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The Babysitter's Prize

"Oh, yeah, baby," I moaned, luxuriating in bliss. "That's it! You almost got it all!" I moaned as my dick was finally buried in the girl's mouth and throat. Her neck bulged, and she shook under me. I frigged her clit and fingered her sopping pussy, keeping her occupied. Jessica's thighs twitched.

Oh, fuck did Jessica look hot with my cock buried in her throat! My dark pubes surrounded her mouth, my balls laying across her little nose. My dick pulsed, giving her a squirt of pre-cum that she automatically swallowed. I kept my dick buried in her esophagus for a moment longer, then slowly pulled out.

Jessica coughed and gagged, heaving as she gulped for air. Her swollen eyes dripped tears. "Oh, god!" she sputtered, her lips wet. Gooey tendrils of thick saliva coated my cock, stretching from her open mouth. "M-Mr. Ortummpphhh!"

I pushed back into her mouth, delving into her throat once more. She automatically took in another deep breath through her nose. Jessica's tongue slipped out over her bottom lip, gracing the top of my shaft as I penetrated her deeply again. Her throat opened more readily this time, and I pumped back and forth in her tight oral tube for a few moments before pulling back.

Again and again, I fucked Jessica's tight little throat, pushing my cock all the way in, rolling my hips as I used her mouth like a pussy. I stayed deeper and longer each time, pulling back only long enough to let the girl gasp and pant and gulp for air. Thick spit dripped off my dick and oozed along her upside-down face, stretching to the floor or getting caught in her hair.

She tried to stop me now and then, wanting more time to recover her breath, but I only gave her a few seconds in between deep thrusts. I kept fingering her pussy, and while her legs shook and her clit swelled, she was too centered on the feel of her cock-stuffed throat to allow herself to cum.

Eventually, I settled into a comfortable rhythm, holding and squeezing Jessica's gorgeous tits as I fucked her mouth. I gave her a few short pumps in her mouth, then pushed in deep for a few moments. Jessica clutched and squeezed and dug her short, white-painted nails into my thighs. Jab-jab-thrust! Jab-jab-thrust! Jessica became more and more comfortable with deep-throat and accommodated my long cock with relative ease.

I finally felt that boiling in my balls, and as I groped and squeezed and kneaded the girl's tits, my fingers leaving red marks on her virgin skin, I buried my dick deep in her throat, throwing my head back as I ejaculated. My cock pulsed and pumped a river of sperm that flowed right down Jessica's throat to her stomach. I shook, sighing with pleasure as my cum gushed in waves from my dick. Jessica trembled under me, making humping motions with her hips, and her pussy made a wet sucking sound. I realized she was cumming as, for the second time, Jessica drank my sperm.

I kept pumping into her throat, spending my load, loving the feel of her rippling throat as Jessica automatically swallowed down my semen. She eventually pushed against my hips, needing air, and I slipped back, easing my dick from the girl's mouth as she gasped loudly, panting hard on my cock as she filled her aching lungs. I gave Jessica a few last spurts of cum on her lips and neck, then pushed the head back in her mouth. Jessica murmured around my oozing dick but nevertheless sucked me for the long, sweet moments it took for my cock to soften.

I was euphoric as I eased back, my dick dripping thickly with Jessica's saliva. The girl's face was shiny and dripping with mingled spit and sperm, her hair matted with it. I pushed her down the coffee table so she had some support under her head. Jessica panted deeply, staring at the ceiling. She touched her stomach, smacked her lips.

I heard the faint, tinny riff of 'Play That Funky Music' coming from my jeans, and reached for my cell-phone. I handed Jessica the box of tissues, watched with a satisfied smile as she cleaned her face.
I snapped open my phone. It was my ex wife. "Hello, honey," I said cheerily.

I heard her laugh. "What's got you in such a good mood?" she asked, then immediately checked herself. "No, wait, don't tell me. I don't wanna know."

"Suit yourself," I said, getting up and moving around to settle between Jessica's spread legs. I admired the teen's virgin cunt, settled my hand upon her fur-covered blonde mound. I gave the girl a look, pressed my finger to my lips, telling her to stay silent. Jessica just closed her eyes as I massaged her pussy.

"Anyway," Mandy said in my ear. "Some of us wanna go out for drinks after work. Is that okay?"

I smiled. "Sure," I said. "Stay out as late as you want. The kids are asleep already."

"Where are you?" my ex wife asked. "Are you home already?"

I smiled, parting Jessica's slick pussy lips and pushing back the hood of her pink clit. Jessica gasped faintly, her brow furrowing as I rubbed her clit. Her thighs tensed. I noticed that Jessica still had a streak of semen on her neck.

