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When it stopped twitching I pulled my thumb from Anna's ass with a pop and she rolled off, joining Janine licking my cum slick dick clean. When they were done they moved up to lay next to me with their heads on my shoulders. I asked Janine when she had to leave. “I have to be at work by eleven so if we wake up by eight I can get one more ride on you wonderful man meat before I leave.” I set the alarm and with two soft hands on my shaft drifted off to sleep.

The Girls Next Door – 10
Bills Birthday Pt 3

I didn’t hear the alarm. I awoke with a hard dick and it was buried in Janine's throat. When she saw I was awake, she smiled up at me and pulled my shaft from her mouth. “We were beginning to think you were going to sleep thru a blow job.” She and Anna disappeared into the bathroom and when they came back out Anna had her black wig on again. She led Janine over to the big bay window. She knelt down at the window facing the bed as Janine walked up to her putting her mound in Anna's face then leaned over against the window.

“Come here, husband, and fuck her pussy while I suck on her clit.” I stepped behind Janine and slid my shaft between her legs, rubbing it on slit. Anna licked the head as it poked thru on her side. Janine moaned as I guided it to her hole and slipped it in. I took hold of her hips and drove into her over and over, making her large breast sway in front of the window. Anna was sucking on her as I pounded away. She threw her head back and yelled as my dick felt slicker as she flooded it with her sweet girl cum.

“OH, OH, OH, I’m cumming.” I kept pounding away until her orgasm subsided then pulled out and lay with her on the bed. Anna lay next to us and stroked my dick keeping it hard. “I wish we could spend another day together but I have to go get ready for work. Thank you for a wonderful night birthday boy.” She kissed me and I watched as she dressed to leave. She came over and gave Anna and me long lingering kisses. “Hope I hear from you again soon. She waved at us as she closed the door behind her. Anna jumped up, went over to door and hung out the ‘Do not Disturb sign’.

“My turn Daddy, we have time for you to fuck me good one more time.” Next she went over, pulled the table up to the bay window and sat on the edge with her side to the window. “Come here Daddy and fuck me. I want to put on a good show. I saw someone across the street move their curtains as I moved the table.” As I moved to her she put her legs behind her arms and started playing with her clit. I knelt next to the table and gently spread her slit as I lapped her juices from it. Her musky scent in my nostrils heightened the taste of her.

As I feasted on her teenaged pussy I wet one finger with her slick juices and rubbed it on her crinkled pucker. As I sucked her little man from under its hood I pushed my finger past her anal ring. “Mmmmm, are you going to fuck my ass Daddy? I know you want to and I really want you to.” I stroked her as hole with my finger and she moaned again.

“Is that what you want Baby Slut?”

“Oh yes, I want your cock in my ass. I almost like it as much as when you fill my little pussy.” I stood up and rubbed the head of my shaft thru her slit making it wet. I put the tip at the entrance to her tunnel and pushed until I was balls deep in her. She felt just as tight as when she gave me her virginity months ago. Her inner muscles clenched and milked my dick as it slid in and out of her velvety grasp. I bent down and kissed her as I made long slow strokes deep into her.

She was moaning softly as I massaged her nub and rolled it between my fingers. She moaned louder as I drove in faster soon she was shuddering and groaning as her nectar flowed out from her hole around my shaft. As her body bucked and she orgasmed, I pulled my shaft from her hot sleeve and drove it into her ass. “OH MY GOD DADDY, fuck my little ass.” She shook like she was having convulsions and the flow of her nectar increased. I pumped herder into her ass and soon she was gasping for breath. “OH DADDY, OH DADDY, I LOVE YOU.”

I picked her up, her ass still impaled on my dick and carried her to the bed. I laid her down, pulled my shaft from her ass and lay down next to her holding her in my arms as she drifted of back to sleep. It was almost 11am when we woke up. We had to check out before noon so we took a quick shower and got ready to leave. Anna went in the bathroom to get ready and came out wearing her tiniest bikini with a net top and very short pleated skirt over it. She was wearing 4” heels as she walked up to me and turned around.

“Do you like my outfit dear? Do I look ok for your biker chick today?” I was beginning to wonder how she packed so many clothes when I realized most were so small they didn’t take much space any way. We checked out and started home. I stopped to gas the bike and Anna said she was going to get something to drink. When she came back out a while later I could see she no longer had on her bikini top, just the net cover-up. She held out one hand to me, she was handing me the top and bottom.

“Put these away for me dear I won’t need them on the trip home. See that boy in the window by the counter? He said I could have this drink free if showed him my pussy, so here goes. She turned to face him and lifted her skirt. She reached between her legs and pulled something out of her hole. When she turned back she handed it to me, it was a straw. I got you a cherry Doctor Pepper and thought you might like some extra flavor.” I took the straw and looked at the boy as I wrapped my tongue around it licking it clean like it had a milk shake on it, then stuck it in the soda cup.

Anna climbed up and sat on the back seat with her little skirt still above her waist. I slipped my hand along her thigh until my fingers met her wet pussy lips. “Dear I can hardly wait to get you home and taste you.” She reached down and pushed two of my fingers into her hole them pulled them out and moved then to my lips.

“Mmmmm, How about a sample now?” I sucked her sweetness from her fingers and kissed her, pulling her close.

“I think we need to hurry home baby slut.”

“Maybe we can find some place on the way to take care of your problem” as she looked at the bulge in my pants.” I got on and we headed out towards home. As we went down the road Anna pulled up the back of my shirt and pressed her bare breasts against me. I put my left hand on her leg and she pulled it back between us and pressed it against her wet pussy. She put her chin on my shoulder. I don’t think I can wait much longer dear. I might have to start without you.” Another mile down the road, we passed a sign that said ‘Rest Area 1 mile’.

I pulled in to an empty rest area and pulled up by the last shelter. It had three walls about 3’ high and one side was open to the hi-way. We got off and Anna took my hand and dragged me to the table. She sat on the table, pulled her top off and pulled me to her. I kissed her cheeks and neck and moved down to suck on her nipples. “Oh damn I need you. My pussy has been leaking since we left and all I could think of with the vibrations coming thru the seat was getting you inside me.”

I sat down on the bench that put my lips even with her mound. I pulled it to me and as I started sucking on her clit she put her legs over my shoulders and pulled me tight with her feet. I feasted on her slit and the entrance to her vagina. I was sucking on her inner lips when I wasn’t stabbing my tongue in her hole. She shook and sweetness flowed. When she stopped gasping she looked down at me. “That was so awesome. Now fill my little pussy with your meat. I want it now. Please, Please. Fill me now.

