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This is the fifth story in the series, see ‘Soaked through’, ‘Bikini Heaven’, ‘Cum covered panties’ and ‘Morning wake up’ for the first four...........

I was exhausted, I had just been fucked by the amazing Debbie, I had shot my load deep into her wet pussy after hearing her scream in ecstasy from her orgasm. Now here she was passed out on the bed lying next to me, naked and glowing with her perspiration all over her.

It was then that I remembered her best friend, Hannah. She was kneeling up on the bed, eyes closed, still finger fucking herself, stopping occasionally to lick her own juices off of her fingers. She looked fucking gorgeous.

‘When do I get a go, Chris??’ she asked like a naughty schoolgirl.
‘I don’t think he can take anymore, nodding in the direction of my now softened dick’ I replied.
‘I'm so fucking horny Chris, but I suppose I can wait till he’s more willing!!’ she said with a cheeky grin on her face. She then jumped off the bed and headed for the bathroom. I rolled over and back hugged the sleeping Debbie, feeling her sweet arse against my groin, smelling her intoxicating aroma of a freshly fucked teenage girl.

The Next thing I know my phone was ringing on the bedside cabinet. It was Paul, Hannah's father.

‘Hi Paul, you ok?’ I said shakily, knowing that his teenage daughter was still naked somewhere in my house.
‘Hey Chris Man, how’s it going Dude? I hope the girls didn’t give you too much trouble last night, I know what they can be like when they get together!’ he said, probably not referring to what had happened with the girls at my home in the last twelve hours!!
‘No matey, they were fine. What can I do for you Paul?’ I asked
‘Well, Angela and I are having a few friends round tonight and we wondered if you and Debbie fancied joining us?’ he asked.
‘That would be great Paul, cheers , I'm sure Debbie would be up for that, see you later.’ I answered.

I told the girls what was happening and we all got up and got ready.

The weather was still very warm so it was another shorts and t-shirts day for me and the girls wore light summer dresses, revealing their long tanned legs and highlighted their breasts.

The party was going well; there was a good mix of adults and their kids. I had had quite a few drinks, after a few I went into the house to use the toilet.

I had noticed that the girls hadn’t been around for a while so I kept my eye out for them whilst I made my way in. As I was going across the upstairs landing I could hear Hannah’s voice coming from her room.

I crept closer to the door, which was open slightly. ‘Come on Dan, we can see you WANT to!’ see said standing with her back to the door. I could see Debbie lying on the bed and a lad standing side on between the girls. He was one of the teenage boys of one of the couples at the party. He was standing there in only his swimming trunks and they were sticking out like a tent.
‘I don’t know’ he said ‘I’ve never done anything like that’
‘Do you want to stay a BOY all your life Daniel?’ Debbie sternly asked. Dan started shaking his head.
Debbie moved off of the bed and stood in front of him and grabbed his head and kissed him. Her hand moved down and grabbed his boner through his shorts. After a few seconds she got on her knees in front of him and just yanked his trunks down to his ankles, springing his dick into action.

Without any hesitation she grabbed his manhood and put it straight into her mouth and started bobbing up and down. Hannah moved over to the two of them and got her knees too, licking Dan’s dick in between Debbie’s pumps. They took it in turns to suck down onto this young teen’s cock, his head going back in ecstasy.

I was getting myself worked up with this scene before me and my dick was getting hard. I could see the girls going faster and deeper on this young man, swapping with each other, taking it in turns to suck the hard cock and the other one licking and sucking his balls. His face and body were making movements to suggest that he wasn’t going to last much longer as he was moving his hips, face fucking them one at a time.

‘What you doing Chris?’ a voice said next to me. It was Hannah’s sister Beth; she stood in front of me and looked in the room to see what I was looking at. ‘Oh my GOD!’ she exclaimed, after seeing the events from inside the room.

‘I’m gonna CUUUM’ Dan shouted, Debbie pulled away from him and grabbed his purple engorged cock and wanked it furiously until he shot spurt after spurt of hot semen all over eagerly awaiting girls faces and mouths.

‘Holy Shit!!’ Beth said a little too loudly, causing Hannah to turn her head towards the door, cum still dripping off her face onto her little summer dress.

Beth turned quickly, grabbed my hand and pulled me across the landing in into her bedroom. Once inside she locked the door.

