First story, hope you like it

It was Friday evening and I was home. Not something a red headed thirty nine year old mother of two should be doing. Well I was trying to save money and nights out with the girls had stopped that dead in its tracks, so I was home; My boyfriend and I were watching some porn, when he tied me to a chair and blindfolded me. I was really turned on by this and luckily my two daughter’s one fifteen and one thirteen were at friends’ houses so I thought that it was going to be a sex filled night. My boyfriend then got a call from his work and said he had to go in. He left me tied up as a sexy punishment he would be back in the morning and wanted me there for him when he got back.

About thirty minutes later I heard the door opening and thought he had returned. I asked who was there but no response was given. The mystery person had cut the volume of the porn we were watching off.

Sandra didn’t know that her fifteen year old daughter had come home and found her tied up watching a very sexy video. Sandra just knew someone was there.

Laura had recently been very bi curious about girls to include her own mother. She had been trying to catch her mother changing or in the shower. So far she had not been very successful at getting a good look. She was instantly turned on by her mother’s body and figured that she would take full advantage of the situation.

Laura walked behind her mother and started to rub her shoulders. Sandra then screamed in a panic not knowing who was touching her but, knew it wasn’t her boyfriend, because this person had small hands. After a while when Laura started to feel her relax more she started to rub lower on her mother, ending up rubbing and fondling her tits. Sandra began to get very wet and turned on by the massage. Laura started to unbutton her mother’s blouse on sexy button at a time. Laura had always wondered what her mother’s DDs looked like and after her new affliction to lesbian porn; she was very turned on by her mother s predicament.

Sandra was no longer caring who was in the room with her, she was horny as hell and loved the attention she was getting. Laura sensed that her mother was getting turned on so she pulled her mother’s shirt over her head to expose a very sexy lace bra. Laura took her own shirt off and was not wearing a bra; her 32 C nipples were rock hard so she gave them each a little pinch. Sandra now felt a set of breast on the back of her head and knew it was a girl taking advantage of her. Sandra had never been with a woman and was very excited to try it, but who could it be and was her boyfriend there too and wanted a threesome.
Pulled her mother’s bra straps down and ever so slowly both nipples came into view.

Laura left and went upstairs into her mother’s sex toy draw and got some dildo toys, lube and oil. Once back in the room with her mother half naked she put oil on her hands and rubbed it all over her mom’s tits.
When she had finished rubbing in the oil her mother’s tits glimmered in the light. She held her mother’s chin up with her hand and forced her mouth open, and then she tilted her head back and spit a large wad into her mom’s mouth. Sandra loved the kinkiness. Knowing how far she could take this Laura put her nipple in her mom’s mouth. Sandra flicked the mystery nipple over and over sending Laura into a small orgasm.

Laura could not stand the wait anymore and went to stand in front of her mother; she knelt down and unzipped the skirt her mother was wearing. She pulled the skirt and panties off in one smooth motion and know saw her mother’s shaved pussy for the first time.
Laura now wanted her mother to give her some excitement so she untied her mother’s hands.
As Sandra felt her hands being let free she tried to remove the blindfold, but the mystery person pulled her hands away and wanted her to keep it on.

Sandra now felt her hands being placed on the female’s hips and knew now what she was expected to do. Sandra reached forward and started with pulling the girl’s panties and shorts to the side so she could get her hand in there. Partway there and the girls shorts and panties were soaked half way down her thighs. My God what a slut, but the thought made me anxious to feel her womanhood.
Laura couldn’t believe that her own mother was now running her fingers up and down her bare slit. Laura had her eyes locked on her mother’s tits when Sandra grabbed her shorts and pulled them all the way off, while saying “this are just going to get in the way”.

I was standing naked in front of my mother, legs a part one hand on my mother shoulder for support and one hand groping her huge tits. Then to my delight and surprise I felt my mom’s finger go deep into my pussy with her other hand working my nipples. I have never had another person’s fingers inside of me other than my own.

I started to moan and she put another finger in my tight fifteen year old hole. I felt so full that I was going to scream. She sped them in and out very quickly. As my mother put a third finger in me I grabbed her head and kissed her hard and deep, we let or tongues dance in each other’s mouths for what seemed like hours. I could no longer take it I came all over my mom’s fingers. My mother then spit into my mouth, as I savored her flavor, I knew that she wanted to know who the mystery girl was and I wanted her to find out but was worried that it would freak her out and end this beautiful moment.

I was ready for her to know the truth as I reached for her blindfold she spoke, “I must know how you are please”. Know that she said that I wanted the timing to be just right. I pulled her hands out of my pussy and licked ever finger clean one by one. I helped her to her feet and led her to the couch. She sprawled out on her back and I helped her spread her legs apart nice and far. I eased a finger in her soaked hole as she let out a moan. Mom’s pussy was a little looser than mine so finger two and three went in easily. She started to come and scream so I put a fourth finger in. As I trusted in and out my knuckles started to go inside of her a little bit. I leaned forward and kissed her again, as we had our lips locked I reached up and pulled her blindfold off hoping for the best.

As the mystery woman that was damn near fisting me pulled of my blindfold, it took a second for my eyes to adjust to the light. When the woman stopped kissing me and came into focus I saw that it was my fifteen year old daughter Laura that had her hand in my pussy making me come so hard. I could tell that she was waiting for me to yell, but I really wasn’t mad I was glad it was her. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into a long deep kiss. I then told her to fist fuck me like she means it and to make mommy come.

