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Ever met that person you love, but they are still scarred by their last relationship. This is about that.
I know why you don't trust me,
and I understand.
What pains he caused I can see,
and are not yet lost in the sand.

The promises he gave,
I give to you now.
You I want to save,
I ask you to trust me, but you ask,"how."

I can change your past,
if I could, what would I give...
But now I promise something that can last.
Forget him, now live.

Face the world you live in now,
lower your defenses
A world without doubt,
see its beauty, feel with your senses.

Baby listen to me, and you'll know,
I love you, together, lets grow.


2012-07-14 21:27:06
Thank You Karen, but if I didn't post here you'd have never read that poem. Xnxx gets thousands of viewers a day! If I can get even one person to see my stuff ever, I'll be happy.


2012-07-02 18:05:16
I wish I could have read more of your poetry via another website; something so beautiful doesn't belong here.

Keep writing, and I'll look out for your poems whenever I'm browsing on here...


2012-06-15 01:57:31
To the guy at the bottem, thanks for the thumbs up. It helps to know there are others out there.

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2012-06-15 00:54:38
I feel like a big wuss, I just cried

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2012-06-14 15:55:47
This is perhaps the most romantic and true poetry I have ever read on this site. Being a poet myself I have told so many girls this so many times over.

Keep up the struggle for the sake of the heart, comrade.

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