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Purely fictional!! Just a fantasy I have.
I am new at this so please go easy on the critiques. I only recently acknowledged this fantasy outloud and thought I would write a story. I have never written formally before so I hope you enjoy it. I will write more if the response to it is good. Thanks!!

A Story For My Daddy

I am the luckiest little girl ever!! I have a daddy that loves me so much!! Most 13 year olds are at that stage where they don't want anything to do with either of their parents but not me.  I love being a daddy's girl!  

One night after dinner daddy told me it was time for bed so I kissed him on the cheek and bounced upstairs to get ready for bed.  I got my nightgown on and changed into clean panties.  I went and brushed my teeth and wash my face.  Knowing if I didn't that I would surely get in trouble.  My hair was still in pigtails from the day and I didn't feel like messing with my hair so I left them alone.  I went to the top of the stairs and yelled "goodnight" down to my daddy and he said "I'll be up in a bit to tuck you in." My mom says I'm way too old to be tucked in but me and daddy don't care.  She was away visiting Grandma so what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her. 

I crawled into bed with my favorite stuffed bear (yes I still sleep with it, it makes me feel safe) and waited for him to come upstairs to tuck me in.  I don't remember falling asleep but I must have because I was so tired.  I didn't even awake when daddy opened my bedroom door to tuck me in.  When I did awake I was shocked for sure!! A little scared and a little excited but that part is coming soon .... 

(from daddy's point of view)
It had been such a long day!  My wife was out of town visiting my mother in law and Christy and I spent the day around the house.  Me stuck in the yard doing yard work and her splashing and swimming in the pool.  Every now and again I would look up and catch her getting in and out of the pool and be so surprised at how beautiful she was becoming.  The water glistening on her skin and that little ass.  "Wait!! Damnit she's my daughter" I said to myself, but it didn't stop my dick from twitching in my shorts.  I tried to put it out of my mind and got my work done.  Later we ate dinner and had a great time talking.  She talked about this and that and I pretended to listen but my mind kept drifting back to her by the pool and I felt ashamed so I told her to go get ready for bed and I'd be up in a bit to tuck her in.  She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and quickly bounced up the stairs.  As she went I could see her perky tits bouncing under her tank top.  "Jesus I'm gonna need a drink" I thought to myself.  I grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat down hoping that in the time it took me to drink it she would have already fallen asleep and I could walk in quickly and tuck her in and hit the hay myself.  After downing the beer I made my way upstairs and down the hall to her room.  I opened her door and was relieved to see her sleeping soundly.  I approached her bed and as I bent over to kiss her good night I saw her panties.  She was partially out from under the covers.  The thoughts that entered my head were anything but pure!  I reached down to grab the cover to cover her up but my hand brushed her thigh.  She moaned softly and my dick instantly hardened.  "what is wrong with me" I thought to myself?  Sensing she was sleeping deeply I thought I'd lay there with her for a few minutes ... What harm would that do?  I would soon learn that there were some urges I could not resist.  I climbed into her bed.  I cuddled up next to her and kissed her forehead.  She looked so sweet laying there.  I said her name softly "Christy" to see if she would wake.  When she didn't I got braver.  I placed my hand on her thigh and slowly stroked it.  When nothing happened I figured what the hell!  I've already done this and she is asleep maybe I can just touch her.  She will never know.  I ran my hand up her thigh to her panties and placed my hand on her.  She moaned a bit so I held still hoping she wouldn't wake.  When nothing happened I began massaging her little pussy thru her panties.  I was shocked to feel the dampness that was starting to form on them.  I was starting to loose control.  With my other hand I started to slowly undo my shorts.  My dick was so hard it hurt and I had to free it from the tight confines of my shorts. Once free of my shorts the realization that I was lying naked in bed next to my daughter set in and I started to feel guilty but she was so beautiful laying there asleep.  So innocent and pure.  I had to know what it felt like to touch her skin.  I slid my hand down her panties and felt her bare pussy beneath my hand. I thought I would cum right then but I held it together.  I slowly spread her lips and slid my finger on her little clit.  She moaned again.  I wondered what she was dreaming about and laughed in my head that she had no idea her daddy was rubbing her sweet little pussy.  As I rubbed her swollen little clit she got wetter and wetter. I could smell her and it was intoxicating.  I just had to taste her.  I slowly rose up on the bed and threw back the covers.  She looked so perfect!  Pigtails and all! I slowly grabbed her panties and started lowering them down.  I kept thinking any second she is going to wake up and this is going to end badly but she didn't.  Once they were off I just stared in amazement!  Such a beautiful little pussy!  I could see it glistening from where I was rubbing it before.  I lowered my face into pussy and slowly started licking.  I should have gone slower!  I should have been softer but I was overwhelmed and I went crazy licking and sucking her little twat!  I felt her move.  I felt her stiffen up.  I knew it was too late to stop and I knew she was about to find out what her daddy was doing.

"what! Oh my god!  Dadddddddddy!!!! What, what are you doing?" I cried.  "O Christy  I'm so sorry!  Daddy is sorry but you are so beautiful and I couldn't help myself!  Please don't be mad" he pleaded with me.  "Daddy stop!! You must! I haven't ever done anything like this before Daddy!  I'm a virgin please" I began to cry.  "Honey don't you love your daddy?  Don't I make you happy?  You know daddy wouldn't hurt you.  Let me show you! Let me teach you!  It will feel so good baby I promise!" I looked at him still in shock and said "but daddy I'm scared and what if someone finds out?" "no one will find out baby I promise!  It'll be our little secret. How about you lay back and let daddy show you how good he an make you feel" 

To be continued!!!

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2015-10-11 17:08:55
I molested my 8 year old niece Katie during a sleep over, I too cummed in the entrance to her cunt, but didn't clean it. I wonder what she thought happened when she woke with her panties glued to her cunt lips.

Uncle Steve


2013-08-14 01:51:22
Dirty but creative, I like it.


2012-08-01 11:28:28
i love daddy lickin my pussy too

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2012-07-06 20:01:57
I'm anxiously awaiting the sequel! Please write it soon!

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2012-07-01 19:11:58
I liked the story! One time, after my divorce, my 11 y.o. daughter had a nightmare and asked to come into my bed with me. I cuddled her from behind and gently rubbed her smooth firm thighs and her back under her t-shirt until she fell sound asleep. Then, I slipped off my underwear, slowly pulled her panties to the side to expose her pussy and and carefully inched my cock between her legs and in between her pussy lips. My pre-cum lubricated it nicely as I slowly stroked until I shot my cum into her pussy. I cleaned the mess with a Kleenex, so I don't think she ever knew she got pussy-fucked by her daddy that night.

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