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Daughter gets scared and runs to her daddy for safety but finds herself in a far different situation.
The thunder outside scared me more than anything. At the age of ten things of that nature tended to upset me more than most, and as the lightning flashed and the crackling roared throughout the room I felt so alone and frightened. I rushed out of my room and fled to my Daddy’s bed. When I entered his room it was pitch black and silent. I crept my way to his bed and climbed on top of the comforter, “Daddy,” I whispered, “Daddy can I sleep with you?” He never said a word and so I climbed under the blankets and curled up next to him. I laid there for a good while, but before dozing off I managed to get my Daddy to wrap his arms around me and hold me close to him.
Not to much later I woke to find my Daddies hand on my bare tummy and his face buried in my hair. I tried to hold back my giggle and turned so I could face his naked chest. I let my lips lay against his chest and sat there waiting for him too move, nothing. I became curious and grabbed his hand placing it on my hip, he tightened his grip. My hand traced down his side and along his hip to the top of his boxers, ‘No I shouldn’t. He’d be furious with me,’ I was battling my emotions on whether to pursue on or stop. A soft moan patted my forehead making the choice simple, continue.
My fingertips gently tugged at the waistband of his boxers and I sat patiently waiting for any idea of my next move. He rolled onto his back scaring me which in turn caused my fingers to slip from underneath. He sighed as was soon fast asleep again.
'No no, I need to just stop I don't want daddy mad at me again.' I wanted to stop but I just couldn't help myself. I had seen so many movies on TV about how the ladies made daddies feel good, and daddy was alone with no one to make him feel good. He deserved to feel that.
I turned away from him and lied there for a moment when I heard him mumble my name. It was silent, then again my name and I saw his hand move down to his waist, no lower. What was he doing? I lifted the covers to find out; his hand was on his boxers rubbing them. He had a grin on his face and small moans ran over his lips. I inched closer and laid my hand on top of his, he stopped. I stared scared that he was awake and readied myself for his scream, but nothing; instead he grabbed my hand and placed it where his was before. There was something hard in his boxers and I wasn't sure what to do. He put more pressure and moved my hand in a rubbing motion; I was confused this was not what I had seen in any of the shows on TV. I gently grabbed his hand with my other placed it beside him, and reached into the opening of his boxers and slowly pulled out his dick. It was hard and much larger than the daddies on the TV. I leaned down and stuck my tongue out, remembering how the lady on the show had done, and licked the tip. He froze as did I; I repeated this a few times each waiting an interval of at least two seconds before doing it again. He settled back into a relaxing position and I opened my little mouth as wide as I could. He was thicker than my mouth could open but I was determined to try. I slowly placed my lips against the tip and slid my mouth gently down, making sure to watch out for my teeth. I could hardly move my tongue around but I managed to run it under and to both sides. Daddies hand came up to the back of my head and gripped my hair. I stopped, he began to force my head down, his dick was long and I could only manage to get maybe half of it in my mouth but he wanted more. I began to choke and gag, he forced me down more pushing his hips up to meet his hand. I pulled back not being able to take anymore and deeply inhaled. I had lost my breath and wasn’t sure what had just happened but I know I didn’t like it. I wiped my lips and stared as it stood straight up looking back at me.
‘What if I put it in me?’ I had seen many of the ladies do it and it looked fun. I climbed onto his chest and kissed his neck a few times, I then lifted my cotton nightgown and positioned myself over his dick. I slowly began to sit but I couldn’t seem to get it to go in. I repositioned myself and wrapped my tiny hand around the middle and tried to sit again. As the tip began to enter I felt a sharp stinging pain run through me, but I continued. He was so big and the pain so intense I hadn’t realized he had placed his hands on my hips and was helping to push me down. I sat there waiting for the pain to subside. After a few minutes I leaned forward and lifted my ass up slightly. His dick slid out a little and I sat pushing it back in. A fuzzy feeling in my tummy took over and I lifted and sat over and over. Daddy’s dick got even harder and his hands pushed me down further. I bit my lip to keep from making any noises and pushed my hips toward his chest, his nails dug into me. I pulled them back and did it again to see what would happen. He groaned and started to pump in and out of me. I felt my body get warmer and a feeling, what I was to assume pleasure, build inside me. I closed my eyes and rocked back and forth on daddy’s dick listening to the sounds my wet pussy and his dick made.
I had become so caught up in my own world I had not seen daddy open his eyes. “Babygirl?” he seemed confused. I froze not sure what to do or say. His eyes scanned me and he drank in the situation, after a moment his eyes grew large and he stopped breathing. "Daddy please don't get upset" I wasn't sure what more to say. He gripped my waist and began to lift me up but soon stopped as he felt my small pussy squeezing around him.
"Oh Babygirl your so tight and warm." I could feel his dick throbbing inside me. I started to grind my hips against him and he moaned. Daddy grinned, "Tisk Tisk, who taught you how to do that Babygirl?"
"I’ve been trying different things while you were asleep and you seemed to like when I did this," I shrugged my shoulders and smiled. He didn't seem to believe me but he pushed it aside and kissed me.
"Well then show me what you know Babygirl" his hands gripped my hips. I started to grind harder and found myself tensing up. My moans began to get louder but daddy kissed me to hush my voice. He whispered in my ear, "Shh you have to be quiet no one can know about this" knowing it had to be a secret seemed to make me wetter and want to do it more. I felt my pussy tighten on daddies dick and my body tense again.
"Oh Babygirl" he dug his nails into my hips as an intense orgasm washed over me.

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2012-06-21 01:04:56
good story i liked it but like ghostrider said it needs paragraphs that just makes it a whole lot easier to read.


2012-06-20 21:28:55
Lack of paragraphs did NOT impress me, but not bad for a 19? yr old. Would like to see more, properly spaced out.

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2012-06-20 19:49:38
Sounds like fun. Keep the story going

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