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Chapter 1

And so my life as Sam’s slave began. Monday to Friday the rules were simple—while she was at work I was free to go to work—something I only did 2-3 days a week now—or play golf. But Sam would return home at 5:30 sharp and I had to be there kneeling and naked at the front door to show her my cock cage and collar, the two symbols of my servitude to her. Monday afternoon I got home a bit later than planned. I was held late by a client—a big one—so it was almost 5:25 when I ran in the door. I raced to the bedroom to remove my clothing, put it away neatly, and return to the door. I was only there two minutes when I heard it open.

She walked in, radiant in her scrubs, but it was obvious she’d had a shitty day. “You cut it a bit close today, didn’t you, slave?”

“I’m sorry, Mistress, I couldn’t get away from a big client. I raced home to be here for you. How can I serve you?”

Sam walked to the big leather chair in the living room and dropped the scrubs to the floor. She sat down and spread her legs. “I’ve been sweating my ass off all day. The goddamn air conditioning broke again so my pussy is probably ripe.”

“That’s OK, Mistress. I’ll love it anyway, and, Mistress, I would gladly remove your clothes for you.”

“Just get in here and eat this cunt. If I don’t cum soon I swear I’ll go crazy.” I dove in tongue first, starting on her labia and working my way in toward her slit. She was right, her cunt reeked, but that’s the breaks when you’re a slave. I lived to please my mistress—a good tasting cunt wasn’t part of the bargain. “Slave, I’m not in the mood for a long slow job. Just make me cum and then you can wash me. Plus, I’ve been saving something for you. I haven’t used the toilet all afternoon.” I got to work, licking and sucking her clit while I fingered her pussy, reaching for her sensitive G-spot. She jumped up suddenly. “C’mon, I gotta go. We can finish this in the shower.”

I raced behind her, sliding into position beneath her cunt just before she let loose. Her stream, more like a man’s because of the volume she’d built up, hit me in the cheek until I moved and opened my mouth. “Good boy,” she told me, “you know what to do with it, don’t you?” I nodded slightly as I swallowed a mouthful. When she finished I moved up to lick her clean and continue her toward her orgasm. I sucked her button between my teeth. Between the nibbling, sucking, and licking she came quickly and hard, collapsing into my arms. I helped her up, removed her top and bra and turned on the water to lovingly wash her lush body. “Did anyone comment on your collar today?”

“Yes, Mistress, I told them it was a loving gift from my new girlfriend. Several noticed there was no way to take it off so I told them that was the idea.”

“And how was your cage? I imagine you’d like to take it off.”

“I was proud to wear it, Mistress. It’s a symbol of my dedication to you, of my love for you.”

“I’ll let you take it off one of these days—when I want to fuck you. Then I think I’ll want it back on again. We’ll see.”

“As you wish, Mistress.” I finished washing her and she allowed me to clean myself. I turned off the water and led her out. I toweled her dry and helped her into her robe before addressing my own needs. I made dinner and we ate, mostly in silence. She retired to the living room while I cleared the table and took care of the dishes. I joined her later, sitting appropriately at her feet. I bent down, taking one foot into my hands. I massaged it and kissed her toes; then I took care of the other. I was just about to massage her legs when she pulled me up to bed.

She lay on her stomach, her hips up inviting me to kiss and lick her asshole. I pushed my tongue between her tight cheeks, finding her rosebud and teasing it with the tip. Sam moaned appreciatively. “Push your tongue in and finger my cunt. Find my G-spot and make me cum.” When I had done as she requested she pushed me onto my back and rubbed my balls. Using the cage was much like a cock ring that encircles both cock and balls. The scrotum is pushed forward, the balls squeezed tightly into a much smaller space than normal. The result was that my ball sac was tight and hard. The lightest pressure was magnified tenfold. Her gentle rubbing drove me crazy. Tentatively, I asked, “May I cum, Mistress?”
Sam thought about it for a while before denying my request. “Maybe tomorrow, if you’re a good boy.”

