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Matt gains mind control powers and desideds to use them on his sister
This is the first installment of this series (if I do more) and I'm a bit rusty at this. feel free to leave a comment encouraging me. Or giving me suggestions. feel free to spread and edit this to your liking. different sight's have different requirement's.

My name is Mat Menson I am 15 years old living with my family which includes my mom, my dad, my little sister sera who is 13, my sister older sister Liz who is 16, and of course there’s my little brother Ben who is 12. Although my older sister Is often times bossy and over controlling we all generally get along with each other, and meet the criteria of an average middle class family. Or at least we used to.

Today was a normal day like any other, almost everyone in my house was gone and they probably wouldn’t be back till late tonight. It was just me and my older sister Liz in the house, and so I decided I would go take a shower. After walking up a flight of stares, I reached the door, and if I had been paying attention I probably would have realized that the water was running, in the bathroom and perhaps none of this would have happened.

However, I didn’t and so when I opened the door I was greeted to the sight of my naked sister, her long dark black hair facing towards me. Perhaps it was still possible to salvage the situation I thought to myself as I slowly backed away from the door. However, before I could make a brake for it my sister turned around, exposing everything to me.

What happened next is still fuzzy. However, I believe there was a scream, and a flying bottle of shampoo which hit me square in the face. Next thing I new I was falling down a very, very long flight of stare’s. When I woke up it nearly an hour latter my sister was standing over me poking me with her finger. “Are you ok.” Liz said, a slight hint of concern in here voice. “You have a cute ass Liz.” I replied. WAK, I’m not sure what hurt more falling down a flight of stare’s. Or my sister Liz’s foot in my face.

An hour latter Liz was sitting on the couch in front of the TV and I was on the floor. Though I liked the show that they were showing, I wasn’t playing attention. I was to busy thinking about what I had seen in the shower. I wondered if Liz has ever touched herself in the shower, I imagined Liz stroking herself, running the water over her pussy.

Suddenly I was knocked out of my fantasy by an odd sound. I turned around to see my older sister Liz moaning with her hand in her pants… It was quite obvious what she was doing. “Liz stop.” I said quite alarmed. Her hand stopped moving, however she remained completely still. Had I done this? I wondered to myself. Quickly I got up and waved my hand in front of her face, but there was no response. “Liz razed both your hand’s.” She quickly did so. “Now lower them.”

Again she responded. “Liz, what is the closest thing to sex you’ve done.” I wasn’t sure if she would respond. “Will Heris from school, we were fooling around in an empty classroom and he had me give him a blowjob, although he wasn’t very good…” I looked at her stunned, there was no way that Liz would ever tell me something like that, even under duress. There was something seriously wrong here, It was almost like I had total control of here. Suddenly it hit me, mind control!

somehow I was controlling Liz that’s why she couldn’t move without my orders. An grin spread across my face, for the first time in a long time. I was in charge. I could make her do whatever I wanted. “Liz.” I said in a sweet voice. “I want you go up to your room, you don’t feel tired but your body is starting to burn up. You feel as if the only relief you can get is by touching yourself, however it will not satisfy you. This burning desire will grow and grow until you have a dick inside you.

The pleaser you will receive from it will overwhelming. However, you won’t be able to cum until the man does.” My mouth hung agape as my sister left to go upstairs complaining that it was to hot.

Originally I had planned to go upstairs to my sister’s room, and relive her there. However, after thinking about it, I decided it would be far more interesting to see how long she could last. Almost an hour later l heard a door open. My sister walked/stumbled down the stairs, her face bright red warring nothing but a tee-shirt and a pair of pink panties. As she approached, I notice that there was not only sweat on her forehead, but her nipples were erect showing through her clothes. “Were are you going.” I said in a very casual voice, trying to hid my excitement as best as I could. “Ummm, out.” Liz saidm almost whispering it. “No way, not dressed like that you aren’t.” Grabbing her arm, I pulled her down onto my lap. Liz had never been heavy and was as light as a feather on me. “Why don’t you just relax I whispered in her ear. “ “No” she replied softly.

Liz wasn’t sure what to do at this point, after going upstairs she had tried to quench her burning thirst for sex. However, all of her attempts had failed, she needed a dick, and she needed it now. So when Matt pulled her onto his lap, you can imagine the frustration she felt. He was her brother yet she needed it so bad, maybe It would be alright if she just asked him. After all growing boys needed to relive some of there tension ones in a while. Aaa… Liz gave a small yelp feeling something rubbing up against her sweet spot. Matt was shuffling his hips around causing the bulge in his pants to brush up against Liz. Ummm... The involuntary moan came out before she had a chance to cover her mouth. “You ok sis.” “y.. y… ya.” Liz said. Trying to cover up the moans, that were now coming out of her mouth.