I got up and moved her to the end of the table and bent her over resting on her breasts. I pulled her little skirt over her waist, put my dick at her tunnel and drove it in all the way. “Is this what you want Baby Slut. Do you want me fucking you like my little whore in public?”

“Yes husband, yes. I want you to fuck me any way you want, any time you want. I just want you to fuck me. I’ll be your little slut whore. Just keep fucking me with you big fat cock.” I was driving into her as she gripped the edges of the table with white knuckles. I grabbed her breasts and used them as handles to drive harder into her, the edge of the table was rubbing her clit each time I drove her against the table. “OH GOD, OH GOD, I’M READY TO CUM.” She was yelling as loud as she could. It was a good thing the area was empty.

I kept fucking her hard and her orgasm got stronger. My dick and ball sack were covered in her juices when she stopped shaking. I pulled her off the table and pushed her to her knees. I leaned back against the table and pulled her head to my dick. “Little slut whores suck cocks, so get busy.” She hesitated so I grabbed my shaft in one hand and the back of her head with the other and pushed it into her mouth. I pushed in causing her to gag. I pulled back out. “Little slut whores aren’t supposed to gag, try harder.” This time when I pushed in she swallowed the entire 8”. I fucked her face like a pussy and soon blew my load down her throat. I released her and she sat down on the floor smiling up at me.

“Oh husband that was better than last night’s blow jobs.” She got up and wrapped her arms around me. “Now I need to go to the restroom and cleanup.” She started off towards them as I bent over and picked up her top.

“Don’t you want this?”

“Nope” I started off after her just in case. When she entered the women’s side I went in the men’s to take a leak. Just as I finished my topless wife walked in. “Thought you might need some help.” I still had my dick in my hand as she went to her knees and started licking our cum off of it. Before she finished another man walked in to the bathroom and froze as he saw Anna with my dick in her mouth. She just smiled and said, “I lost a bet,” Then went back to licking me clean. He finished and walked out. “Must have been one hell of a bet.” Anna finished, zipped my shaft back in my pants and we headed back to the bike. I still had her top in my hand and she acted like it was no big deal.

When we got to the bike I was waiting for her to get on. “You first dear I want to try something.” I got on the bike and she stepped up and sat straddling the gas tank facing me. She reached for my jeans, unfastened them and pulled out my shaft. She stroked it until it was hard then slid down until it was nestled in her wet tunnel. “Mmmmm, perfect. God I wish I could stay like this all the way home.” She rose up off my shaft and stood next to the bike to put a kiss on the head of my dick and zipped it back in my pants.

What was that for?”

“Later sweetie, I have a plan you will love.” She climbed up behind me still topless and we headed home once again. She rode the rest of the way home with her nipples pressed into my back and one hand inside my pants holding my shaft. She stroked it occasionally keeping it hard. Every 15-20 miles she would bring her other hand to my lips coated in her nectar for me to taste. When we were on the last road home and about two miles from home Anna asked me to stop.

She stood on the road and took off her skirt and heels. She put the shoes in a saddle bag and laid the folded skirt on the tank. She took her cell phone and called Amanda, telling her we would be there in a few minutes and asking them to meet us outside. She straddled the tank like she had at the rest stop and pulled out my shaft again. She slid down on my dick and wrapped her arms and legs around me. “Let’s go home Husband. She rode that way home moaning every time we hit a bump. When we pulled in the drive and stopped Amanda, Alissa and CJ were standing with their mouths open.

“I think my baby slut needs some help getting off.”

CJ said “It looks like she had no problem getting off before she got here.” They all laughed then lifted Anna off and CJ and Alissa carried her inside. Amanda stayed outside with me.

“Looks like you and Anna had quite the ride. Care to talk about it?”

“How about we wait until Anna wakes up, I know she wants to tell the tale her way.” When we got inside Anna was up and talking ninety miles a minute to CJ and Alissa. Why don’t we go sit in the family room and you can tell everyone at once.” They headed that way and I ran back out to the bike for that manila envelope. When I got back inside and joined them they had saved a place for me in the middle of the couch. Anna started telling about the trip and the others looked like they weren’t sure what to believe. I handed Anna the DVD. “Put this in the player. Someone left it at the desk for us.”

When the picture came on the view was from across the street from our room. It started when we had gotten back from Hooters. They saw her giving me blow jobs. They saw her pressed against the window in her black wig being fucked from behind. It even had her on her knees eating Janine while I fucked Janine from behind. It showed everything including me with my dick in Anna's ass just before we left. It ended with a note on the screen about Anna's beauty and how envious the person was. Anna was speechless. “I think I have created a monster. She wanted anyone to see her naked and having sex.” That brought her around.

“Only with you dear and no one else, because I know you will protect me. Won’t you?” as she sat in my lap and hugged me.

“I’ll protect all of you. I hate to change the subject but we haven’t eaten all day. Is anyone else hungry?” they all started talking about food. “Well what’s it going to be, you guys get dressed and we go get something or someone cooks and I shed some clothes?” Surprisingly they all wanted to go out. 15 minutes later they were all dressed in shorts and tank tops and ready to go. “What do you want? Where are we going?” everyone wanted burgers so we ended headed for a popular burger place that had outside tables on wooden decks.

We ordered and went outside to wait. When they called our order the girls went and picked it up. I watched the looks they got as they sashayed across the crowded room. When they came back with our burgers I told them they sure got the attention of a number of young men in there. They giggled and said that’s what they were trying to do. They kept making trips for soda or condiments. I think they each made several trips to the bathroom.

By the time we were done and got up to leave there were a lot of eyes watching my ladies. They got in the truck all excited and wanting to be naked. Soon I had a pile of clothes in my lap and four naked women wanting to do something wild. As we approached a country store/gas station, Alissa said she needed to pee. I pulled in by the pumps and before I could hand her some clothes she opened the door and ran towards the store. Next thing I knew all three of their doors were open and the rest of them were running after her. While I was trying to decide what to do I saw Amanda and CJ standing by the counter waving me in.

I walked into the store expecting some kind of trouble but Amanda just smiled at me. “You need to pay for our stuff, Dear.” I looked at the women standing behind the counter laughing as she scanned their purchases.

“How did you get four women to run in here naked?”

“This was their idea.” I was looking at her. She seemed to be about 35 and probably attractive when she wasn’t in that uniform and had makeup on.

