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My first attempt at writing, and posting, so let me know if it's worth the effort.
Birds of a feather

Gabriel's blue eyes opened to the familiar sunlight that entered his bedroom, as he regained consciousness he realized that he was alone in bed.  His girlfriend Sam did not return home lastnight from work.  He looked around the room, and nothing was out of place, to suggest she had been home at any point.

Gabriel was about 23 years old, 6'1", 175lbs, and in very good shape.  He had met his Girlfriend at a cafe, a couple of months ago.  Sam had caught his attention just by her eyes.  Unlike anyone he had met before, her eyes were naturally ice blue.  He had asked where she had got her contacts from, and that made her laugh.  Within minutes they became real good friends.  Now that being said, Gabriel was not blind to the rest of this girl, she stood about 5'8", 110lbs, a nice 34 C, and a rock solid ass!  

They began dating about a week later.

Gabriel decided to get up and grab a shower.  He was annoyed that Sam had not even called him.  When he finished his shower, he threw on some clothes, and prepaired to get to work.  Luckily for him he worked as security in the building where he lived.  He locked his apartment and headed down to his office on the main floor.  The building was quiet.  He headed down to the residents lounge and sat down at one of the tables, and proceeded to light a cigarette.  

The Lounge was at the front of the building, so he could see everything coming to and from the building, which was perfect as he waited for Sam to return.

Soon enough, Sam came walking down the lane way, her dirty blonde hair blowing in the light wind, as she walked to the building entrance.  She entered the lobby and buzzed Gabriel's number.  Gabriel picked up his phone, and said he was in the Lounge, then let her in. As she came in, and sat down across the lounge, she could see the annoyed look in his eyes. She knew that he was angry that she didn't come home , and so she began forming her plan.  A plan she had been fantasizing for weeks, and partly the reason for her not coming home lastnight.

For several weeks her best friend Tammy had been getting Sam curious about BDSM.  The curiosity began on particular visit with her best friend, when one day, Tammy's boyfriend, Chad, had come home, and none of the chores Tammy had promised to do, hadn't been done.  Without a word, he dragged her off to the Bedroom, and moments later Sam heard the unmistakable sounds of her friend getting spanked.  Tammy was also starting to cry.

Sam had been spanked by her parents before, so she had no problems identifying the sounds she was hearing.  She immediately got up to rescue her friend.  As she got to the door, to stop the abuse, she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks.  Tammy's crying had stopped was making a new sound.  She  moved closer to the door, and could hear Tammy starting to moan in ecstasy.  Her mind began to race, trying to imagine what was happening on the other side of the door.  It wasn't too long before, she heard Chads voice, "Bend over the bed, Bitch!"
"Oh, Daddy," Tammy toyed, "I want you to fuck me hard, I want you to show me how bad I've been!"

Sam's mind was racing again.  She was absolutely confused, concern for her Tammy, and yet incredibly horny.  She couldn't pull herself away from the door.  She heard a deep moan, from Tammy realizing that Chad had penetrated her best friend, then he began his forceful rhythm, as the headboard began slamming into the wall.  Tammy's moans became grunts and eventually screams from her orgasms.  Sam was so turned on by this and her hand found its way down her pants, passed her panties and starting to play with her shaved sex.  

Chad was pounding into his girlfriend with all abandonment, and as her screams were becoming more, he started smacking his girlfriends beautiful, and already reddened ass.  Tammy squealed in absolute pleasure, drowning out, the soft moans coming from the other side of the bedroom door.

Sam was bringing herself to orgasm, at almost the same time Chad was. 
"Come here!" Chad ordered, as he pulled Tammy by the hair, bringing her mouth up to his 6" cock.  Tammy moved with excitement, and engulfed his manhood.  She began sucking him hard, bobbing her head back and forth, fast on his cock.  She knew that within moments he'd be cumming down her throat, which she absolutely loved.  Despite the fact that Chad would cum more than most porn stars, she really loved how loud she could make her man moan.
Within seconds, of her hard work she was rewarded with the first couple ropes of cum shooting down her throat.  She grabbed Chad's butt, and pulled him deeper into her mouth swallowing his cum as quickly as possible.  Chad began to moan, as more cum jettisoned from his cock, into Tammy's waiting mouth, which in turn drowned out Sam's moans on the other side of the door, as she was cumming.  Sam's body shook violently, as wave, after wave of pleasure coursed through her body.  As Sam's orgasm subsided, she became aware of her situation.  Embarrassed by the possibility of being caught by her best friend, and Chad, she quickly wobbled herself back in the living room, trying to compose herself, as if nothing had happened.  But, the seed had been planted, she was hooked.  

