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(Please comment) The second chapter in the lustful demons flesh bound book. Iribis is now a crime lord and when the police bust in led by a sexy female police officer, things get interesting.
Iribis, a Demon Unbound

Upon taking alternate forms and being ruthless in his approach. Iribis had created a name for himself in the underground. 
Starting off as just an underground brawler in a human form he gained the notice if many crime lords. He did "chores" for them and also being extremely smart.
Using his natual powers he created unquestioning minions out of crimelords and was at the moment in a gang war with four other gangs, allied with two and under the watch of the police. His second in command was with him since the start with unflintching devotion. Jasmine,  with boucy black hair that made her bright her hazel eyes stand out, loved to strut her ass. In slang she had an apple ass, smooth and firm. Lucious and plump she also had cherry red lips. Her breasts were also large, a high C-cup, and with a low cut shirt she showed alot of cleavage. Her nails had been filed to 2 inches and long painted red. She was of brazilian and English heritage. 
She walked into her lovers room with an AK-47 in hand, however lowered. She wore a black latex mini-dress with thin straps. She had latex suspendersthat barly showed under the dress connecting to her latex stockings. 
"Iribis?" she called to the demon in a human form who stared out the towers window. 
"You need to leave Jasmine and I do mean the building all together. The Irish are planning a raid on the tower tonight. I won't have you in it. Go to your uncles work, I will be there after the battle ends." she gave him a look of denial. She would stay right here with him.
"I mean it Jasmine. You leave or I make you leave." he said, his voice now that of his demon form.
She smiled, "Ok, I'll wait for you there."  she took a quick bow and backed out.
An hour after she left he heard men yelling and screaming. But he heard no gunfire. The sound of heavy set boots resonated in stairwell. He waited for the rival gang. Perhaps all of his men betrayed him, or maybe they just gave up. 
His room was a big wooden room lit by only 2 candles at each side of his desk. 
The door burst open as 10 men poured in with MP5's yelling 
His eyes widened, he wasn't expecting policemen.
He let his tail slip out of the back of his suit. 
A woman walked in, a white women with long blonde hair. She had a tactical vest on and grey eyes. She raised her badge, "Raquel Faux! CPD vice squad! Tyrone Tylers? You're under arrest." 
Iribis noticed she had an extremely hansome face, but not exactly a beautiful face. She had seen many rough years. 
"I must say detective." The ebony man said, a facade for the real demon behind the flesh, "I did not know Vice was here was so close to me."
"We knew about you Tyrone for month. We just wanted to catch both you and the Irish mob at the same time, they should be on the way, but you already knew that didn't you. Your men have been escourted from the building."
"One question, before, if you can arrest me. Are you detective? Afraid of the dark?" his tail whipped to both sides of the table nailing the wicks of the candles. A clash of lightning belted outside the window casting a shadow of an 8 foot giant with terrible claws, horns, wings, and eyes the glowed red for the flash and disappeared with the lightning. Yelling in horror everyone was firing there MP5's Raquel fired her pistol several times, the muzzle flashes lit the room up for breif moments at a time. Revealing the monster before them on one side of the room, then suddenly on the other. One gun was silenced followed by a sound of a slice. Another man seemed to levetaite from the ground screaming with his chest forward, the demon was behind him, Raquels eyes widened when she realized the man had been impaled by the demons tail. One by one her men disappeared. Suddenly there wasn't any sounds. The only one she heard was the clicking of her empty pistol. She pressed the button on the side as the dry clip fell to the floor and she pulled another when she was suddenly whipped to the floor. She felt the gun ripped from her hand. Her bullet proof vest was torn from her chest. The knife on her leg stripped. Price by piece her clothes were torn from her and alls she could do was look around and throw a useless punch into midair. Tears welled in her eyes. As she breathed in near gasps. She was ripped to the ground by her ponytail suddenly. "A larger B-cup I see." a demonic gurtal voice said, "A firm butt also." he said as his hand clapped her ass causeing her to scream out loud. She was down to her panties and her bra. She didn't realize it either, she only thought of her pending death. Suddenly felt her bra get yanked from her chest then her panties were next being torn from behind. She shivered not knowing what to expect. Terrifying thoughts of being ripped limb by limb entered her mind. She screamed silently, her mouth shuddering open but no noise was made.
She felt a rough rocky hands grab her shoulders lifting her into the air. Suddenly she was shifting up and down with a wind on her bare body.
She was flying in the middle of the room. 
She felt a sharp fingernail slide down her back. The fingernail, which she at first mistook as steel, went between her ass cheeks and was suddenly forced into her asshole. 
She screamed at the top of lungs in a fiery pain. She cried out for help.
Iribis smiled greedily, feasting his eyes on her frame. His long forked tongue came out and starting from her pussy lips he licked upward between her soft sensitive breasts, to her neck. He suddenly forced her entire body down impaling her on his hard erect black, stone like cock. She gasped in while trying to scream. Her eyes flowed freely now as it's massive member impaled her body. She could feel the monster lifting her and slamming her back down. The fingernail in her perk ass went deeper and soon it's entire finger was in her virgin asshole madly going in and out. She was bleeding a little from her vagina. His other finger came over and let his fingernail tease her swollen clit. Her nipples became hard as goosebumps appeared all over her body. The 30 year old woman cried out for help again knowing her body was betraying her and her juices were flowing around this things dick.
It knew it too.
Iribis growled smiling. She could see the desires that laid in her sinnful heart. She dreamt of a hansome man in her life to tie her down and whip her, to ravish her pussy. To lick her ass, to suck her tits until they hurt, to bite her thighs, her ass, her tits, her neck and shoulders. 
