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"What if the Storm ends and I dont see you"- Act of Valor
The memories of life are ice,
they are cold and hard, melting away.
The Good and The Bad, your mean your nice,
yet its the painful memories I want to stay.

I want something to have even if it hurts,
blood trickles out of my heart.
The red stains cover my shirts,
as long as I am apart.

We look our whole lives for something to hold,
something to make it worth living.
And as our lives unfold,
It becomes easier to stop believing.

I remember the pain,
wounds still open.
Till I find myself walking into the rain,
still hurtin', but with all of this I'm still cope'in

But Im not worried,
for the Ice melts.
So I will not be hurried,
and deal with the life I am delt
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