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Let me see the darkness through your eyes
Allow me the right to know the clouds in your skies
Pull me spiraling down to the depths of your world
I want your despair to be my lord
Make me choke on your blood as it spills down my throat
I crave to hear your voice and its somber note
You've introduced me to the pleasure of this pain
I intend to relish it until I am slain
I need to feel your cold arms around me
And your sternness forcing me to my knee
I'm begging you to be my master
Your denial forces my tears to role down faster
You have become my whole life
And your rejection is picking at my hope like a knife
If I am not allowed to see your world, then pluck my eyes out
Suck out my brain before you fill it with doubt
Inject my veins with acid so that your stare cannot fill them with ice
Use your sword to puncture my heart with one swift slice
Leave me to die here in the spilled blood
Allow my sadness to seep out into the red flood
Your constant rejection gives me no reason to try
Without your affection...I must die

-------January 30, 2000

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2012-09-09 04:04:51
, "You b*tch!" to the name-stealer and escorts Charlotte out of there.With Claire, we kept her name a sercet from the general public, but shared if close friends or family asked. We ended up having one incident where a friend said something negative about her name on TWITTER of all places (and yes, her statuses are public) and not only did we get pretty angry at her, we had to ask her to remove that status update.So with BebeDeux, we have been keeping it a sercet aside from family. Though, in the past month or so we've been more relaxed — we will share if we're pretty sure that the person won't say anything bad about it.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-07-01 09:35:06
A rare beauty on such a site, It is amazing, and perhaps refreshing.

Lil DemonReport

2009-04-12 05:56:47
purrsss .. very awsome

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2008-08-27 05:25:44
It was awesome man i like it too much

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2008-08-24 18:46:24
Very nice, good job.

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