Can do something I have never seen before.
While surfing the net I checked Craigs List personals to see what was being offered in my area. I'm always in the market for another sexual experience. One add got my attention as it was located in town and was a female (named Sweet Marie) looking to supplement her income. She stated she had her hours cut at work and was in need of another source of income. I responded before it got flagged and removed.

Her pitch was “ young 112 pound female with short black hair (some white) straight sex, no oral and safe only.” I was intrigued with her statements. She seemed a little mercenary in her requirements with no mention of how she might please a man or any hint she might enjoy the sexual act. I'm one of those who derives more pleasure from seeing a female having pleasure than from the act itself. I think it's a thing where I feel power over a woman that is being carried away and consumed with pleasure that only I can provide or withhold at that moment.

It probably stems from early sexual experiences where I was all about getting myself off and never considered a woman might also enjoy the act. I could tell there was something missing from sex back then but didn't realize until later why women were not pursuing me after the first encounter.

I sent her an e-mail stating I was interested and wanted some particulars. She responded a few days later stating again NO ORAL!! and how much could I offer for each encounter. I was a little put off at her avarice and still no mention of what I might expect. I followed with another message that in thinking it over I was not ready to start a relationship that might put me in jeopardy.

At the time I was corresponding with her there were many adds telling of the massage and special sexual treatment one could receive. These were all professionals that would have the money first, could make you cum in two minutes and have you on your way out the door before you could wipe your dick off. I lost interest in these encounters back when sex to me was only getting off.

My mind kept wandering back to Sweet Marie in the following weeks thinking I may have judged her to harshly. I was sure she was not now or ever a pro. with her blatantly obvious cold calculating approach. She would be 20 to 30 years younger than me and sounded like her body would be fuckable. All thought we all would like to think we are attractive enough to be paid for our services. So I decided to give it a try.

I sent her another message saying I was sorry I was vacillating about employing her services. I was negotiable on price but would like to meet somewhere to talk in person and discuss the details if she was still interested. Also the meeting would be platonic. She agreed to meet at the local Starbucks the following day at 2pm. I was to wear a green shirt with cowboy boots. I arrived early to sit in the car and scope out what she looked like in case I wanted to make a hasty retreat. I wore a black t-shirt with a green shirt ready in the seat next to me.

She had arrived early also and I saw her sitting in her car looking over every one going that direction. I had a small monocular with me that could be concealed in a hand when put to an eye. Her face wasn't anything spectacular but I wasn't there for a piece of face. She finally went in thinking I might already be there. Starting my car I pulled away and parked around the corner out of her sight. I slipped on my green shirt and went to meet this enterprising young woman.

She was sitting at a table outside when I walked up so I just went over as if we knew each other and said “Hi Marie what kind of coffee can I get you”. She wanted a latte so I bent over next to her and said quietly “ if you are having second thoughts I will understand if you are not here when I get back”.

I went in to order and kept an eye on her. She acted like she might bolt at any moment but stayed seated until I returned. We sipped coffee and looked at each other a couple of minutes. You could not call her pretty but she was cute up close with nice skin and a small slender body that more than met the criteria of being fuckable. Her nervousness was apparent so I asked in a quiet voice if she had thought about price. She replied curtly with a scowl on her face “how much are you offering.”

After giving her another appraising look from head to toe I said I would be comfortable paying $100 an hour. I purposely acted casual and almost disinterested since she had started out with a chip on her shoulder. She became almost belligerent and stated “after seeing you in person the price will have to be at least $300 an hour.”

I have no delusions about my looks but do stay in shape with a boxers workout. I still jump rope and punch the heavy and speed bags every other day. Topping that off with 30 minutes on the tread mill daily keeps me trim. The face is a little beat up but the nose was only broken once. A little thickening around the eyes from scare tissue, so not the handsomest guy around but not repulsive enough for $200 an hour over my idea of the going rate.

My first instinct was to tell her to fuck off and just leave. After thinking for a minute as I formulated a plan on how I might get back at this little shit and maybe have some fun in the bargain. The money wasn't a big deal but I had no intention of paying three bills an hour for an average looking woman, giving me nothing but attitude and what sounded like a mediocre roll in the hay.