Iribis would fullfil every single one of this dirty cunts wishes. Starting with the bondage. He threw her in the air as the curtains grabbed her in midair and spread her legs, stretched her arms. She twisted her head trying to escape, she pulled and yanked at the curtains, but the curtains didn't budge. 
"Please stop!" she screamed atthe demon whose glowing eyes got closer and closer.
Iribis laid hands hard on her hipsas her entered her with a single thrust. She cried out as her pussy got wetter. She jerked her hips in every which way trying to unhinge her pussy but alls she was doing was grinding the demon.
She felt it too as and orgasm built in her acheing loins. 
"NO!" she cried as the orgasm overwhelmed her. 
Iribis laughed taking his member out and went to her nipples and bit hard on one, she cried out as the sweet taste of blood teased his pallet. His teeth lifted but grazed her skin, as he shifted his head down to her hard nipples, he bit a little bit on her swollen nipple. She whipped her head to her side in rejection. His head however went over to the other breast and started to suckle it, just a little bit at first. Then a little bit more, she gave an involuntary moan at it. She opened her eyes and bit her lip in denial.
Iribis started to suck harder and harder. She gave a confused moan at it and finaly it was sucking it's hardest and she was in almost pure pain but with a mix of enjoyment. A popping noise came as Iribis' lips retracted from her tit. Her tit jiggled back into it's original place as Iribis flew around to her back. He spread her ass cheeks apart as his fork tongue appeared. Flickering like a snake it teased her ass. Raquel jerked her hips forward at the slight tickle. The fastly flickering tongue continued going alittle farther. She cried out in pure pleasure this time, not realizeing it she moaned, completely inwrapped in the pleasure. The tongue went a small portion farther and farther until it had it's entire tongue inside of her ass flickering, giving her pleasure. She started moaning loudly, over an over. She got louder gyrating her hips humping the tongue violating her, hummiliating her. 
She didn't realize.
Not until she cried out in a soft lustful orgasm that continued as another one ensued directly afterwards. Her legs quivered as her pussy gushed her love fluids. She suddenly snapped to, realizeing what she did and screamed in self-chastisment. She screamed again in pains as his sharp teeth bit into the back of her solid thigh. 
Iribis shook his head a little like a dog ripping a piece of meat apart, but with alot less feriousity then a dog. His teeth covered her shoulders, then her neck. She thought he was over. But this was a misguided lead. She screamed out as Iribis whipped her back with his tail. It returned and whipped her back again as blood flew to the side. As much as she hated herself with an utter passion, she was getting turned on by it. Iribis whipped her back 8 more times and then flew forward grasping her shoulders and licking her back greedily. Lapping up all of the blood. He then shoved his rock hard cock into her ass. Her tight ass felt great and slid in easier due to his tongue. Her ass wasn't as nice as Jasmines but he could not complain about it, it did give him alot of pleasure still. He then took it out of her aching ass a grabbed her jaw bone forcing it open. He slowly slid it's member into her mouth and slowly slid it all the way down her throat. She gagged many times but never puked. 
"The faster I cum the faster you can breath." he announced to her with a wicked grin.
Her eyes shot open in terror know her teeth wouldn't damage a cock this hard, even if she could bite down. She started sucking it with all of her might pulling her head back and forth. She felt the smooth yet rough cock in her throat, sliding back and nearly out then all the way back down. 
Iribis roared into the air grasping her head and forceong his shaft all the way in til her teeth were touching the base of his cock, until her teeth scraped his black ball-sack. Iribis plunged his seed into her throat and led a trail of his seed up her throat. On reflex she swallowed every last drop in one swallow. She gasped in air coughing, trying to spit all that she could but none would come out.
Iribis took his human form kicking Raquel to her back. He put his foot over her throat and pressed.
"Goodbye detective." he said smiling.
A shot went off. Iribis looked down and saw a wound in his chest. He looked up and saw the Irish mob, at least 30 men standing there and the mob boss sarong at him smiling.
"'Aving fun with police I see." he said with a smug look as Iribis hit the ground seemingly dead. 
"Now, this is a true delight, a young li' le lass, all by 'er lonesome naked. Boys, imma 'ave me a little fun before I plug this slut." he mocked he took a single step forward as the array of flashlight on shotguns were all over the room.
"Boss! Tyler's is gone!" one yelled, all of the weapons pointed at where he was laying, it was true he was gone. 
Raquel weakly smiled, knowing what was going to happen next. 
One man screamed in horror as his weapon hit the ground. The next minute was men blindly firing into the ceiling seeing glimpses of wings, white horns, black skin and claws. Raquel laid still on the ground even when the blood surround her. 
Iribis stood over Raqeul and lifted her up gently.
"I have a propasition. You will live and my name will be cleared. Or I could kill you hear and now."

The following week Iribis was known as a hero. The papers read
"Once crimelord, Tyrone Tylers was secretly in league with police as a secret informer to take out the Irish mafia in America. Him and one other police officer survived the inccident which was suposed to end peacfully. Raquel Faux, sustained many injuries from what she said were knives."

Iribis went up in the world. He fucked Jasmine like a wild animal almost every hour of the day that week. 
She loved every second of it. 
But America the police were to close to him. He needed a fresh start for his criminal actions. He looked outside and saw a woman calling her husband a no good red ruskie traitor. 
The man yelled back, "RUSSIANS ARE SOCIALIST NOW YOU STUPID CUNT! SHUT FUCK UP, GO BECK INSIDE!" his accent was thick.
Iribis smiled evily, his new country was choosen.
"Say hello to your new god comrades."

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