Laura was amazed at the reaction of her mother and complied by forcing her hand all the way inside of her mother. Once she got her wrist in there she extended two fingers and found her mother’s womb entrance. She never said stop so Laura forced two fingers into the warm wet place that she had come from. When her orgasm ended both women sat up and took a break while cuddling.

“Mom I have to go to the bathroom, I will be right back”

Sandra not wanting to waste the moment followed Laura to the bathroom listing outside of the door. When Laura started to pee Sandra opened the door and stepped inside. Laura stopped peeing not knowing what to do.” Sandra said don’t be shy baby I would love to watch you pee”.

Laura got very excited by the thought of some pee play and took her mother by the arm and laid her down on the bathroom floor. Sandra thought that her daughter was done peeing and just wanted to make out on the floor but when her daughter took a stance over her face Sandra thought she was going to get to eat out her little girl. As Laura lowered her pussy over her mom’s face she got about ten inches away and began to pee again. Sandra was very surprised but loved it as she opened her mouth to taste the salty pee from her young daughter’s pussy. Laura’s pee soaked her mother’s face, hair, and tits. Laura bent all the way done and let her mom lick her young pussy clean.

Sandra flipped Laura onto the ground and grabbed a bottle of KY out of the medicine cabinet. Laura wondered what her mother had in mind, as Sandra put a lot of lube all over her pussy and her own hand. Sandra said it was time for her to feel full. Laura was excited and almost came at the thought. Sandra eased three fingers back into her daughter’s bald little hole. After five minutes of finger fucking she slid a fourth finger into Laura’s pussy. Laura was going nuts having an orgasm every two minutes. Finally Sandra inserted her thumb into the virgins little hole. Sandra now had her hole hand inside of her daughters pussy and wanted to be the first to enter her womb. Sandra extended one finger and let it slide into Laura’s tiny womb. Laura was coming a, none stop river of fluid all over her mother’s arm and all over the floor.

Sandra wasn’t done yet thought she reached over and grabbed a small shampoo bottle and started to ease it into her daughter’s butt. Laura had never thought about anal before but trusted her mother to no end. As the entire bottle eased in inch by inch Sandra kept her fist in Laura’s pussy. As the last inch of the eight inch shampoo bottle disappeared into her rectum, Sandra was amazed that the whole thing fit. Sandra pulled her fist out of her daughter and told her not to move that she would be right back. Sandra ran downstairs and grab her toys then returned to the bathroom.

As Sandra passed her ten year old daughter’s room she didn’t realize that Katy was in there watching her walk by twice naked. Katy saw her mother’s big tits as she disappeared back into the bathroom. Katy stood outside of the door hearing the moaning coming from within.

Sandra now back with Laura put a large dildo into the hole previously occupied by her fist. She stood up and straddled her daughters face. As she lowered herself down Laura’s lips came in contact with her pussy, Laura spread her mother pussy lips and began to eat her out. She shoved her tongue inside as far as it would go. Her mother was coming all over her face; Laura couldn’t take it all down her throat.

Katy now had her hand down in her pajama pants rubbing her virgin hairless pussy. Katy decided that she wanted to join her mother and sister. As Katy opened the door to ease in, she saw her mother pull up a little and since both her mother and sister had their backs to her they didn’t see her come in. Katy stared at the toys bulging out of her sister’s pussy and asshole. The sight made the young girl very horny. As she watched, her mother said open your mouth Laura it’s your turn for some salty fun. Laura did as she was told and Sandra started to pee on her daughters face and tits. Katy was very interested and reached under her mother to feel her stream. Sandra was stunned and turned her head to see who was there and couldn’t believe that her youngest daughter of only ten years old was kneeling there feeling her piss stream. Sandra held her pee and told Katy to lay face up on top of her sister.

Laura held her sister on top of her and there mother got back into position over her two girls. Sandra started her golden stream again coating the young ten year olds white pajamas and making them translucent. Laura was rubbing her little sister’s small tits and eased one hand down into the young girls’ bottoms to rub her peach fuzz clad pussy. As Sandra ran out of pee she knelt on top of Katy and lifted her head to hers and kissed her lightly on the lips. Laura slowly inserted on finger into her sisters pussy making her let out moans of pleasure that the young girl had never experienced before. Katy was having her first orgasm of her life while being sandwiched by her mother and sister.

Sandra stood up and asked Katy to help her older sister remove the toys from her ass and pussy while she started up the shower so that the three of them could get cleaned up. Katy scooted down to her sisters’ ass and slowly pulled the shampoo bottle out. Once removed Laura had a gaping hole that for some reason little Katy decided to fill again with her entire hand. Laura couldn’t believe that her ten year old sister was such a pervert but she reached down and grabbed her sisters’ arm and started to ass fuck herself with it. Katy was now in a doggy position fist fucking her big sisters butt when Sandra saw this she loved the sight and knelt down behind Katy she used lube and inserted one finger into her babies pussy as she slowly finger fucked her, Katy looked back at her mom and asked if she could stick one up her bum like her big sister to. Laura took Katy’s head and brought it to her pussy, Katy started to eat out her sisters’ cunt while her mother finger fucked her pussy and ass.

Sandra withdrew her assault and told both girls to come with her to the shower. Laura and Katy were disappointed to stop the fun but knew that tomorrow would be a fresh new day to explore each other. All three women then went to sleep for the night in their own beds.

To be continued….

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