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Note: "Victorious" & the characters do not belong to me. They are owned by Schneider's Bakery, Sony Music & Nickelodeon Productions. No ownership or profit is intended from this story - just some good, dirty fun.
Summary: Jade finally has Tori right where she always wanted her - under her control. Warning: lesbian oral & anal sex, non-con & some BDSM.

Victorious: In Jade's Playroom
by K.O.P (

Hey guys K.O.P here, hope you enjoy this story and if i get some good reviews i may look at some iCarly stories

Tori Vega, an seventeen year old junior at Hollywood Arts High School, was in that semi-conscious state often experienced when someone slowly wakes up. Her eyes were still closed, she was in no hurry to open them.

As she lay there, her last dream came back to her. She was standing before her locker at Hollywood Arts when a couple of her classmates, Jade West and Cat Valentine, came up to her. Jade had the type of look on her face that Tori could only describe as predatory. The raven-haired beauty with the emerald and scarlet strands in her hair smiled wickedly but didn't say a word.

Cat, her cute, spacey friend with hair dyed the color of red velvet cake, giggled and said, "Hi, Tori!"

Then, with typical dream-like slowness, Jade leaned in and whispered something in Tori's ear. Then, in a dream-like haze, Tori was following the two girls out of the school and across the parking lot. The next place she was aware of, in the dream, was a brightly-lit, windowless room. She was stripping in front of a large wheel that looked like the logo from those X-men movies Andre and Beck liked so much. There was an additional upright piece between the two upper parts of the cross that extended about halfway up the space from the core of the X though.

With a shiver, she realized she was cold. Or was that the memory of the dream?

Tori slowly opened her eyes to see the room from her dream. The walls were covered in light-colored, hard-wood paneling with plush wall-to-wall carpeting across the floor. There were small windows near the tiled ceiling covered with small, dark curtains. But Tori could only see a part of the room she was in. When she tried to stand, she found she was unable to move.

She turned her head right and left and discovered she was laying on the wheel from her dream, her body akimbo with her ankles and wrists shackled. Her head must be resting on the extra 'strut'. The wheel was tilted at a 45 degree angle. Then she realized, to her horror, that she was naked.

"H...hello?" she whispered. Then more strongly, "Hello? Is there anyone here?"

'Oh God, I'm in one of those horrible gore-porn movies. Jigsaw or someone is going to...' Stopping that train of thought, the pretty seventeen-year-old high school student shivered again, and not just from the cool air. The brunette teen strained against her shackles but quickly found there was no give in them.

"Well, well... Tori Vega, how nice of you to drop by," Jade's voice came from behind her. Tori could feel hands combing through her long, dark hair that had to be hanging loose behind her.

"Jade? Get me out of this!"

"What's the magic wo-ord?" Jade drew the last word out in a sing-song fashion.

"Jade, get me loose!!"

Snidely, the Goth beauty retorted, "Sorry! Wrong word!"

There was a giggle from behind Tori as well. "Cat? Cat, please get me out. Let me loose."

In her high-pitched voice, the faux redhead said, "Sorry, Tori. I can't. Jade and I are going to play."

"WHAT? Get me the FUCK out of this!?!"

Panic seized Tori and she strained against the straps futilely. After several seconds of pulling, grunting and swearing, Tori slumped back onto the wheel.


Jade stepped around the wheel to look at her captive. Tori's eyes bugged out when she saw the raven-haired girl in a shiny black bikini. Almost immediately, she realized it wasn't a bikini. The top was a studded half-bra that exposed Jade's nipples and areola to Tori's eyes. And the bottoms would barely be categorized as a g-string. Equally shiny, elbow-length, black gloves covered her hands and forearms while shiny, high-heeled, black boots extended up to Jade's thighs.

Jade slowly spun in a circle, letting Tori get a good view of the girl's nearly naked ass. "You like?"

