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I write this, for with out this there is no I
In third period I have nothing to do,
so in these long empty hours, I glance at you.
Dark downcast eyes, colored as summers sea,
I find it electric when the look back at me.
Dark downcast eyes, absorbed in their craft,
still starring down as the dragging minutes pass.
Dark down cast eyes finnaly look up,
for a moment my emotions turn to surup.
Yet the clock say time is up,
it has gone to fast,
what I'd give to reset the hourglass...
The next day my hopes again arise,
today is the day, you I'll suprise.
I'll tell you all of my emotions ture,
because ever day I have loved you.
We walk down the school halls, and I prepare to confess,
yet you keep on walking, away from me, Im depressed.
We meet meet at lunch, us two alone,
I prepare to speak, but then I moan.
Dark Down Cast eyes peirce my heart,
despite our friendship, we'll always be apart.
I have loved you now, and will forever but know,
I wont watch by as my life blows
I have said I loved you but behold,
into my gun, my bullets load...


anonymous readerReport

2012-11-22 16:30:22
Same with me and my family.And I don't think there relaly is a way to permanently get rid of them forever. People tell me to get a few more hours of sleep to make them go away but that doesn't help me.We just have to live with them. And its even hard to hide them with makeup, but makeup/concealer on them makes them look better but thats not getting rid of them. Its just covering them up.Usually dark circles are because the skin is more transparent, thinner, or paler. People have also told me to eat more vegetables but I've never tried that before but you could try it.Is your dark lines under your eyes purple, red, or green?Sorry that I wasn't able to help you all that much.

veltis jadeReport

2012-07-10 23:45:21
i think you are very talented and you sound sweet

anonymous readerReport

2012-06-13 23:56:52
school, how old are you

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