“Man did you get your underwear wet when you were in the shower.” I said, an evil grin o his face. “Wha… What.” Well it’s just that your underwear is pretty wet. It was true, Liz’s pussy was dripping from all the contact with her brothers cock. “I don’t know what your talking about.” Liz quickly replied. “Well ok.” It was time to move things along. Moving his hands to his sides, I quickly unbuttoned his pant’s. Pushing down his underwear, so his dick was now out. Quickly he slid his sister back on his lap, so that she was now positioned on his dick. What, what is that. Thought Liz. She could feel something pushing up against her, but…… “What do you think it is.” “I, I, this is wrong were siblings.” “I know and that’s why it feels so good.” Pulling her underwear to the side.

I slowly slipped his dick inside of Liz. “ummmf.” Liz moaned as My dick slid up inside her. “it’s tight.” I said over Liz’s moans. “Your not a virgin… are you.” “Of course I am dummy.” Liz retorted. “But what about Will?” “Will ha, I don’t know how you found out about him but, we never went all the way.” Hearing that, I pushed deeper into Lizz. “Aaaaaaaaa.” Liz moaned out in pleaser. “Keep going push that dick up inside me.” For the next 30 min I fucked my older sister, driving her crazy with pleasure.

I was getting close to Cumming, and the drool was starting to come out of Liz’s mouth, as the pleasure overwhelmed her. When I heard the door close. My mother had just returned from her errands a few hours early. My fist thought was to move my sister off me, before my mom saw what was going on here. However, looking down I realized that I might not have to exert that extra amount of effort here. I hadn’t taken my sister’s underwear off but pushed some of the fabric to the side. And the baggy shirt that my sister was warring was obscuring most of my dick by shifting my weight I was able to completely hide it. “hu huu hu. I need to get off you. I can’t let mom see me like this.” Liz said, with what little was left of her sanity.

“It’s ok Liz.” I said. Suddenly my mother appeared at the entrance to the living room. Are you two getting along Matt’s mom said to them. Ya I said. “Were doing fine, Liz is just being a little clingy right now, right Liz. y. y. Ya. “ Liz said her face flushed read from the constant movement of my dick. “Alright then, I’m going to quickly go outside, and check the heating system I’ll be back in a few minutes when the food’s done.” “Of course mom” I said back to her. As soon as she walked out the door I picked up my pace with Liz ramming it into her at full speed.

Ummmm Aaaaa. “It’s to much it’s to much she shouted.” “Careful Liz moms right outside.” I said slyly back at her. “But It’s so good, I can’t take it anymore. I need to cum, I need to cum.” “Hold on Liz I’m almost there.” “” I’m, I’m Cumming. Ummf,”” My warm seed poorer out of me and into Li, filling her up as she screamed from the overwhelming orgasm, which lasted two, to three minutes. After which, Liz fell from my lap to the ground eyes glazed over, and twitching from the pleasure. It, seemed as if she had passed out from what I had done. Reaching down I quickly picked op Liz in both my hand. Bringing her up to her room and laying her down. I gave her a quick kiss and told her, how happy I was that she was my first. As I left the room I swore I saw a smile spread across her face. I told my mom that Liz had said she wasn’t feeling well, and quickly proceeded to change the subject.

I new that I had been given the power I always wanted, one to control those around me and bend them to my will. Looking and my mother sitting across from me, I thought of her, and my little sis. Who would soon be my play thing’s, and so I wondered. What sort of scenarios could think of next? Of course, first I would have to see how Liz was doing. I chuckled to myself.

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2014-12-02 10:40:29
I think it's wonderful that you foollw your passion and decorate when you want to. I know some people get a little "bent" that all the Christmas stuff starts happening too early, but you won't hear that from me -- no way! I was a little late getting started last year, because I felt the need to wait until after Thanksgiving -- we were hosting the family. Not this year! I'm gathering lots of ideas and making my plans and lists, so I'll be starting in a couple of weeks. I'm so glad you are sharing your ideas early so I can "copycat" -- just kidding; well, kind!xoxo,Carol

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2013-12-04 19:28:36
no stay in 1st person its better when u think bout it.

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2013-09-29 21:26:24
loved the story but you need to keep it in 3rd person. i came across a part in here that said i instead of using the 3rd person point of view. helpful critisem doesnt hurt it helps, rise like the fire bird and sore through the sky. for the limit is your descision . (wise guru shit ! awsum right ^_^)

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2013-02-05 15:10:17
You gotta continue this story!!

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2012-06-14 16:48:36
That's the spirit! Don't be disheartened by comments even if they sound crappy. This site are for sicko & psycho (not psychotic I hope). LOL!!! We're all s & p!!! I can't wait for next pt.

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