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I dedicate this poem to Christina, a very special someone who has been there (and hopefully will be forever). Thanks for helping me through a diffucult time, and giving me good ones.
When we first met,
you drove me crazy.
We left each other upset,
emotions hot and crazy.
But for some reason you were diffrent.
I had thought about you all the time.
In my life you were consistant,
always with you special shine.

When we became friends,
life seemed easier, you were there.
Each others problems we could mend,
secrets together we would share.
Together we'd had an epic time,
living life the way it should be.
Together we never crossed the line,
thinking there was nothing else to see.

When he left you,
I was there.
You were hurt, this I knew,
but you I didnt want to share.
When she cheated on me,
you calmed me down when I was mad.
You didnt know but I could see,
that because she was gone, you were glad.

When I told you how I felt,
that I love you for the last years.
We lived a life together that we had been delt.
No more heartbreaks, no more tears.
When together we slept,
it was a night I'll never forget.
My heart you have always kept,
Do you remember the time when we first met?

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2014-12-17 21:45:28
DXoveX Enjoyed every bit of your article post. Awesome.

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2012-11-24 00:48:45
Wow, didn't expect this! I even see a JapanBump banenr in the footer. Thanks ever so much! Let's hope we can get more people coming here ^^By the way, my last name is Kempson but Tempson sounds kind of cool :P Anyway, I'd best get your site up on the squadron list![]

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