‘Do you think she saw us?’ she asked
‘I dunno to be honest’ I replied
‘I’ve never seen anything like that before’ she said, her fourteen year old face looking flustered.
‘Well I think it would be a good idea not to tell anybody what you saw, especially the bit about me watching it!’ I stated
Beth moved her eyes down towards my crotch, which still had my erect dick busting to get out of my tight swim trunks.

‘I can see YOU enjoyed the show’ she sniggered, unable to take her gaze away from my cock. ‘Have you ever done that Chris?’ she enquired
‘Errr...Yes I have had it done to me. Why?’ I replied
‘I wondered what it is like, that’s all’ she said moving he gaze up to my eyes. She had beautiful blue eyes, she was really good looking. She looked alot like her sister, she was shorter and her breasts were still developing, but you could see that she was gonna be as beautiful if not nicer that her gorgeous sister.
‘ see....I don’t really know how to answer that! I said awkwardly
‘It looked as though Dan really liked it, so you must’ve done?’ she said teasing me.
‘Well...yes I did. It was awesome to be honest’ I said feeling a bit strange having this kind of conversation with a fourteen year old.
‘I’ve heard about blowjobs, but never done one and definitely never seen one until today. I bet Dan couldn’t believe his luck....Hannah and Debbie! Can I tell you something Chris?
‘Yes Beth, anything’ I replied
‘I got really horny seeing that, and I only saw a few seconds! I bet you’re ready to burst and I can tell from that bulge in your shorts that you still are!’ she proclaimed
‘Well....yeah...I suppose....’ I stammered
‘Can I do it to you please Chris??’ she asked wantonly
‘That wouldn’t be the right thing to do Beth, I’m alot older than you and your not even sixteen yet’ I protested
She moved over to me so that she stood right up next to me, her body pressing my still hard cock. Her hand moved over the bulge in my trunks and moved up and down, masturbating my even harder dick through my trunks.
‘Please Chris, Don’t make me beg you, I just want to feel a cock in my mouth and I really like the feel of yours!!’
With that she moved her hand inside and grabbed hold of my dick and pulled it out. Her hands looked tiny in comparison to my cock and they started moving up and down.
I was powerless to refuse and within seconds she dropped to her knees and stuck her tongue out at licked at the end of my throbbing dick to lick off the precum.

I was struggling to comprehend what was happening to me; here I was standing up in this young teenager’s bedroom having my throbbing dick licked and sucked by her young, warm, moist mouth, thinking back to the fact I was receiving the same off her sister only a few hours before.

My concentration was brought back into the room as I heard young Beth Gag as my cock went too far down her throat. ‘Sorry Beth’ I said, ‘I didn’t mean to push so...’
‘Wow’ she interrupted, ‘I fucking love this!’
She resumed her sucking up and down my shaft pushing herself further and further with every forward push, making herself Gag more and more. I could see that she had tears running down her perfect skin on her beautiful face and she had excess saliva dribbling down her chin dripping onto her light summer top.
She pulled away and took off her light top to reveal her bare breasts, which were almost identical to those of her sister, Hannah, only slightly smaller. The saliva that kept dribbling out from her hard working mouth was now dripping onto her, now pert, nipples. She moved her hands and started rubbing in the moisture into her fantastic breasts.
This was fucking amazing, she looked awesome kneeling there, half naked, crying tears of pain from her gagging and retching yet not showing any signs of slowing down. I could feel the pressure building up inside me and I kept pumping harder and faster into her small throat, making her Gag more and more. I felt her move her hands, one onto my balls which massaged them almost expertly and one onto the base of my shaft wanking me furiously. That was enough for me, I started shooting my load into her open mouth, stream after stream hitting the back of her abused throat. Beth still kept pushing her mouth onto my cock, trying to get every ounce of sperm out of me. After another minute or so I couldn’t take it anymore, I was getting too sensitive. I pulled out of her young mouth and stood back and looked at this teenage girl kneeling on her bedroom floor, topless with a mix of saliva and sperm still dribbling from her chin. She looked exhausted and beaten with tears still on her face.

She stood up turned away from me, bent over onto her bed and pulled her skirt up onto her back revealing her bare backside and spread her legs to show me her bald pussy lips.

