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Its amazing how the father someone gets, the closer you are.
I know you are gone, and so far away,
and until you are back, I shall count each day.
Moments pass agonizingly slow,
but despite our distance, my love for you will grow.
As much as I want it, I need not your touch,
a letter will do, from you it means so much.
You are with me in my dreams, and in my mind,
so deeply to you, I am bind.
I miss the days when we were together,
but for you this pain will be gladly weathered.
But I fear the day you are gone forever
For what will I do,
when comes the day I can no longer say,"I love you."

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2014-12-18 02:59:54
IC1js7 I really liked your blog.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

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2014-11-13 04:54:08
welllll i guess there are some shitty cars in here but hell its not my drmaes .more zonda's and skylines less maro's says my dream.


2012-07-14 21:24:31
There was this girl who I knew for a large portion of my life. She ment EVERYTHING to me for a while. Parts of my work is dedicated to her. The rest is to my GF Christina. She helped me through a VERY rough time, and I don't know who I'd be without her.

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2012-07-11 00:08:39
where do you get the inspiration for your work?

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2012-06-13 19:24:22
To the last comment, FUCK YOU BITCH!! Keep on writing:)

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