My reply was “that sounds a little steep”. She snapped back with “take it or leave it and hurry up, this is wasting my time”. I couldn't believe the woman’s affront when speaking to me but still hoped to have some fun at her expense. I tried the negotiation tactic by asking if she would consider $200 an hour the first time and if everything went well we could discuss a price raise from then on.

Her head snapped back a bit and her big brown eyes popped open. She lost her aggressive attitude and the breath went out of her with a big sigh. I knew at that point $200 an hour was more than she expected in the beginning. She responded in a soft voice asking how often I might be interested in seeing her.

I leaned forward a little and said with the sincerest face I could muster, “probably not more than two or three times a week”. Her eyes got big with dollar signs in them. “I'm getting older and don't have the stamina I used to.” I continued by telling her “dating takes up a lot of time I don't have to spare. I have decided it would be easier for the next year or two, for me to find sexual release with an attractive young non professional like yourself.” I thought to myself, like my daddy always said “ baffle them with bullshit.”

I asked if we could talk as two adults entering into a business relationship and treat each other if not as friends at least with the respect we were both due. Her greed got the best of her and she replied “yes that would be nice”. I added there are a few things that I require that are not negotiable just as I’m sure you have some special requirements. She asked “what special requirements I might have” as the scowl started to return to her face. I told her for me to complete the sexual act I had to perform oral sex on my partner and it would be more convenient if we met at her residence. I also do not ever wear a condom.

She returned to hostility in a flash. What surprised me was she was worried I might want her to perform oral sex, rather than not wearing a rubber. I assured her I was not interested in her giving me a blow job or in any other act she might find offensive. I explained I could not achieve an erection or maintain one if I didn't first perform cunnilingus on a woman. I again asked if these special requests were acceptable to her.

She readily accepted the conditions I had stated and was anxious about when we could get together. I asked for her phone number and said I would call later that evening after I checked my calendar. I asked what time of day and what days would be best. She indicated she was free most any week day after 3pm. As we parted she attempted to smile and act friendly but left me with the feeling she not only detested me but hated sex and everything about it.

I returned to my car making sure she did not see it or have any chance of following me. My plan was to give her a fucking like she had never had before. About 15 years ago I purchased a cock extension that is about ten inched long and when I reach around it there is over and inch between my thumb and middle finger. It was made from a mold of one of the early 80's porn stars and is skin toned. It was a special order item that required me to supplying exact measurements of my own average sized cock. The fit was all important as it would be held in place by suction.

I was dating a tiny woman back then that wanted to be fucked or filled with ever bigger items. I bought it to please her and succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. She would almost go into convulsions when I used the beast on her which she wanted almost every day. She had remarked on a couple of occasions it was so realistic looking she would not have guessed it was fake until she touched it. When we parted ways, she tried to steal it a couple of times and has called many times over the years asking me to give it to her or a least use it on her again for old times sake. I do on occasion relent as the spectacle of her mad gyrations while being fucked with it are quite exciting. On a few occasions she has passed out from over stimulation which is a little scary.

My plan is to find a way of slipping it on without Sweet Marie knowing and giving her a real $200 screwing. My animosity toward her is fueled by her crap attitude and thinking I should pay to be insulted. Normally I would have a little compassion for someone so damaged. I'm sure if I knew her story I would stop this foolishness and either try to help or walk away but she stepped on my ego a little to hard.

I called that evening and compared possible days we could get together and set it up for two days from then at 10 am. She had that day off and said it would work out better than a work day since she could take a shower before we met. The inference that I got was if we met after work she did not intend to shower before we had sex. I thought to my self the girl needs to talk to a pro and get some pointers about the necessity of hygiene before and after every trick. I couldn't help thinking what kind of person (male of female) would have sex with someone and subject them to the smells and feel of an unwashed body.

I had driven across town to her address the day before and checked out the area. She lived in a small track home in one of the poorer areas that was in need of general maintenance. I had wanted to see if there was any sign of a husband or live in boyfriend. The house had no extra vehicles parked in front or in the carport so I was relatively sure she lived alone. Too make sure for the next two days anytime I was out on any errand I would swing by and take a look. The only vehicle I saw parked there was the one she was in at Starbucks.