After Sam had questioned her friend with concern about what she had heard, practically drilling her for information.  Tammy could see that Sam was more than concerned for her well being, it was absolute fascination. For the weeks after, Tammy had invited Sam to join in, with her and Chad.  Sam politely declined the offers.  Although, she was attracted to Tammy, she had no interest in Chad, besides, she loved Gabriel.  Finally, after weeks, Tammy talked her into a steamy little offer that Sam couldn't refuse.

"Samantha!"  Gabriel shouted.  Sam jumped, as she was brought back from memory lane.  
Staring into his blue eyes, "Sorry, what was that baby?"
"Do you want a Coke?" he repeated, visibly flustered by his girlfriends lack of attention.
"No, I'm just really tired, can we go up to your apartment?" she asked as she stretched in her seat.  Gabriel nodded in agreement, as he fished out a Coke from the vending machine, and began heading for the door.  With that, Sam got up and followed Gabriel out of the lounge, and headed for the elevator.  As they arrived at the elevator, the elevator door opened and Gabriel nodded an acknowledgement to the person exiting.  He then moved aside and allowed Sam to enter first, and he followed.  Not one word was spoken, as both there minds were set on the conversation that would occur in the apartment.  Gabriel's mind focused on how annoyed he was with Sam, and Sam focused on how she was going to fulfill her fantasy.  As far as Sam was concerned, everything was going as planned, and she was going to get her first taste of a BDSM relationship...Sam's mind began to wander back to the previous  nights activities...

"So, you want to know more about what it feels like, Sam?" Tammy toyed, as she sat up in her living room couch.  They had met up after Sam's shift ended, and ended up at Tammy's, just the two of them.  "Words can't describe, how it makes me feel," Tammy continued, "but if you're that desperate, to find out, I can spank you!" she said with a seductive wink.

Sam's mind was reeling, as the thought gave her chills.  Tammy and Sam had, had a prior experience some time ago, before Tammy started seeing Chad.  They were both bi-curious, and since neither had a relationship at the time, they both felt the need to scratch that itch.  Which both never forgot, and always fantasized about a repeat encounter.

Tammy began heading toward Sam, as she slowly started taking of her top, revealing her B cup breasts.  Sam sat in the chair, flooding with anticipation, and fear.  She remembered the spankings she got from her parents and none of those were even remotely pleasurable. But she trusted Tammy, she loved her best friend, so just went with the flow.  Tammy, reached down, and took Sam's arm, and began pulling her off the couch.  Sam got up, and was being led away from her seat.  Tammy reached around, her best friend and embraced her, while moving her head towards Sam's and began to kiss her.  Sam responded, by parting her lips, and forcing her tongue into Tammy's mouth.  Both stood there, kissing, enjoying this moment of bliss.  The suddenly, Tammy pulled away, from Sam.
"No," Tammy whispered, as she leaned in towards Sam's ear. "This is for you!". Sending chills through Sam's body, as Sam felt herself tingle between her legs.
"It's going to hurt, sweetheart," she continued, "but I promise not for long!"
Tammy sat down pulling Sam closer to her, and began undoing her pant button, followed by her zipper.  She slowly brought down her pants.  She then lead her across her lap, as Sam slightly hesitated.  Sam was flooded with memories of when her parents had done this, and yet, she was still really enjoying this.  Finally she laid across Tammy's lap.  Tammy began to rub Sam's pantied, and clentching ass, trying to get her to relax.  When she saw that Sam's ass cheeks were beginning to relax, she began to run her fingers, between the cheeks, and finally between covered folds of her friends, already dampened pussy.
"Sam," Tammy said gently, "I'm going to take down your panties, and then I'm going to begin, but, I want you to promise me, if this becomes too much, and you can't take anymore, I want you to say 'shoes'."

Sam turned her head and faced Tammy, with an extreme look of confusion on her face.

"It's a safe word," Tammy explained, "it tells me to stop, and it's something your not likely to say, no matter what your feeling.  It keeps this safe. But I wont stop until you say the safe word, Ok?"

