please tell me what you think (1st effort)
Though James was nearly 3 years older than Kerry, their relationship had been nearly perfect. James was a pretty average 10th grader, looking for a girl; Kerry was a goody-two shoes 8th grader who always did her homework and usually went to church. They met randomly and hit it off (to most people's surprise). 2 and a half years later, things had changed a little. James was a senior thinking about college, and Kerry a 10th grader who, on the outside was still a goody-two shoes.

They had a pretty average relationship and were happy. Their sex life was by both of their accounts very good. Kerry would go over James's house several times a week, they'd watch TV or talk, and at some point (assuming the house was not too crowded), they'd go up to James' bedroom. Kerry had grown into a beautiful little girl: long brown hair, big brown eyes, 130lbs, 36D tits, a big round ass (that James convinced her to show off more with tight jeans), and a very sweet smile.

They would go upstairs, kissing a little, and sit on James' bed. Soon James would gently take hold of the back of her head and push her down to his cock. She would very willingly undo his pants and push down his underwear. She'd usually start by lifting his cock gently and kissing the head, before going down to his balls. In one quick movement she suck his left ball into her mouth and run her tongue all around it, rubbing her lips between them. Then she'd slide her mouth over to the other ball, allowing it to fill her whole mouth. She'd slurp away at them while James cock grew very hard. Then she'd start to suck his cock. First just running her sweet tongue around the head and then swiftly taking the entire thing, letting her tongue massage every bit of it, bobbing he head up and down and massaging his slippery and wet balls with her hand. She had grown very subservient over the years and did whatever he wanted

Soon he'd cum, let out a moan, and blow a load in her sweet little mouth which she would swallow (it'd taken him a long time to get her to do that, but to see this sweet little goody-two shoes swallow his cum was worth it). Afterwards, if he wasn't too tired he'd fuck her sweet little cunt, which he had made her shave.

Despite her submissiveness, the repetitiveness of their activities got a little boring for James (it was after all the same thing for years). Though he felt guilty about it, he'd sometimes cheat (often with Kerry's friends who for some reason were always willing to suck his dick). He felt awful about it because Kerry was so devoted to him and there were many guys who wanted her badly but she always turned them down. But James went on, he loved her and didn't feel right breaking up just because the sex got repetitive....

James spent most of senior year planning for the summer after high school. He wanted to travel to New York City for a week and visit friends in California, but he had nearly no money and no job he could get now would pay enough to finance everything he wanted to do. After she'd sucked his cock, Kerry and James would lie in bed, and she'd think of ways to raise money for him, none of which were realistic. One day, James joked "if only you would sell yourself for money." They laughed at this comment, and then Kerry leaned in to kiss James. Her tongue penetrated his mouth softly, and gently massaged his tongue. Then she began to slide down the bed towards his cock. He said "again? You just blew me."
"I want to do it again," she said with a coy smile. She took out his dick and started sucking, gently at first, then getting more passionate. It wasn't long til James came in her mouth, and she swallowed her second load in 2 hours...

At about 2 o'clock that night, James cell phone started ringing. Who the fuck is calling this late, questioned James as he slowly woke up.
"hey, James, it’s me...Ker"
"What's going on? Do you know what time it is?"
"Umm..yeah, I know sweetie I'm sorry...I just wanted to say that...that if you wanted me too I would...ya know whore myself for you..."
There was a silence on the phone.
James was still pretty groggy, "you mean like, I'd be your...pimp"
"Yeah, and uh you could keep all the money, or most of it...only if you wanna do this, it’s just an idea" Kerry started to sound nervous that he was going to take this the wrong way.
"Uh.. Ker I'll talk to you about it tomorrow in school, ok? go to sleep now sweetie."

The next day, James found Kerry before 1st period. Before even saying hello he said "Yes, I want you to do it." Kerry looked a little pale and scared, she took a deep breathe. "Ok , baby, I will."
"Are you sure you wanna? I mean you don't have to"
"I know, I want to...for you, I love you and I'll do anything for you."
" gotta get to class, I'll see you later sweetie"

James walked away with a little smile on his face, he didn't know if it was because he was going to be able to get enough money to pay for summer trips or because he had this kind of power of that sweet little slut.

He went to the library during his lunch period and created a new hotmail account. He thought to himself, I have to be able to offer Kerry to guys but in a way so that if they say no they're not interested, I could deny ever having offered. Two guys came to mind that he would offer to: Rob and Jake. Rob was a 10th grader who'd always had a crush on Kerry and let everyone know he did. He had always hated James because James kept him from having Kerry. The other, Jake, was an ex-boyfriend of Kerry's (from 8th grade) who had always 'kept in touch' which meant that he really had never gotten over her and wanted to get back together. He emailed them both, from this anonymous email address saying that for a price, they could "have Kerry" and if they were interested to write back.

They both responded right away and were both very interested. Neither really believed the opportunity was real but they didn't want to pass it up. Rob responded first so James emailed him back and told him to meet him after school in a stairway. Rob was surprised to see James standing there when he went, he didn't understand why James would let someone else be with his girlfriend. They spoke briefly, Rob was very interested but because this was the first time and wanted to make sure this deal was legit, he insisted that all he'd spend was $25. James responded saying that that would only get him a blow job. So the deal was done. James would call Rob in a few days to pick the exact time, and the payment would occur then.

