Mark is a typical high school jock that just recently moves to Alhambra because his dad got a promotion. It was his first day at school, and he saw this gorgeous teacher in her late 20s with a nice ass and some round tits walk by him. He saw her name tag said Samantha Higgins. He checks his schedule and saw he had her for the last two classes.

In The Middle Of The Day-

Mark sprays AXE all over him then enter Ms. Higgins’s classroom. He took the empty seat in the front row that is in front of Ms. Higgins’s desk. Every time she stands up to write something on the board, Mark would stare at her ass. And if she sitting at her desk he would stare at her tits and get a boner. Every week, the class would get a test. Mark getting distracted by his young gorgeous looking teacher would fail all the tests.

2 Months Later-

Ms. Higgins hands out the tests and told Mark not to leave because she wants to talk to him badly after school. When the bell rang, Mark stare at his peers leaving the school building while he remains in his seat. Ms. Higgins told him to stay and said she’ll be back in a few minutes. As she left, he stare at her ass bounce up and down as she walks. Then, he notices something. Ms. Higgins isn’t wearing any panties at all. When he saw her disappear around the corner, he wonders what she wants to tell him so badly. Ten minute later, Ms. Higgins came back into the room. She closed the door and locks it. Then, she walks over to the blinds and shut them. She removes everything that on top of her desk and sat on it. When she sat on it Mark could see her pink pussy and starts to feel a bulge in his pants.
She then ask him,” How come you been failing my class Mark?” Mark replies,” Because I get distracted a lot.” She then asks him,” What distracts you in my class Mark?” He couldn’t answer but instead he points at her pussy and tits. She was shock to see what he was pointing at.
Ms. Higgins stands up and commands Mark to come over her and take off his clothes. While he pulls his pants down, his 7” cock sprang right in front of her face while she was kneeling. She was surprises to see how big it is. She began to stroke it and Mark began to groan. He leans against the desk while Ms. Higgins began to suck his cock. After a few minutes she places his cock between her tits and Mark began to tity fuck her. After a while she stands up and bends over. Mark guides his cock into her tight pink pussy. He pushed in and stops because Ms. Higgins screams. After a few moments he began to fuck her harder. She grabs a hold of the desk to keep her balance. Mark uses one hand to grab and play with her tits while the other hand slaps her ass each time he hears her whimpers.

A While Later-

He pulls out his cock and lies on top of the table while Ms. Higgins climbed on top of him and inserts his giant cock into her ass hole. She lays back and places her hands on his hip for extra leverage. She began to bounce up and down on his 7” cock.
About ten minutes into it, he told her to get on her knees. As she did, Mark shot load after load of cum into her mouth and on top of her tits. Mark later asks her, “Did I past now?” Ms. Higgins replies, “YES!”
Before Mark exits the classroom he asks her if he comes by every afternoon would he get extra credit. Ms. Higgins said yes right away. Every day Mark would go see Ms. Higgins and they would do the extra credit things.

Few Weeks Later-

Mark was walking through the hall when he saw this amazing girl that just transfer to his come walk by him. She stood there looking around while Mark walks up to her. He greets her and introduces himself. She said her name is Amiee and she just moved from Nevada to California. He led her to the classroom she was looking for.

One day Amiee stops Mark in the hallway and ask him if he would get with her. Mark said yes happily. Ms. Higgins saw and heard everything and went outside and into her car. She starts to cry and drove off.

Few Days Later-

Mark didn't see his favorite teacher any more and went to the new principal which is also in her late 20s and her name is Maylee Castro and ask her what happened to Ms. Higgins. Ms. Castro answer that Ms. Higgins moved away. Mark was shocked to hear the news. He went home right away. Halfway to his house Amiee stop him and ask him if he wants to come over for dinner with her family. He said yes and ran home right away.

In Mark Room-

Mark sat on his bed feeling depressed that his favorite teacher moved. After a while he popped in a porn movie into his laptop and starts to watch it. Few minutes into the movie, Mark removes his pants and began to jerk off to it. Right when hes about to cum, his phone rang and he stop right away. Mark closes his laptop and answer the phone. It was Amiee. She told him to be there around 7:00 p.m. He hung up and shot loads of cum. Most of it landed on his bed but he didn't care. He went into his bathroom and began to shower. After that he changed and went over to Amiee's pad.

Around 6:30 or 6:45 P.M.-

Mark knocked on the door and Amiee's dad answer. He greeted Mark and said his name is Tom. He led Mark into the dining room. Mark saw alot of food on the table. Then Amiee and her mom name Shantal enter. Mark stared at Shantal and starts to feel something for her instead of Amiee.

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2012-06-20 23:58:52
R u shure your not a kid and loves to watch porn... omg kids these days but bretty bad story bro try it again maby people will like is if it was more realistic.....but bisibes dat i have to give a 2/1000000000000 yea...

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2012-06-14 03:49:08
pretty bad story. i woukd'nt bother posting part two.go to google search,first second and third person perspective's before you attempt another story.and i'd hope you.d get this post deleted. it's just wasting server storage space.

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2012-06-14 02:39:21
Yeah, I got as far as the dude spraying Axe all over himself as if thats cool and okay, and realized the author is a total douchebag. God damned bus reeks of that shit every time it dumps a load of you highschoolers off.

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