Warning: This story may move too slowly for some people. I’m developing a story I hope will last for several chapters. Please heed the tags as this story contains or will contain incest, young people, bisexual, light BDSM and a slew of other things my twisted mind can invent. I will tag each story according to its content. Comments are welcomed and suggestions will be considered. Thank you and enjoy.
My name is Juliet Shakespeare and I want to tell you a tale of love, passion, lust, incest and of course tragedy. My mother, Rosaline and my father Laurence net after his parents tragically died in a helicopter crash and he was forced to move from Sunny Southern California to a much colder small Midwest town in Idaho to live with his only living relative his grandfather. My parents met when they were both 14 years old at school in English class. The class was reading William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and they were pair together to act out the famous balcony scene. The English teacher pointed out that they both had names from the play and my father's last name is Shakespeare so my mother and father based their romance on this.

They were married at 16 right after my eldest brother was born. They named him Balthazar. They moved in with my father's grandfather and lived with him until he passed away from a heart attack six months later. My father's grandfather willed him the house, lots of real estate, over a million dollar bank account and some high paying investments, so not having to worry about money and my grandmother (my Mother's mom) babysitting Balthazar my parents stayed in school. Two years later, a day after their high school graduation, my twin brother and I were born they named us, of course, Romeo and Juliet. Then a year later, when my parents had just completed their first year of college, my youngest brother Tybalt was born.

After my parents graduated college my father started an energy company and my father's work took us to a remote area in the dessert of Nevada. Our nearest neighbor in any direction was 50 miles away. We grew to be a very tight knit family. Mom home schooled us. When it was too hot and no one was around my family adopted a clothing optional lifestyle. Mom usually wore a short dress with no underwear or a minuscule string bikini that left nothing to the imagination since we were almost always in our huge pool. At times she even held class in the pool. Mom was stunning she was 5'11" tall and had long thick bright auburn hair, beautiful large green eyes with golden flecks in them, she was thin with a small waist and nice rounded full perky breast, long curvy legs and a cute bubble butt. Daddy preferred to walk around in a pair of boxer briefs or a pair of square legged speedos. My Daddy was very handsome and very tall. He stood 6'5" and had thick black hair, a straight nose, full lips and deep blue eyes. He had long lean muscles and a flat well-toned tummy and well developed pecks. He had what you would call a swimmer's body. My brothers and I preferred to romp around naked. Balthazar and Romeo looked like smaller versions of my daddy they were both tall for their age but Tybalt looked like my mommy he wasn’t quite as tall as Balthazar and Romeo were at his age. I was a mix I had my daddy's hair and lips but my mommy's face, eyes and body type. At 12 my breast were coming in nicely. When Balt started to develop mom bought him a few pairs of square legged speedos. A couple of years later she did the same for Rome and I got a few string bikinis. We of course had clothes that we wore when we left the house, but in the house and grounds, less was more. There were times when all or one of us opted to go naked and our parents would let us be.

I was 12 when I first noticed the big bulge in my daddy's boxers and speedos that for some weird reason made my little pubescent pussy ache. I had on many occasions seen my brothers naked and I knew what the bulge was yet daddy’s bulge made me want something I couldn’t name. My mom and I were very close and I felt comfortable telling her that my pussy constantly ached and why. I told her I had trouble sleeping because of the ache of how it woke me up several times a night and my only relief was to rub it under the covers. She told me she understood but she would need a week to help me fix my problem. I trusted my mom completely and kissed her on the cheek as a thank you.

Our house was large. All the rooms were massive, but for some strange reason it only had three bedrooms. It had a master bedroom complete with a master bath and huge walk-in closet. The other two rooms (Balt and Tyb shared one, Rome and I shared the other) were big and each had its own bathroom. Next to the master bedroom was my mother's sitting room but we weren't allowed to go in there. The next morning at breakfast my parents announced that Balt who was now 14 needed his own bedroom. Balt hooted at the news. My parents went on to say that Tyb would now share a room with Rome. Rome and I looked at each other in alarm never having been separated before. "Where will Jules sleep?" asked a concerned Romeo. “We are converting your mom’s sitting room onto a bedroom for her. Jules is a girl and girls need their privacy and space." My dad explained to my brothers.

