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A beginning to what happens with no limits...
The sting of the riding crop bites hard into his ass.  "Nineteen Mistress", he breathes out, voice tinged with pain and pleasure. Again the crop comes down with a loud crack, "twenty Mistress" he cries out. "That is a good little slut" she croons, letting the crop run over his skin. Slowly she walks around his body, bound to a bench on all fours.

He listens to her boots, thigh high black PVC, tap against the floor. Unable to see her, or anything else for the mask in front of his eyes. "What to do with you next" she says, expecting a very specific answer. " Anything you wish Mistress" he answers quickly. Laughing she steps in front of him, slapping the side of his face with something he immediately recognizes and opens his mouth wide as is expected of him.

Suddenly his mouth is full, her strap-on plunging in and out of his throat. She grabs a handful of his hair and speeds up, gagging him as she fucks his mouth. "Take it slut!" She says, thrusting the entire dildo down his throat and holding it until he is out of breath.

He gasps for breath as she pulls out, but quickly adds "thank you Mistress".  "Just wait for your surprise slut" she laughs. She unlocks the cuffs holding him in place, and tells him to crawl behind her. Following the sound of her boots she leads him over to a table long enough for him to lay on from shoulder to hips, but with no support for his legs, and no support for his head.

Doing as he is instructed he climbs up onto the table and lays on his back, his head laying over the edge. Quickly she locks his arms out to his side on the table. A slight groan escapes his mouth as he hears chains rattling before she pulls his legs up individually, and cuffs them to the chain hanging from the ceiling, spreading them wide. Knowing what comes next, his cock begins to stiffen and twitch. "Did I give you permission to get hard slut?" She asks as she grabs both of his nipples and pinches them hard. "No Mistress" he cries out. "Then I will teach you not to do it again" she says, a twisted smile on her face.

Quickly she grasps his cock and strokes it hard and fast. He moans as he feels the pleasure building up inside. Right as he is about to reach the point of no return she stops and gives his balls a sharp slap. He squirms and moans, breathing out another thank you.

"Now the fun really begins" she says, and he feels the strap-on press against his ass as she drips lube on it. Slowly she presses it into him, a groan escaping from him as she drives it deep inside of him.  Again he thanks her as she drives in and out of him.

Once more she begins to stroke his cock ,  bringing  him to the edge but stopping. "You know the rule slut. You  don't get to cum until I say  so,  and not until your cock is pointed at your wide open mouth., but  before that. " She whistles and he hears  the door  open and  after a few  moments  shut again.

There are footsteps heading towards him, and he can sense someone is already standing by his face. "Open wide slut" she says with a laugh as she slaps his balls hard. He gasps and his mouth is wide, then suddenly its full. He can tell immediately what is happening. There is a man fucking his face. As his Mistress continues to thrust into his ass and occasionally bring him to the edge of an orgasm, he is being taken by a man. He is taken by surprise, but also very turned on. "Be a good little slut and service these cocks and I may allow you to cum, after you swallow theirs of course."

He moans and sucks as his throat is fucked by this man and his ass by his Mistress. The he realizes what she said. These. How many are there? The thought simultaneously worries him and makes his cock twitchSuddenly he feels the cock in his mouth begin to throb and feels as it begins to poor cum deep into his throat. His mistress always makes him swallow his own cum, so he automatically swallows. The cock is pulled from his mouth and another replaces it.

His Mistress continue the torture of fucking him and bring him to the edge for what seems like eternity. He has already serviced two hard cocks, and has a third in his mouth. Again his throat fills with cum and he feels the strap-on slide out of him.

His feet are being pulled higher into the air, and he is pulled down the table so that his head is supported. He thinks it is finally time to find his release, then he feels it. She is sitting over his face, her ass right above his mouth."Lick it slave" she says. And he complies.

Again it seems like ages he licks and tongues her ass, when finally she slides down. Now he begins on her pussy. No instructions are needed as he knows what she expects. She begins to writhe and suddenly presses down into his face, moaning as she explodes.

After a few moments she stands. He feels her hand wrap around his hard cock and knows this is finally it. She teases him, slowly bringing him to the edge over and over before she finally lets him cum. He begins to moan loudly but open his mouth wide as his load sprays onto his tongue.

When he is finished his legs are lowered but not released, and he is placed back,on the table with his head off the edge. "Ready for round 2?" She asks with a wicked laugh. His is only confused for a moment, then all at once he feels a cock in his ass and one in his mouth. It looks like this is going to last awhile.....

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2013-01-16 07:50:35
Well done Sissy FieI'm pleased that you coemplted this special sissy task, the pictures are great and your sissy pumpkin looks well used!I will allow you to wear your shiny leggings on this occasion although next time I may not be so tollerant if you don't complete the task exactly as described.Keep up the good work!Lots of LoveMistress Emily xXx

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2012-06-16 10:58:59
sounds like another chapter is coming..

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