"Yeah, it was a slow night at the bar, and Ross asked for volunteers to go home. You know how exhausted I've been lately."

"Yeah, I know, honey," said my ex wife. "So . . . what are you doing?"

I'm playing with our babysitter's pussy! "Nothing," I said. "Just watching a little TV. I sent, um . . . who's the babysitter?"

"Jessica," said my ex wife. I could just imagine her rolling her eyes. "Jeez, Randy! She's been watching the kids for, like, half a year and you still don't know her name?"

"Of course I do," I said, slowly pushing my thumb inside Jessica's tight little cunt. The buxom teen whimpered softly, lifting her head and staring down between her legs as I slowly finger-fucked her. "I'm just really tired. Anyway, I sent her home early. Don't worry about Nate and Donna. I've got the baby monitor with me."

"Did you check in on them?" she asked.

"Of course I did," I lied, pulling my hand from Jessica's sopping cunt, grabbing the girl's hip and pulling her down to the edge of the table. Jessica's widespread thighs framed my own as my cock, becoming revived, sought out the heat of her pussy. Jessica just stared with wide eyes as my dick lengthened. "I gave them a kiss and everything."

"Well, I'll nominate you for Father of The Year," said Mandy with a hint of sarcasm. "So, it's okay if I go out?"

"Of course it is," I said, stroking my dick and rubbing the head against Jessica's slick lips. The little virgin teen pushed up on her elbows, giving me a furtive, apprehensive look. Yet still, she kept her legs spread. I smiled and winked at her. Jessica gave me a little nervous smile in return.

"So where are you going?" I asked, feeling strangely turned on by talking to my ex wife as I took advantage of our cute young babysitter. I rubbed my cock against Jessica's slippery pussy, getting it wet, then slowly pushed inside her. She shook her head, trying to tell me to stop, but I ignored her. Jessica's mouth fell open, and her bright blue eyes flashed wide as I steadily penetrated her cunt. She watched as, for the first time in her life, a dick invaded her tunnel. Her body trembled. Jesus Christ, she was so fucking hot, and so unbelievably tight!

"Um . . . Q-Bar, I think," Mandy said. "They have drink specials on Wednesdays."

"Yeah, I think so," I said, easing more of my cock inside Jessica's virgin pussy. I felt the spongy wall inside her cunt. I held back a groan of pleasure at feeling the proof of her virginity. Jessica stared down in astonishment as her little pussy was stretched around my dick. I wondered what she was thinking, why she didn't get up and run away. She could easily have cried out, alerting my ex wife to her presence, but she didn't.

Maybe little Jessica, with her good-girl, conservative Christian upbringing, really wanted to get fucked. Maybe she was as turned on as I was at the thought of getting her cherry popped while I talked on the phone to my ex wife. She certainly seemed like she was by the way she lifted and spread her legs even wider. I stared at her hairy blonde lips wrapped around my dick.

"So, anyway," Mandy continued. "Mom's gonna be there Saturday, right?"

"Far as I know," I said, sliding back and forth inside Jessica's burning, virgin pussy, feeling her wetness lubricate my shaft. The busty little teen watched my movements, staring at the long python invading her cunt, her pouting mouth hanging open. She whimpered slightly, then bit her lip as she tried to stay quiet. "Friday and Saturday, like every week."

"Well, I was thinking," my ex wife said. "Maybe we could, um . . . you know, go away for the weekend. You're off Sundays and Mondays, so . . . I was thinking, check in to a little bed and breakfast . . . emphasis on the bed . . . ."

I chuckled, pushing against Jessica's barrier once more. "Sounds good," I said, leaning over the teen girl's body. Jessica stared up at me, her blue eyes quivering with apprehension. "Careful, Mandy, you're gonna get me turned on."

My wife's voice became softer. "Oh, yeah, baby?" she asked. I heard the clinking of metal, figured Mandy was rolling silverware as part of her duties. "You wanna know what I'll do for you this weekend?"

I sighed, feeling Jessica's pussy tightening around my dick. "Tell me," I said, and covered my babysitter's mouth with my hand. Jessica gave me a sudden, fearful look, and shook her head desperately as she realized I was about to take her. "Uhm-uhm!" I faintly heard. "Mo!"

I just smiled upon the girl, telling her, wordlessly, that she really had no choice.

"Well, I think I'll be in the mood for a nice, long blow job," Mandy said. I heard feminine giggles in the background. "Real sloppy and wet."

"Oh, yeah?" I asked, moving back and forth inside Jessica's tight little cunt. I watched the girl's wide blue eyes, saw the anxiety there. She really didn't want me to take her, I knew, and that really fucking turned me on.