The morning of our pending encounter I was in a state of arousal. I kept thinking of the of the erotic fun and games I had planned for Sweet Marie. I was sure this would be a one time debauchery and I would probably never see hide nor hair again. My thought was to leave her with a screwing she would not soon forget. I doubted whether I could make her understand how her negative attitude and open insults had encouraged me in my attempt to degrade her.

After considering the difficulty of inserting my cock into the devise, I had opted for wearing a loose pair of slacks and installing the rubber cock just prior to arrival. With a long shirt worn out I was able to disguise the large bulge in my parts. Standing in front of the mirror with my shirt open I resembled an older version of a 70's Disco stud with a rolled up sock in my pants to pad my crotch. I looked like I had a salami taped to my leg.

I left that morning driving an old beater of a car I keep in my extra garage space. It's not registered to me and each year when registration is due I sell one and buy another just like it without changing the title. I drove to Marie's with a nasty smile on my face, a limping spring in my step and a lewd song in my heart.

As I pulled up in front I saw the curtains move from a front window. She answered the door wearing a white terrycloth robe and motioned for me to come in quickly. I could see her hand shake and new she was really nervous. She was having a hard time starting any conversation as I followed her into the living room. Her home was modestly furnished but clean and orderly.

To make it a little easier I commented that I was a little nervous and maybe we could talk for a few minutes. I could see her relief and she stammered a bit as she said “OK.” I began by asking if she was married or had children. She blurted out in a nervous rush of anger “ I have three kids that my X-husband has taken away from me. He is an abusive sadistic controlling asshole and took the kids for spite. Now his mother is raising them up in the northern part of the state. He doesn't even bother to visit them and I have to drive five hours one way to see them. Oh sorry. I guess I’m a little on edge and I’m sure you don't want to hear about my problems.”

My big plans just went into the toilet. I felt deeply ashamed for wanting to humiliate and punish this woman who was already hurting badly from being separated from her children. I also had no way of knowing what she might have gone through to form her opinion of men and sex. I laid the two hundred on the table, pulled out my wallet and added another $100, then apologized for bothering her. She sat there with a disappointed hurt look as I got up and left.

There was a lengthy e-mail from Marie waiting for me that evening. It read:

John: Please forgive me for being so rude to you earlier. I'm in a financial bind and have let it make me less than gracious. Any extra money I make is to keep up child support payments to my X-husband. If I fall behind he hassles me through child protective services and won't let me see them. I was actually looking forward to our sexual encounter this morning as I have never had a normal or pleasant one. I'm still holding out hopes I will someday have at least one normal experience. You were the only person that responded to my add that seemed normal. I was pushing you to see if you would become mean and violent. I have never been with any man but my X and don't know how to gauge men and their desires. All my sexual experience has involved brutal attacks by him that have left me socially and sexually inept. Even though we are divorced he still rapes and beats me several times a year. I don't mean to unload my problems on you but I felt you deserved an explanation since I treated you so poorly from the beginning. Once again please accept my apology and try not to think badly of me. Yours sincerely and very sorry Marie.

After reading her apology I felt even worse and was more ashamed at the humiliation I had intended to put her through. I decided since I had the resources and skills necessary I would look into helping her with her problem and maybe relieve my conscience a little in the bargain. The fortunate thing was I had not contacted her using any traceable IP address or cell phone. An old habit that is expensive and sometimes cumbersome but keeps me out of the sight of law enforcement.

A couple of hours research has revealed several items. Her X-husband is a blight on
humanity. His record is mostly minor as he has been suspected but never charged in several brutal assaults. It looks like he is paying for a new Corvette with her child support and there is no sign in his financials he forwards any of the money on to his mother. His mother is in no situation to support his children as she is living on social security disability and welfare. It also looks like he set up Marie on a drug charge to discredit her in the court system.

I called Marie back and apologized for leaving so abruptly, explaining I felt like a jerk when I had heard her story. She was friendly and very up sounding so I told her I was also sad we didn't finish our transaction.

