fun on your birthday

I was naked, lying on my back with the blind-fold over my eyes as instructed. It was a little cold in the room but I didn’t dare cover myself. My nipples were fully erect; whether it was because of the cold or my anticipation, I couldn’t tell. I licked my lips and pressed my thighs together to try to ease the delicious aching that had begun between them.

My instructions were to obey or face the consequences. I shivered. It was my birthday and the note that I found in my briefcase was simple and direct. I was to go straight home after work. I was to shower and make sure that my pussy was as hairless and smooth as I could make it. I was expected to then lay on my bed and don the blind-fold that would be waiting. So there I was; excited, intrigued and waiting for my lover .

"You’re very obedient," he said softly by my ear. I hadn’t heard him come into the room. I turned my head towards him, expecting a kiss. Instead he ran his cool hand down the side of my face and neck. His hand closed lightly on my throat and his thumb found its way over my lips , pushed them gently apart causing me to instinctively kiss and nibble and suck on it. "That’s a good girl," he said. He moved away and took each of my arms and stretched them above my head . He tied something around my wrists and then tethered them to the bed posts. I had a little room for moving, maybe a few inches of leeway. Oh, I loved this feeling of vulnerability. I was feeling warmer already.

He left my side and I called out to him. "SSShhhhh," he warned, "no noise. If you make any noise, I’ll stop and you won’t get your present." He was teasing, but there was something in his voice that warned me to obey.

When he returned to the bedroom I heard him dim the lights. I could smell something very nice. It was citrus and spices. I guessed to myself that it was massage oil and I was right. He took my legs and spread them apart. My bare pussy was exposed to him. I felt a hot surge of feeling between my legs. Surely he could see my clitoris growing larger and pulsing. He took my foot in his warmed hands and firmly began to massage oil into my skin. It was on the verge of tickling but was also erotic. His movements were slow and I began to relax. He made his way up my calves, kneading them. That felt wonderful and as his hands crept up my thighs my mind urged him to go higher. His fingers traced my inner thighs in slow circles and long light strokes. I felt myself responding by lifting my hips and trying to make him touch my pussy. He approached my center and I could feel a very light caress against my clit. "Ohhhh," I moaned and thrust my hips higher. He immediately stopped.

My face must have registered surprise and he laughed at me. "You’re not following the rules," he admonished, "you’re not to make any noise. Do you want me to continue?"

I nodded my head and bit my lip. "Ok, I’ll let it go, this time. But you have to be punished so I’m not going to stroke your pussy yet. You’ll have to wait."

I could wait, I told myself. But before I knew it, I was trying to lift and push my crotch up towards him again. His hands were on my hips, my belly and around to my ass. The pressure of his open hands and strong fingers was driving me crazy. I was whimpering but trying with all my might to keep it silent. He knelt between my legs and pushed my knees up. He leaned over me and ran both hands down my back, over my butt and held my cheeks. He slowly spread me open, exposing all of me. One hand found the small opening there and teased me. Lightly pushing what felt like a finger all around and then just a little ways inside. It must be a new toy; the tip felt too small to be a finger. His other hand moved to hover over my clitoris. I was going to go insane with my need and my frustration. He very, very lightly touched my tip but he didn’t move his finger at all; just applied a light pressure. Slowly he began pushing the butt plug farther inside of me . I started to come fast. I bucked against him and he slid the toy even farther. I was writhing and bearing down and I couldn’t help but cry out. At once, he stopped everything. I wasn’t finished with my orgasm and felt agitated. I would do anything to come again. I was desperate.

"You’re not being very good. You’re going to have to wait for a bit." He said this almost regretfully. As he was speaking to me he was lightly running his palms over my hard nipples. Maybe he wasn’t really going to make me wait. It was my birthday, after all. Ouch! I felt him squeeze one nipple, then the other. It was very intense. The pain was like a searing white light and became oddly pleasurable. As I became accustomed to the pinching, I realized that he wasn’t in the room. I had clamps on my nipples. How long would he leave me like this. I started to panic but I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. I tried to clam down and just enjoy the sensation on my nipples.

It seemed like an eternity and the pain was slowly turning from exquisite to uncomfortable. I could feel tears starting and just when I was going to call out to him, he was there and the clamps came off. He soothed my face with his hands and then I felt relief as ice cold drips of water touched my burning nipples. Oh, it felt so good. I arched my back and imagined the drops of liquid as they touched me and rolled down the swell of my breasts. Then came his lips and they suckled me ever so gently. I felt myself start to undulate my hips and he moved his thigh between legs and let me rub against him. I moved faster and he must have known that I was very close to coming again.

He pulled away from me. I could feel a pillow being propped behind my head and then he straddled my chest. He guided his engorged cock to my mouth and pushed against my lips. I greedily took him in. My tongue encircled the head. The sensation of his hardness with the softness of his skin made me groan deep in my throat and I took as much of him into my mouth as I could and sucked him, pressing my lips firmly up and down his length. He moaned and I could hear his breathing, feel his hands in my hair. He was close to coming and I heard him say, "not yet, baby."

He pulled out of my mouth and repositioned himself between my legs to lick my clitoris. His hand on my mound, pulling gently up and then his hot tongue was on my pulsing clit. His other hand found my soaking pussy and a finger slid inside of me. The combination of his slowly searching tongue and his teasing finger was bringing me quickly to orgasm. I started to tense, ready for the relief. Just when I was ready to let go, he stopped. I almost cried out. I thrust my pelvis up at him. He let me settle down and began where he left off. Time and again he brought me so close and then stopped. My arms were straining at their ties. Tears were in my eyes and I was using all of my self control to keep quiet. It was agony. Why wouldn’t he let me come; it was my birthday!

He had three fingers inside me now, thrusting, fucking me. I was so ready, it was unbearable. He licked me again, just lightly, and my orgasm was intense and long. And through out all of my bucking and writhing he kept up his attentions, right to the end.

When he knew that I was spent he quickly untied my arms and rolled my limp body over. "Up on your knees!" he commanded me. He didn’t have to tell me twice. I wanted him. I wanted to feel him deep inside me. He was behind me and then I felt him push his stiffness inside me. He felt huge and he filled me completely. I couldn’t help it, an "oh" slipped out. He wasn’t about to stop now. He thrust again and again, harder and deeper. My head whipped back. I pushed myself back against him. His hand reached around to my hanging breasts and as he cupped one and then the other, pulling on my tender nipples, I came again and again. I was crying out. I was beyond control . His speed picked up and he pulled my hips towards him, fucking me harder until it was too much and his orgasm shook his whole body.

I sunk to the mattress and he slid out of me and lay his body on mine. I smiled at the absolute bliss of it. It was my birthday.

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2012-06-16 15:22:05
For your B-Day I would do the same plus after you would have recovered I will restart again and invite a male friend to join me to make you cum so many times you would prey us to stop. So any time you want it, just page me : crasyfrl onyahoo

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2012-06-16 11:23:51
I'd love to give you my cock for your birthday!

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2012-06-16 11:23:50
I'd love to give you my cock for your birthday!

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