“Why didn’t you join them?” she kept looking down at my crotch as she worked.

“I didn’t want to embarrass myself. These four are easy on the eyes.”

“From the bulge I see I don’t think you would be embarrassed. In fact if you take off your shirt and shorts and stand there naked with your girls and let me take a picture I’ll let you have all this stuff free.” Now I had all four wives daring me and calling me chicken.

“What about your security cameras?” I pointed to the one behind the counter.

“Those don’t work their just dummies for show.” My ladies were still egging me on and when I finally said ok they crowded around unbuttoning and pulling off my clothes. When I was stripped I stood with my arms around Amanda and Anna with CJ and Alissa outside them. By the time the counter lady got her camera out Amanda had her hand on my shaft stroking it to it full 8”. She took a picture and was laughing. “My daughter is going to be pissed about going home early tonight. Can I get one of them to take one of me with you?” Anna took her camera and she came out from behind the counter.

I went to put and arm around her but instead she asked Anna if she was ready. When Anna nodded yes she got down on her knees with my dick in one hand and put it in her mouth as Anna clicked away. She took it about half way in several times then stood up. “That’s the first dick I’ve sucked on in a couple of years. Think I could talk you into staying around awhile?” Alissa started pulling me towards the door.

“Sorry he’s going to be real busy for a while.” Anna gave her camera back and we headed for the truck. Alissa pulled me in back with her and CJ. When Amanda got in she said she had given her an email address and we were going to get copies. Amanda pulled out on the highway and headed towards home. Alissa and CJ were sitting pressed against me taking turns stroking and rubbing my dick.

“We were wondering when we would get our time with you. Anna told us about that special blow job she and Janine gave you. Was it true about holding them down?” Anna, up front, turned around and leaned back between the front seats.

“Tell them dear tell them it’s true. Tell them how much I loved it.”

“It’s true. Anna almost past out but she opened her eyes and said it was the most exciting blow job ever.” I could see Alissa licking her lips and thinking real hard before she spoke.

“Would you do it to me?”

CJ chimed in “Me to, please.” I saw Amanda looking at me in the mirror nodding her head.

“We’ll see when we get home.” They were so excited they were bouncing in the seat. I hadn’t been paying attention where we were going until Amanda stopped at the light in downtown Bastrop and Amanda yelled “Chinese fire drill”. Suddenly all the doors flew open and my four nudes jumped out ran around the truck and got back in laughing. We had to wait for the light to change and while we did there was whistling and clapping coming from people on the street and sidewalks. When the light changed Amanda honked the horn and the girls leaned out the windows waving.

Amanda decided we needed to go home and headed there as fast as she could. It took us 25 minutes to drive home and all the way their Alissa and CJ took turns seeing how long they could stay down on my cock. They asked me for help and I said “Wait until we get home”. When we pulled in the driveway and stopped they all jumped out and ran in the house leaving me behind. When I got inside I found them all laying on their backs on the bed with their heads over the edge.

At the same time they said, “We’re ready dear.” All four had their legs spread so I could see how wet they were in their excitement. They were rubbing their pussies as they stared at my cock and licked their lips. The first in line was Alissa. I straddled her head and bent down to sample the lusty juices collecting on her pussy lips as she drew the head of my dick into her warm mouth. I held back so she was only able to get half of my shaft in her mouth. I wanted to draw this out as long as possible. I licked her hole tasting her sweetness as she bobbed her head on 4” of cock.

I pulled out of Alissa’s mouth and moved to the next in line, CJ. “Mmmmm, finally, let me have your big stick.” Instead I straddled her and put my testicles on her mouth. “Oh I get an appetizer.” Then she sucked them into her mouth and rolled them around with her tongue. I put two fingers in her hole and stroked as I squeezed a breast with the other. She was moaning as I pulled my sack from her and put my dick to her lips. Like Alissa I only let her have half of it to suck. She wrapped her tongue around it as she bobbed her head and stroked the rest with one hand. I gave her clit a couple of squeezes and moved away. “Not yet, Please?”

“I’ll be back, don’t worry.” She was already rubbing her pussy and breasts. As I straddled Anna she wasted no time. Grabbing my shaft and pulling it to her mouth.

“Come here little boy and let me eat you.” Before I could react she had it in her mouth and with her hands on my hips pulled me to her taking the entire 8” in her mouth and throat. “Mmnnnfffttttt, Mmnnnfffttttt, Mmnnnfffttttt” was all I heard after that as she slipped it in and out. I bent and put my lips on her clit, sucking and nibbling on the little nub. I bit a little hard and she shuddered as her nectar started flowing. I pulled out and stood up. She was gasping for air as she smiled up at me. “Mmmmm, that’s a good start husband.”

Instead of sucking on my dick, Amanda started rubbing her hands over it while she tickled the Frenulum with the tip of her tongue, she moved me forward some more and surrounded my shaft with the warm smooth flesh of her luscious 36D breasts. I leaned forward and slipped my tongue thru her wet, tart slit as I fucked her breasts. As I stood up to move again she whispered, “Tonight your mine alone, so save some energy.” She smiled as she watched me moved back to Alissa.

“Are you ladies sure your ready. They all just smiled and nodded yes as they continued playing with themselves. I straddled Alissa and put my dick in her mouth and pushed it all the way in feeling her swallowing the last several inches. I stroked deep several time and pulled out. “Take some deep breaths.” After she did I pushed my dick down her throat and rested my balls on her nose. As I held it there I groped her breasts and she tried to moan around my shaft. I continued rubbing her breasts as she moved her hands to my hips and tried to push me back. I squeezed her breasts hard and she moaned again as she started slapping my legs. I didn’t pull back until she made fists and started hitting me. I pulled out and she gasped for breath.

“Oh shit that was great. Will you do it again and longer?”

“When I come back sweetie.” I moved to CJ and she started stroking my shaft before putting in her mouth.

“Daddy Do me like you did Anna last night. I want it just like her. Please Daddy.” When I asked if she was positive she just nodded rapidly and suck me into her mouth. I slid her up on the bed a little where she could not move her head down. I pushed into her throat like I had Alissa and after she took her breaths I buried it in her throat pushing her head against the mattress. I leaned forward just a bit making her head immobile and then bent down to suck on her pussy hole. I drove my tongue in over and over as far as it would go, feeling her throat convulsing around my shaft. She started trying to push me off but I just rested my weight on her face. As she started to beat on my hips I rubbed her nub between my thumb and forefinger. When I pinched it she thrust her hips to my face and her pussy flooded my mouth with her nectar. Her strikes became weaker and her hips relaxed. I pulled my shaft from her throat and she took several long gasps of air before getting up and throwing her arms around me. “Oh Daddy that was…was…I can’t describe how frightening and exhilarating that was. God we have to do that more.” Anna pulled CJ to her.