When she shyly stammered “we could still give it a try” I told her I want to very much but we needed to do it differently if she wanted me to help her with her problem. I explained if I were to help her we could not be seen together or be linked in anyway. This confused her but she was willing to go along with my instructions. I had her meet me in a parking lot where we left her car. I drove us both to a small park and we sat in the car to talk.

She asked what I meant when I said I could help her. I replied “ what would solve your X husband problem.” Her response was “ if he were to drop dead. Or if he would back off and let me raise my kids with no interference, but that will never happen. He is a vindictive self centered asshole and will fight me over the kids no matter what.” I asked “ what would you do if the police contacted you and said your X has been killed.” Marie looked me in the eye and replied “ Vince is a truly evil person and I think he has killed before. He beat and tortured me sexually through out our marriage and still does. I'm glad his mother has the kids because he was starting to hurt them and I know he never visits so they are safer with him not around. If I had the kids here he would still have access to them. He stops by every month to pick up his child support and either rapes me or if I’m lucky he just slaps me around. So if your asking what I would say if I found out he was dead I would say with a straight face, oh my that’s terrible but it was just a matter of time with his temper. I would be jumping up and down with joy on the inside.”

I asked if she trusted me enough to come to my house to conclude our original transaction. She looked up at me and blushed as she said “ oh yes ! I have been hoping you might reconsider. Gosh I feel like a school girl going on her first date. I'm so nervous my hand is starting to shake. Why is it that we can't be seen together?” I replied “ something violent will probably happen to your X very soon and it's possible you may be suspected by the police. Any one you are seeing will also be suspect. If you are uncomfortable with any of this, now is the time to say no.”

As we drove to my place she was quiet and reflective. I pop the auto garage door and drove in, not letting her be seen by the neighbors. The house is impressive and in a gated community so she was a little in awe. As we entered through the garage and kitchen she turned to me and said “I was expecting you to be married or at least living with someone. I promise I won't say anything about you to anyone and thanks for not treating me like a hooker.”

We walked back to the living room and I poured us both wine. She was still very nervous so I asked if she would mind if we treated this like a third date. When she didn't get my meaning I said “ this is our third time together and that is when a woman decides if she wants the man to make love to her. Marie whispered “oh yes please do. I have no idea what making love is but I know I want to try it.” I unzipped her dress and let it slide down in a pile around her feet. I stepped back at arms length to take in the vision of her slender body clad in panties and bra. She blushed and said “usually by this time I have been punched a couple of times and fucked or I’m gagging on the cock that’s been shoved in my mouth.” I popped the back clasp of her bra and let the straps fall off her shoulders. As it fell away I held a small breast in each hand and began massaging them as I leaned over and sucked each small erect nipple. She shuddered with pleasure. I walked her backwards to a couch and stripped off her panties as I sat her down. I trailed both hands down her body, across her pelvis and down to her inner thighs where I spread her legs wide exposing her sparsely haired pubic mound with her vaginal canal gaping open a little.

She moaned with pleasure as I slide my hands up her inner legs and pressed my thumbs against her open pussy lips pulling them further apart. The inner folds were delicate and slightly hooded her small clitoris. I knelt and placed my lips to hers as my tongue slid in parting the quivering inner labia. She twitched with small erratic movements as I softly sucked and tongued her from her tain't* to clitoris. She was moaning with pleasure and I could feel the vibration as if she were purring.

* tain't – small piece of skin between the vagina and rectum. Tain't asshole and tain't pussy.

Her pussy contracted around my tongue as I slid it deep into her inner recesses. The taste was strong and slightly salty but not offensive. Her breathing had increased to a pant and she was grinding her open gooey slit into my face trying to increase the tempo and pressure of my licking. I could feel her body become tense as it was building towards an orgasm that would crest within a minute or less. I pulled her back from the brink by continuing slower and lighter to prolong the act. After holding off her climax twice I raised up telling her I wanted her first climax to be with me inside her. She said “OK” in a small whispery voice.

