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There was a very rich man who was obsessed with parties.he organised party for anything he bought be it small or big.

Once he bought a new underwear and decided to do a party.but when getting ready for party,being in hurry he forgot to wear his NEW underwear.

He went to the stage to announce the reason of the party and dropped his pants on the floor thinking he was wearing the underwear.

Seeing him all men stood up in shock.then the rich man told them "gentleman please sit down let the ladies also see"

i hope u all like the joke and give positive comments

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2012-11-29 18:37:24
It was very funny Everyone else are just being buttholes.

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2012-11-13 23:55:03

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2012-08-09 08:59:26
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2012-07-06 23:35:14
only positive remarks anyone would make on here would be you writing your own "way to go's" you suck

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2012-07-05 16:27:09
like your other joke i just read, not funny at all, just dumb as hell, what are you, aged 10 or 11?

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