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My thirst for new experiences knows no bounds.
This is the sequel to “New Rules 1 to 8” Since “New Rules 1” was posted on 2011/05/07 and “New Rules 8” on 2012/04/21 and you may have forgotten the story so far, I have given a short synopsis before the new part of the story. To skip to the new story search for ***.

The story so far:

My name is Sally. Before my husband, Fred, left for a month in the US of A he changed the rules of our marriage. Basically the new rules were that I could fuck who I liked, and so could he, provided we kept our spouse informed of all the details. I started by fucking Peter Frank who was contracting our company to perform a new project, and that night I had my first DP experience with Peter and my boss, Kevin. I started fucking Kevin every lunch time and that lead to a threesome with Kevin and his wife, Alicia. Meanwhile, I was also fucking my sister, Wendy and her boyfriend Brad.

Meanwhile, thanks to skype, I was telling Fred all about my group-sex activities, and he showed his interest by shooting a load of cum, each time I told him of my increasingly outrageous activities. It became clear that we could never revert to a faithful husband and wife, even though we still really loved each other.

On the day that Fred returned from the US we, Brad, Wendy and I, welcomed him home with great sex, then we all went out for a restaurant lunch, where we bumped into George and Susan, two of Fred's work colleagues. Since Susan's husband, Phil, was not with them it was clear that they were cheating on him. I invited them to spend the afternoon with us and they really enjoyed fucking multiple partners.

Susan and George left and I realised that I needed a long bath, which would not leave me time to cook dinner, so Fred ordered take-away for us and Kevin and Alicia. When the front doorbell rang, I assumed that it was Kevin and Alicia, and answered the door nude. In fact it was our teenage neighbour, David, delivering our dinners. I apologised to David for being naked, even though he seemed quite happy to see me like that and I asked him to come back next day so that I could explain.

After great sex with Fred, Kevin and Alicia, and Brad and Wendy, I woke up next morning in bed with Kevin and Brad. I could not remember anything beyond the build up to an enormous orgasm. In fact I learnt later that I had fainted and been put to bed by the others.

I got up, showered, and answered the door when David arrived for my “explanation”. In fact I seduced him. At first he was very nervous about fucking me because he feared Fred's reaction, until Fred came into the room and convinced him that I was telling him the truth about our open marriage. We ended up in a DP with David in my cunt and Fred in my bum. Since David was still hard he fucked me again, solo. Then we hired him to clean our pool regularly, with a promise that he would get to fuck me each time, as well as being paid the going rate for his work. Since we had a rule that everyone must be naked in the pool area, that applied to David equally.

The following Saturday I checked on David cleaning the pool only to realize that he was upset. It turned out that his mother, Mary, was jealous of the sex that he was getting because she had not had any since before her divorce, and she was feeling the pinch. I immediately went across the road to her place and invited her for that night. Despite initial embarrassment about being naked in the presence of strangers, Mary was soon really into every form of sex that we suggested. A couple of weeks later, Mary found out that she was pregnant.

The group that came together regularly at our place to enjoy fucking one another continued to grow, as did Mary's belly. However it was becoming too routine for me. I admitted to Fred that I craved the excitement of the first time – the first time with my boss, my first DP, my first time with my boss and his wife, etc. Fred and I became interested in a club for swingers that I found on the web.

To join that club we needed medical certificates that we were free of STDs, so we went to our GP, Louisa. We had to explain to Louisa why we needed them, and that lead to another first time for me, I spent a wonderful night and a stunning morning with Louisa and her lesbian girlfriend, Vanessa. The next day I met Fred for lunch to tell him all about it. “Oh! Fred!” I said, “If I ever ended up in a weird place with no men, I could get by with just lesbian sex” Then I had to reassure him that I still liked cocks better – lots of cocks.


It was early Saturday morning. David should be nearly finished cleaning our pool. I went out to the pool area and was greeted by a beautiful sight; while David worked on the pool his mother, Mary, was seated nearby breast-feeding her 2-week old baby daughter, Ellen. Everyone was naked, even Ellen.

“Mary! That is so beautiful! I love seeing you breast-feeding Ellen. However, if you wanted to keep a nappy (=diaper) on Ellen, I'm sure that we could make an exception to our nudity rules.”

“Why, thank you Sally. It feels really good to be breast-feeding her. As for a nappy, I like to keep her naked as much as is practical, especially in this warm weather. I don't think it would do any harm if she pees on me and your deck, nothing that cannot be cleaned up with a hosing down.”

Then I went inside to get David's money. When I came back he had finished the pool and was standing there waiting for me with his dick erect and bouncing in front of him whenever he moved.