“Come here sister and lick my pussy while our Daddy puts his big cock down my throat.” CJ climbed on Anna in a 69 and started rubbing her wet mound. When she bent down and kissed her lips that were peeking out, Anna gave a soft moan. “All I need now is Daddy’s cock.” She pulled me to her and just before she put her lips on my shaft said, “I’m ready Daddy.” She took a deep breath and pulled me to her driving my shaft down her throat. I stayed deep in her throat as I pushed my right thumb into CJ’s pussy and she groaned and pushed back. When it was wet I pulled it out and rubbed her little pucker. She wiggled her butt and pushed back. I pushed in past her anal ring. With my thumb in her I buried the two middle fingers in her pussy. She was moving her butt in circles and pushing back against my hand.

Anna put her hands on my hips and was pushing. I reached under CJ and grabbed a breast, pinching her nipple as I rubbed my fingers in her pussy and ass together. She raised her head and yelled. “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, what are you doing? OH GOD, don’t stop.” She buried her face back in Anna’s pussy and I could her slurping. Anna was trembling and driving her fist into my legs. I pushed harder in her throat as I continued rubbing my fingers in CJ. As Anna’s blows became more frantic I fingered CJ harder and pulled on her nipple.

I was closed to cumming when Anna’s blows weakened. I pulled my shaft from her throat and my finger from CJ. With Anna gasping below I put my shaft to CJ’s ass and pushed it in. She started to raise her head but I used my now free hand to push her back down to Anna’s pussy. “Mmnnnfffttttt” was all she could get out as I pounded her little ass. It only took a few strokes and I blasted cum into her ass. She was shaking all over and I looked down to see Anna with her mouth latched to CJ’s hole, slurping up CJ’s nectar. I released CJ’s head and eased my shaft out. CJ rolled off Anna, breathing deep “Sister that was something else. I think our Daddy loves us a lot.”

“What about me?” I looked over at Alissa lying on the bed frowning. I walked over to her with my half hard shaft. She took it in her hands and stroked it and pouted. “Is this all I get?” Just then it started growing as she stroked it tighter.

“I think he’s happy to see you.” She kept stroking until it was hard again then started teasing the head with her tongue. She pulled me to her and took me deep after several minutes of her deep throating me she pushed me back.

“Take me husband I’m yours for anything you want.” I slid my shaft down her throat, feeling it milking me all the way in. As I went to work on her slit with my tongue in her slit her throat continued to constrict around me. It felt like a hand milking an udder. I was sucking on her clit and she was humping my face as I did. I still could feel her throat milking me and it was bringing me close to another orgasm. As I shot m load into her stomach she jerked and squirted her juices on me. When my dick stopped pumping I pulled it out as it went soft. I bent down and gave her a long kiss. “I hope you liked it.”

“I didn’t just like it, I loved it like I love you.” She sat up and hugged me. I saw Amanda laying there with a smile on her face. I went to her and lay down next to her. “I’m sorry sweetheart. I don’t have another one in me.” she just gave me her wicked grin.

“That’s alright you have a couple of hours before bedtime and then your all mine.” We all lay on the bed for a while before Amanda said “I’m headed for the pool. Who wants to join me?” 5 minutes later we were all cooling off, splashing in the cool water. We spent the rest of the evening sitting around on the deck talking. They reminded me, like I would forget, that I was supposed to take them shopping for bike leather on Wednesday.

They wanted to know who was going to get the new bike. Anna said she wanted the bike I had bought for my first wife and promised to keep it clean and shiny. “I thought you wanted to ride with me?”

“I do, I will, but sometimes we girls might want to go by ourselves.” I told her it was hers. She jumped on me smothering me in hugs and kisses. “You treat me so good, what would I do without you?” CJ said she would like to have my old bike.

“Bill rode me on it now I want to ride it for real.” The others laughed at that one. Amanda and Alissa thought it was a good idea. Now all we need were bikes for Amanda and Alissa. We decided that we would go looking on Saturday and maybe go on a family outing Sunday. They started asking more questions about my trip with Anna. Seems they were having a hard time believing the things she had told them

“Did you really have sex at a rest stop?”

Yep, I ate her pussy then fucked her before she gave me a blow job. Then she came in the restroom where I was and gave me another BJ while some guy watched. Oh and Baby Slut was topless and pantyless the whole way back.” They were sitting there with their mouths open until CJ spoke.

“Damn little sister you’re becoming a regular exhibitionist slut.” Then she grinned and hugged her. “I’m jealous.” It was approaching 10pm when Amanda suggested we call it a night.

As we headed inside towards the bedroom Amanda looked back and said “Sorry ladies, he’s all mine to night.” She closed the door behind us a flipped the lock. “I know you’ve had a busy two days, so tonight we are going to lay here in each other’s arms and sleep. But tomorrow morning you owe me sex.” We lay down and she pulled me to her with my head between her breasts. The sound of her heartbeat and her soft, warm skin were all I needed to drop off into a peaceful slumber.

I awoke to Amanda looking down at me. She was rocking back and forth on my dick. “I hope you don’t mind dear. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back it was standing straight up and looked so good I couldn’t resist.” She had been holding herself up with her hands on the bed but now I was awake she lowered herself down to her elbows and was rubbing her breasts on my chest as she rocked. I tried to help by putting my hands on her hips but she pushed them away. “No honey this one’s on me. Just relax and enjoy.” She rode me for about five minutes then slid down pulling me out as she kissed my nipples and down across my stomach.

She took my shaft in her hand and held it, licking the head as she looked into my eyes. She didn’t break her gaze as she stretched her lips over the head. She continued looking as she held 3” in her mouth and ran her tongue around it and teased the piss hole with the tip. She pulled it out with a pop and sucked it back in. she repeated this several times before grinning and taking the entire shaft down her throat, still not breaking her gaze. I felt pressure building. “Where do you want me to cum?”

