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A false accusation leads to submission
I accused a good friend of my wifes of stealing at a bar, embarrassing him badly. I later found out the bartender took it, thinking it was a tip. I apologized profusely to James, the black man, but he kept saying I humiliated him. My wife was half drunk,  telling me to let it go, but I felt horrible. He said he was leaving so I followed him out to his car pleading with him to let me make it up to him. He said " Fine. You shamed me, then I'm gonna shame you" he then unbuckled his pants and told me to suck his cock and all would be forgiven afterwards. I said I can't do that but he said otherwise our friendship was over. I stood there shaking my head no, but he stepped closer with his uncut cock in his hand telling me it's only fair that I am humiliated too. So, for some reason I knelt down and looked up at him and he came close and told me to kiss it. I stared at it for a few seconds and then leaned forward and kissed the wrinkled skin covering his big cock. He nudged me with it, again, so I kissed it again. He started to harden and let it go, as it hung in front of me, I just looked up again and asked him if I could touch it. He nodded and stood with his hands on his hips, looking down at me, waiting for me to perform  head. I took it in my hand and looked up once more asking if I was doing it right? Ahead nodded again, smirking as I kissed the tip once more as I stared into his eyes. My heart was racing and forgot about being in the parking lot, exposed for anyone walking by to see. He saw me looking around , and said to get busy. I said ok and licked his wrinkled skin and started to peel his long foreskin back on the shaft. It was unreal to see a coal black cock that close up, but what really hit me was the odor from his cock! It smelled strong and had white cream and paste all over his cock after I unsheathed his member! I didn't want any more, but as I started to recoil from the smell, he hooked his large hand behind my head, with his fingers laced in my hair, and fed me back to his stinking cock. He slapped it onto my lips and face, as he kept saying," yeah, dats it, bitch, suck sat n***** cock, yeah, ohh yeah". As he kept poking my lips and teeth with it he gripped my hair tight and I instinctively opened my mouth to say "ow", he slid it to the back of my throat, muffling any response I had. I gagged but he started a rhythm and I was forced to accept his pace and pressure, as I struggled to breath . Finally he let my hair and head go as I slowed my pace so it was more acceptable to me and I sucked his cock slow and steady licking his shaft and cleaning the smegma from it gradually. Bit, by bit, I worked it, I hadn't realized he was no longer forcing me to blow him, until , my wife came over to the car and dropped her drink upon seeing me sucking her black friends huge penis. " What in the fuck are you doing?" she yelped. I started to respond but he told her to shut the fuck up and he would let me go home when he finished cumming!  She stared in disbelief as my gaze shifted from her to  him as his cock kept up his invasive deflowering of my mouth. He leaned back on his car, as I slurped and sucked his cock, adjusting to the pungent taste and smell, siding the foreskin back and forth, back and forth, trying to serve him as best as I could. My cock was rock hard as I realized kneeling before a black man was the most excited I had ever been. Having my wife watch me worship a black cock was the ultimate humiliating exilaraing,feeling I had ever known..I really started relishing his taste and looked up at him, as he looked in my eyes, letting him know I loved serving him. My wife was staring at me, in a trance, arms crossed in mock rage. I saw her lick her lips, signaling me that she was jealous that I was the one on my knees! I wouldn't have relinquished my spot for any amount of money in the world! I felt James tremor as he put his hand on his cock and pumped it , spurting a stream in my throat, then he pulled bac and laced seven or eight ropes of thick white cum onto my face and eyes, and caked my hair too! He bellowed out a "Oh fuck yeah!"  I backed away and stood not being able to see, as I reached for my wife's hand. She sighed heavily, exasperated and grabbed my hand, leading me to our caar. She unlocked my door and opened it for me as I bumped my head getting in. James followed me to the car, because I unheard him say to me and my wife that I was nearly even with him! I silently swooned, realizing he would be requiring more payment from me at a later date. My wife just said" James, hasn't he done enough for you?"  James walked away giggling in a deep,evil laugh. My wife made me ride home with cum all over my face as further humiliation. She was pissed but I smoothed it over after I cleaned up. She still is mad, and keeps wondering when we discuss that night, "Are you gay for him now?" ..... I think I waited too long to answer her because she got pissed all over again.  Isaid no but she must have known by the bulge in my pants I was lying.

To be continued...

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Unable to even rread. No paragraphs poor spelling NOT WORTH READING!! STUPID QUEERS!!!!

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Sick faggot mother fuckers.

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