Tuesday I got home early from golf around two. I showered, making my body presentable for my Mistress. Once again I greeted her, my collar and cage on display for her. Again, she peed on me, requiring me to swallow and again I ate her juicy pussy twice and her ass once. She did not allow me to cum.

By Friday I had given her a ton of sex and orgasms but I had received nothing back. That would have been OK, but the cage’s effect on my balls, combined with the rubbing she had given me several times, made me hurt. It felt like I had blue balls. I asked Sam, ”Mistress, my balls are aching. They feel like blue balls. May I please cum?”

Her reply was terse, “I’ll decide when you can cum. That’s the way it works, doesn’t it? I’m getting tired of your whining. Lie on the bed and stay there.” I did as instructed until she returned with the cuffs and rope. Soon I was tied to the bed posts, my legs spread wide tied together by a rope that ran under the bed. “Don’t even think of getting loose. I was a girl scout and I know how to tie knots. I’ll be right back.” She came back with the riding crop. It was about two feet long with a 3 by 4-inch piece of leather on the end. “You may think your balls hurt now, but when I’m done they really will.” She toyed with me a few times, rubbing the leather and crop against my balls. In their current condition I was miserable, but I knew better than to complain. She took a short swing, connecting firmly with my scrotum. I couldn’t help myself; I simpered like a baby, ”Please, Mistress, I’ll be good. I won’t complain any more.” She gave me another firm swat—it felt like I’d been hit with a baseball bat. Ten times she imposed her discipline on my balls. When she was done she told me to sleep on the floor.

I awoke around three. It was still dark, but I knew I was in big trouble. My body had betrayed me—I’d had a wet dream. My ejaculate was spread all over the carpet. I tried to lick it up but all I did was spread it around. When Sam woke around eight I was on my knees, my head down in disgrace. “Mistress,” I begged, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t do it to displease you. I had a wet dream. See, my cage is still in place. It just happened. I’m so sorry.”

“Slave,” she looked at me with scorn on her face, “don’t you have any control of your body. You’re not a teenager, you know. Clean up this mess while I decide what to do with you.” I thanked her and got to work, using some wet towels to soak up much of the semen and dry ones to blot the carpet dry. I put everything into the hamper. I would do the laundry later in the day. That was also one of my jobs. It was about twenty minutes later that I walked into the kitchen. I could see the dining room table was set up and Sam was holding the paddle. I didn’t say a word. I walked over to the table and bent down. It took her less than a minute to fasten the rope to my wrists. A minute later my ankles were also secured. I turned back, “I’m so sorry, Mistress. I told you I needed to cum. I can usually go longer but I’ve been giving you so much sexual pleasure. It has an effect on me, Mistress, but I know that I need to be disciplined. I don’t blame you. It’s all my fault.” She gave me thirty and when she finished my ass was bleeding. I wasn’t sitting down any time soon.

“The worst part about this—I was planning on fucking you today, but after this--forget it. You’ll have to make do taking care of me.” I knelt before her and kissed her feet. She melted at my gesture and told me to get up. “Let’s get you some ice for that. I got a little carried away.”

“No, Mistress, I deserved it—and more. I’ve been very bad. May I try to make it up to you today?” I gave her my best all day and all night. She allowed me to get back into the bed that night.

Chapter 2

The following week my Mistress allowed me to take the cage off for half an hour. I was permitted to jerk off to avoid another involuntary ejaculation. She even helped me by rubbing my balls. She made me keep the ring on so my scrotum was really tight around my heavy testicles. Her touch was exquisite and when I came she, once again, gathered all my semen requiring that I lick her fingers clean and swallow my entire load.

On Friday night she told me we were going out—a friend was having a small get together. I picked out some good white wine for my Mistress’s enjoyment. I wouldn’t be allowed any. I drove to the address she gave me. When I got out of the car she fastened the leash to my collar. I followed her into the apartment to the exclamations of her friends. “Holy shit, I didn’t believe it when you told me, Sam, and if I wasn’t seeing it now I still wouldn’t.”

“So, Sam, what does your slave do?

“Anything I tell him to, right slave?”

“Yes, Mistress, I do whatever you tell me to do.”