Kneeling in front of her I bumped the head of my cock lightly into her sloppy wet pussy lips. It slid fully into her easily as I’m average in size and birthing three children had taken a toll on her elasticity. She looked into my eyes tenderly and said “that is the largest cock I have ever had inside me and it feels wonderful. “

I was taking the longest slowest strokes I could, to give her as much feeling as possible. I had one thumb at the top of her slit massaging her small clit with each stroke. Her breathing became quicker again as the orgasm began to draw near. Her face was strained with tension from the impending climax. As she started I was surprised by the frantic undulations of her pelvis. Her hips were jerking with short hard bumps giving me added stimulation and pleasure bringing on my climax. We both were groaning and I was soon shooting my overdue load into her. My climax lasted only a 20 or 30 seconds. Her's still held her in thrall with small uncontrolled jerks and spasms as I slowly stroked, enjoying the fading sensations.

Marie blew out a long sight of satisfaction and release saying “ oh my lord that was worth the wait. I have been craving an orgasm during intercourse since I was a teen. I didn't think it would ever happen. Thank you for being so tender and patient with me.

I stood and puller her up and into my arms, kissing her deeply while kneading her firm butt cheeks. She pressed her moist body into mine and rubbed her chest and pelvis against me. She followed me into the bedroom, where we laid on my bed and talked a bit.

My first words were “ I have to apologize for what my original intentions were. I was offended by your statements at our meeting. I intended to humiliate you physically to teach you a lesson but really to bolster my injured ego. I'm glad I didn't.” She asked what I had intended. When I explained about the large dildo I was going to use, her face flushed and lite up with undeniable lust. In a very raspy voice she asked “ would you reconsider and use it on me now if I begged you. “

I retrieved the cock extension from my dresser and returned to the bed holding it. Her eyes opened wide and she began to smile with a wanton leer as she said “ oh my god ! That is magnificent.” Then in a coyish little girl voice she asked “ I would love it if you wanted to humiliate me right now. I need to be humiliated really really bad.” As my dick began to engorge again I slid the extension over it before it became tight.

Laying on my back the huge extension stood up ten inches above me. I asked Marie if she was sure she wanted to try it. She replied “ More than you could ever know. I want all of that big thing inside me right now” as she threw her leg over me and began struggling to insert the huge cock into her self. I took hold and helped guide it into her. The first few inches slide in easily. The deeper it penetrated the tighter she became. She was moaning with more pleasure than when I had fucked her. Before it hit bottom she was letting out long OOHs and AAHs with each stroke. Knowing her vagina was already stretched I began pounding the monster into her harder with each stroke. Her second climax was twice as intense and lasted just as long. We were both drenched in sweat when she finally laid down on top of me with it still fully inserted. She whispered in my ear “please leave it in. I have never had my pussy so full of such pleasure before and I feel like I’m in heaven.”

As she laid there atop me with maximum vaginal expansion she began to talk of her life. “My husband's dick is about half the size of yours and in anger I once made the mistake of calling him dinky dick. He beat me into unconsciousness. After that he started raping me with larger and larger objects in both my vagina and ass. Sometimes I would almost have an orgasm even with the pain and fear. That beating was the one that broke two of my lower ribs on the left side. The lowest one was splintered and had to be surgically removed for safety. They were forced to remove one from the other side so I wouldn't develop a lopsided look. I filled for divorce soon after that happened.

The beatings and violations have escalated in brutality and I’m afraid he is going to kill me someday. I told her “don't worry, that part of your life is over and some good will come of this.” She replied “ beside the children there is one good thing that came from this.” I asked “what that was.” thinking it to be some mental resolve she had obtained. She replied “ here let me show you the one good thing he left me with that has made my life not only bearable but very erotic.” With a sly lewd smile she began disengage herself from me.

Marie pulled up and slowly extracted my fake dick. Her face looked as if she had lost a friend. She laid down next to me and said “I have never told anyone else about this but I feel very comfortable with you and you seem to be a very sexual person with the capacity to understand and enjoy it. I'm very flexible and have been able to put my legs behind my shoulders since I was young. She raised her legs up and slipped each arm around her legs with the back of each arm resting against her calves. The sight of her exposed open vagina was enough to get me hard again.

“When I healed from the surgery and started to workout again I realized I had more flexibility without the ribs. While doing yoga one evening I rolled my butt and legs over my head and realized I had my face pressed into my crotch. I was alone and horny so I removed my shorts and panties and tried it again. It was the most erotic and sexually fulfilling experience I had ever had.