She pulled me out of her throat and moved back up. “I want it in my womb. I want your babies so you need to started putting your sperm in me more.” She guided my dick to her hot, slick hole and sat on it. “Mmmmm, now you can fill me with your babies.” She started rocking again and this time she leaned down offering me her breasts with their swollen nipples. I held them like the precious material they were and brought one nipple to my lips and swabbed it with my tongue. She was moaning and rocking faster as I felt my orgasm nearing. She slammed her pussy down in my lap and stayed there. She was groaning as I filled her with my seed and they mixed with her nectar.

We stayed there with her lying on me until she rolled us both over putting me on top. “I don’t want any leaking out when you pull out.” I finally got up and headed to the shower.

“Are you going to join me?” When she shook her head no, I said “What about I’m not supposed to shower alone”

“Open the bedroom door.” I opened the door and there stood CJ and Alissa.

“Mama Wife said you might need some help this morning.” I just shook my head and went to the shower. These four seemed to be a step ahead of me all the time. I was starting to wonder if they were telepathic or something. I turned the water on and they were right next to me. “Mama Wife also said no sex this morning so you behave. We’re just supposed to get you ready and see you off to work.” They scrubbed me clean, scrubbing some places a little too energetically. I got dressed, kissed Amanda and went out to my new bike escorted like every morning by naked wives. I kissed their lips and breast and they reminded me to ride safe, there was a lot waiting at home for me.

I breezed thru my day daydreaming about the week end and the week ahead. My reverie was broken about 4pm when I was called to the company president’s office. He told me there were a couple of people here that wanted to talk to me. He said they were in the conference room and that he would go in with me if I wanted. This sounded ominous. I told him I would appreciate the back up. I entered the conference room to find two men in dark suit that immediately showed me badges and identified themselves as U.S. Marshals’. Mr. Cooper standing behind me asked what this was about. They said they were only supposed to discuss this with me. “Anything you have to say you can say in front of him.”

The proceeded to tell me that Ricardo and Mara Ramirez had been arrested for drug smuggling and were going into witness protection and wanted to see their daughters. They had to be in the Marshals office in McAllen, TX on Thursday. I told them they would be there. I collected their business cards and when they left explained to Mr. Cooper what was going on. And he told me to take the rest of the week off. Just keep him in the loop. I went back to my office and made sure the rest of the week was covered and headed home.

When I got there they heard me rumble in and came out to meet me. They were all wearing boy shorts and tube tops, obviously braless. They told me they had decided to start dressing for dinner. I looked them over again and they started laughing and we went in the house. CJ said dinner would be ready in about 30 minute. Alissa brought me a beer and sat down on the couch with me and Amanda. Amanda said they were all excited about going shopping tomorrow for their motorcycle leather. They had a class setup for the weekend between the Hawaiian party and the graduation sleep over. Eventually Anna hollered ‘Soups on’ from the dining room.

These women sure could cook. If it wasn’t for all the sex I would have gained 25lbs while they were here. Tonight was a pot roast with potato’s, celery and carrots. They had brown gravy, cornbread dressing and a cake for dessert. Their mamas taught them well. When dinner was done and the dished put away I called for a family meeting. We went in the family room and sat down in what had become our standard places. Amanda was on my right. Anna was on my left with CJ and Alissa sitting on the floor leaning against my legs.

“We won’t be going shopping tomorrow.” Everyone started throwing questions at me. “Hold on a minute ladies and I’ll explain. We are going on a road trip tomorrow morning and probably won’t be home until the weekend.” The questions started again and I just sat there until they stopped. “We are going to McAllen, Texas for an appointment we have to keep on Thursday.

Anna chimed in with “That’s where our parents are.” When I told them that’s who we were going to see they didn’t know what to say. As soon as I told them what I had been told Anna yelled, “NNNNOOOO, they can’t take us away from you. It’s not fair.” She was holding me so tight I thought she had cut off my circulation.

“I don’t know what is going to happen. I do know that CJ is 18 and can legally decide what she wants. Right now all I know is they want to see their daughters.” That sure put a damper on the evening. It took half an hour to get Anna to let go and pack for the trip. Amanda made sure they all packed conservative clothes. We couldn’t take any chances while we were down there. After packing was done Anna found me sitting in the family room with some news on the TV and sat in my lap with her arms around me. Her eyes were puffy from crying as she put her head on my shoulder.

“Please don’t let them take me away from here. I love you and the family. I don’t know what I’ll do if they make me move. Please, I’ll do anything you want, just don’t let me go.”

“You don’t have to do anything baby girl. We love you just as you are and we’ll do whatever it takes to keep us together. Just remember when we get there down don’t get mad and let something slip.”

“I know I can’t talk about loving you or sex or the things we do, I’ll be extra careful.” When everyone had wandered back in to the family room I asked what they wanted to do they decided to just watch a movie. Anna sat in my lap holding me close until we decided to call it a night and get an early start. She still held my arm as we all headed for the master bedroom. I ended up with Anna laying half on me on one side and Amanda spooned to her with an arm across both of us. CJ was on the other side with Alissa behind her and an arm across them. Anna said “Just hold us tonight. Hold us and make us feel safe.”

Everyone must have been stressed out last night. No one woke up until 9am, So much for an early start. We finally hit the road at 11. Compared to our normal trips this was somber, 6 hrs of very little conversation and gloomy faces. We checked into a hotel about 7pm. We got a suite with two bedrooms to maintain appearances. By the time we found some place to eat and got back it was after 9. We had to be at the Marshal’s office at 8am so everybody turned in. again Anna was next to me holding me tight. When the alarm went off she was still in the same position. When I kissed her to wake her up she jumped like she had been hit.

“I’m sorry, I was dreaming they were dragging me away and there was nothing anyone could do.” I held her until she quit shaking then took her to the shower with me and made love to her under the warm water. I got on my knees and had her put one foot on me shoulder as I kissed and sucked on her clit. I put two fingers in her pussy and stroked as I continued playing with her clit. I put both of her legs on my shoulders and stood up holding her between me and the wall. I let her slide down until the head of my dick touched her. I put it in her hole and lowered her more until her ankles were on my shoulder. As my shaft filled her she kissed me and moaned into my mouth. I had my hands on her side holding her up as my chest pressed her to the wall. I stroked into her gently letting her enjoy the sensations. “Oh Bill I need you. Fill me with your love.” Her body trembled and her hole got slicker as her juice flowed. I shot into her as I held my shaft deep. “Mmmmm, I can feel you’re hot cum inside me. Hold me tight.”