One of the women, chubby and big-titted scoffed. “So what if he says that, prove it. Let’s see him in action.”

“Very well,” Sam replied, “Slave, remove your clothes and come over here.” I started with my sneakers, tucking the socks into each one. I dropped my shorts and removed the boxers, folding them neatly on top of my shoes. My shirt came off last. I walked to Sam and knelt before her, my head down in submission.

“What’s that on his cock?”

“Tell them, slave.”

I turned to face the women, showing them the cock cage. “This is a cock cage,” I began, “it ensures that I do not play with myself or get an erection or have an orgasm without my Mistress’s permission. I have worn it ever since my Mistress agreed to show me her love through her domination and control of me. I’m very lucky to be her slave.”

“Want more proof?” Sam asked. “Slave, come here, remove my panties and eat my cunt.” I smiled at her. There was nothing I enjoyed more than pleasuring her with my mouth. She lifted her hips to facilitate the removal of her panties. I handed them to her, pulled her to the edge of the chair and dove between her legs. I put my mouth over her entire pussy as I had the first time I ever tasted her and sucked mightily. I could see the rapture on her face as she gripped my head, pulling me even closer to her. Sam began grunting and groaning as I began to get to her. I fingered her clit, finding it hot to the touch. Sam exploded into my face, squirting several times. This was all the reward I could ask for.

Sam looked at her astonished friends until chubby big-tits asked if she could get some of this, too. “Of course,” Sam replied, “just take off your clothes and get in line. Take care of them, slave.” I turned on my knees just as chubby sat on a folding chair, opened her legs and pushed her meaty pussy toward me. I did the same thing for her that I had done for Sam. Her labia were so thick that I was able to gnaw on them, adding to the sensations she felt. I got her off in only four minutes. The next two I handled in the same manner, but the last woman asked for something different, “I need to get fucked. Can he fuck me, Sam?”

“Only if you have some condoms—no condom, no fucking; I have to protect him—and me, too.” The woman produced a new package from her purse. I returned to Sam; she removed the key from her neck—it had joined the Allen wrench right after I had put the cock cage on the first time. She unlocked the padlock and I slid the cage from my cock. “Keep the ring on, slave. Put the cage back on when you finish.”

“Mistress, what will happen if I cum? All this pussy sucking has made me really horny. I don’t wish to displease you.”

“Oh, go ahead, even you are entitled to some fun once in a while.” I took the condom from the woman and rolled it on my cock. She had lain on the floor so that’s where I joined her, rubbed my cock into her slit finding her wet and ready. I pushed in and she squealed with delight, “Fuck, Sam, he’s so fucking big. This is going to be fantastic. You’re the best friend ever.” I lifted her legs to get at her G-spot and finger her asshole. As I did I heard the door open and a new guest enter. He was told to get in line—he’d be next. My partner was calling for, “Faster! Harder!” so I complied, ramming my cock into her until she came, shaking beneath me. I had also come, squirting what seemed to be a gallon of semen into the condom.

I disposed of the condom, rose to my knees and saw the guy. His cock was hard and red. I glanced at Sam and she nodded. Under other circumstances I might have twisted his balls off and bitten through his organ, but to do so would offend and embarrass my Mistress. Instead, I licked his head and took his cock deep into my mouth. Like the others in this group he came quickly—didn’t these people ever get any sex? I crawled back to Sam, reinstalled and locked my cock cage, sitting naked at her feet while everyone else dressed. I remained naked throughout the party.

Shortly after ten my Mistress asked me to get her some wine. I rose to my feet, walked to the kitchen and poured her some of the select Chardonnay I had brought from my cellar. I returned to my position where I remained until Sam complained she wasn’t feeling well. I turned, seeing her in obvious distress. I jumped to my feet, dressed hurriedly, and went to her side. She told me she was feeling faint; I helped her to her feet and when she staggered I picked her up into my arms. I thanked everyone for allowing me to service them and carried Sam out to the car. We were home in less than twenty minutes. “I don’t understand,” she slurred, “I didn’t have much to drink.”

“I know,” I replied, “it’s the ‘roofie.’”