At this point she pulled her legs free and scooted down in the bed with a pillow behind her head. She rolled her legs over her head with her toes touching the head board. After a little wiggling and maneuvering she soon had her vagina pressed against her mouth. What I saw looked impossible and I had never heard of it before. I had read a few articles of men that were able to suck them selves off but never a woman. Thinking back I had seen female contortionists that might have been able to do it.

Marie could still talk in that position and said “you and I have something in common. We are the only two people that have ever performed oral sex on me.” As she stuck out her long pointed tongue and slid it from her clitoris almost to her asshole. My eyes went wide and I moved to a sitting position with her upturned ass touching my abdomen. I bent over and raked my tongue down her slit until I contacted her tongue. I moved back and said “ I have got to see you bring yourself to climax.” Marie half closed her eyes and began sucking and tonguing herself. With my hands on her butt cheeks I bent forward and penetrated her asshole about a half inch with my tongue as she continued to lick the length of her furrow. She couldn't quite reach her cute little asshole but kept trying. We were forehead to forehead and would stop to touch tongues and kiss every few minutes. She finally stopped to say “as exciting as this is I don't think I can bring on another climax.”

Our evening didn't end there. Marie stayed the night and we talked into the wee hours. As we spooned in bed later my erect cock was pressed against her asshole so I poked it a few times. She moaned and said I could put it in if I liked. I soon had it fully inserted and was slowly stroking. Anal intercourse with her was tighter than vaginal but it was also stretched a bit making it quite enjoyable. Soon I was shooting my second load deep inside her bowels. She seemed to enjoy the stimulation of being ass fucked as she wanted me to leave it inside long after I had finished.

I was quite smitten with Marie and could tell she felt the same. She remarked this was like living a dream. She left early the next morning after breakfast to go home and change for work. When she left I told her we would not see each other or talk for some time and that I would contact her when things were right, also I would walk up to her in the near future and nod, indicating her problem had been taken care of. I gave her two thousand dollars from my safe and asked if she would refrain from any other hooker activity as I intended to engage her in an exclusive relationship. She was happy to no longer be in a financial jam but was sad that we had to part right then. We kissed good bye as I dropped her at her car.

I do a little off the books detective or what is called special needs work for friends of friends. Skills I started acquiring in Vietnam and were added to and further cultivated by several branches of our government over many years. I have been watching a car theft ring in a nearby major city. The friend of a friend is a major insurance executive affiliated with most of the large buildings in his downtown domain. His people and friends have been getting hit with claims on high end autos taken in thefts and carjacking events from this area. Everyone in his social circle believe these violent crimes are hurting the cities image and want results before the inevitable deaths start to occur.

The group that is perpetrating the thefts are organized and well trained. The part of the organization I’m watching is comprised of three men that do the carjacking using a pistol that is stashed and expendable. All three have long and violent records. When each individual is ready he stops by a lower east side diner and goes to the restroom where he retrieves the hidden pistol. He is then dropped off in a down town area near a parking structure or lot used by the well to do business class. The thieves all dress well and don't stand out from other people using the parking facility. Everyone has haircuts and no visible tattoos.

They follow likely candidates leaving the parking structure elevator or entering from the street. When a high end vehicle is approached he pistol whips the owner and takes their keys, wallets or purses and car. PDA's and cell phones are discarded in a trash can on the return route. They then drive to an industrial area where the car is parked and keys are left over the visor. The assailant is picked up within minutes and dropped at his auto, while the driver takes the gun and returns it to the diners restroom for the next user. The stolen car seldom sits more than 20 minutes before it is loaded into a covered trailer and transported to one of several shops.

I located the stash location and have examined the gun. It is cheap 38 cal. throw away model but will fire. There are serial numbers but it is probably stolen. This group of the car theft ring delivers from three to six cars a day and I believe they have several similar groups doing the same using other locations through out the county. I was ready to blow the whistle on them but now have other plans first.