When we came out of the bathroom and Anna was smiling, CJ asked if she got what she needed. She hugged my arm tight. “I found out I already had it.” Everyone got ready, the ladies were all wearing dresses that came just above the knees and no nipples were showing so they had to be wearing bras. We stopped for a quick breakfast and got to the offices just before eight. They put the five of us in a glass enclosed conference room and we could watch what was going on. We saw CJ and Anna's parents brought in and placed in another glassed in room on the other side of the room. A lady came in and identified herself as one of the Marshals and asked CJ and Anna to come with her. I stood up and she said I would have to wait here.

We watched her take them to the room where their parents were. It was quiet for a few minutes then we saw Anna jump up. We could see she was yelling but we couldn’t hear anything. CJ was trying to calm her but she wasn’t slowing down. Her dad stood up and said something and she stopped. He looked my way and lowered his head as he sat down. The lady brought Anna and CJ out of the room and took them somewhere else. I was getting worried since no one would talk to us. Then the lady came for me. I asked if Amanda could come because any decision I might need to make would affect her since we were getting married in a month. She called someone that gave the ok and she took us to the room where Anna's parents were. We were told that her parents were going to testify and go into witness protection and they had asked Anna and CJ to go with them. CJ just flat told them they screwed up their lives but she want going to let them screw up hers. Being 18 there was nothing the parents could do. When they told Anna she had to go apparently she threw a major fit and told them if they took her away from her friend’s, school and family she would run away and find a way to tell the drug people where they were.

That’s when her dad had stood up and said ‘OK, you can stay.’ That’s why Amanda and I were brought in. her parents wanted to modify the order we had now to allow Amanda and I to make all parental decisions for her until she turned 18. They also wanted us to take care of their house. They were deeding it to their daughters but they wanted me to help them sell it if they wanted and make sure they got a fair price and the profit was divided equally. I looked at the Marshals and they told me that they had determined it had been paid off before they started their smuggling so it wasn’t to be seized. Once we agreed the Marshals said the paperwork would be ready by noon tomorrow.

The lady took us back to Alissa and when I asked where Anna and CJ were she said they were downstairs waiting in the cafeteria. She didn’t want them to go thru any more stress. When we walked into the cafeteria Anna almost bowled me over when she ran up to hug me. I looked into her misty hazel eyes and softly said “Be good for just a little longer. Now give Amanda a hug.” Amanda took my arm and we walked quietly to the truck. Anna could barely contain herself.

“Well what did they say? Do I get to stay? Are they going to take me away from you?” I gave her my best sad look. “NNNOOOOOO, tell me it’s not so. Tell me I’m staying.”

Amanda said “Bill don’t be an ass tell her.” I smiled at Anna.

“Your parents have decided that Amanda and I should take care of you until you’re eighteen.” It was a good thing we had just pulled up to a red light. Anna squealed and climbed over the seat into my lap. She was showering kisses on me still when the light changed. I pulled into the next open lot and parked. Anna was so happy she was giddy.

“Are you sure? Is it really true? Do I get to live with you and not my parents?” I told her the paper work would be ready at noon tomorrow so until them we had to keep a low profile. She finally started to climb into the back set an as she did I slid one hand up a thigh and rubbed her soaked panties against her mound. “Mmmmm, we better get back to the hotel soon” I stopped rubbing and she finished moving to the back seat. It was after noon and I asked what they wanted for lunch. Anna kept saying “Room Service”. She was out voted by everyone else wanting steak.

We found a nice place and went in. Anna was holding my hand tight like she was still afraid she would be taken away. We were in a big booth with Anna sitting right next to me looking at my menu. She grinned and said, “I don’t see tube steak listed.”

“I thought you were going to be good today?”

She put her hand in my lap and squeezed my bulge. “I’m trying but you won’t take me to the hotel so I can be real good.”

“We have to be real careful until we get the paperwork tomorrow. So until we’re behind closed hotel doors you’ll just have to wait.” We had a long relaxing lunch then went back to the hotel. As soon as we were in the room and the door closed, Anna walked up to me and pushed me backward causing me to fall on the bed.

“Hi honey we’re home. Now let me say hello to your little friend.” As Anna started pulling off my shoes and pants Amanda told us if Anna let me out of the room they would be down at the hotel pool. Anna ignored her and as soon as my pants were off she took my dick in her hand and started stroking. As soon as it was hard she wasted no time slipping it down her throat. She was moving like a woman possessed. She stopped long enough to stand up, remove her clothes and straddle me so she could pull off my shirt. She guided my shaft to her entrance and lowered herself on it. “Oh Bill when we left this morning I thought I would never feel this again. Now fuck me.”

As she started bouncing on my shaft I held her by the waist and thrust into her, meeting her half way. She had her hands on my chest and her head back grunting with each deep stroke. Soon she shuddered and her fingers dug into my flesh. She drove down one more time groaning. When she stopped shaking she laid down on me and I wrapped my arms around her. Bill, promise me you’ll always be here.”

“I will Baby Girl, I will.” We lay there together until she said it was time to join the others. I pulled on some shorts and she went into the bathroom to cleanup. She came out in a hot pink bikini. It was not as small as she usually wore but she looked hot none the less.

She did a quick spin for me. “Is this good enough for you.” We grabbed some towels and went down to the pool. We spent all afternoon and into the evening just playing in the pool and relaxing in the sun. this was the first time since shortly after I met them that I had spent time around a pool with all for women wearing bathing suits and not nude. We went back up to the room about 9pm and everyone voted for pizza. Amanda and I left to go get them and when we got back about an hour later we found all three, sound asleep on the couch.

We managed to get them all in to the bed in the second bedroom then sat down and enjoyed some alone time while we ate. “You know husband it’s just you and me tonight .” We went into the other bedroom and got up on the bed. “Just fuck me tonight. No playing or anything just fuck me.” She pulled her legs back to her side and spread her lips. “Put your dick in my pussy and fill me with your baby makers.” I pushed into her almost dry hole and felt it slicken as her pleasure caused her juices to flow and lubricate us.

I started a slow steady rhythm and looked at her smiling up at me with her eyes closed as she moaned softly. She pulled me down to her and whispered in my ear as she rolled her hips up to me my strokes. “Mmmmm this is how to make babies. Nice and slow and long and deep. Just keep doing that until you make us cum.” She nibbled on my neck and made sounds that reminded me of a contented cats purr. “Oh by the way husband, I’m late.”

“What? Say that again.”

“I’m late. So maybe you’ll have a pregnant bride next month.” I hugged her tight and asked if she had done a test yet. “No but I was going to as soon as I could by one.” I was so thrilled.

