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I am madly in love with you
I don't know you well enough to be...but I am
My body craves your touch
my lips beg for your kiss
My eyes purge themselves on your beauty
You are in my fantasies by day
My dreams by night
You are the first thing I think of when I wake
My last thought as I close my eyes to sleep
I live my life to worship you
I am unimportant unless you are content
If I do not please you
Tell me how I may do so
I will gladly crawl on my knees until I have accomplished your desire.

---February 24, 2000

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2012-11-22 06:26:35
Haha, I love that you know SATC Mr. Bee! :) And yes, we'll be keeping ours a seecrt from people we know - but not from boards like this, cause I'm not worried about you guys stealing my names -it's highly unlikely we'll meet over here in Europe, so we can share names. :)

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2008-09-03 06:24:05
pretty well!!


2008-07-09 18:27:45
it won my gerl other so its grate


2005-02-05 21:47:16

But if you think about it. The person speaking these words really is slightly obsessed. They want to feast on their obsession as much as possible. Even if that means over indulging to the point to purging.

I knew what the word meant and knew what I was wanting to express when using it.

Thank you for your comments though!!


2005-02-04 14:02:26
the one thing i dont like is the purging of the eyes. The word means this: To remove (impurities and other elements) by or as if by cleansing. I get the idea, remove all the non beauty and put in its place beauty. But I think the word purge also conjures up images like its medical definition: To induce evacuation of the bowels . This just does not fit with the whole beauty thing.

maybe a verb that takes something like devour, since the light actually goes into the eye. Or maybe eagerly do something. These words seem full of goodness.

My eyes devour the essence of your beauty
My eyes eagerly discern your beauty at every chance

I liked it

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