“Huh?” was all she could say before she passed out.

Chapter 3

One of the great things about being an architect and builder is that I could get almost anything I wanted in a house. I had designed my house and built it; I carried Sam to the secret room. I had told my workers that it was going to be a “safe room,” but, in reality, it served another purpose entirely—it was my game room. You wouldn’t find a pool table, ping pong, foosball, or any other family game here—this was a place for adult games and some of the equipment here was of my own design. I opened the secret panel and carried the unconscious Sam in. I dropped her unceremoniously on a couch, removed her clothing, and positioned her on my horse—kind of a pommel horse one might see in a gymnastics meet, but with restraints for her arms and legs. I put a large towel under her, placed her carefully, and fastened her restraints. Finally, I dropped a blanket over her body.

I removed the chain from her neck, opened the padlock on my cage and removed the entire device, rubbing my cock and balls for several minutes. I was so stimulated I decided to jerk off. Stroking my cock strongly, it was only minutes before I was able to cum again. With semen clinging to my body I headed to the shower—I’d swallowed enough cum for one evening! Sam didn’t know it, but she was going to be disciplined. She was almost a total failure as a mistress, but I had strong feelings for her so I was still hopeful she could work things out with me.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that a master-slave relationship isn’t all that different from regular relationships. There should be give and take in both and they are only successful if both parties care for each other. I cared for Sam, but did she care for me enough to make it happen? So far all she’d done was use and abuse me and tonight was not something I would tolerate ever again. Well, I’d find out in the morning.

I reclined on the couch, pulled a blanket over my naked body, and fell immediately into a deep sleep. I awoke early as usual; Sam was still unconscious. I rose, made coffee and brought two cups back to the game room. I shook Sam gently and she started to come around. “Huh? Where am I? What happened?” She tried to get up, but was unable to move at all.

“Would you care for a little coffee, Mistress? I think it will help you.” I held the cup to her mouth, allowing her to sip. “To answer your questions not necessarily in order—you’re in my game room. It’s a secret room accessible from the living room. I put you here last night after you passed out. You slept in your present vulnerable position.”

“But I didn’t have very much to drink.”

“No, it was the ‘roofie’ I slipped into your wine.”

“Where could you possibly get a ‘roofie’ and where could you possibly have hidden it? That doesn’t make any sense.”

“OK, I got it from my buddy Sheriff Mike. He’s been on my payroll for almost twenty years. I can tell you because there’s no way to find the money or trace it back to me. As to where I hid it—what did I wear the entire evening? Yes, my ring—it was wedged between the ring and my balls. I did it because we need to talk—especially after last night. When we’re finished I’ll tell you all the things that you’ll need to punish me for.

“Mistress, I eagerly offered to be your slave. What are my responsibilities to you?”

“To serve me, of course—sexually and any other way I determine.”

“Yes, and I have done that, haven’t I?” Sam looked away as I continued, “And what are your responsibilities to me?”

“My responsibilities?” she exclaimed, “What do you mean?”

“It’s really quite simple, Mistress. All relationships require give and take, but all you ever do is take. Do you think I enjoyed that? And—I wanted—I still want—to serve YOU. I know I’m lucky to have you under any circumstances. However, I never offered to serve your friends and especially not your male friends. Nor did I offer to be publicly humiliated for your friends’ amusement, did I? I do have to admit that you wouldn’t let that friend fuck me without a condom—that was good. But…how about some consideration for my needs? We’re going nowhere without it. I expect to be used, and sometimes even abused, but all you ever did was abuse me.”

“I guess I’ve really fucked this up, haven’t I? All I ever thought about was myself. I never gave you a second’s thought. You can let me up. I’ll pack my bags and go.”

“Now, that’s something else I never mentioned—you going. I just said I still want to serve you and I do. I think a lot of this is all about you not having much experience as a Mistress, where I’ve had many years as a slave. You look shocked, don’t be. My wife was my Mistress long before we were married. We met in college and, believe me, I was a mess until Marjorie took control of me. She put me into a cock cage on our third date and threatened never to take it off if I didn’t straighten up. She used it to punish me; it was much more effective than beating me, although that has its place for me, too.”