"Uh-huh," continued Mandy. "And then I'm gonna fuck your brains out."

"Oh, baby," I groaned, suddenly shoving deep inside Jessica's hot pussy, ripping through her hymen. Jessica's eyes flew open wide, and she convulsed, whimpering in pain and shock as I took her. She all but screamed as she was deflowered, but her cries were stifled by my hand over her mouth. I felt a burst of thick, hot fluid around my cock. Blood, I realized. Jessica's virginal blood. Oh, fuck!

I heard Mandy chuckle, and her voice became almost a whisper. "Are you jacking off, honey?"

"Something like that," I said, fucking Jessica's tight, spicy pussy, feeling her sucking walls caressing my invading cock. The girl squirmed under me, her face contorted with pain and discomfort. She squeezed her eyes closed, and tears dripped from her eyes. I plowed into her seething, rippling pussy, luxuriating in the bliss of taking a virgin.

"Mmm, I like that," whispered Mandy sultrily. "Do it, baby, stroke that big fucking cock. But save some for me, 'cause I'm gonna be real horny when I get home. See ya later, baby."

"Oh, yeah!" I moaned, fucking deep inside Jessica's cunt, noting the streaks of blood along my cock when I pulled back. The little teen whimpered against my hand, slapping her hands to my chest and abdomen, impotently trying to push me away. Her face was twisted, her eyes staring pleadingly at me. But I kept fucking her, slapping my hips against her upturned thighs.

The cell-phone was dead in my ear; my ex wife had hung up, I realized, obviously thinking her words were enough. I slapped it closed, tossed it aside, and took my hand from Jessica's mouth. The girl gasped loudly, and cried out, shuddering as tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Oh, God! Ahhhh!" she wailed, arching her back. Her breasts bounced on her chest as I pounded her tight, seething cunt. Jessica bucked, her mouth hanging open as she gasped and grunted and moaned. Her pussy contracted tightly around the first dick she had ever felt inside her.

"How's that feel, Jessica?" I asked the girl, pumping her hard and sure. "How's it feel to get fucked?"

Jessica only shuddered and sobbed as she gave in to my invading cock. It was too late to resist now; the deed had already been done.

I held the girl's full hips in my hands as I ravaged her, moaning at the heat and snug fit of her pussy. Jessica cried and whimpered and moaned under me, her eyes closed as she endured my thrusts. I was willing to bet she never thought she would lose her virginity like this, taken, essentially against her will, by a man almost twice her age.

Eventually, her tight, sucking cunt proved too much for me, and I fucked her hard and fast, lifting her hips off the table and really giving it to her. Jessica let out a long, staccato cry as my dick mashed against her cervix again and again. I groaned, feeling the rush, and buried my dick deep as I ejaculated in Jessica's hot little womb, filling her pussy with cum.

"Oh, fuck!" I grunted, jabbing into her over and over. The little teen's sweet pussy squeezed my dick, milking me for every drop of sperm I had to give. Even after cumming twice in Jessica's mouth, my orgasm seemed endless. My cock burned and throbbed inside the girl. I stayed inside her for as long as I could stand it.

I finally sagged over the girl, slipping my hands from her firm ass and supporting myself above her. Jessica just stared at me in a daze, heaving. Her expression was one of shocked disbelief. I lowered my head, sucked on one of her thick, pliable nipples. Jessica hissed.

Abruptly, I pushed up, my slick, spent cock slipping from Jessica's flushed and swollen cunt. I padded to the kitchen, leaving the girl gasping on the coffee table. I took a beer from the fridge, popped it open, gulped down half of it. I sighed, then headed back to the living room.

Jessica had not moved. Her hairy, matted pussy oozed with cum and blood. A pinkish puddle formed on the table top under her ass, dripped off the edge to the floor. I chuckled, sat down on the couch, lit another cigarette. Jessica just stared at the ceiling, numb. Her lips worked as she talked to herself.

Finally, the girl sat up, looked down between her legs and touched her deflowered pussy. She stared at the milky puddle under her, then at the sperm oozing down her fingers. Absently, she wiped her hand on her thigh and looked to me, eyes wide and quivering. She didn't know what to think or say. The fact that she was no longer a virgin had not yet hit her.

"You want to take a shower?" I asked her.

Silently, timidly, Jessica nodded.


I took Jessica again in the shower, bending her over as I invaded her from behind. Her body dripping with water and soap suds, I fucked her tight cunt mercilessly as the girl moaned against me, bracing her hands against the tiled wall. She came twice as I pumped her young cunt.