“So, David, where do you want to put your dick today, in my mouth, my cunt, or my arsehole?”

“I think that I'd like a blow job today. Is that OK?”


And I knelt in front of him and pulled his body towards me, taking his big dick into my mouth. I licked the underside, concentrating particularly on the sensitive patch just behind the head. Then I pulled him closer, trying to get his head into my throat. In fact my gag reflex beat me and I had to pull back. 'Practice makes perfect.' I told myself as I tried again. I still couldn't get it into my throat but apparently my attempts had the desired effect on David; he pumped a generous load down my throat.

“That's so beautiful to watch. You two are so sexy.”, David's mother gushed.

It occurred to me that it was probably unusual for a mother to watch her son receive a blow job from a married neighbour and describe it as beautiful.

By now Ellen had finished her breakfast so Mary gave her to David to burp, which he did very comfortably, until Ellen burped a little milk on his shoulder. He simply gave her back to their mother and went to stand under our poolside shower to rinse it off. Being naked in the pool area has some advantages.

Mary put Ellen down to sleep in a basket that she kept at our place and we went inside for breakfast. My sister, Wendy, had already organised breakfast, so we all sat down together and ate. My husband, Fred, came in soon after we started and sat down with us.

“You haven't forgotten I hope,” I asked Fred, “that we're going to try that swingers club tonight?”

“No. I'm excited about it. Perhaps not quite as excited as you, Sally, but very excited nevertheless.”

“What's this all about?” Mary wanted to know.

“Sally gets the biggest kick out of new sexual experiences. For instance she had her first lesbian threesome a few nights ago, and really loved it, even though she still assures me that she likes cocks more than cunts. She found this club on the web and we're going, hopefully to fuck some complete strangers.”

“Wow! I'm surprised. Aren't all your many regular sex partners enough?”, Mary wanted to know.

“It's 'regular' that she doesn't like. She craves new experiences with new partners.”

“What about health risks?”, Mary asked.

“To attend this club, everyone has to have a recent medical certificate stating that they are clean.”

We got to the club at 9pm, which was the advertised opening time. There were very few club members there yet but the reception desk was manned by a very sexy young woman who examined our certificates, took our entry fee and showed us around, ending up at the bar where we were offered complimentary glasses of champagne and introduced to two other couples who were regular members.

We sipped our champagne as we chatted with Helen and Harold and Valerie and Vladimir.

“So what are you hoping for tonight?” Valerie asked.

“Fred and I are hoping for a new experience. Maybe just fucking strangers, maybe some form of group sex, maybe … who knows?”

“ Have you tried group sex already?”

“Sure. We have a number of regular sex partners with whom we try all sorts of combinations. But 'regular' gets boring after a while.”

“Vladimir. Put a couple of bottles of champagne on your tab and let's take these two into one of the private rooms and see if we can't blow their socks off.”

The six of us carried our empty champagne glasses into a room which was furnished with an enormous bed, big enough for at least three couples, a few chairs and small tables. Vladimir brought a large ice-bucket with two bottles of Bolinger champagne and put it on one of the tables and refreshed everyone's glass.

Valerie, who came across as the pushy one of our group stripped off her shirt, and was topless (no bra). She soon had all of us, men and women, topless. Then she walked up to Fred and proceeded to undo his pants and pull them off. Since we had agreed that underclothing was a bad idea for tonight, that left him naked, and his stiff cock said plenty about his state of mind.

“OK Fred. I want you to fuck me while everyone else watches. Then I suggest that Vladimir and Harold DP your wife. How does that sound?”

“Great. Except that Helen isn't included in anything. Why don't you eat Helen's pussy while I fuck you?”

“I like this man.” said Helen.

“So do I.” said Valerie.

By now we were all naked and aroused. The rest of us watched as Fred plunged in and out of Valerie's cunt while his actions caused Valerie's mouth to slide up and down Helen's slit; as Fred pulled almost out of Valerie, she pushed her tongue into Helen's fuck hole. As Fred pushed back in, Valerie ended up sucking or nipping on Helen's clit.

“Oh my god!” Helen came first.

“Aaaaahhhhh!” Valerie came next.

“Mm mm mm.” Fred was pumping ropes of his cum into this woman who he had met only one hour ago.

Then it was my turn with Harold and Vladimir. BUT Valerie had another idea. Valerie said to wait while she fetched another bottle of Bolinger and slipped out to the main bar area, still completely naked. She was gone much longer than expected but eventually arrived back carrying a bottle and something black. She had a glint in her eye.

“Here Fred, put this blindfold on your wife and make sure that she can't see anything.”

“What's going on?”, I asked.

“Trust me, Sally, I've got a special surprise for you.”