“You’re making me feel like an idiot. I even beat you for nothing when you first accepted me as your Mistress.”

“No, Mistress, you had to do that. I needed to learn that you would punish me. I expect it if I misbehave—like I’m doing now. I needed to learn to respect your authority. Now, however, I’m going to punish you. I’m going to beat your ass. Then I’m going to fuck your pussy and then your ass. When I’m done I’ll take care of you and you can punish me. Then we’ll be even and we can move forward. Look above you—choose your poison.”

Sam checked out all the implements hanging on the wall. “Use the cane. I deserve it for almost fucking up the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” I leaned down and we kissed—the best kiss I’d ever experienced. When she broke it I took down the cane. “Don’t hold back. Apparently I need some discipline, too.”

I rubbed the cane over her soft smooth perfect ass—without a doubt the best ass I’d ever seen or touched or eaten, for that matter. I reared back and let her have it; she cried out in pain. I gave her another, and another and another. All told she received eight blows. Her butt cheeks were red and swollen when I finished. I kissed every mark on her butt. When I reached down to her cunt I found she was running pussy juice. “I think you enjoyed that a bit too much, judging from your pussy.”

“Oh, stop talking and start the fucking. I probably need it more than you do. I’ve been so occupied with trying to control you I almost forgot how wonderful it is to fuck you.” I pushed all seven inches of my fat cock into her hole. Sam squealed with delight. I rammed into her, taking out my frustrations of the previous weeks. When I got close I slowed down to prolong the ecstasy. I pulled out and lowered my mouth to her cunt, drinking up as much as I could. When I straightened up I pushed into her tight ass. This was Heaven on earth. She was incredibly tight and very hot. “I hope you realize you’re taking my anal cherry. I’ve never done this before, but I guarantee we’ll do it again. We’re going to fuck often. I like to think I can learn from my mistakes.” I pounded her ass for several minutes and, just as I began to lose it, I reached down for her clit, jamming two fingers into her cunt. I found her G-spot and, a moment later, we came together, Sam squirting and me losing what felt like a ton of semen into her ass.

I released her restraints, picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. I filled the big Jacuzzi and got in, my Mistress balanced on my legs leaning back onto my chest. “This is fun, why haven’t we done this before? OK, I know why—I was being a big asshole.” We sat there in silence while I massaged her butt, easing her pain until she turned, kissed me, and whispered, “Let’s go to bed.” I pulled her up, dried her lovingly and followed her into bed. We held each other, kissed, and, for the first time, really expressed our love for each other. Sam fell asleep, napping for almost an hour. When she woke she reached for my cock, finding instead my steel cage.


“I did not have your permission to take it off so I put it back on while you were sleeping. Now we should discuss my punishment. First, I drugged your drink then I removed my cock cage without permission. I also jerked off last night; I punished you, fucked you, and fucked your ass—all without permission. I must be punished, Mistress; I need it. The past nine months since Marjorie died I have been lost—adrift at sea—without direction. My work has suffered. I need to be dominated and controlled. I need to be punished for everything I have done.”

My Mistress rose from the bed. She resumed her Amazonian posture and authority. “Get up and come with me.” She led me to the table. “Bend over while I get the restraints.” She tied me into position. I couldn’t move if I wanted to. She walked into the game room, returning with a long paddle complete with holes—the better to swing and raise welts.

I turned around just before she began. “Don’t hold back. Remember all the bad things I did to you. I deserve this.” She gave me forty. I cried like a baby before she finished, but so did she. She kissed the pain from my ass, released me, and helped me to bed. I lay on my stomach while she applied an ice pack. “I decided you’re to wear the cage for another week. But I may shorten that if you’re really good. We’ll still have the same rules—I expect you home and naked before I arrive at 5:30. You know the position. Let me know if you need to cum—I’ll let you jerk off, but no pussy for a week. Then we’ll put this behind us. Ouch, I think I should have said something else. “

“Thank you, Mistress, for taking control of me again. I’ll do anything for you.”

“Yes, I know that—and you will, won’t you?