‘Fuck me Chris, Now! Treat me like a whore and FUCK me hard NOW!!!’ she commanded. This sight, only a couple of feet away from me, made me go hard again almost instantly. I moved over to put myself behind her and lined my cock up with her inviting pussy hole and moved me dick around her pussy to wet it and get her worked up for it.

‘Fuck Me...Fuck Me NOW’ she demanded, and with that I shoved my now fully erect and hardened cock straight into her tight hole. Beth screamed and shuddered as I could feel her hymen being split in two, her breathing becoming heavier.

‘Are you ok Beth?’ I concernedly asked
‘Shut Up Chris and Fuck Me! I want you to treat me like the bitch that I am. Fuck that feels good, it hurts like fuck but it feels fucking amazing. Fuck me...Fuck MEEE!! She hurriedly replied.
I pounded and pounded this young Teen with all my might, I took her at her word and started hitting her hard from behind and leaned forward and grabbed her long hair and pulled it back fast and tight so that it almost snapped her neck back, she screamed and cried out in pain and bit into her bedcover to silence herself. I continued bashing her still tight pussy as hard as I could and I could see her blood on my pulsating cock going in and out of her fanny. I heard her breathing getting alot faster and heavier and her knees were starting to buckle. Then she screamed as she burst into her orgasm, pushing herself back onto to me harder and harder. I could feel my second orgasm building up and I let loose inside her, splashing spurt after spurt into her battered hole.

I pulled out of her and she spun around and sucked off the mixture my sperm, her juices and blood off my semi-hard penis. Once I was dry she fell back onto the floor sprawled with her back on the floor and her legs spread open. I could see she had white sperm coming out of her puffy hole and had streams of blood running down her legs.

I quickly got down on my knees and repaid the cleaning favour she had done for me and licked and lapped at her swollen pussy. She started crying in pain as I was putting my face into her. I made my licking gentler and when I had finished I moved up so that I was face to face with this beautiful young girl.

‘That was amazing Chris’ Beth struggled to say
‘Was that your first time Beth? I asked
‘Yeah, but I overheard Debbie and Hannah talking earlier and I’ve been watching you all night and when I saw you go I followed.’ She said still breathing heavy. ‘I got so turned on that I wanted it hard and fast, I feel sooo FUCKED, I am hurting but I feel wonderful. Next time I want you to make love to me, gently please?’ she begged
‘Ok Beth tonight was fantastic. Get some rest and clean up before you go back down.’

With that I opened the door and looked out onto the landing, to my horror both Debbie and Hannah were sat on the floor facing the door.

‘Quite a performance in there Chris!’ Debbie said, looking down at the screen of a laptop in between her legs.
I peered over into the screen to see myself standing behind young Beth pounding away hard pulling her hair back.

‘What the fuck?’ I exclaimed
‘We deliberately spoke loudly in front of Beth; I knew she wanted a man badly. So we set up her webcam to connect to my laptop. We knew you wouldn’t be able to resist another young girl’s advance Chris, you dirty perv!!’ Hannah stated with a sultry smile.

‘I can’t believe you did this, I hope you haven’t shown anyone that, that could get me In lots of trouble’ I said with concern

‘Not as much as it could get Me’ said Beth Now standing by the doorway. ‘I'm not on the pill and I’ve got all your sperm swimming around inside me!!!’

‘I think you need to go home now and I’ll be back in the morning and I think I need some new clothes and stuff and I somehow don’t think your gonna say NO!!’ Debbie said with a smug, blackmailing look on her face.

I walked away, down the stairs and out passed the people at the party, I didn’t even say goodbye to Paul and his wife. All I could think was...... ‘What the fuck has just happened???’

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2012-07-08 14:23:50
U young chix r foolish... I'm 21 and I know better... I didn't look at this stuff till I was 20 and even now there's some sick stuff on this site. Smh.

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2012-06-26 19:22:07
Hi I'm 15 and this really turned me on. I'm still a virgin but can get really horney.

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2012-06-26 19:21:57
Hi I'm 15 and this really turned me on. I'm still a virgin but can get really horney.

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2012-06-19 00:57:58
Love the story, but I honestly do NOT like black mail..


2012-06-15 08:35:09
Im a virgin too and would love a girl like Beth to do it to me or another older guy maybe 15 or 16.....

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