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The following story is true. Well some of it is true. Ok, the only part that is true is that I did have a paper route and I did maturbate a lot when I was 13. Everything else is purely from my dreams. Onlyl my second story attempt, and the first one that I think I can make into a series. If you have negative remarks, make them constructive please, don't just say that it sucks. That's an opinion, not a criticism. Hope you enjoy it.
I had an early morning paper route. It was a good way to pick up some extra money; I had no idea what else I would pick up.

Part of my route included some apartment buildings where a lot of students from the local university lived. It was easier to go behind the building than around. One morning as I was walking past the back of the building, I heard something that attracted my attention. I quietly approached an open window that had the curtains not totally closed. I couldn’t believe what I saw. A girl was masturbating.

She was so pretty. She had shoulder length brown hair that framed her beautiful round face perfectly. Her eyes were brown too. It would not surprise to find out that she was the girl Van Morison sang about.
Her lips were as red as cherries and I could see her teeth as white as pearls. Her skin looked so smooth and flawless.

As I continued watching, I saw her breasts rising up and down with her every breath. Looking back they were a C cup, but at the time, they seemed huge. Bigger than anything the girls I went to school with had yet. They were topped by beautiful red nipples that were hard and sticking straight up. And so was my dick. It was straining so hard against my jeans it hurt, so I unzipped my fly and took it out. I started stroking it imaging that I was sliding it in and out of her pussy.

Did I mention her pussy yet? It had a small bush of neatly, trimmed, brown hair that matched perfectly to the hair on her head. She had her legs spread open and I could see her pink pussy. It was the most incredible thing I had ever seen. I couldn’t hold back anymore, I started stroking my dick even faster and then suddenly I came on the wall that I was standing next to.

As my cum dripped down my hand, I realized just how exposed I actually was. I quickly put my dick away and zipped up my pants, and then walked as quietly and as quickly as I could away from there.

I had to run to finish my route and I ended up missing the bus, Mom wasn’t thrilled to have to drive me to school. Fortunately she didn’t ask why I was late, just lectured me about how I wasn’t going to get anywhere if I was lazy and didn’t work hard and I don’t know what else. I wasn’t listening, I was still thinking about the naked girl I had just seen. No, not a girl. A woman. A college woman. I felt myself getting hard again in the car. It wasn’t easy walking like that, but I held my book bag in front of me and reported to the office. After signing in, I went to the bathroom before I went to class to take care of things. As I stroked myself, I once again thought about her breasts. They were so round and sat high on her chest. I wondered what it would be like to kiss them. I imagined sucking on those pretty nipples and squeezing those luscious breasts. I wondered what they felt like. Were they soft like pillows? Did they feel like balloons, melons, balls? Just thinking about it made me cum again, shooting out even more than I did earlier, which I wouldn’t have thought possible. I cleaned up quickly and made my way to class.

The rest of the day was a blur. I kept looking at the girls in my class and picturing them naked on the bed. I wondered what their pussy hair looked like. What about their boobs? Were they the same as the girl I saw that morning? Were all boobs the same or were they different? So many questions. And I didn’t have any answers. My cock got hard several more times through the day and I couldn’t wait to get home and jack off again.

For a little while, I stopped thinking about boobs and pussies and was able to focus on my homework. Then it was time for dinner. Unfortunately, or maybe not, there were boobs at the dinner table too. My older sister had invited a friend. Her name was Holly, she was the head cheerleader of the freshman cheer squad at high school. She filled out her cheer uniform very nicely with large boobs and a tiny round ass. Her legs seemed to go on forever, and looked smooth enough to eat of. She caught me looking at her and gave a little smile, but didn’t say anything. Then my sister had to ruin the moment by announcing that she and Holly were going to eat in her room because they had some homework to do.

So there I was sitting at the table with another boner and no way to do anything about it. Thankfully, I had food to distract me and except for a lecture from Dad about being late for school that morning, dinner was pretty good. My boner went away, and I took my turn doing the dishes. Watched some TV, (this was back in the days when kids didn’t have had TV in their bedrooms) and then my parents announced it was bedtime. I tried to protest that I was too old to have a bedtime, but mostly it was just for show. I really did want to go to my room. I jacked off again, this time imagining that Holly was sucking my dick. Finally, I drifted off to sleep dreaming about the college girl I saw in the window that morning.

Next day, I got up early and practically ran through my paper route, changing it a little bit so that I finished by the girl’s apartment building. I quietly walked up to her window and after making sure the coast was clear. I looked through the window but instead of that beautiful pussy I saw yesterday, I saw nothing. She wasn’t there. I waited a few minutes in case she was just in the bathroom, but she never came into the room. I left disappointed, but I knew she had to come back eventually.

I tried again the next morning and this time she was there. I still didn’t get to see her pussy, though. She was sound asleep. Then she shifted positions in her sleep and the sheet that was covering her slipped down, exposing her breasts. They were as perfect as I remembered. Her nipples weren’t sticking out very much this time and they looked more pink than red, but they still gave me a hard-on. I pulled my dick out and jacked off while watching her. I imagined what it would be like to kiss those breasts and suck on her nipples. I came fast and sprayed the wall. I watched her sleep for a couple minutes more then quietly left.
That pattered continued for the next couple of weeks. Some mornings she was gone, some she was there sleeping. When she was there, most of the time, I wasn’t lucky enough to have her sheets slip down and give me a view of her body, but that didn’t stop me from jacking off beneath her window. I was starting to get a little frustrated though. I was masturbating every day, sometimes more than once and yet this girl seemed to be able to go weeks without doing it.

But, I kept watching, hoping that one day I would see her again.
Then, finally, one Saturday morning, as I approached her window, I heard noises. Noises that were familiar even though I had heard them just once before. I quietly looked through her window, expecting to see her rubbing that beautiful pussy again, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.

To be continued…

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A Great Story five stars to me I rememeber many thimes ober the thirty years I worked at the Old Drive-in and had to toss people out but I too I admit I was also apeeping tom
Thanks for an awesome story I look foreward to more parts.
from Uncle willi

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Just tell me what u heard.n saw

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