“Yes, Mistress, I love you.”

Chapter 4

The weeks passed and my Mistress was true to her word. I did need to cum badly before my week was up. She gave me twenty minutes for jerking off. She did it for me, sucking me deep into her mouth before stroking me. When I came, my semen covered my body. I pulled her hand to my mouth, offering to swallow my jiz. My Mistress scraped up the rivers that had fallen on me, but shared the swallowing. She cleaned my cock with her mouth and I willingly returned the cage to my body.

My Mistress directed me to show her how to access the game room. There were dozens of gadgets there—vibrators of every kind, paddles, whips, canes, and crops, nipple clamps—almost anything one could find in an adult store. She placed her hand on the horse, turned to me, and smiled. Then she kissed me and asked me about the big item at the rear of the room. It’s my special invention—an eight-foot wooden X built onto a vertical arm. The top and bottom of the vertical are connected to a semicircular section of an I-beam. The entire structure rests on a gimbaled base. The X can be moved in any direction—right, left, horizontal, and tipped over to the opposite vertical. I explained that Marjorie and I had many fun times on this machine. My Mistress pointed to me and the machine, directing me to get onto it. I allowed my Mistress to secure my wrists and ankles to the ends of the X. She laughed when she tilted me horizontal. She removed her clothes and stood just over my mouth. She was able to move my mouth wherever she wanted. “Eat me,” she commanded. I had no choice as my face was buried into her cunt. I licked up and down her slit and nibbled on her clit. “Stick your tongue out.” When I did she fucked herself with it until she came, drenching my face. The old Mistress might have left me there or released me unsatisfied—pent up with frustration, but the new Mistress turned me around until I was upside down with my cock—unfettered by the cage—right in front of her face. “This is fun, slave. Shall I tease you or suck your cock? I think I’ll just tease you for now. Maybe later….” She ran her fingers up and down the sensitive underside of my cock; I became hard in a second. She massaged my balls until I groaned in rapture. For fifteen minutes she teased mercilessly. Then, a huge smile on her face, she took pity on me and took me into her mouth. Standing as she was gave her great advantage over me. She could suck and play with my balls or finger my ass. She went for the ass, fucking me furiously while bobbing on me.

I begged her to let me cum, but she remained silent. “Please, Mistress, I’m going to cum. I can’t help myself. What you’re doing to me…please, Mistress.” My Mistress winked as I forced rivers of cum into her mouth. “Thank you, Mistress. May I clean your fingers?” She pulled them from my ass, put them into my mouth, allowing me to serve her. When she removed them they were sparkling clean. “Thank you, Mistress for allowing me to serve you. May I also clean your pussy?” My Mistress thought about it for a second before smiling again, moving me to her cunt, and spreading her legs. I sucked her juices from her slit and licked her labia, before moving to her asshole.

“Uh, that’s not my pussy, slave!”

“I know, Mistress, I couldn’t help myself. I love your ass. Please punish me for my impertinence.”

“I think I have a better idea—eat my ass. Stick your tongue into me. You know how much I love that.”

“Yes, Mistress, it will be much easier if you would turn around. I can reach you better that way.” She turned and I forced my tongue into her ass. I fucked her fine hole with my tongue until she fell onto my face.

“You have my permission to laugh, slave. That was funny.” She leaned down and kissed me, wrapping her tongue around my dirty tongue, sharing the flavor of her own ass. She caressed my face and, for the first time, whispered, “I love you, slave.” I was ecstatic.

Chapter 5

I kept getting into trouble—stupid careless things that could be overlooked in most people, but for me it was symptomatic of a problem that would grow if unchecked. One morning I forgot to cap the toothpaste and clean the vanity top in the bathroom. I got five days in the cage for that—no access to my Mistress’s wonderful tight pussy except by my tongue which only made me hornier. Another time I forgot to turn on the dishwasher. There were no coffee cups the following morning. My Mistress’s expression would have melted an iceberg. She gave me two weeks in the cock cage for that, but did allow me to jerk off once during that period.

