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Daddy Daycare Part 3

Robbi was an outdoorsy girl. You know the type, one with the sun, nature, and the stars, a lover of all animals. She enjoys water skiing, hiking, and camping Pretty much a tree hugger, I guess you might say. Not long after our backyard barbeque romp, we had a weekend to ourselves to do anything we wanted to do.

It was starting to get warm outside as summer was drawing near. On a Friday night when the kids had their weekend at their mom's house, Robbi and I discussed weekend plans. The coming weekend was supposed to be warm and clear.

We talked about options for getting away to have some fun. After several ideas, we both decided upon a camping trip. The next morning, we began packing up for an adventurous weekend. A little before noon their was a nock at the front door. It was Robbi's girlfriend Erica, she had just dropped by to say hello. Robbi and her would exchange college gossip.

Robbi Jo's college girlfriend was really hot, kind of built like Robbi. A petite 5'0 girl, maybe 100 lbs., medium-brown hair, larger tits than Robbi's, a great ass and a pretty face that completed the package. They ran into Robbi's room for a few minutes, then came out to ask a question of me.

"Would you mind if Erica joined us on our camping trip?" Robbi asked sheepishly.

"Hell NO, I wouldn’t mind at all." I responded immediately.

Erica went home and promptly returned with her camping gear. Robbi and I were all packed and ready to go. We squeezed into my small car and began our trip to the mountains for a very memorable camping trip.

We hiked into the woods and found a nice, quiet spot on a mountain ridge we called camp. We gathered wood during the daylight for our campfire and set up 2 tents. Erica had brought her own tent while Robbi and I packed up my large tent for the both of us.

Robbi looked at Erica and asked if she was really planning on using her tent.

"Well, if you have enough room in yours, I guess I don't need mine. Erica replied.

"We can always use it to store supplies. Robbi suggested.

"Atta girl, Now you're thinking." I complimented.

After building a fire and eating some of the food we brought, Erica produced some wine she had brought along. Now I have seen these two young ladies with wine in the past, and they get pretty silly. So once again I commented.

"Atta girl, now you're thinking."

The girls polished off a bottle of wine between them. I drank a few beers from my own cooler, and I could tell the night was starting to get interesting when the subject around the campfire became 'truth or dare.'

Erica started off the 'truth or dare' game. Robbi replied with "Truth.

Erica asked the question. "Have you ever fucked Gary?"

Robbi looked at me, and I nodded to go ahead with the truth. Robbi then replied. "Yes."

Now it was Robbi's turn to ask me a question and I replied. "Truth.

Her question to me was. "If you ever had the chance, would you fuck Erica?"

I replied, "Absolutely!"

It was now my turn to ask Erica and she responded with, "dare."

I then dared her to turn to Robbi, put her arms around her, and kiss her on the lips for at least 5 seconds. Robbi's reaction was priceless. She looked at me as if to ask 'WTF?'

Robbi then looked at Erica who was glowing with anticipation. Ya see, I knew Robbi was primarily a hetero, but I always felt there was something between the two young ladies. Plus I figured Erica would swing both ways.

It's amazing what a huge influence wine has on two female BFF's. Robbi shrugged her shoulders at me and said, "whatever, Gary." Then she responded to Erica’s hug and touched lips with Erica. At first, Robbi was nervous and apprehensive, she pulled away quite quickly.

Erica whispered something to her that I could not hear. Robbi seemed to relax a bit and let go of her inhibitions. I had only asked for a 5 second kiss. So on my next turn I asked for a longer one.

Robbi and Erica really got into kissing for a good 15 seconds or so. I started feeling like I was watching a girl on girl porno scene just getting started.

By their third kiss my cock began to harden as they kissed for at least 2 minutes with tongues writhing and hands all over each other.

Then, Erica backed off and said. "Ok, it's my turn to ask

EErica looked at me and asked coolly. "Gary, truth or dare?"

"Truth, again," I answered.

"Were you turned on watching Robbi and I kiss?" Eric asked in a devilish tone.

"Oh, yea," I replied. "Now it's my turn."