“I hadn’t said anything yet but I was going to tell CJ and Alissa that when they graduate they can go ahead and stop the pill. I don’t want to wait years for babies and I don’t think they do either.” Amanda smiled and held me.

“I think you will make their day.” We laid there talking about baby names until we fell asleep.

We woke up about 9am with Anna on top of me shaking us awake. “Wake up today is an important day. We need to get dressed, go eat breakfast and be at the Marshals office by noon so I can be free. Let’s go, shake a leg.” We got up packed and checked out and left for breakfast. We passed a drug store and Amanda asked me to stop. She went in and came out with just her purse. I knew what she had bought but she had asked me not to say anything to the others yet. When we stopped at a café and ordered breakfast, Amanda excused herself and went to the restroom.

When she came back I stood up so she could slide back into the booth. She sat her purse between us and reached in. She pulled out the test just enough for me to see the plus sign. I smiled at her and gave her a long kiss. Anna said, “Euuugh, get a room.”

We looked at the three of them and Anna spoke. “Bill and I have some news for you.” She held up the test. “I’m pregnant.” Alissa, CJ and Anna yelled and everyone looked our way.

Alissa laughed and said “She’s pregnant.” Some of the people in the café cheered or clapped for us. When it died down I got the girls attention.

“We talked about our family last night and I’ve decided I don’t want to wait years. Alissa and CJ if you want to you can stop the pill after graduation. Anna I’m sorry but you still have to wait until you’re eighteen.” Alissa and CJ were giddy.

“We only have two more weeks and then you’re going to be tired a lot husband. They say they first week off the pill is the best.” Anna sat there a moment.

“Well since you won’t let me have your baby until I’m eighteen, once you sign the papers today for me, you will have three wives and a daughter. I’m going to tell everyone you’re my daddy now and Amanda is my stepmom. Then you won’t be fantasizing about screwing your daughter anymore.”

“Can I still call you my Baby Slut?”

“Yes daddy, you can call me anything you like as long as I get my share of sex with you.” After that the conversations were about being pregnant, getting pregnant and getting the paperwork finished so we could go home and start being a family again. When we got to the marshals office CJ stayed in the Expedition with Alissa. She said she had already told her parents what she had to say and didn’t want to see them again. Amanda and I walked into the conference with Anna between us. Her parents came in and we did all of the paperwork. Her parents apologized again to Anna but she told them they had a choice to make and they chose to break the law instead of being with their daughters. When Amanda and Anna had walked out Roberto stopped me and handed me an envelope. He shook my hand and asked me to take care his daughters, if I could. He said the envelope would help.

We got in the truck to leave with Anna and CJ in the back. As hard as they had tried to be, they were now holding each other and tears were flowing. We traveled about an hour before everyone was back to their normal chatty, laughing selves. As we passed a sign that said there was a rest area ahead Alissa hollered, “We need to stop.” I pulled in and had my choice of places. There were only two cars there so I parked by one of the shaded tables. As we got out someone said ‘Get the camera so we can take some pictures’.

I got some bottle water out of the vending machine and went sit in the shade at the table while they headed to the restrooms. The four of them looked so cute walking away with their sundresses blowing in the light breeze. When they came out I thought ‘Yep this will be an interesting trip home’. All four were nude except for the heels they were wearing. I grabbed the camera and started taking pictures. They walked to the truck but instead of getting in they threw their dresses inside and walked over to where I was sitting and calmly opened the water bottles.

Alissa moved next to me and hugged my arm. “I won.”

“What did you win darling?”

“I won you. I want you to love me right her like you did Anna when you went for your ride.” I thought a minute then stood and faced her. I held her face as I kissed her then moved down to kiss her neck and breasts. While I was sucking on her nipples CJ took my shirt off as Amanda took my slacks off. I sat down on the bench and brought her to me so I could put her legs over my shoulder and my mouth over her clit. I ran my tongue over and around her nub as it swelled and she groaned with pleasure. I moved down and stabbed my tongue into her sweet hole and she pulled my head to her. Her nectar was starting to flow as I stood up and moved her to the end of the table and bent her over it.

As I spread her cheeks and pushed my dick into her pussy I pulled her arms back so I could drive into her harder and asked her what I had asked Anna. “Is this what you want? Do you want to be like Baby Slut with me fucking you like my little whore in public?” as I pounded her tight pussy she started shaking and her legs were wobbling.

“Oh god. Oh god. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll be your slut, your whore or anything else. Just please fuck me.” Her orgasm grew as I pulled on her arms driving my dick as deep as I could. When she stopped shaking and lay still I pulled out of her like I had Anna, turned her around and pushed her to her knees. She was unsteady so I put one had on the back of her head to steady her, put the head of my shaft in her mouth and stroked it with my other hand. She started sucking like she had a straw in her mouth but just as I felt my load let go I pulled out and shot it all over her face. When I was done I wiped that last drops on her forehead and pulled her up.

“Now you look like a proper little whore. Someone take this little tart and clean her up.” No one had pulled in so Anna took her by the arm and led her to the restroom. I got brave and walked naked to the men’s restroom to take a leak. While I was in there, like she had before Anna came in with Alissa in tow. Alissa stood next to me and held my shaft until I finished then shook it dry. She turned me to her and bent down to suck me into her mouth and lick our combined cum from my dick. She stood up and hugged me.

“Thank you husband for letting me be one of your little sluts. I’ll work hard to make you proud.” As we walked back to the truck Alissa had one arm around my waist and was stroking my dick with the other hand as a car drove by and honked. She just smiled then she, Anna and I climbed into the back seat. CJ drove and Amanda was in the passenger seat as we cruised down the hi-way. Alissa and Anna were squeezed up against me with their heads on my chest and their hands in my lap. I had my arms around them with my hands on their breasts. As we went down the road they kept poking at my dick and giggling when they made it jump.

I finally decided I had enough and pushed Alissa’s head down until her mouth was full of my cock. “Now be still. Don’t move.” I made her lay there with my cock in her mouth not moving for about 10 minutes then pulled her up and pushed Anna down and did the same thing. When I was done with her I pushed Alissa down and told her she could only use her tongue. I pushed Anna back down next to her and told her to hold my balls and lick them. Because I didn’t let either of them stroke or bob their mouths on my shaft if felt really good but wasn’t getting me close to an orgasm.