I pulled out, and told Jessica to get on her knees. I settled my dick between the girl's breasts and tit-fucked her as Jessica gave me a blank, innocent look. She flinched slightly as my cum splattered her face and chin, but offered no protest as I pushed my dick between her semen-dripping lips. She sucked me until I was soft, dutifully swallowing what little cum oozed onto her tongue. Damn, she looked sexy with cum dripping down her face.

I took her to bed, and Jessica got on her hands and knees as I directed her. I sucked and tongued her slippery little cunt and tight asshole from behind for a while, making her cum, then fucked her again, holding onto her perfect round ass as I slammed her cunt over and over. Jessica whimpered and moaned under me, and we both came at the same time. I took a washcloth from the bathroom and wiped her dripping cunt, then took her downstairs, holding her hand.

She dressed quietly as I watched, and at the door, gave me a long, deep kiss. She finally smiled, brushing her damp hair back.

"I'll expect you on time tomorrow," I said.

Her blue eyes dipped. "Yes, M-Mr. Orton," she whispered.

I gave her a look. "Call me Randy."

The girl grinned genuinely. "Okay . . . Randy," she whispered. Then she wobbled down to her car. I watched after Jessica as she got behind the wheel and drove away.


Mandy came home about two hours later, and as she had promised, she was horny and ready for action. I was surprised that, after cumming five times with Jessica, I still had one last load to shoot inside Mandy's pussy.

In the morning, my ex wife made breakfast in bed, feeding me chorizo and eggs, toast, and orange juice. She checked on the kids, brought little Nate and Donna in to see their daddy. Nate babbled on about something he had seen on TV, and Donna giggled. Then Mandy got ready for work. She worked double-shifts on Thursdays. She gave me a kiss at the door, wished me a good day.

I called in to work, told Ross I wasn't feeling well. He accepted my excuse, told me the bar would be fine without me . . . but only for a night, he said.

I played with the kids for most of the afternoon, watching as little Nate ran around the back yard while cradling Donna in my arms. I fixed them lunch, then an afternoon snack. Mandy called me on her break, and we chatted casually for a while.

Just before four o'clock, Jessica showed up, demure and timid in her tight low-riders and snug-fitting blue top. She gave me a nervous and aroused look as I let her through the door. "Hi, M-Mr. Dalt . . . um, Randy," she said timidly.

"How do you feel?" I asked her.

She blushed. "Um . . . a little sore," she said, flickering her eyes across my face.

"You'll be fine," I said with a smile, and took her to the living room, unbuttoning her blouse. Jessica fidgeted, blushing deeply as I took off her shirt and cupped her firm, warm breasts.

"Wh-where are Nate and Donna?" she asked as I gently eased the girl to her knees and pushed down my sweat pants.

"Taking a little nap," I said, and settled my cock between her pillowy tits. I quickly grew hard, especially when Jessica lowered her face and licked, then sucked, the head of my cock.

I fucked my voluptuous teen lover all night long, taking her any way I desired. After tit-fucking her until I blew my load between her breasts and on her face, I told her to bend over the coffee table. Cum dripping from her face, heavy breasts swaying, I pounded her cunt, making her moan, gasp and wail as she erupted in orgasm over and over. I came inside her, then took her to the bathroom to clean up.

We took a little break, smoking and having a light dinner, remaining naked all through the meal. I found it incredibly erotic as Jessica served me in just her tiny little apron, her naked tits swaying as she moved about. Then we headed back to the living room.

Jessica sucked me off eagerly as I watched TV and smoked a cigarette, keeping my dick in her mouth long after swallowing my cum. Then I got her to straddle me as I lay on the floor, rolling her full ass in reverse-cowgirl until her back-to-back orgasms brought out my fourth load of the night into her voracious young cunt.

We took another break when Nate and Donna needed to be fed, but even as naked Jessica cradled my little girl to her full bosom while nursing her with the bottle, I groped Jessica's tight round ass and kissed her neck and shoulders. My lover just giggled and smiled.

By the time Jessica left that evening, I had given her two loads in her pussy, two down her throat, one all over her fine young ass, and two all over her face and tits. Jessica claimed she liked it when I gave her a facial, and massaged my cream into her skin.

I was glad when Mandy came home and said she was too tired for sex. I doubt I could have gotten it up if I tried.


Since Jessica lived right down the street, she was a relatively easy resource for me. On afternoons when she was home from school and my ex wife had to go do some shopping, I would call her up and tell her to come over for an hour or so and send her home dripping and satisfied. She never refused me. Sometimes, I would leave early for work, popping in at her house (her parents worked until five) and popping off in her mouth as she sat on her stuffed animal-littered bed.

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