I looked at Robbi. She seemed so confused, yet I could see she was interested in what my move would be. Then I looked at Erica, she was eagerly anticipating my question, so I asked. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare!" Erica shot back quickly. I dared Erica to move over to me, pull my pants down, and suck my now-hard cock for at least 10 seconds.

"I will, but would rather do so with Robbi joining me," Erica wisely replied. I scanned Robbi's face for a reaction and she hesitantly agreed.

"Are you sure your OK with this?" Erica asked Robbi.

"I'm just not used to this, that's all," Robbie replied nervously.

"C'mon, we're all alone here," Erica urged Robbi. "We've talked about this in your room."

"Yea, you're right, go ahead and start without me. I'm gonna break open another bottle of wine and I'll join you in a few minutes." Robbi offered.

&"Ok," Erica agreed with a shrug of her shoulders as she moved towards me. She then unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and slipped her sweet lips down over the head of my cock. I watched her head bob as she began giving me one of the greatest blowjobs I ever had. It was unreal.

Meanwhile Robbi had opened another bottle of wine and began drinking it straight from the bottle. She slowly moved closer to the action, a little shyly at first. Robbi watched close as Erica slid her lips clear down to my balls. I could feel the back of her throat with my cock head. Robbi began taunting Erica, challenging her to try to fit one of my balls into her mouth along with my entire cock.

Erica responded and tried, but could not take my entire cock into her throat.

"Move over, Erica, let me show you." Robbi blurted. Erica pulled off, and let Robbi have a taste of my rock-hard cock. Robbi then slid her lips the whole way down my shaft and took my entire cock into her mouth down to my balls. It was an incredible feeling.

I was getting ready to cum when Robbi pulled away and said, "Ok, it's my turn for truth or dare.

Robbi asked Erica, "Dare." she said.

"I dare you to let Gary fuck us both all night, in all 3 holes," Robbi challenged.

"You mean, in the ass, too?" Erica asked.

&"Yes," Robbi replied sarcastically.

Erica thought for a moment, then replied. "As long as it's OK with you, Hun."

"Oh yes, I wanna show you how it's done. Robbi quickly responded.

& Erica shot back with, "You two need to show me."

Robbi then made her way over to me and we began kissing on a blanket in front of the fire. I went down on her while Erica watched. Then Robbi got on all-fours while I fucked her in both holes till I came in her ass. For a while I forgot Erica was there.

EErica had pulled down her pants and was masturbating. She vigorously rubbed her clit and was softly moaning. After Robbi climaxed she rolled over and laid beside me on the blanket. Erica on her hands and knees crawled up between my thighs, and began by licking Robbi's juices from my semi hard cock. She gently began kissing and sucking me back to a firm hard on.

Erica then got on top and lowered her tight pussy down on to my cock. I fucked her for at least 10 minutes without cumming, then asked her to turn on all fours so that I could fuck her ass. This was Erica's first anal experience. She was hesitant at first and looked at Robbi for guidance.

"Hey," Robbi said. "Kissing another woman was my first experience, now it's your turn."

Erica was scared at first, and tight. She finally let my cock inside a little at a time. Then, Robbi got on her stomach next to Erica and kissed her. That definitely opened Erica up some more.

RRobbi sat on the ground and scooted her pussy into Erica's face. Erica stuck her tongue out and dipped it in Robbi's hole. It was another first for Robbi and she seemed to be enjoying it. She watched attentively while I fucked Erica, and Erica ate Robbi's pussy as best she could in between gasps and moans.

So, there we were, I was fucking Erica in the ass, while she was going down on Robbi, it was a first for everyone. Erica eventually relaxed enough to take my entire cock in her ass, and sucked Robbi until she came. Robbi let me fuck Erica until I came hard in her ass. I wasn't sure if Erica was on birth control, but she later told me she was on the ring as well.

EErica and Robbi had become more connected than ever before. I felt that and expected it. I knew what Robbi could do and would do. I wasn't sure what Erica could or would do. At the end of the day, I realized both women would be with an other woman. Especially with they were dared.

I came many times that night thanks to two intoxicated, young, twenty-something's with cock on their brains.

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