘I was afraid I’d never see you again,’ he whispered into her ear and she returned the thought.

‘How is this possible Gabrielle?’ Erin asked and suddenly she appeared above him. James unwillingly let go of the hug with the love of his life and got to his feet as he gazed around the street that had not long ago been filled with over a million demon bodies and a massive Nexus Point that had vomited them onto his world.

‘It was Catherine,’ he answered softly and both Amy and Erin looked at him like he had just lost his mind. He quickly explained to them what had happened when he had been dying, making sure he told them everything the dying god had said. They listened intently with open mouths and wide eyes as they could hardly believe what they were being told.

‘She’s gone?’ Erin asked as tears came to her eyes when he had finished his little story.

‘She gave what she had left to give us a fighting chance to finish this forever,’ he answered.

‘We must find these children then and prepare.’

‘Amy already found one,’ he smiled and turned to his mate, ‘The girl she saved in the streets.’

‘Anna?’ Amy asked in shock, ‘Is that why I felt so much love to her?’

‘Yes, and we can find others the same way. She said we would be drawn to them like you were to Anna, and we must find them fast because all of them are orphans.’ James slowly walked over to Amy and reached his hand out to her stomach, ‘There’s something else too.’

‘No!’ Amy cried out in surprise and all James could do was nod.

‘This is truly a miracle!’ Erin said with a huge smile and threw her arms around both of them, pulling them into a strong hug as she cried openly.

‘Start thinking of girls names,’ James said and before he knew it Amy’s lips were on his as she kissed him deeply.

[b]End of Book One[/b]

James sat on the edge of the bed watching Amy run her hand over her smooth stomach, her fingers dancing over the skin as she smiled uncontrollably. It had been a week since they had fought Ares and with the help of a god banished the demons back to their planet on the edge of the universe. With the threat gone the world had already started to pull itself from the ashes and rebuild what had been lost, and with the unbreakable spirit of humanity they would flourish once again.

‘Are you sure I’m actually pregnant?’ Amy asked softly as she played with her stomach.

‘I don’t think a god would lie to me,’ he laughed and climbed back into the bed.

‘My parents are going to kill you, you know that right?’ she said and they both laughed.

‘I’m just glad they weren’t in a major city when the world ended.’

‘Me too,’ she sighed happily, ‘Oh I have a name picked out.’

‘Oh and what would that be?’

Amy smiled at him and pulled herself closer until her naked body was pressed against his, her hard nipples squished into his chest, ‘Gabriella, after her father.’

James pressed his lips against hers in an intense kiss as passion took root in their minds and they began to lose themselves in the pleasures of one another. Using her incredible strength Amy pushed James flat on his back and threw her leg over his waist so she was straddling him.

‘So you like that name?’ she asked.

‘I love it!’ he smiled his wife gently sat on his already hard cock, burying his entire length all at once as a gasp of pleasure escaped her lips.

They made love, slow and passionate as they explored every inch of one another’s body. James revelled in his wife’s tightness and held her hips firmly as she raised and lowered herself repeatedly on him, her muscles tightening and relaxing as it sent ripples up and down his shaft. Her soft hands were planted firmly on his chest and her eyes stared directly into his as she was caught up in the feeling as she rode him, soft whimpers and moans passing over her sweet lips.

James couldn’t help it as his hands moved from her curved hips and lay flat on her stomach and he smiled up at Amy as she brought her own hands to rest on his and keep them in place. James enjoyed the softness of her folds as she slid up and down on him and brought them both closer to the edge they were nearing. He could feel every inch of him being stimulated at once and his own moans joined Amy’s as he started to thrust upward whenever she brought her weight back down on him, hitting a new spot that was driving Amy insane as she started to pick up the pace.

All at once James could feel both their muscles tense up at the same time and they let out an earth shattering cry of pleasure as their orgasms ripped through their bodies and fed off one another so intensely that they both shook from the feelings shooting through them. James wrapped his tense hands around Amy’s pack and pulled her down on him so their bodies pressed together and their lips locked in a biting kiss as they breathed into each other’s mouths.

After an hour long orgasm made possible by their powers Amy finally rolled off of James and snuggled into his side breathing heavily and her face flushed red from the feelings still shooting through her. James wrapped his arm around his beautiful lover and held her close as she gently placed tiny kisses on his chest while sighing happily. He knew the happiness he was enjoying now wouldn’t last forever but with a child on the way and a new chance at life he would savour it for as long as he could and would do everything he could to protect it.

‘I love you,’ Amy whispered.

‘I love you too baby.’

NOTE: This is the end of Book One in the Defiance series. Again this is a trimmed down portion of an actual book series I am writing and I am actually surprised I was able to whittle it down from 35 chapters to just six. This however is not the end of the series and I will start writing the second book for you all to read tonight so look for it in the next day or two.
I hope you have enjoyed it all so far and would really love to know what you all thought about what has happened!

Happy Reading! XD

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