(This is a project I started with an ex of mine and is based on me and her in a mood very alike to our former actual sex life. As it is based on a real people, all details that could help identify us have been removed aside from my actual member size (believe it or not I frankly don't care). To those who dislike that I'm sorry, but I figured it would help leave more to the imagination. English also happens to be my second language so I couldn't writte many details even if I wanted to. So enjoy. I'll appreacite any feedback weither it be good or bad as I plan on continuing this story and I'd like to improve my writting style and english. I've already written down 4 more parts to it and will post them over time if I get enough positive feedback.)

Not really sure how I ended up in this situation. Maybe I had planned it, maybe she had. Last drinks of the night hit pretty hard so I'm missing a few bits. I just remember the jealous glares of the men and her, smiling and laughing, next to me. Now I was in a room I partly recognized, next to a woman I knew too well, both of us sitting on her bed with one last drink in hand, talking about everything and nothing as we had all night. By now though, we were both drunk enough not to even care about holding back innuendos one after the other, as we always did to tease one another in the past. After a little while though I noticed she started being more quiet. Her alcohol induced horny amusement turned to an awkward silence. She turned her head slightly away from me, before asking the very last question I expected after all this time.

" So... what do you feel now? "

I could tell she was blushing now, both by the obvious innuendo in it and the almost sad sincerity behind those words. I knew meeting like this would bring up old feelings. Moving closer to her, I wrapped my arm around her waist and held her body close, letting her head rest into my neck. She didn't resist at all, instead her body fell onto mine almost of it's own. Holding her close I spoke very gently.

" Honestly, I dunno... Hell I'm still too drunk to think... but I'm glad I got to see you smile again. "

I could feel her body snug against mine as I finished my sentence. Call me sappy, but with an adorable girl like that, how could I not be? The cute moment only lasted a minute thought, probably as she finally opened her eyes, at least that's what I figured by what she said after.

" You were right, it really isn't subtle at all. "

Note that my buddy downstairs is 8 inches long in fighting stance, no joke and this woman has quite an effect on me. In short she was now staring down at a fair lump in my pants. The problem now is the tone of voice she used when she spoke. Her depression had been cut short and this reaction was far from the girly giggles like until a moment ago. Her tone was surprised, almost impressed.

" Sorry... "

I muttered, ashamed at my obvious absence of self control, even if this incredibly hot woman had been subtly teasing me for hours. I tried to look away so she couldn't look up at me, but she quickly retorted.

" It's ok... I'm actually pretty wet. "

We both went silent for a little moment, I could tell she hadn't meant to say that out loud, but now I really couldn't help myself. That and I'm sure she could feel my heartbeat getting faster against her shoulder by now.

" You know he's not going down for a while now. "

She didn't answer, but I could tell her breathing had become a little quicker and I could feel her hips moving very softly against mine, probably without even her noticing. Unfortunately after a while I could tell she was looking straight down at the bump in my pants. I could feel her hand moving close, but not daring to touch, the tip of her fingers gently caressing my leg. My hand moved before I could think. Grabbing her other hand into my own, I gently moved it over her skirt covered tights, making her entire body shiver as it passed over the top of her panties. Then I guided her hand directly over my hard-on, her thin fingers wrapping around the bump without a seconds hesitation.

Her hands guided by an old crave, she gave gentle strokes threw my jeans, as if she was trying to assert it's full size with her fingers as it was still restrained. As she was already so enthusiastic, I wrapped my other arm around her body. One hand now gently massaging her inner thigh as the other slowly caressed her breast threw her bra, making her shiver and gasp with every movement. I could hear her moan softly every time my fingers moved a little too close to her slit.

She didn't keep it up for long though. Without a warning, her fingers unzipped my jeans and fiddled with my underwear to get my cock out. Soon as she had pulled all 8 inches out of it's restraints, her hand gently wrapped around the base and she leaned downward until she could take it in her mouth. Her lips moved slowly over the tip of my cock, but her tongue moved wildly, giving strong licks at the whole head before making fast circles around it. My breathing turned hard as I began holding back moans.

" Slow down. "

Should've just shut up, cause I think the tone in my voice and the gasp at the end just turned her on more. She was now bobbing her head fast over my cock, trying to take in as much as she could as her tongue rubbed over the head. Her fingers even played gently gently stroking the base as she sucked me hard.

" I'm gonna cum! "

I don't know if it's from the hand I had slipped inside her panties a minute ago, or from hearing me say that, but I felt her moaning strongly on my cock, the vibration making me go over my limit. Globs of white hot cum shot directly into her mouth, and she kept on sucking vigorously, as if trying to pump it dry. Swallowing it down, she finally raised her head. She looked at me directly in the eyes and I could clearly see a mix of excitement and embarrassment in her own.

" Sorry, I... "

But I didn't really let her talk, my lips were on hers before she could speak another word kissing her passionately. She fell into the kiss almost right away, her arms wrapping around me as she did. Bringing my head back I looked at her and said.

" Wanna skip the preliminaries? "

" Oh god yes! "

In a moment our clothes were off and I was laying on my back as she stood over me on all four, rubbing her large breasts over my chest as she grinded her slit over my cock. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was erratic, as if her desire wasn't made clear enough by how incredibly wet she was. Seems she was ready though. Grabbing the base of my shaft, I guided it toward the entrance of her pussy, the head sliding over her lips and clit a few times as I tried. Her hips were moving uncontrollably. When I finally pushed it in though, a strong spasm hit her entire body, before she completely stopped moving. It's as if she was realizing the size of the intruder where she hadn't let a man in in so long.

I pushed it in slowly inside her, letting my whole shaft get wet enough before pushing it in deeper also letting her get used to my size at her pace. Soon enough she was moving her own hips against mine, trying to push it in as deep as she could. Our hips now moved together. I had spent the whole time looking up at her face, hypnotized by her expression of pleasure. Again I pulled her into a kiss, a deep long kiss. I could not get enough of the softness of her lips or the warmth of her breath. I could feel her getting even wetter as she sunk into the kiss, making it now much easier to move.

Even though she was so tight, I was now pushing it all the way in with strong thrusts, making her moan loudly into the kiss each time. I broke the kiss and laying down on my back, started pushing into her a little faster. Her upper body jolted up, and she gasped out my name loudly. Her moans were now loud and clear with each push and her hips were erratic. Her juices now covering my crotch as I pushed deep inside her. Then her whole body started shacking as she shoved her face into my shoulder, trying to hold back her scream as much as she could. Her tight hole firmly held onto my cock as she came.

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