“OK, Valerie. I'm happy that Sally can't see a thing now.”

I heard the door open.

“Come in. Sally I'm going to introduce you to someone that we shall call X. You'll have to take my word that he is a handsome young man, because you will never see him. It's no use talking to him either because he has promised me that he will never speak in your presence. You may, however, use your sense of touch to get acquainted with X.”

I felt two hands grip my shoulders and lead me forward a couple of steps.

“Now reach in front of you and explore his muscular young body. Feel those pectorals, now feel the muscles in his arms, slide your hands down over his 6-pack, now feel his big, stiff cock. He's so stiff because I've promised him that he will be fucking you soon. Don't stroke his cock too much. We don't want him to cum prematurely.”

His cock was huge, bigger than any that I have had in me in the past. Suddenly I felt giddy with lust for this mysterious young man. Talk about sensory overload! Somehow the experience of feeling, but not being able to see this young Adonis was too much. My legs threatened to collapse under me. Fortunately two strong hands gripped me under my armpits and pulled my body against his. I put my hands on his shoulder and just enjoyed the feel of my body pressed against his. His enormous cock was pressed against my belly.

“Now. Before X fucks you, you have to meet Y. The rules for Y are the same as for X, no words, no vision, only touch and smell.”

Someone guided me a few, shaky step to the side and I found myself pressed against another man. He held me to him and waited while my hands explored his body.

“Y is young and athletic, like X. However, as you have just discovered, his cock is not quite as thick as X's. While X fucks your cunt, Y will be fucking your arse.”

Again, my legs went to jelly. I clung to Y's beautiful body for support and he held me tight against him. Just being there with our naked bodies pressed together was so erotic. I was shorter than Y, so that my mouth was only a little above his nipples. I bent down slightly and kissed one nipple then the other. He gave me an extra tight squeeze to say thank you.

Then I thought to ask. “Is there a Z?”

“You want a Z too? I'm sorry, Sally, I didn't think to provide a Z. One of Fred, Harold or Vladimir will have to fuck your mouth. Again, you wont know which one it is. You wont be allowed to feel his body because you would probably be able identify who Z is if you did. This whole experience is about anonymous sex – a bit like a glory hole, and yet so much better.”

The whole situation was so outrageous that my pussy was very wet; the moisture was trickling down my inner thighs. Then I was guided a few steps across the room, then pushed over. I found myself lying on top of a very muscular body, who could only be X. Two pairs of hands lifted my pelvis up, then lowered me down again, impaling me onto something very thick, presumably X's dick. Then I felt something, possibly a finger push something cold (lube?) into my arsehole. Then it was something that stretched my arsehole more (2 fingers?). Finally something that had to be Y's cock pushed into my arsehole, and started a slow in-and-out motion.

By now my state of arousal was incredible. Not only did I not know who was fucking my cunt and my arse, but I was expecting a third unknown in my mouth. As soon as X and Y started to move in my cunt and my arse I tried to scream, but as soon as I opened my mouth to scream, something was pushed into my mouth (Z's cock?). Oh my god!

From then on I was experiencing one long orgasm until after I felt each of my three cocks discharge a load of cum into my three holes. Then, perhaps, I fainted as the erotic nature of our coupling (quadrupling?) swept over me.

Eventually I came to again. My three lovers pulled out of me and moved away. A few minutes later Fred took my blindfold off and I looked around. Now, the only people in the room were the original three couples: Helen and Harold, Valerie and Vladimir, and Fred and me. X and Y were no longer there.

For the next half hour or so, I just sat and watched as each of the three men, Fred, Harold, and Vladimir took turns fucking Helen and Valerie. After what I had just experienced two people fucking seemed tame, yet the others seemed to enjoy themselves.

Eventually Fred decided that it was time to take me home. Before we left, we all agreed to meet again, in this room at the club, in one week's time. Once we were home in bed, I pulled Fred's naked body against mine and fell fast asleep.

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To be continued in “New Rules 10”

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2012-07-26 02:53:03
This was the second Broadstock to be held in Crowhurst and it was very well srtuopped. About 12 different groups took it in turns to perform on two different stages. Many of the performers had travelled from other areas and together with their friends camped overnight.There was a variety of different types of music, but without exception, they played very well and were enjoyable to hear. There was a barbecue and bar, and ice-creams and cheescake were also available.The profit will be shared between St George's Church, Crowhurst Village Hall and Crowhurst Church of England Primary School.We were very fortunate that the sun was shining and a great time was had by all. We are very grateful to the Davidson family for including St George's Church this year. Submitted By: Frances

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I like this story. I hope that there will be a sequel.

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