Sam looked back down to the floor while nodding her head.  Tammy could see that Sam was still not sure about all this, but knew that she would have to push it, so Sam would know for sure.  She wrapped her fingers around the waistband of Sams panties, and began brining her panties down, of which Sam assisted by lifting up her hips off Tammy's lap.  Sam settled back down, to her original position, as Tammy finished exposing Sam's ass.  Tammy paused, as she admired Sam's ass, then took, deep breath, as she lifted her hand.  Then...SMACK. 
Sam jumped from the sound, but then relaxed again.  The pain was not so bad, she thought to herself.  Tammy smacked her again, only this time, Sam didn't jump.  Tammy decided, 'now, let her have it.'  She began spanking Sam, hard and fast.  Sam was now starting to feel the effects of the assault Tammy was inflicting on her, she took some deep breaths, and tried to stay relaxed, but the stinging pain that she was feeling really started to hurt.  Sam could feel the tears welling up in her eyes, and she suddenly wanted this to stop.  
"Stop!" Sam gasped, as the pain was ever increasing with each slap. She began to struggle, but Tammy just locked her down, and continued spanking, Sam's beautiful ass.
"Tammy!!" Sam began to cry, "I said 'stop'". But Tammy kept on blistering her ass.  Then Sam remembered...
"SHOES!!!" Sam wailed, in tears.

Tammy came to a complete stop, and look down to her sobbing friend. 

"Are you sure?" Tammy asked.  
Sam nodded, still wiping the tears off her face.  Sam felt as if someone had poured hot lava across her ass, and now it was eating through her.

"Do you want me to continue on to the best part?"

Again Sam nodded.

Tammy gently started to caress Sam's really red, almost purple, ass.  Once again, Sam jumped, at her touch.  Then she settled down, only this time she could feel Tammy's gentle touch, only it was magnified.  Tammy started lowering her fingers, towards Sam's clean shaved pussy, slowly caressing the outer lips.  She was still wet...
This sent shockwaves through Sam, as she closed her eyes, and just began to get lost in the sensations.  

Tammy, then, slowly began inserting her finger into Sam, and was rewarded with a moan.  She then removed her finger, and began to play ever so gently with Sam's clit.  Again, Sam moaned with approval, and she began opening her legs to give Tammy better access.  Tammy then stopped, and reached down to Sam's shoulders, pulling her up, off her lap.  Sam, a little confused, stood up, and slightly wobbled.  When she stood Tammy led her over to the couch, and got Sam to lie down, on her back.  Tammy knelt between Sam's legs, and positioned her hands under Sam's still throbbing ass.  As she began massaging her bottom, she moved her head, between Sam's legs, and began kissing her pussy.  Sam closed her eyes again, on the threshold of pain and pleasure, both rippling through her, as Tammy's kisses, we're replaced with long, meaningful lapping, as she licked from the bottom of her labia, to the top of her clit.  Still massaging Sam's sore ass.  With each lick, she plunged her tongue in deeper into the folds of her labia.  Tammy began her rhythm, and Sam was beginning to moan in ecstasy.  Just as Sam was starting her orgasm, Tammy removed her one hand and plunged her fingers, into Sam, massaging her G-Spot.  
Sam screamed, as her eyes flew open, and her body began to convulse from her orgasm, coursing through her body.  Wave, after wave of pleasure ripped through her, and she began to flood the inside of her friends eager mouth.  As her orgasm subsided, Sam blissfully collapsed her still fluttering legs, as she closed her eyes, and caught her breath.

Tammy got up and kissed Sam on the lips.
"Damn you taste good sweetie!" Tammy smiled.
Sam's eyes opened, and Tammy could see, Sam was not done yet, not by a damned sight.  She leaned down and embraced Sam once more, leaning into her ear
"No, baby, this is for you," Tammy whispered, "Don't worry about me, I'll be getting worse then that later, when I tell Chad!"  An evil smile formed on Tammy's lips, still glistening from Sam's orgasms.

"So do you want me to leave you, so you can get some sleep?" Gabriel began.

"No, baby, we should talk!" she said as she sat on the couch. Again, the sudden shock if being brought back from memory lane.

"Ok, what do you wanna talk about?" he asked as he took a drink of his Coke, turned his back and set his drink down on the kitchen counter. 