The brunette was speechless. How could Jade become so warped in only seventeen years? And Tori was even more stunned when Cat came around the other side. She was wearing a pink, lace camisole with a pink g-string and pink garter and stockings. Red, high-heeled shoes adorned her feet. Tori could see Cat's nipples through the sheer top. The giggling girl twirled a little faster than Jade, her camisole floating out from her body. Spinning in a tight circle rapidly too many times, she stopped and took a couple of hesitant, wobbling steps, giggling and saying, "Whoa. I'm all dizzy now."

"So Vega, what do you think of my playroom? Pretty sweet, huh?" Jade strutted a bit as she pointed out things around the room. "Over there is my personal sauna. I use that when I'm finished playing. Behind you is a small rack I like to use.

"The wheel was actually something my father had custom-made for me." Jade laughed when she saw the look on Tori's face as she said, "Oh no, nothing like that. I wanted to do a torture chamber haunted house in the yard one Halloween. One of the benefits of relatively inattentive parents with money is that they provide without asking or thinking too much. Anyway, I had a blonde mannequin strapped to the wheel wearing a bra and panties - nothing too racy like Victoria's Secret. And a dark-haired dominatrix with a whip stood nearby. My outfit is an altered version of her fuller domme gear.

"Guess the choice of a female victim and female domme should have told me something at the time but you know what they say about De Nile..."

Cat looked confused, "No. What?"

With barely a glance at her old friend, Jade sniffed in irritation. "Anyway, the self-righteous neighbors were offended by my display. So, I brought the whole thing down into my personal room here in the basement. I changed the shackles - fur-lined now. And I still have the whip." She nodded back over Tori's shoulder. "The 'girls' I gave to the school when I started there. I think Sikowitz has one and Sinjin stole the other. I don't wanna think about that."

All three girls shivered at the thought of their somewhat odd teacher and their even odder classmate with female mannequins.

"Anyway, as I was saying, I finally realized my real...interests. Beck is a good diversion from time to time but..." Jade stepped up next to Tori and ran the back of her gloved fingers along her cheek. "...I'm coming to prefer the softer diversions."

"Me too!" Cat chirped. "Girls are fun!"

Jade smiled an evil, but indulgent smile, "Cat is my...sidekick. Sort of Candyfloss to my Wicked Wanda." At Tori's confused look, she explained, "In old Penthouses? 'Oh Wicked Wanda' - the comic about an ultra-rich dominatrix and her lover rampaging around the world? Lemme guess, straight arrow Daddy Vega never kept any of his old smut. Never mind. How 'bout Harley Quinn to my Ivy? Gaby to my Xena? Get it now, Vega?"

"Um-hmm," Tori moaned fearfully as she nodded.

"And you are our latest toy. Maybe even our greatest. You see, when I was jealous of you and Beck, I was really jealous of Beck. But the...attitude lives on!" Jade thrust her hands in the air melodramatically.

" did I get here?"

"Oh. That was nothing. Remember when that nerd, oh, what's his name?"

"Jeffrey?" Cat offered.

"Yeah, whatever. Doesn't matter. He did that hypnosis gig in the Black Box the other day?" Tori remembered, she had volunteered and ended up acting like a chimpanzee in front of most of the school. "Well, I had him add a supplemental command to you before he was finished. It was a simple command that was designed to allow me to give you a trigger word at lunch that day."

Tori realized what Jade was doing at lunch that day when she said, "Victorious. Victorious."

At the time, she thought Jade was merely making fun of her full name, Victoria. Now she realized what the devious bitch had done.

"So, at the end of classes today, I said it to you," Jade continued, "I knew you'd eventually come out of your trance. But I was ready to awaken you anyway. I want you to be conscious for this."

"What makes you think you can get away with this? My parents will be worried. And, when I get out of here..."

"Oh Tori, Tori, Tori. I had you call your parents when we left Hollywood Arts. See, you're on a sleepover at Cat's. And as for telling on me...well, I can take care of that too. Post-hypnotic suggestion and all that." Jade smiled widely, "And who knows? You might actually enjoy yourself."


Suddenly Jade pinched Tori's nipple between her finger and thumb, the black latex contrasting with the pale un-tanned skin. "HEY!"

