There is no simple way of saying this, I am a pervert. It is mostly little schoolgirls on the bus. I love their little uniforms, and their tiny nipples begging to be chewed on. I just want to raise their little skirts and fuck their cute little asses. I want their cute little faces gently sucking my cock. I want my daughter and my wife to join in. I have had these fantasies for ages but never really thought anything would happen.

It started with my daughters friend, Jessica. Jessica was a beautiful blonde-hair-blue-eyed 14 year old girl. She would often come home with my daughter to do homework after school. I would pretend to watch TV, but I was really sneaking peaks at Jessica. I would catch little glimpses of her cute little teenage ass, and picture myself running my hands up white polo shirt. Sometimes Jessica would sleep over, and wear silk pajamas. I would see the outline of her panties, and think about how nice it would be to stick my fingers in her juicy little cunt. I wasn't sure but I think sometimes Jessica caught me staring at her. She would just smile at me, and walk away.

Every Sunday, if the weather was good our family we be outside swimming in the backyard pool. Usually Jessica came over, my wife Ann would be there, and a few other of my daughters friends. My wife Ann was quite pretty she had beautiful long brown hair, nice d cup breasts, long legs, and a very sexy smile. Of course getting to see Jessica in the pool was my favorite part of the week. Jessica would wear a tiny pink floral two piece bikini. I was able to see her cute little nipples through the top part, and her bikini bottom was revealing enough that I got a pretty good idea of what her little snatch looked like.

This particular Sunday, Jessica and her friends were playing in the pool, and my wife was in the kitchen getting supper together. I went upstairs to get my bathing suit. while getting it on I realized how much I had been thinking about Jessica, and looked down to see my cock had swollen to rock hard levels. I grabbed my binoculars to sneak a better peak at Jessica through the bedroom window. I stood there frozen! she must have seen me at the window. She pulled her bikini bottom to the side to reveal the most beautiful clean shaven snatch I had ever seen. I quickly dropped the binoculars, and wasn't sure what to do next. I heard Jessica say "I'll be back in a minute I have to go use the bathroom". I heard the sliding door shut, and Jessica yelled "Mr Stevens, are you coming to the pool?" I stammered, "I'll b bbb -th er rre in a minute " . I grabbed a towel, and did my best to hide my rock hard boner while I went downstairs. Jessica waited for me. My wife was still in the kitchen, and Jessica and I where face to face in the hallway. "Oops" she said as she clumsily dropped the towel. She bent over to pick it up making sure I got an amazing view of her ass. She pulled apart her bikini bottom and said, "oh just needed to readjust". She turned around and smiled at me. She gently rubbed her hand against my cock "you coming?" I quickly followed her hot teenage ass outside.

We both went into the pool. Everyone was splashing water and each other, and all I was trying to do was get rid of my boner before my daughter or her friends would notice it. Luckily, I was only in the pool for a few minutes when my Wife yelled "Dinner!". We all scrambled out of the pool, and headed for the table on the outside deck. MY wife took the seat on the right of me, and Jessica took the seat on left. My daughter and her friends sat at the other end of the table. My wife is an excellent cook, and I've always enjoyed her food but I was extremely distracted because somebodies hand was squeezing my cock. MY bathing suit was pretty thin, and I could feel everything. I quickly threw the towel on my lap so no one would notice. Jessica's hands were soft and delicate I knew this because she had managed to slide them into my bathing suit. I let out a huge 'gasp!' and she nearly made me fall over. "DAD are you OK?" asked my daughter "Mr Stevens, are you OK? asked Jessica . Oh my god did I need to get out of here. "I'm fine guys, just a little heartburn I said as I drank some ginger ale. dinner went quick, and so did desert.

"Um honey, Jessica's parents called, they aren't going to be home until really late can she sleep over?" asked my wife. "I don't see the problem, but no staying up until 4 am like last time" I said as I turned towards my daughter. My cock was bulging really hard thinking about what I would do to Jessica. The other girls needed to go home so my wife and daughter went to drive them while I stayed to 'babysit' Jessica.

As soon as they left, Jessica bent over and whispered in my ear "Have I been a naughty girl?" I bent her over the dining room counter and slapped her ass hard "you've been really naughty!" She got down on all fours and looked up at me from the kitchen floor, "what do you do with naughty girls?" "I punish them !" I grabbed her hair and pulled her forward while she crawled on her hands and knees. I took her into the bedroom and shut the door. I threw her on the bed, and shoved my cock deep into her mouth while pinching her nose so she would gag hard. "You sick fuck!" she yelled. I grabbed her neck and said "shut up bitch you know you want it". I tore her bikini top right off, and I slammed her head back and forth on my cock, and she made gagging sounds and saliva dripped all over her body. I pinched her nipples really hard and I grabbed her head and slammed it into the mattress.