A big turning point occurred one evening while we were in bed, naked as always. My Mistress spooned against me and I put my arm over her, caressing her stomach. Once again, I wasn’t paying enough attention and my hand drifted to her pussy. I knew I was in trouble when her body tensed. “Who initiates sex?”

“You do, Mistress. I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. It won’t happen again.”

“I know it won’t,” she replied as she turned on the lamp. Reaching into her nightstand drawer she handed me the cock cage. “Put this on.”

“But, Mistress, I have an erection. It won’t fit.”

“I don’t care. Have it on by the time I return, or else.” She left the room; I could tell she was really angry. I managed to get my cock and balls into the ring, but I had to force my cock painfully into the cage which was much too small for my erection. I pushed, ignoring the pain until I was just able to pull the cage over the tab on the ring. I fastened the lock just as my Mistress returned. I cringed when I saw the restraints and the riding crop.

“Give me your wrist and don’t make me ask you twice.” In seconds I was fastened to the bedposts. She threw the rope under the bed and stretched my legs as far apart as they could go. I was helpless—at her mercy—and it didn’t appear that she had any tonight. “These things get you into a lot of trouble. Let’s see if we can alleviate that.”

She rubbed the leather tip over my balls as she always did before disciplining me. “Who initiates sex?”
she asked.

“Y…you do, Mistress.” WHACK! She gave me a good one. “Please, Mistress, I’ll be good. Please!”

“Who initiates sex?” she repeated.

“You do, Mistress. WHACK!

“Who initiates sex?”

“You do, Mistress, please…no more!” WHACK!

It continued until I faltered, unable to respond due to the pain. “Now you’ve made me lose count,” she told me, “I’ll have to start over.” On and on it went until she asked me, “What number will this one be?”

“Twelve, Mistress…twelve.”

“I’m glad to see you’re finally paying attention. Who initiates sex?”

“You do, Mistress.” WHACK! It was over.

“Remove the cock cage. You have my permission to jerk off, but don’t take all night, I have a busy day tomorrow.” She unlocked the cage. I gently slid it from my bruised organ, but I was unable to remove the restraining ring. My balls had swollen so much there was no way they would fit through. I left it and tried to stroke my cock. It became erect easily enough, possibly a result of the trauma I had suffered. After about five minutes my Mistress turned over, “What’s the problem slave?”

“My balls are swollen—I can’t remove the ring. I’m having trouble stroking it.”

Again she turned on the light, and seeing my predicament, rose to fetch an ice bag. After she placed it on my scrotum she took me into her mouth. “This is probably the only way I’ll ever get any sleep.” She used her tongue expertly as she sucked me into her throat. Up and down she went until I warned her. Then she backed off as I blew my load into her mouth. She rose, moving her mouth over mine. “Open,” she commanded. When I did she transferred my cum from her mouth into mine. I swallowed and she kissed me, “goodnight, slave.”

The following morning my balls were still swollen, too swollen to remove the ring. My Mistress took one look and told me to stay in bed. She replaced the ice, made coffee, and brought me a cup. “You’re staying home today and so am I. You need care.” At 8:30 she phoned my office, “This is Samantha Harris, Mr. Warner’s girlfriend. He had an accident last night and I think he needs to stay home today. Tomorrow? I’ll call if he’s not better by then. Thank you.” Then she called her own office and, despite having a heavy schedule, took the day off—an emergency, she said.

She spent the entire day caring for me—holding the ice bag, replacing the ice, comforting me through the agony I was experiencing. “I’m sorry, Mistress. I’m such a burden to you.” She put her finger on my lips, shushing me. She lay next to me, comforting me with her body. I was finally able to slide the ring off that evening. My cock and balls were badly bruised.

“Who initiates sex?” my Mistress asked.

“You do, Mistress. This was a lesson I’ll never forget.” She kissed me gently, tucked me in and we went to sleep.

Next: I finally see the light.


2013-07-21 13:05:45
Is there no end to your imagination in this story! Turning the tables without negating the D/s relationship the way you did was great.
What a fantasy ... think I need my tongue in a hot ass like that soon! (For now I HAVE to go for a stroke!)


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