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The Babysitter's Prize

It sometimes amazed me how easily Jessica had become my fuck-toy. No matter what I wanted to do with her, or how often, Jessica was always wet and ready and eager. She was definitely the most orgasmic lover I had ever known, and never balked at anything, no matter how kinky.

When I told her I wanted to take her ass, she dutifully opened the jar of lubricant and greased up my pole before pushing her ass down on it with grunts and sighs. She got over her discomfort relatively quickly, and after I ejaculated in her ass, let some of it dribble out on my ex wife's hand mirror. Then she watched her own reflection as she licked it all up.

When I told her to masturbate in front of me with a lollipop (cherry-flavored, naturally), she did so eagerly until she came, then sucked the pussy-flavored piece of candy as she jacked me off. When I shot my load in her open mouth, she swirled her lollipop in the gooey mess, then stuffed it back up her snatch as she swallowed.

I told her to bring her boyfriend Remy over one night and give him what he wanted, and watched from the hall closet as she sucked and fucked him wantonly, now and then glancing to me with naughty smiles. She sent him on his way once she was done with him, then let me take her ass as her pussy dripped with Remy's cream.

I took hundreds of pictures and digital footage of Jessica posing nude, masturbating, sucking my cock, and drinking cum from a shot glass. She was shy about the idea at first, until I told her I would never share them with anyone. She probably would not have agreed to doing it if I told her I was posting the pics and videos on an adult bulletin board. I got a lot of positive feedback from the twenty thousand or so members.

I fucked her all throughout the summer after she graduated high school, until she moved away to go to college. Jessica had known that our relationship would come to an end eventually, but she still had little tears in her eyes after our final fuck, in my car, as I took her to the airport. I gave her copies of the CDs that contained all her naughty pictures and videos as a going-away gift.

The following week, things weren't working out as well as they did before I started fucking Jessica. So I agreed on a settlement that gave Mandy the car and whatever posessions she wanted, as well as the custody of the kids. I agreed to a thousand dollarsa a month in alimony, then sold the house for a nice profit(enough to cover alimony for three years). I didn't tell her about the hundred and sixty grand in my private account, of course, and Mandy's cheap-ass lawyer never found it.


A few months later, I happened to be browsing through my favorite adult websites when . . . well, what do you know. There she was, my sexy little babysitter, staring into a camera as a dick filled her mouth. Jessica had evidently decided to use her oral talents to earn a little side money by appearing on a website that featured pretty girls swallowing cum. And the way she took the guy's load in her mouth, showing it to the camera before swallowing, proved she enjoyed what she was doing.

I chuckled, watched the video a few times, recalling those vivid memories of the five months I had spent educating Jessica in the intricacies and variations of fucking. I was glad she had learned well.

I switched off the computer, then got up and headed back to the bedroom in my Amsterdam flat. Dannike and Ilse were still asleep in the bed, naked and wrapped around each other. I chuckled, grinning, my dick getting hard just looking at them.

Hmm, I thought, I should start my own website . . . .


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2012-06-23 17:20:16
Any girls who are 15 or above let me know if u want to get fucked and u live in Norfolk

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2012-06-21 10:24:55
Excellent series. Now if you could do something about the oversized format of part four.

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2012-06-15 17:22:05
Person below me do u liv in Norfolk and are u a virgin

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