Her ass was beautiful. it was so perfectly round. I slipped her bikini bottoms off, and She lay on her stomach with her ass in the air. I grabbed my wife's dildo from the drawer and shoved it back and forth in her mouth. "you like that you filthy slut?!" She nodded yes. I was pretty sure she was starting to enjoy it. I stuck my mouth on her asshole and licked it back and forth with my tongue . I felt her squirm. she loved every second of the ass licking. I grabbed the dildo out of her mouth, and shoved it in her ass "OWWW " she screamed. I shoved it in deeper. "OWWW!" I saw her reach for the cell phone on the dresser. I grabbed it from her and flipped her over. I shoved it right into her pussy "YOU SICK FUCK, STOP IT!" I needed her to shut up already, it was getting annoying. I grabbed one of my t shirts, and used it to make a gag for her mouth. I took the cellphone out of her pussy, undid the gag and made her taste her own slutty cum juice.

She started to squirm, and squirm some more. I got on top of her sweet little juicy cunt and shoved my tongue deep into her. She suddenly calmed down.she started enjoying herself. "come ride me" she got on top of me and gently rode my cock. I placed a finger in her ass while she was riding me. She said "Put the dildo in there, but be gentle". I shoved my cock harder into her pussy, and shoved the dildo a bit deeper into her little asshole. I decided to go a bit easy on her. We made out a bit as she rode me. I grabbed her 14 year old ass, and was doing my best not to explode. We must have been doing this for awhile because we didn't hear the door at all.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" I heard someone yell. I got so into it with Jessica that I had completely forgot when my wife and daughter were coming home. My wife stood in the doorway shocked, and my daughter came upstairs to see what the commotion was all about.

"MY DILDO!, you filthy pig, and she's fourteen!" . My wife grabbed Jessica by the neck and shoved her against the wall. "You wanna fuck my husband, than you're gonna have to fuck me while me and my daughter watch". She took the dildo and shoved it into Jessica's mouth. "NOW FUCK ME!" My wife bent over, pulled her panties to the side, and exposed her tight round ass. Jessica shoved the dildo right into my wives asshole.She turned around and slapped Jessica across the face, "You fucking whore!" Lick my asshole"! Jessica bent down and stuck her tongue deep into my wife's ass. MY wife pulled her panties down, and hiked up her skirt. Jessica immediately bent down and licked my wives clean shaven pussy. My wife moaned and groaned. She undid her shirt, and guided Jessica's hand onto her breast. "SQUEEZE THEM YOU FILTHY WHORE!"/

MY wife moaned and groaned and wanted more, but she wasn't done. She looked over at me, "You want to be a fucking pervert and fuck little teens now you're gonna fuck another 14 year old. She took my daughter by the hair, and shoved her face on my dick. "STOP!, she's my daughter!" Jessica stood there in disbelief. My daughter was really good at giving head, and I didn't want her to stop. My wife grabbed Jessica and made her suck my cock along with my daughter.

My wife got on my cock and started riding it, "Kayla (my daughter) go on daddy's asshole face and make him eat your little cunt until you're ready to get fucked" . My daughter didn't move, and was really uncomfortable. My wife went over to her and started kissing her on the lips. I lay there touching my cock as She undid my daughters pants, and slipped her hands into them while she kissed her. I could hear my daughter moaning while her mother kissed her down her neck, and worked her way down her body while undoing her shirt. My wife took all her clothes off, and fingered her while they stood together, bodies pressed against each other, making out.

My daughter came over and she sat on my face. "OOHHH DADDDY" she moaned. I stuck a finger in my daughters tight ass and she loved it. MY daughter had the tightest cunt ever, it was way tighter then Jessica's. As Kayla rode me, my wife got off me and started shoving the dildo into Jessica's pussy. Jessica was standing, but fell to the ground after a few minutes. My wife didn't stop until Jessica had a huge orgasm, and left a puddle of cum on the bedroom carpet. "You came, now it's my turn". My wife sat on Jessica's face and rubbed her clit on Jessica's tongue back and forth for five minutes straight. I saw my wife shudder for almost 3 minutes straight and have the biggest orgasm I had ever seen.

At this point I had my daughter bent over and I was deep in her little ass. I was about to cum but someone said "Did you forget my ass?" My wife grabbed my cock out of Kayla's ass and got down on all fours. "kayla, spread your legs and lie down in front of mommy" Kayla complied and revealed her beautfiul shaven snatch. Mommy ate daughters snatch while Daddy fucked mommy. I was only able to handle so much. Jessica must have known I was about to cum, because as I shot gobs of hot cum, her hungry little mouth was there taking every last drop.

unfortunately someone forgot to close the door be continued.

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