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Sundeep is your average cool geek. He loves computers, he loves video-games, and of course, he loves girls. The one thing on his mind besides WOW is Chelsea. Keeping his head high, his dreams in front of him, and his cock hard, Sundeep manages to get with Chelsea a week before he leaves town. However, after a disastrous night, Sundeep realizes that the consequences of his sins will prove to be tumultuous.

Chapter One: Beginnings

I’ve been enamored by Chelsea for over two years. She had an angelic face with deep brown eyes. Her beautiful brown hair always dipped down on the right side of her face just above her eyes. Her bust was not exceptionally big, about B size, but sometimes, I could make out the shape of her breasts through her shirt as perfect, round little lumps. She had a very lean body, her curves were nice, and her ass was not too big nor too small. I always wanted to have rough sex with her, but my true feelings were a lot deeper than just sex.

I’m a 16 year old boy named Sundeep. I’m a junior at Milkwater Highschool, and lucky for me, so is Chelsea. Ever since 7th grade, I’ve always been in at least one class with Chelsea, but this year, I happen to be in all of her classes. I’ve talked to her a couple of times, but I wouldn’t say we’re friends.
I’m considered somewhat of a nerd, but not in a bad sense. I’m friendly with everyone at school. They all know I’m smart and sometimes make nerd jokes about me, but it’s all just in good fun; I joke back. Chelsea is smart, but she isn’t a “nerd.” She’s very popular and even had a boyfriend with whom she very recently broke up. I think it was at this point where I realized I had a chance...
I recently found out from my parents that we would be moving across the country due to a job transfer. I realized that now would be the best time to live my social life to the fullest as I would never see any of my classmates ever again. I started talking to Nick, one of the most charismatic boys in our school. He told me that I seemed cool and could come to his party on Saturday. He said that there would be plenty of “chicks” and that I should definitely hook up before I move. I was also told by one of my other friends that Chelsea would be among the many guests at Nick’s party. My heart pounding, I accepted the invitation.

On Friday, the night before the party, I hung out at my friend Sam’s house. I started talking to him about some girls and “hooking up”.
“Sundeep, you’re gonna be leaving in two months! You gotta get some ass from this shit-hole town. How are you gonna score with the big town New York chicks if you can’t even score with these shitty Milkwater bitches?”
“Not all of these girls are ‘shitty Milkwater bitches’” I replied, slightly pissed.
“Oh yeah? Who is it then? Who you got your eye on?”
“Uh, no one...” I really didn’t want to tell Sam that I had my eye on Chelsea.
“C’mon man, I know you want some... you can trust me.”
“Fine... It’s Chelsea...”
“Dude! Chelsie is mad hot! I think you could go for some of that...”
“Don’t call her ‘that’!” I responded, interrupting Sam.
“Man, I can tell you really like her. Listen, you know how she just broke up with Matt? Well, I hear it was pretty bad. This is your chance! She’s gonna be real easy now that she’s so down. You gotta get her before someone else does!”
I thought about that for a second and said, “OK, fine.”
I also told Sam, “You gotta learn to respect women a little more,” and left before I could get a response.
The day of the party finally arrived, and I dressed sharp. Black pants and a grey striped button up shirt retained my nerdy image, but the rolled up sleeves and the unbuttoned collar added a flirtatious touch.