By weeks end I had my own room. My mom's old sitting room was not as large as the room I shared with Romeo but it was plenty spacious for just me. One wall was made entirely of glass with an awesome view of the mountains. Against the opposite wall was a queen size bed with a massive peacock blue upholstered head board and matching bed set and the walls were painted purple. The furniture was ivory. There were two night stands next the bed with tall crystal lamps that had peacock blue shades. A crystal chandelier hung in the middle of the room. There was a desk that doubled as a vanity and two built-in bookcases. My mom showed me that hidden behind one of the bookcases was a large bathroom with double sinks, a toilet, a large tub and next to that was a shower stall. There was also a big walk-in closet. I was thrilled, "But mommy I still don't understand how this is gonna solve my dilemma." I asked a bit desperately. "Be patient." Mom told me. She swept her auburn hair to the side and stared at me for quite a few seconds, "You remind me so much of me when I was your age." she smiled at me fondly. "I had the same exact problem. My pussy was always hot and achy and I was constantly touching myself. Like you I asked my mother's advice and my mom told me that she would send my daddy to read me a bedtime story and that he would not leave until the ache was gone.” I started to interrupt my mom but she laid a finger over my lips and continued. “I tried to question her but my mom told me I would understand soon. That night my daddy walked into my bedroom holding a big red book." my mom finished abruptly. "What happened that night when your daddy came to read you a bedtime story? What was in the big red book?" I asked my mom eagerly. Mommy smiled mysteriously, "You'll find out when your daddy comes to read you a bedtime story tonight." I looked at my mom curiously and decided to totally trust her.

I was so excited that I wanted to go to bed at 6 o'clock that evening but mom told me that daddy wouldn't be in to read me my story until 9, so I waited until 8:40 then headed for bed. I brushed my teeth and took a quick shower as I was stepping out of the stall mom handed me a towel. "Go lay in the middle of the bed but don't cover yourself with your blanket," Mom said, "your daddy will tuck you in after the story." I lay naked; of course no one in my family wore pajamas, in the middle of my bed to wait for daddy. Mom smoothed my hair back from my forehead and kissed it. "Enjoy story time with your daddy." She smiled and waved as she left the room.

I was watching the door for daddy like a hawk for 5 minutes when I heard a noise coming from the second bookcase next to the one that hid the bathroom. The second bookcase swung open and there was my daddy in a pair of black boxer briefs holding the big red book. "Where did you come from?" I asked daddy. He looked back at the bookcase and chuckled, "That is a hidden passage that leads to my bedroom." Daddy sat down next to me on the bed propping himself up against the headboard. "Sit up Princess so we can begin." Daddy instructed. "Okay Daddy, but…" I hesitated. "What is it Princess?" Daddy asked concerned. "Did mommy explain my problem? I need help Daddy." I struggled to express my desire. "Princess all will become clear in due time. Listen to the story," Daddy reassured me and started reading.