"Quiet Vega! I'm in charge here!" She pulled up on the cross piece under Tori's arm and the wheel became vertical. "Gotta love a father who tries to buy affection with fully-functional torture chamber toys."

Jade looked over Tori, her eyes drinking in every part of the nude teenager. "I see that you shave. Or do you use a cream? Wax maybe?" She saw the brief squint in Tori's eyes at the mention of wax.

Tori did wax herself once at her sister's suggestion before they went shopping for beachwear. She swore that she'd never do that again. She used a razor and cream now.

'Wax, eh?' With a smile, Jade walked behind her captive and out of sight. She soon returned with a black candle in hand.

Placing two gloved fingertips of her other hand on Tori's lips in a silent shushing gesture, Jade smiled then stroked down the girl's torso - between her breasts and across, and into, her belly button. Her hand cupped the bare pudenda, her first two fingers dipping into the slit. Tori let out a small sound of surprised pleasure.

"Oooo, is she wet, Jade?" Cat asked.

With a vocal "shush", Jade put those glistening fingers on Cat's mouth, smearing Tori's juice across the other girl's smiling mouth. Then she licked the rest of the girly liquid off her fingers. "Hmm, you taste pretty good, Vega."

"Yeah!" Cat agreed happily after licking her lips.

Jade's hand moved back between Tori's legs and Tori grunted as Jade's fingers were forcefully inserted into her pussy. These fingers stayed in, pistoning in and out several times before Jade pulled her hand free. She licked them again then offered them to Cat who happily cleaned the glove of Tori's essence.

Coming close to Tori, Jade shoved her hand into the girl again. "Like that, do ya?"

Before she could answer, Jade pressed her lips to Tori's in a fierce kiss. She opened her mouth and forced her tongue into Tori's mouth. Tori moaned as she felt Jade's supple invader dance along her tongue then back. Soon, to her surprise, she found herself returning the kiss with equal, if surprised, fervor - her tongue slipping into Jade's mouth. They traded tongues for several minutes before Cat complained.

"Hey, I wanna play too!"

Tori and Jade looked over and saw the fake redhead had stripped down to her garter, stockings and heels. Even in that situation, Tori was amused to see Cat had shaved her small patch of fur into a dark brown heart shape. Then she glanced back at Jade to see that she had removed her thong leaving her pubic thatch exposed. That was shaved into a V shape pointing to the top of her slit.

"It's V for Virginia," Cat giggled. "Virginia Vagina, get it?"

"Quiet Cat," Jade said. "No one's naming my cunt."

She pushed Tori back and the platform moved until she ended up laying parallel to the floor. Her long, brunette hair fell free behind her.

Tori leaned her head back and saw, on the wall behind her, a built-in shelf unit. Scattered on the shelves were several artifacts that she had never seen before. Although the one on the left on the 2nd shelf looked like the dildo her sister, Trina, had stashed under her bed.

Hearing a clicking sound, Tori looked back at Jade and saw her holding a Zippo lighter to the black candle. "So, since you know about how much fun wax can be, I thought we'd play with it for a while."

As the candle flared up, Jade held it at an angle over Tori's chest. Tori's eyes widened in fear, "You're not... Don't, please! Jade, I'll do anything! Please..."

With a playful lilt to her voice, Jade replied, "Oh, you will do whatever I want. And I will do this."

Tori hissed as the first ebony drops of hot wax landed on her tit. These were followed by several more on the other then a trail down to her navel and back up to the 1st breast. With an evil smile, Jade moved the burning candle down again - between Tori's legs.

Tori screeched but, before any wax hit her oh-so tender flesh, Jade laughed and moved the candle back up Tori's torso to drip directly into Tori's navel, filling the little depression with dark wax. Then back to drip on the girl's hardened nipples. She dripped wax on a breast then down to Tori's filled belly button then back up to Tori's other breast.

Cat clapped and laughed, "It's a big V. V for... Hmm, V for Vega?"

"Cat..." Jade warned.

Soon the candle had burned down about half it's length. Jade blew it out and tossed it towards the shelves. Then she pushed the platform back, lifting the bottom, as she turned Tori upside down. Tori's hair brushed the floor below her head.