I wanted to make them work for their treat. I had them swap positions every few minutes until I finally told them to started fucking my shaft with their mouth and to take it all down. I put my hands on the back of whoever’s mouth was on my shaft and pushed them down holding them so I could feel their throat clenching around my shaft. When I was ready to cum, Alissa had her mouth on my cock and I pulled her up until only the tip was between her lips. Don’t swallow. “Save it for your sister slut.” I filled her mouth with cum and had her sit up. “Now give half of it to Anna.” They put the lips together and I saw their tongues moving. “Now show me.” They opened their mouths and showed me their puddles of cum. “Don’t swallow. I want you to hold it in your mouths like good little sluts. If you swallow before I tell you to you’ll get a spanking like the last one only you’ll have to sit on your sore ass until we get home.” They looked at me surprised but closed their mouths and sat back.

It was quiet in the back seat for 30 minutes until I let them swallow. Then all they talked about was which one would have lasted longer. I told them when we were back home I would make sure we found out. We drove another hour before we needed to stop for gas. CJ pulled into a station and we stopped next to a pump. I waited to see what would happen next and wasn’t too surprised when Amanda gave CJ her credit card. She opened the door, got out still naked and started filling up the truck. Nothing happened until just before she finished when a man stepped around the pump and flashed a picture of her backside. She jumped but when she saw what it was she turned around, smiled at him and posed. “You’ll probably like this side better.”

We started back to the hi-way but everyone wanted something to eat. CJ pulled into a McDonalds and when we got to the window the girl there just smiled at CJ and Amanda. She couldn’t see us in the back seat for the tint. I asked them to put some honey if there for the fries. We pulled out and ate going down the road. When we were done I looked at Anna and Alissa. “Are my two little sluts ready for dessert?”

Their eyes lit up. “What do you have for us?”

“How about some honey glazed man meat?” I opened one of the honey packets and dribbled some on the head of my dick. Alissa grabbed the shaft and started licking off the honey. As I dribbled more on Anna joined her. Soon as one sucked on the head and licked honey off of it, the other would kiss and lick the honey from the shaft.

I had my head back relishing the attention my dick was receiving from my two teen baby sluts when I felt the truck turn right and CJ said “Pee break.” We were pulling into another rest area. CJ drove past the 5 or 6 vehicles there and parked just past the rest rooms. I was getting dark out but the building and walkway were well lit. That didn’t stop my women. Anna popped my dick from her mouth and joined the others as they ran to the ladies room. After a while I saw CJ sick her head out and look around. When she didn’t see any nearby all four came out and walked arm and arm back to the truck.

Alissa got behind the wheel and Anna was frowning in the passenger seat. Amanda and CJ were in back with me. “We decided it was time to swap. Your little baby sluts have monopolized enough of your time. Now it our turn to get some of that dessert.” CJ took hold of my shaft and was putting some of the honey on it as Alissa backed out. By the time we were back on the road CJ had my dick down her throat and Amanda was licking honey from my scrotum. They kept swapping positions until I filled CJ’s mouth with a load of my seed.

She sat up and showed me her mouthful of cum like Alissa had then she kissed Amanda and I watched their tongues swirling in each other’s mouths. They parted and showed me they each had a puddle of cum in their mouths then sat there smiling with their mouths closed. Amanda took my dick in her hand and carefully stroked it back to rigidity. She straddled me lap with her back to me, aimed my shaft at her wet hole and sat down. She wiggled her butt in my lap and when I was balls deep in her pussy, she leaned back and pulled my arms around her. She leaned her head back on my shoulder and a moment later gargled the cum in her mouth. When she did both her and CJ started to laugh and ended up swallowing.

Still laughing Amanda said “Sorry dear. We were going to outdo your little baby sluts, but I couldn’t help myself. Do you give free refills?” she was still giggling as she leaned her head back. I grabbed her by the waist and lifted her enough for me to drive into her hole. She stopped giggling and moaned.

“Now it’s your turn. If you want it work for it.” She Rose up enough to hold the seat in front of us and began meeting my strokes, driving down on my shaft. CJ moved forward so she could take one of her nipples in her mouth as she reached between our legs and alternated rubbing Amanda’s clit or massaging my ball sack. Watching them playing with my cum, Amanda on my dick and CJ playing with my balls quickly brought me off. “Are you ready for your refill?”

“Oh god yes. Cum in my mouth, I won’t waste it this time.” She rose off my shaft and put her lips on the head as CJ rapidly stroked my shaft. For the third time today I blew a full load. Amanda held it all in her mouth until I finished then sat up with a big smile on her face. She pulled CJ to her and they passed my cum between them again only this time they just set back, Leaned against me and put their heads on my shoulders. I told them that that was it for this evening, I needed a rest. I dozed until CJ woke me by sucking on my dick.

“We’re almost home and I thought you would like this more than me shaking you.” She went back to working on my dick as Amanda pulled me to her for a kiss. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and I could taste my salty cum on it. She pulled back and swallowed.

“I guess I win.” She looked at Anna and stuck out her tongue. I thought I had only one 15 year old. CJ leaned her head against my belly and spent the rest of the 10 minute drive home just lazily swabbing her tongue around my dick. When we pulled into our drive she reluctantly let me go and said she was going to work on it some more when we went to bed.

We got all of our stuff out of the truck and I reminded them we still needed to go shopping for their bike gear tomorrow. We took a relatively quick shower for there being one guy and four women in there and headed for bed. CJ stopped me with a mischievous look on her face. “Remember when you let Anna sleep with your meat in her mouth? Well I want to do the same thing tonight.” When I smiled and told her ‘Ok’ she quickly jumped on the bed and pulled me after her.

I lay on my left side and she laid down putting one leg over my chest and sliding until my dick was in her face. she pulled my right leg across her and put it under her arm before she sucked half my shaft into her mouth and laid her head on my left thigh. Alissa spooned into her and reached down to slide her hand between her thighs slipping two fingers between her wet lips. They were close enough that I licked her fingers as she rubbed CJ’s inner lips.

Amanda curled up to me under CJ’s leg with her head on my shoulder. Doesn’t she have the prettiest little pussy? Her lips look like a little flower blooming and it smells sweet to.” Anna lay behind Amanda with an arm across her. I fell asleep dreaming about sweet smelling flowers and honey flavored suckers. Several times during the night I was awakened by CJ sucking on my flaccid shaft like it was a mother’s nipple.

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I Love these pictures!!!!!They are so bieftauul they made me cry!I especially love the photo with the baby shoes on mom's tummey exquisite! And the sunset is can capture more than a thousand words!

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