The Big Red Book
"Long ago in a land far away there was a Kingdom that was ruled by a powerful young King named Arsenius. King Arsenius had hair as dark as a raven and eyes as blue as the sea. The King was a handsome and virile man of 20. The King had a gorgeous 19 year-old Queen named Kalyx. Queen Kalyx was a beauty to behold with hair that burn like a setting sun and eyes the color of summer leaves spotted with sunshine. The King and Queen loved having unadulterated sex. They would fuck all over the castle. They screwed in the throne room while holding court. They went at it in the ballroom during a ball. They even banged on the table during banquets. The King and Queen didn't care who watched them fuck. They were insatiable, so big were their sexual appetites that the royal couple soon proclaimed throughout the land that they were seeking representatives. The best looking boy and girl from ages 12 to 16 from each of the 10 villages where to be sent post haste to the castle to serve the King and Queen for a year. At the end of their service the tribute would be rewarded handsomely and returned with honor to their village. King Arsenius sent his most trusted friend and Hand, Sir Cainnech to pick his tributes. Queen Kalyx sent her most trusted Lady, Lady Cadassi to seek out her tributes. Sir Cainnech and Lady Cadassi scoured the villages and returned with 10 of the most beautiful girls and 10 of the most handsome and strapping boys the land had to offer. The girls and boys were shown to their quarters and were to be brought out before the royal pair one at a time, naked, from youngest to oldest rotating from girl to boy
First out was a very young girl with curly light brown hair and deep brown eyes. She had lightly tanned skin and a scattering of freckles across her pretty little nose and cheeks. Her tiny budding breast, were merely all nipples, were puffy and the nipples were erect. A very becoming blush crept across them. The King was completely charmed with the pint-sized beauty. She smiled prettily as she approached the throne with her eyes cast downwards. “Your Majesties.” The girl whisper excitedly as she curtsied to the royal couple. “You may rise,” smiled the King, “please tell us your name, your age and from what village you reside.” The King’s voice resonated robustly through the throne room. “My name is Lyris Tilyer. I am 12 and I am from the village of Jade Grove.” The girl said clearly with a voice that rang like tiny bells. “Lyris, do you know why you are here and what is expected of you? Are you innocent?” asked the Queen kindly. “Yes, your highness, my virtue is intact. My Mother explained everything to me before my journey and I am most eager to serve, I assure you.” Lyris dared a glance at the Kings face and quickly looked back down. The Queen leaned over to the King’s ear and whispered, “She is simply enchanting.” “I agree my love.” the King whispered back. The King considered Lyris then commanded, “Come forward, little dove and stand at my side so I can appraise you.” Lyris did as the King decreed. “Look at me dear. Do not be frightened.” Lyris look squarely at the King for the first time and liked the kindness she saw in his eyes. He was so handsome and younger then she thought him to be and something about his scent aroused her and made her little pussy ache with desire. Lyris remembered all that her mother had described to her and she wanted the King to do it all to her. Lyris felt her pussy weep and before she could stop herself she let out an audible mew. “Oh my, love,” the King said to the Queen, “sounds as if this pussy requires a petting. Spread your legs little one.” The King nudged Lyris’ legs open with his hands then the King’s fingers unfurled the petite beauty’s budding flower and his fingers sought her pulsating hole. Her love canal was hot and droplets of dew were gathering at its opening like royal subjects to welcome the King’s finger. "Oh my, little dove, what a luscious little hole you have my dear." The King's finger circled his tribute's hole lovingly. "Your Majesty your finger is driving me mad with pleasure I've no name for." Lyris gasped out breathlessly as she wantonly gyrated he narrow hips. The King chuckled and circled Lyris’ clitoris lightly with his thumb as his finger slowly filled her velvety entrance. When he felt her maiden’s head he stilled his motion and withdrew a bit then began to shallowly finger fuck her while manipulating her pearl. Lyris was in a heaven she never knew existed she felt her pleasure building at the hand of the King but didn’t think she could take anymore she felt she was going to explode. The King realized the girl was ready to orgasm so he removed his finger from her hole and concentrated on her love button. Lyris felt an explosion of ecstasy. She moaned and screamed out her passion when a burst of wetness from her nether region shocked her. ‘Oh no,’ she thought, ‘my first chance to impress the King and I piss on his hand.’ “Oh my Queen, I have a little squirter on my hands.” The King licked the squirt off his hands as Lyris looked on in amazement. The King gentle grabbed Lyris’ face and kissed her tenderly on the lips deftly inserting his tongue in her mouth to let her taste herself. “Delicious,” the King says softly as he ended the kiss, “thank you little dove. Now off with you.” The King playfully swats her on her cute bubble butt as she leaves the throne room the King commands, “Send in the next tribute.”

“Daddy, help me, please!” I beg as my small hand rubs my hot, dripping slit. Daddy looks away from the storybook and I can see his eyes are glazed over. “Oh Princess let daddy do that for you. Poor baby so aroused.” He says as he replaces his big rough hand for mine and briefly sucks my juices from my fingers. The feel of his digits deftly working my adolescent snatch drive me crazy. Daddy removes my fingers from his mouth and latches on to my left nipple. I feel the explosion mentioned in the story rising in my body. “Daddy,” I scream, “it’s happening, I’m gonna explode!” I squeal and writhe as daddy continues his assault on my clit and nipple. I ride the wave of ecstasy until it slows and daddy releases my nipple and gentle but firmly kisses my lips. His tongue nudges my lips and I eagerly part them to allow his tongue entrance into my mouth. I instinctually suck on daddy’s tongue eliciting a sexy moan. “Do you like that Daddy?” I whisper shyly. “Very much so, beautiful child.” Daddy rains soft kisses on my face as his finger lazily rake over my tender pussy causing little aftershocks that rock my hips. After a few minutes daddy starts to rise, “That’s enough for tonight Princess. We’ll pick up where we left off tomorrow night.” Daddy reached for my comforter and tucks me into bed. “I love you my sweet Baby.” Daddy whispers as he tenderly kisses my lips. “I love you too daddy.” I reach for the back of his head and shove my tongue in his mouth. He sucks it skillfully for several moments then sturdily disengages himself. “Good night love. Sweet dreams.” Daddy picks up the red book and I see the hugest bulge I’ve ever seen in the front of his boxer briefs. Daddy quickly leaves the way he came. Smiling to myself I turn over and instantly fall into sweet erotic dreams.

To be continued…

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