After watching Marie's X for a few days I know what time he leaves for work and his route. I retrieved the stashed pistol at 9PM the night before as it's only used during daylight hours. I was careful to not disturb the prints. At home I fixed the prints using heated superglue so they would not be smudged when I fire it. The police do very much the same thing when they find a weapon at a crime scene. I dropped off my old unregistered auto near the industrial area and took a cab to the bus station for the short trip back to town. Since wearing rubber gloves is a dead give away if one is stopped I applied liquid band aid to my finger tips and palms. I arrived on foot at the intersection Vince uses everyday 40 minutes early wearing a jogging outfit, dark glasses and holding a foldout white cane. Bushes hid my presents from residents.

The sound of his Vette was unmistakable as it approached the intersection. Timing it just right I stepped out in front of him in the crosswalk with my cane tapping. I feigned being startled and fell in front of his car where my cane went sliding away from me. He honked and yelled “ are you fucking blind.” As I stood I had my hands out looking for something to grasp and felt the front of his car. Standing in front of his car I called to him for help knowing he couldn't pull away with out hitting me. He put the car in park and sprang out of the door in anger approaching me with his fist doubled. To late he saw the gun as I raised it up under his chin and his face went white with fear. I said “ Marie said to say good bye to dinky dick.” His eyes opened wide at the realization and he began to plead for his life. With the barrel pressed against the underside of his chin and pointed up and slightly back I put two bullets in his head. Dropping the gun I took his wallet and retrieved my cane. The car was still running as I slipped in and drove north to our neighboring city of auto thieves without breaking any traffic laws. I slipped his wallet in the center console and drove to the industrial area where I dropped off the car and keys.

A short jog to my old beater of a car and I was back in my town 35 minutes later. The old car had been wiped down before I left it in the industrial area so I could dump it in the down town parking garage to be towed away when they realized it was abandoned. I stopped in a local fast food place to wash off the temp bandage from my fingers and palms and was jogging home as the sun rose. The cane and clothing I wore went into a disposable roasting pan that was in the barbecue and would soon be turned to ash.

The next morning I stopped in out local department store. As I walked up to Marie at the electronics counter she lit up with a big smile. I winked and gave her one nod as I placed the item I was purchasing on the counter. She had the presents of mind not to call me by name and was a little rattled. I slid her the item and cash as I leaned over saying I would call her in two weeks. She looked sad and I saw her eyes water a little. It was good to see she was not so callous she felt nothing at the death of her X.

News on the internet reported the carjacking death of local man Vincent Freitas. His vehicle was taken at an intersection near his home. A few days later it was reported “ prints recovered from the gun that was dropped at the scene have led to the arrest of two known felons who have implicated others in an auto theft ring but denies being involved in the shooting.” Within a week addition news said “ the vehicle Freitas was driving has been recovered along with eight other stolen cars. The event has closed down the largest auto theft ring in the states history.”

I had left my friend of a friend an e-mail 12 hours before any of this was known to inform him the case was closed and directing him to make full payment to my offshore account. Having access to the local police data base I continued to monitor the Freitas killing and car theft ring. At last count 28 people had been arrested and the theft of several hundred stolen autos were accounted for. Some would be retrieved but most were dismantled and sold for parts.

Marie had not been contacted by police and no further investigation was planned as the case showed closed in police files pending trial. We had talked once and she had regained custody of her children who were now with her and enjoying being home. Vince's mother had contacted child services after her sons death and asked that the kids be returned to her.

It's been two months now since he died. Marie has started a new job at almost three times the pay in electronics assembly. I contacted a friend of a friend who owed me for getting a greedy planning commissioner off his back a couple of years back. The commissioner lost his job and went to jail for the bribes and blackmail scams he ran. I made a lot of friends and a few enemies in the local business world when he was removed. Fortunately neither know who I am.

Marie and I are having our first open date tonight. I'm cooking and have a surprise for her. I had a tall half round padded chair made that will hold Marie's body in it's contorted position. It positions her up high enough that I should be able to stand next to her with my cock inserted in her sweet little bottom. My plan is to perform anal intercourse while she licks and sucks her self to orgasm. If it works out I plan to film this with her face obscured if she is willing. I doubt it has ever been done before and will be hard to top. It should set the porn world on it's ear and raise the bar for new positions. It may even start a new fad.

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Knew a young girl who could touch it with her tongue is she bobbed her head a little.

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