Nick’s house was packed. The music was loud; people were dancing and talking, and there was alcohol. No one seemed drunk yet. I spotted Chelsea; she looked a little glum, so I decided to wait ten minutes before approaching her.
Sam was there, and when he saw me, he rushed over to introduce me to Christine. She said hi, and Sam told her to get him a beer. I thought that was kind of rude, but that was just his style. He came a little closer to me, as if he wanted to tell me something he didn’t want anyone else to hear.
“Sundeep, isn’t Christine a hotty? I started talking to her fifteen minutes ago and I think she already wants to suck my dick”
“Yeah, that’s great.” This was just like Sam. He’d pick up girls wherever he went despite being so rude.
“So, Sundeep, when are you gonna hit up Chelsea?”
I spotted Chelsea at the drink table.
“I think I’m gonna go now.” I replied.
“You can do this. Just don’t bring up her break up too soon, m’kay?”
“Yeah, thanks for the advice.” I still felt a little nervous. I took a deep breath and walked over. The first thing I did was grab a glass and the wine bottle. Then, as I started to pour, I said,
“Hey Chelsea, how you doin’?”
“I’m OK...”
“What’s wrong? You don’t look too OK”
“You know, Matt and all...”
“Oh yeah, sorry about the break up...” I had already broken Sam’s advice, so I kept going. “Matt didn’t deserve you.” I hoped it wasn’t too early for that type of remark.
“What do you mean he didn’t deserve me?”
At this point I was panicking on the inside, but I kept a calm composure and said “You know, you’re really nice, smart, a-and pretty” The last part just came out of me and I hoped it’d work to my advantage and not creep her out.
“Oh, Sundeep, you’re so sweet. The break up was bad. I thought I really liked Matt...” She looked like she would almost tear up, but luckily she didn’t. I didn’t want to have to deal with a crying girl.
“Is it anything you’d like to share, you know, just…. let out of your system?”
“Well, I don’t usually just start talking about these things to anyone, but you seem different.”
“Hey, you can tell me anything.” I used the most reassuring voice I could manage.
“Well, I... okay... Matt and I had something planned one day... at his house. He said his parents wouldn’t be home. At the last minute, I found out that I had to go to my Aunt’s wedding the same day. When I told him, he got really mad. The next day, he took me to the movies. He told me that since I bailed on him the other day, I had to... ‘suck his dick’ in the bathroom stall. Of course I didn’t want anyone to see, so I said no. Th-then he s-slapped me”
“Wow...” I said. I had just found out that she was damaged goods; Chelsea wasn’t so holy to me anymore. I knew I wouldn’t be afraid of doing what I had wanted to do for a long time, and I intended to speed up the process. First, I shook my head to make it seem like I cared, and said, “What a jerk... where does he get off pulling that type of stuff? He should have considered himself lucky even to look at you!”
“Oh, Sundeep, you’re so nice!” Chelsea exclaimed. I was ready to take it a step further.
“Hey, Chelsea, what say you and I get out of this place?”
“Um, sure, where are we gonna go?”
“Uh, we could just drive around. C’mon let’s go.”
We got in the car and I drove off to nowhere.
“Wow, Sundeep, you have a nice car!” Chelsea exclaimed.
Proud, I said thanks and asked her if she had a driver’s license. She told me she planned on getting it during the summer. We stopped at a park, and, seated at the hood of the car, we started talking about the fact that I was moving.
“So are you going to miss all your friends?”
I didn’t think I would even miss my closest friend Sam and his dirty mouth, so I didn’t think I would miss anyone, but I put on an act, “Oh my god, I’m so sad. I have so many good friends here, I really don’t want to move.”
“Oh, that’s so sad, but you can stay in touch!” Chelsea suggested.
“I know, but it won’t be the same. It also sucks that I’m moving so soon and barely know yet.”

I hoped my extremely emotional charade would have some effect, and it sure did. Chelsea got quiet for a second and then gave me a big hug and said, “Sundeep, I’ve only talked to you for about an hour, but you seem like such a nice guy that... I think I really like you!”
Now was my chance. Chelsea was quite submissive. I knew I could take her as far as I wanted with little resistance.
“Chelsea, you’re such an amazing person, I think I really like you too!” I leaned in, and to my delight, so did she. When our lips met, a wave of ecstasy rushed through my veins.

After what seemed like forever, we pulled apart. There was no tongue, just pure passion.
“Chelsea, I hope you realize how beautiful you are,” I stated.
“Wow, believe it or not, Matt never once called me that.”