With his back turned Sam dropped her pants and underwear, and began playing with herself.  When Gabriel turned to look at her, he was in utter shock. 
"What the hell are you doing?" he shouted, "I thought you wanted to talk!"
"I do baby, but I already know your angry, and I want to do something to make you calm," she said as she put a couple of fingers into her pussy, and gasped, "I know I should have called, and I want to make it up to you!"
"I am angry, something could have happened, and I wouldn't know about anything for at least 24 hours!" 
With that she stood up, and slipped her pants and panties off all the way, and grabbed ahold of Gabriel's arm.  
"Baby, gimme a chance of making this up to you!"
She led him into the bedroom, and then reached for her purse.
"First, things first," she said, removing a large thick leather paddle that she had bought on her way over to Gabriel's, from her purse. "I need to be taught a lesson, it's wrong to worry you like this, so, please baby, you need to spank me, so I never do this to you again." she said, feeling her heart racing, and her pussy just throbbing.
Gabriel just sat there on the bed, absolutely confused, and speechless.
Sam handed the paddle to Gabriel, and moved him off the bed, where she laid down face first, her naked ass staring him in the face.
"Please, Gabe, I need this, and I need you to do it to me, but you have to do it right so I never forget to call you when my plans change.  You need to make me cry."

Gabriel looked down at the paddle in his hand.  It was obvious she was sincere in what she was asking, and she wasn't going to take no for an answer.  

'I can't believe I'm doing this!' he thought to himself, as he moved towards her, firming his grip onto the handle.  Sam stared into his eyes, with a look of longing, and when he approached her she buried her head into the pillow. He lifted the paddle and smacked her gently.  Sam's head lifted from the pillow, and she glared at him
"Harder!!!" she snarled, "I have to know what I did was wrong!"

He lifted the paddle again, and this time focused on his anger, with her not calling.


Sam pushed her head back down into the pillow, and began to shake her ass, taunting Gabriel.


Sam lay there, taking her punishment from Gabriel, feeling the pain, which was far more than what she experienced with Tammy, but also with each whack, she was getting extemely wet.  Both her ass and her pussy pulsed with sensations, pain, and pleasure.  She was starting to cum, and cry, at the same time.  After about 15 whacks with the paddle, Sam's pussy was on fire! She wanted Gabe naked, and fucking her hard with his big cock.
Sam again lifted her head, and tears in her eyes, stared at Gabe's crotch.  She got up, not taking her eyes off what she wanted.  Gabriel stood there with the paddle in the air, and again, shocked that not only had this transpired, but now she was off the bed, undoing his pants, practically ripping his underwear, and taking his cock into her mouth.  
Sam was in an absolute frenzy, sucking Gabe's cock, that as she was blowing him, she sat on the bed, renewing the burning/stinging sensation on her ass.  Feeling him harden in her mouth, to his full thick 7 1/2 inches, she laid back down, face first, and stuck her ass in the air. 

"Fuck me baby, please fuck me hard!" she hissed, and buried her head in the pillows.

Gabriel could see the raw frenzy that she was in, which only fueled his desire, he too was beginning to enjoy this!  He got behind her, and thrusted into her, and she squealed.  He began to fuck her as hard and fast as he could, and she screamed through the pillows, which was music to Gabriel's ears.  He wasn't sure how much longer he was going to last, with the raw lust, and as if she could sense his impending orgasm she lifted her head.
"Cum, baby, cum all over my ass, put the fire out!" she grunted, "I'm so close baby, cum with meeee!" 
Gabriel's balls tightened and he pulled out, fucking her ass cheeks, firing his load out all over her ass, as she finished with him, squirting all over the bed.  He collapsed over her, both panting, catching their breaths.

Gabriel sat up, and went to put his pants on, when Sam stopped him, and knocked him back down on the bed.
"Where do you think you're going, mister?" she growled

"I gotta make sure the building's ok." he said laughing.

"Not yet," she smiled, "Now I have to apologize!"

She grabbed ahold of his still hard cock, and began deep throating him, hard and fast. Again Gabriel felt his balls beginning to churn, his head leans back as he smiles...

'This is working better than I thought...good job Chad, ol' buddy' he thinks to himself as he thrusts his second load cum into Sam's mouth.
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