Jade walked over to the shelves and picked up a whip. It was short but cracked loudly when Jade flicked it. Tori's eyes widened in fear, "Oh god, Jade...please don't!"

"Okay. Fine. But you'll have to kiss my ass first."

Jade turned her round ass to Tori's face squatted down and pressed back. She could feel the other teen's nose near her anus then the girl's lips practically kissing her forbidden hole. She wiggled against Tori's face a few times then pulled away. She heard Tori gasping for air, 'Oops. Forgot she needs to breathe.'

Aloud the dark-haired dom said, "Not quite what I had in mind. I meant a French kiss but maybe this will teach you..."

Ignoring Tori's renewed pleas, Jade smiled wickedly as she flicked the whip several times near Tori without actually touching the girl's quivering body. Then she moved closer and slashed at Tori with the whip. It didn't crack this time but did slap across her stomach with enough force to pull a scream from Tori's lungs. Several more lashings across her torso let Tori crying, her tears flowing into her hair. Her belly had faint red streaks that were already fading.

Throughout this, Cat stood off to the side with a pained, sad look on her face. She knew what Jade wanted to do but hadn't expected Jade to be so mean.

Jade tossed the whip aside and moved close to Tori. She ran her hand gently over the red marks on Tori's body. "Don't worry. The redness will fade shortly. And I can take your mind off the pain."

The raven-haired dom lowered her face to Tori's pussy. "You're even wetter, Vega! I think you liked the pain. Maybe just a little?"

Tori was shaking her head but, in the back of her mind, the De Nile comment was echoing over and over. As Jade resumed tonguing her pussy, Tori forgot about the pain and just enjoyed the pleasure of the girl's tongue where no one had ever been before.

Cat smiled in relief as the torture part was over and the sex part began.

Jade's mouth on her pussy was setting Tori on fire. Her hips were moving as she tried to get more of the girl's tongue into her. She felt herself approaching a peak of pleasure and desperately wanted to cum.

While French kissing the other teen's pussy, Jade felt Tori's inner walls tighten on her tongue as the girl approached orgasm. She immediately pulled back, leaving Tori in a torturous state of near-climax.

"No, no, no. No cumming until I say so, Vega," Jade chided her. "Anyway, that's what I mean when I say kiss my ass...actually ANYTHING of mine. Got it?" At the same time, she grabbed a long, smooth shaft off one of the shelves. It was a polished dark wood and over a foot and a half long. Both ends were carved to resemble cock heads. "Hmm...I wonder how much of this will fit in our little Tori?"

"Is that the same one you shoved into my ass?" Cat asked in wonder.

"No. That was a lot thicker," Jade replied as she placed the end at Tori's gaping hole. "I wonder if I get your cherry, Vega?"

Tori didn't respond. While she had lost her hymen in a gym accident a few years before, she was, technically, still a virgin. She never imagined, in her worst nightmare - or wildest dream - that she'd lose it to a Goth-wannabe with a hardwood dick.

The shaft slid in easily for a couple of inches. Jade grasped it like a butter churn and began to piston it in and out of Tori's throbbing, wet pussy. Each downward push got a little more of the ebony wand into the brunette.

Tori, for her part, was amazed at the feeling of being fucked by Jade. She had never been fucked before but fell into the rhythm easily. She was stunned.

Jade was equally impressed, "Sure you've never been fucked before Tori?"

Moaning as the fake cock filled her, Tori shook her head. She didn't want to talk as she felt herself on the precipice again and wanted dearly to fall off.

Again, Jade stopped but left the dildo sticking up out of Tori's pussy - Jade had nearly 6 inches in her victim. "Nope, still not time to cum, Tori. You gotta kiss me first."

Jade squatted again and thrust her hips forward, plastering her pussy to Tori's face, Tori tried to fight it but Jade moved up and down, smearing her wet lips across Tori's face. Tori kept her mouth sealed as she tried to resist the dark-haired dom but then Jade moved so Tori's nose was inside her labia, forcing Tori to finally open her mouth for air. Jade felt the exhalation on her trimmed pubic hair and moved up slightly so her lips were over Tori's. "Go ahead Vega. Lick me. Suck my cunt!"