That day, James went to Kerry's house. He excitedly told her the good news. She wasn't too happy but pretended to be for James' sake. Then James insisted that they to out to the mall: Kerry needed to get some appropriate clothing for her "date". James explained that she had to look slutty and sexy so that Rob would want to hire her again. So they went to the mall.

They went to several stores and ended up with an appropriate outfit. A zip up sweater that was 2 sizes two small and outlined her 36D tits quite nicely, an extremely short denim skirt that Kerry had to struggle to get into, a black thong, and knee high Ugg boots. Looking at her in the outfit made James get a hard-on, Kerry never dressed this provocatively. He made her wear the outfit home and in the car ride back to her house, he instructed her to blow him...
When they got home he dropped her off and told her not to wear any of the clothes until the date.

When James got home he checked his cell phone, two missed calls. One from Rob wondering when the date was, and one from Katie, one of Kerry’s friends that he cheated on Kerry with called and wanted to 'hang out'. He called back Katie and made a date to meet her over the weekend for some nasty sex, and called Rob and said that tomorrow was good. They agreed it would happen at his house.

James drove Kerry strait from school to her house so she could change. She came out of her house dressed in the hot slutty outfit and sat in the car. She was not happy, a little nervous, but she pretended she was ok. They drove slowly to Rob's house.
"All he paid for was a Blow Job, so you can kiss him a little, let him touch you, but get to the business pretty quick and don't let him take anything off."
"Ok" she said meekly, sounding like a scared little girl.
They got there and before they got out of the car he turned to her and said "listen, I know I don't have to say this, a good job with him."
She nodded and they walked into the house.

Rob answered the door before they reached it. Inside, Rob couldn't believe his eyes, he'd never seen Kerry dressed up so sluttily. He was clearly happy, Kerry just looked down. The money was handed over, James said "well, I'll be in the car waiting, I'll leave you two alone."

James went out to the car, it wouldn't take too long he thought. He had the money in his hand, it wasn't much, but now that Rob saw it was the real deal he'd be able to raise prices and have Kerry do more than just suck his cock.

He checked his watch. How long has it been? I hope she's ok in there. After a few more minutes James got restless, he jumped out of the car and decided to go to one of the windows. Peering in the living room window he couldn't believe what he saw, they hadn't even bothered to go upstairs. There was his sweet little innocent Kerry, on her knees sucking some guys cock that she didn't even like. Rob was holding her head tight and she was sucking like the little slut she was. She bobbed her head up and down and every time she went down, Rob would yell. Then he started to scream her name, and he started to shake. Kerry stopped bobbing and held his cock in her mouth: Rob moaned as he blew his load in her mouth. He calmed down and she gulped, getting all the cum tha didn't slip out of her mouth down. He smiled and pulled up his pants. She stood up, and wiped a little bit of cum off her lower lip, she looked at for a second and the put it in her mouth, sucking the last bit of cum off her fingers.

James was simultaneously furious, pissed off, jealous, proud and turned on. Pissed off because he just witnessed his little angel suck another guy's cock and swallow his cum, proud because he knew what a good job she did, and turned on because watching Kerry be so slutty was hot. He ran out to the car, so when she walked out the door it appeared as though he had never left the car. She sat down next to him and sighed.
"Are you Ok?" she asked
"yes, are you?"
"Yeah, I'm fine" she said. James was still really turned on as they drove away. He headed not for her house but for the train station parking lot which would be pretty empty now. They didn't talk at all, then they got there he told her to get in the back seat, and then once he joined her there, he took out his hard cock and told her to suck it. Without a second thought she went down on him. He was very horny and she sucked him very well. He moaned "you fucking slut, you hot fucking bitch take the whole thing..." in her ear. He told her what a skank and whore and slut she was, it only made her suck harder and sweeter. When he came he blew a huge load and she swallowed it all. As they were getting out of the backseat and into the front, James smacked Kerry's ass as hard as he could. Her big ass quivered in pain, he just winked at her. He drove her home and dropped her off.
"Don't wear those clothes unless I tell you too please, and by the way, tomorrow I think you're seeing Jake, and he's paying for more than just a blow job." Kerry nodded "I promise I won't wear them unless you tell me to baby. I love you."
"I love you too".

Should I continue this story? Let me know in feedback please (Feel free to comment on any aspect of the story) and bear in mind this is my first effort...

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2010-11-17 09:48:05
tis scenerio is pretty unrealistic i could see a guy taking advantage of the situation like this but the girls were so unrealistic

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2009-01-22 21:22:40
They start selling her on the street down at the waterfront to old drunks and bums etc-also to the school sports teams etc-she starts letting her boyfriends buddies fuck her for free whenever they want

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2008-10-22 02:53:17
One part didn't make sense. If a deal was already made, why spend money on clothes to make her look better? After all, they are only getting 25 dollars. I think the clothes cost more than $25, and a teenage girl doesn't need much help to market herself.


2007-10-05 02:44:58
The guy seems real, girl not AS much. Good story, good sex, can't wait for a sequel!


2007-07-22 01:13:01
Well written, good story, but the guy pisses me off.

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