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Chapter 2

I Have some explaining to do first, My name is Luke Bennet, I'm Caucasian, Breanna is also Caucasian, And if you really want to know my hair was blond, so i guess i'm finished now lets start.

We had finally pulled apart from our kiss. It felt kinda weird at first since she is my new step sister but i really didn't care about that anymore. We sat down together to watch some T.V until we started to make out. I laid her down on the couch we were siting on only to be stopped by the sounds of my parents footsteps. We sat up as fast as we could and started to act cool. It didn't take that long to realize that having sex was going to be hard now, so the entire day we had to act like we still hated each other, to keep from suspicion. But we were not apart for ever, that night she came to my room to hang out for a while, "Hey Luke, how are we going to be together in the morning"

I Had no clue "Maybe we could leave the house to hang out" we both started to pick up were we left of this morning and started to kiss each other I reached for her panties and began to rub her slit, even though this was the second time we had sex I was getting better at having sex. She groaned at me rubing her and she pulled out my dick and began to rub my shaft. I lowered myself to her breast and started to suck them, this turned from having sex to a contest to see who would be turned on more. It seemed like I was winning since she was getting very wet, she noticed this and suddenly flipped me over and lowered herself to my dick and started to suck my dick, she looked up at me while she did this to see my reaction, I tried my best to keep a straight face, she then rubbed my dick as fast as she could then licked my dick head. I don't think anyone could stand something like that so soon i finally let out streams of cum in her mouth only to watch it all disappear down her throat. I guess that means that she wins.

But I don't give up that easily, I put her back on her back and began to lick her pussy, She groans as i did this, she started to open her legs more and more as I licked her slit, until she couldn't hold it anymore as she released her juices, They tasted even better than the last time and i could seriously drink her every day. i pulled myself back up on top of her. Our Breathing matched each others as I pushed my dick into her wet pussy, It felt better than the first time as we both screamed as i put myself all the way inside her. I pushed in at out as fast as i could until I Flipped her over on her stomach with her butt In the air. Before i could put myself into her she stopped me. "Not There" she told me as she spread he ass to reveal her ass hole. I was surprised she wanted me to do this. "Are you sure?" "Yeah" She sounded unsure but i still pushed myself through her ass hole. she started to scream but quickly covered her mouth as i slid my dick out and back in, It felt really good and soon her ass started to loosen up and it became easier to slide in and out She started to groan in pleasure and some pain. I could feel that i was ready to cum so i slid out and came all over ass. I fell onto my back as she laid there on her stomach. we both looked at each other breathing hard but smiling. We both kissed until Breanna got up to clean herself off. I soon completely passed out.

I woke up the next day mostly because of Breanna jumping onto me. she was excited when she said, "I Think we should go out on a date!" I Really didn't know what to say mostly because i never have gone on a date and with my step sister. But i couldn't say no so i drove us out to a restaurant (Golden Coral) and we ate there. It wasn't that fancy but we talked to each other for the longest, I would have to say it was a good first date. After the date I couldn't keep my hands off of her, but we had to act cool because when we came back my parents were downstairs. It was very hard to wait to fuck someone you wanted to have sex with for an hour, But we made it through.

I Lied her down on the bed and quickly we took off each others clothes and for a couple of minutes explored each others bodys, we started to kiss as she spread her legs to let me in, I Slid myself into her and started to fuck her faster and faster. I moved her breast around with my hands until we both came. But I didn't stop, i wanted her to feel her best. I sucked on her tits and pushed myself back into her deeper this time. She groaned as my dick grew inside of her, I Pushed myself in as deep as i could and it seemed like my was being sucked in by her pussy.

I Finally Came again but this time I Pushed myself all the way inside her. We both were exhausted but i still reached down and began to put my 2 fingers inside of her, she gasped as I did this. I Moved my fingers inside of her while I went as fast as i could with my fingers until she sprayed her juices on my hand. I Looked at my hand while it dripped with her juices. I started to lick my finger until she said "Do I taste good" I Really believe that she taste better than any thing iv'e ever tasted. With that I Put my fingers in her mouth and she sucked them clean and started lick my hand clean. I Guess she liked it too. "I had fun today, Luke" She said to me "Me to maybe we should do this more often" we both smiled at each other and we began to kiss. At that point I couldn't care about the future because she was the Perfect Girl For Me.

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2012-12-20 14:39:11
- I just read what you wrote. Then I read it again. and again. and I can't stop staring at this image. In.every.way. it's pefrect. It's dreamy. It's full of peace. I don't even need to see any more. I am complete with this one image :) Hugsxoxox Learn that people photography is about people, not about photography. Great portraits are a side effect of a strong human connection. cheryl jacobs nicolaiThanks for always believing in me and I can't say it enough-how much you mean to me my sweet sweet friend!Nicole recently posted..[]

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2012-06-18 09:24:42
beside being to short I really enjoy your story I hope you making part 3

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2012-06-17 17:23:51
Too short! Not enough diion! Bad grammor.

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2012-06-16 20:42:16
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck titty

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2012-06-16 18:52:33
It didn't take much time to stop wasting my time on this piece of shit. The only thing true about this story is that you didn't pay attention during the very short amount of time that you attended school.

Also, this is the first time that I've EVER seen a part written where the GIRL misspell the word WEDDING. ..... Weeding is what you do for a living.... right???

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