Resigned to her fate, Tori began to slowly lick the girl's nether lips. Before long, she had stuck her tongue between the outer lips and into Jade's core. Jade threw her head back as she said, "Oh, you're a natural, Vega. Oh yeah, lick me. Stick your tongue into me... Fuck me with your tongue!"

Tori alternated thrusting her tongue into Jade and taking long swipes of the girl's pussy. She was disgusted with herself for even touching another girl's sex but, as appalled as she was, she found herself enjoying it. Soon, she felt Jade's cum dribbling down her face and into her hair. That disgusted her but, at the same time, turned her on even more. At the thought of Jade's fluid in her hair, she renewed her assault on Jade.

At the end of one of her tongue swipes, Tori felt Jade's hard nubbin poking out of its sheathe. Instinctively, she concentrated on the raven-haired torturer's clit, licking around it then sucking the nub into her mouth. That was all it took for Jade.

"AAAaaggghhh! IIII'mmmm cuuuummmmiiiiinnnngggg!!!" She had a grip on the shaft in Tori's cunt and this caused Tori to finally climax.

Even as she screamed her orgasm, Tori saw and felt Jade's juice as it spurted out onto Tori's face. The captive tried to capture as much of Jade's cum's she could in her mouth but much ran down her face.

Jade fell onto her knees before Tori. Grabbing Tori's face in her hands, she said, "That was...incredible!"

Then Jade kissed her old nemesis, tasting herself in Tori's mouth. She began to lick her cum off Tori's cheeks as well. Cat knelt with her and shared the tangy liquid before she thrust her tongue into Tori's mouth, kissing her friend for the first time.

Jade finally stood and declared, "You came without permission. That will not be tolerated. I will have to take your anal cherry as well!"

In truth, Jade had schemed to do just that from the moment she decided to pursue her depraved assault of Tori. But, like the unplanned cunnilingus she performed on her captive, she was already altering her planned anal assault. Reluctantly, she admitted to herself that she liked the perky brunette. A lot.

Tori didn't know or care about Jade's change of feelings. She was too scared of what would happen to her poor ass. "Please Jade. Don't..."

"Sorry, Vega. I've wanted to do this for a long, long time..." Jade responded. "Cat, you know what to do..."

Her cum-damp hair spilling towards the floor, Tori saw Cat's heart-shaped pussy right in front of her face. Looking up her body, she saw Cat licking her lips as she gazed at Tori's pussy.

Jade came up to them and pushed Cat on her ass, forcing the girl's pussy into Tori's face. "Kiss her cunt! Eat her! Lick her pussy!"

At the same time, Cat cheerily said, "Okay!"

Her tongue dipped into Tori then she began to lap at the open pussy before her like her namesake. The redhead's tongue slipped around the brunette's nether lips, probing and licking the red, engorged flesh. Occasionally she'd suck one of the puffy lips into her mouth and hold it gently with her teeth as she moved her head like a puppy worrying at a bone.

"That's not what I meant, Cat," Jade said in mock disgust. In truth, the sight of her long-time friend eating out another beautiful woman was a huge turn-on.

Jade stood and watched as her friend ate out the girl of her hottest fantasies. She held another long, but more slender dildo in her hand, her fingers stroking the plastic as she eyed Tori's ass, the cheeks spread by the wheel. She longed to shove the dildo into the girl's ass so bad. She was still surprised that she no longer wanted to really hurt Tori. A little pain - a little torture - was fun but she found she really cared for Tori. Not that she'd ever admit to that fact.

Reaching behind herself, she grabbed a jar of lube off the shelf. As she slowly applied it to the shaft, Jade surprised herself by leaning in and she began to lick Tori's asshole. Her tongue traced the tight pucker and then stroked back and forth across the rosebud. Looking at it, Jade smiled when she saw the muscle flex and 'wink' at her. She resumed her oral assault on Tori's most private hole.