I leaned in for another and was rewarded with tongue. This time, I gently placed my hands around her waist. Feeling no resistance, I slowly moved them up and down as our tongues explored each others mouths. To my satisfaction, she put her hands around my neck and pulled me a little closer. Cautiously, I moved my right hand up and brushed it against her breast. I felt her twitch a little, as if to signal slight discomfort, but she didn’t pull back. I waited for a few seconds before I finally reached towards her breasts again. This time I kept my hand there. She pulled her head back and caught her breath. Our bodies were almost touching, and my right hand remained at her breast. She moved one of her hands down to my thighs and squeezed a little bit. I gently took her hand and moved it down towards my groin. I felt some resistance; she pulled her hand up ever so slightly, but I persisted and she submitted. She rubbed my already erect member. Being the first time someone besides myself touched my penis, I couldn’t help but hyperventilate. Before she could notice, I evened my breath and leaned in for another kiss. This time, I actually stuck both my hands up her shirt and started rubbing them up and down. I heard Chelsea moan softly. Her skin felt smooth and cool against my hands. Feeling sly, I slid my left hand down her back, almost reaching her panties, and slowly inched my right hand up to her bra, all in the guise of pulling her close into a hug. By now, she was breathing much more deeply. I brought my left hand up, and now with both hands, I unhooked her bra.
At this point, Chelsea pulled away and said, “Do you think we’re moving too fast?”
“No,” I stated quite frankly, “but if you think so, we could slow it down.”
Chelsea was silent for a few moments as if she was thinking. Then, she unhooked my pants and I helped her take them off. She started rubbing my shaft through my underwear. Words cannot describe the pleasure I felt; after all, it was the closest anyone came to my cock.
“Wow, it’s big.”
“And it’s all for you.”
As Chelsea busied herself massaging my cock, I worked her bra. After I pulled it out, I unbuttoned the back of her top and pulled it off. Wasting little time with foreplay, I unhooked her panties as well. She sat there, a fully nude goddess, in front of my eyes. I remembered Matt that instant. Suddenly she was not so godlike anymore, just a tool for my sexual pleasure, so I didn’t hesitate. I took off my underwear. Both of us naked, Chelsea stated, “Sundeep, we’re both completely naked out in the open. Are you sure we’re not moving too fast? Do you still respect me?”
“Chelsea, you worry too much! You’re like a goddess to me. Of course I respect you!” Taking her hand off my cock, I told her, “Chelsea, you just lay down and let me have you.” I gently plunged my erect member deep inside her warm void.
The next few moments were bliss. I took it slow at first. Chelsea’s eyes were shut and she purred in delight.
“Do I feel good to you?” She asked.
“Mmmm, you’re amazing.”
It was silent for the next minute or so, except for our moaning. Slowly, I started to speed up until I was practically pounding her pussy.
“Sundeep, please, you’re hurting me. Slow down!”
I had been waiting for this moment for years. My mind was suddenly flooded with turbulence. Chelsea and I could have a good thing going. Should I slow down and apologize I thought? Maintain our wonderful relationship? Or should I keep going hard for my own pleasure? After all, I was moving and would likely never see Chelsea again. I made up my mind. Chelsea was a bitch for telling me to slow down in my moment.
“Shut up, this is my moment and you’re not gonna tell me to stop” I barked over her cries and my incessant thumping. Chelsea pushed me away and out of her, saying, “Sundeep, stop. Drive me home and we’ll forget that we ever talked.”
All of a sudden, I didn’t feel like myself, but I was outraged that this unholy bitch was telling me what to do during sex.
“You bitch, I can do whatever I want to you!” I snapped.
“Sundeep, this isn’t like you at all! You know what, drive home yourself. I’m not getting in that car with you!”
At this point, I just grabbed the naked Chelsea, placed her in the doggy style position, and penetrated her rectum. “Sundeep, please stop!” She screamed
This was my moment, and there was no way I was going to stop. I muffled her mouth and kept going. Suddenly, I noticed blood dripping out of her anus. I pretended to be oblivious of the crimson and kept thrusting. She attempted to scream, so I muffled her mouth with my hands. She dug her nails into my thighs, only contributing to the intense pleasure. Suddenly she let out a guttural wail, which I stopped by squeezing her throat. I kept kept thrusting, the pleasure in my loins steadily increasing. Suddenly, the inception of my climax began to unfold. I increased the rate of my thrusting until the full force of my climax overwhelmed me. I slowed down, pulled out, and marked my territory on the back of my property. I flipped her over. Suddenly, I was filled with a suffocating sense of guilt. I flipped Chelsea over and began to formulate an apology until I noticed how pale and lifeless Chelsea’ complexion was. At first, I tried to convince myself that she was just unconscious. I shook her a bit and noticed she had wet my car seat. I started to panic, and all my fears were confirmed when she emptied her bowels all over my car. She was dead.

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2013-08-13 06:33:49
I should of known by the story name, this story was okay, but the ending was just horrifying. You should have added tags indicating this sort of horror.

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2012-07-02 11:37:26
Wow. That was almost a good story, up until the end. It was pretty fuckin terrible.

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