Tori was overcome with the sensations coming from her elevated crotch. Cat's tongue was dipping into her then lapping at her cunt while she felt what had to be Jade's tongue probing her asshole. With a moan, she opened her mouth and found herself licking Cat's hot, wet slit. As she lapped at the girl's pussy, she could feel more of Cat's juices flowing from the fake redhead onto her face. She cried out into Cat when she felt Jade's tongue push into her ass.

Jade forced her tongue into Tori's tight ass as she fingered herself. She was sure that nothing more than a rectal thermometer had ever been in the brunette's ass before this. It was really virgin territory.

'God! Cat's bad puns are rubbing off on me,' Jade silently despaired.

The goth then began to saw her tongue in and out of the tight sphincter, enjoying the muffled moans coming from beneath her. At the same time, she thrust her first three fingers into herself. It didn't take much to bring herself off. Even as Jade came, she continued to lick out Tori's ass until...

Cat began to lick and suck on Tori's clit as she pushed several fingers into the girl's ravished cunt. It was so wet and hot that Cat, already overly stimulated by Tori's tongue in her pussy, almost came. Then...

Tori felt her ass and pussy spasm as her tongue drilled Cat's clit. When Cat came, her girl-cum spurted onto Tori's face and dribbled down into the brunette locks to mingle with Jade's cum. And...

Tori came at the same time. She screamed into Cat as her ass tightened around Jade's tongue and her pussy walls clamped onto Cat's fingers while her cum bubbled up into Cat's mouth.

All three nearly blacked out from bliss.

After the three recovered, Jade slowly rotated the wheel until Tori was nearly vertical. Tori's head slumped forward, her cum-soaked hair falling in wet strands around her face.

"Cat, turn on the steam," Jade said in a quiet, quaverng voice. She removed her boots and gloves then the demi-cup bra.

"C'mon. The sauna gets ready fast. We can relax," a now-naked Jade said as she slowly unshackled Tori. Tori, relieved but also a little disappointed that her ass wasn't fucked, nodded slowly. She was still ready for Jade to revert to form.

Cat quickly peeled off the stockings and her garter before joining the other two.

Soon, the three naked friends were lounging on a bench in the steamy room. Tori looked at Jade and smiled, "I actually, kinda had fun."

"Yay!" Cat clapped.

Tori smiled indulgently at the red head then continued, "And I think I want to do some of this again. And I do mean it."

"Any time, Vega. Any time."

A half-hour later, Tori Looked at her naked friends as they got ready to leave the sauna. "Remember when Jeffrey got you, Cat?"

"Yea-ah, he had me... No I don't remember. What did he do?"

"You acted like a total bitch!" Jade said.

"Yeah, he said you should be the person you most admire," Tori added. "Never knew it was Jade."

"Well, she's so... I'm all sweaty in places I didn't know I could sweat," Cat said abruptly.

Jade led them to the large shower nearby as they left the saune. Tori watched Jade's tight ass as it bobbed in front of her. "And Jade, he had you acting like Cat..."

"Oh yeah, that was funny," Cat giggled.

"I did not. You lie. Beck lied. All of you lied."

They stood under the multiple shower heads as they lathered each other clean.

"And, like you, I made a quiet request to Jeffrey. I thought maybe I could make you be nice to me instead of all the hostility."

As one of the shower heads rinsed the soap from her supple body, Jade's eyes widened in fear. "You didn't..."

To Jade, Tori whispered the one thing she was sure she'd never say to anyone for real, "Trina is hot."


"Jade! Wakey, wakey!"

Jade's eyes snapped open. In front of her was a vision from her fantasies, Tori Vega wearing Jade's skimpy domme wear - the half-bra, thong, boots and gloves. She held the handle of the whip in one hand with the cable coiled up in her fist as she tapped it against her other hand.

Running the end of the handle across Jade's bare chest, she whispered, "You're not the only one who made a deal with Jeffrey...

"I think it's time to play. Right Cat?"

"Goody!" a still naked Cat giggled. "Can I eat her out?"

"Yep! And I'm gonna make her ass shine!"

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