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Malani likes to bully female students who can't afford nice clothes like her. To punish her school makes her wear a t-shirt and nothing else. If she behaves they leave her alone. If Malani misbehaves they cut a section off of her t-shirt exposing her
A Fitting Punishment
Written By: Mr. Mongo

(All Characters Are 18 or Over)

Malani Dasgupta sat in front of Headmaster Chopra desk. Ms. Sarin stood behind her with her arms crossed across her chest. Ms. Sarin shook her head in disbelief at how insensitive the pretty Indian girl was.

“We’re tired of you bullying your fellow classmates. Your not a little child anymore, you’re eighteen years old now,” said Headmaster Chopra.

“I never hit or threatened anyone. If the girls I made cry got their feelings hurt too bad. Maybe they can start dressing better, so I wont feel the need correct their clothing choices,” Malini said with a smirk.

“You don’t have to physically harm someone to bully them. The Europeans and Americans are cracking down on bullies and now so is India,” Ms. Sarin said as she pushed Malini in the back of the head.

“Kallie Rangan quit school because of your making fun of clothes. Her parents can’t afford to buy her nice clothes like yours, so you decide to mock her for it. That girl has enough problems she has to deal with. She doesn’t need to come to school to be harassed by you. Ms. Sarin and I bent over backwards to get Kallie to come back to school. We had to promise to not just punish you, but to teach you a lesson.”

Ms. Sarin giggled when Headmaster Chopra threw a white T-shirt at Malani. Malani caught the t-shirt then examined it.

“What’s this,” asked Malani when she held up the t-shirt.

“We have talked with your parents and they agree with Ms. Sarin and I, you have been spending too much time studying fashion, when you should have been studying for your classes. If you start right now, you maybe able to turn your grades around,” said Headmaster Chopra.

“This is your new and only uniform for the rest of the year,” giggled Ms. Sarin.

“Everyone would see my panties if I wore just a t-shirt,” said a worried Malani.

“Don’t worry about anyone seeing your panties Malani. You wont be wearing any undergarments. The punishment needs to have an element humiliation to serve as a deterrent for the other students so they wont bully,” Said Headmaster Chopra.

“Please remove all your clothing and place them in this box,” commanded Ms. Sarin.

“I will not, my parents are strict Hindus, they will punish me severely if I went naked,” yelled Malani

“We made strict Hindus, Sikhs, Christian, Buddhist, and even Muslim students go naked for punishment, what makes you think you are above punishment. Everyone said what you just said and they all ended up naked,” said Headmaster Chopra.

“Your mother and father are more than happy with this punishment Malani,” said Ms. Sarin.

Malani dropped her head and started to sob. Headmaster Chopra got up from his desk and made Malani stand up. He began to help Malini to undress with the help of Ms. Sarin. All Malani could do was sob while being stripped of her clothing. The humiliation was killing Malani. Never has she been so horribly embarrassed.

“When you come to school everyday, you will report to the Headmaster’s office so you can place your clothes in this box. You can reclaim your clothes at the end of the day, but you have to get dressed in the hallway,” Ms. Sarin said with a smirk.

When they put the last of Malini’s clothes in the box, Headmaster Chopra gave the pretty Indian girl a look over. He loved Malani’s caramel colour skin and her firm B-cup breasts with dark red nipples. It was all Headmaster Chopra could do to not drool from over her beauty. Headmaster Chopra had her lift her arms so Ms. Sarin could slide the t-shirt over her head. The shirt fitted Malani very snug and came half way down her thighs.

Headmaster Chopra lifted the front of the t-shirt to expose Malani’s pussy. He exposed Malani’s shaved pubic mound to get a better look at it and to prove a point. Headmaster Chopra ran his hand from her belly button down to her clit. Malani jumped back and pulled down the front of her t-shirt. Her face turned bright red with embarrassment.

“You have to allow your pubic hair to grow back on your vagina Malani. I easily saw and felt your clit and labia. Your pubic hair will serve as panties to help hide your vagina,” Headmaster Chopra said.

“You better get use to students and teachers lifting your t-shirt up for the rest of the year. Everyone in the school has a right to touch you, but they may not penetrate you. If you are penetrated by anyone please report it. They will be forced to go naked too, for any improper groping,” Said Ms. Sarin.

Headmaster Chopra removed a sharpie marker from his pocket. He walked closer to Malani then took the cap of the marker.

“If you continue to bully your classmates or cause trouble we will remove sections of your t-shirt. If you are a modest person, I suggestion you show some self-control to avoid being exposed any further,” said Headmaster Chopra.

“You mean it can get skimpier,” asked Malani.

He leaned forward then began marking areas of Malani’s t-shirt. First a V section that one shows some cleavage. The second section drawn was larger V that would expose half of her nipples if fabric were cut. Headmaster Chopra made two lines at the bottom of the shirt that can be cut. The final of the bottom cut would expose half of her pussy. On the bottom of the front he drew two more V’s the first V would expose her pussy completely and the second V when cut out would show the entire abdomen. The last area marked was a big circle that would expose Malani’s pretty round ass.

“There you go Malani. When you show up in the morning, I want you to report to me so I can make sure your growing out your pubic hair. If I catch you shaving your pussy, I will make you go completely naked without question,” Headmaster Chopra said as he lifted the front of her shirt once more time to humiliated her.

“Remember Malani, any teacher can cut up your t-shirt so behave in all your classes,” giggled Ms. Sarin.

“If you behave, your modesty will be protected by the t-shirt. You act like an ass your t-shirt will expose you,” warned Headmaster Chopra.

“You may go back to your class now Malani,” said Ms. Sarin.

Malani held her head down as she walked out of Headmaster Chopra office. Standing in the office were two male students Malajit and Shetan. They both started laughing when they saw Malani in the t-shirt. They both knew the rules; they could touch her but not penetrate Malani. The first student lifted Malani’s shirt all the way up to her armpits to get a good look at Malani.

“Look at the stuck up bitch now,” laughed Malajit. Malajit squeezed her breasts then played her thick red nipples, which made them stand erect. Malani’s face grew red with shame and rage.

Shetan went right for Malani’s pussy. He used two fingers to spread her pussy lips apart so he could get a better look at Malani. Malani was so mortified she did not know what to do so she slapped Shetan in the face. Shetan rubbed his face with a smirk on his face.

“Headmaster Chopra, Malani wont let me look at her pussy and she smacked me,” yelled Shetan.

Ms. Sarin stormed out Headmaster Chopra’s office. She had a pair of scissors in her hand and a angry look on her face.

“What did we tell you Malani? Anyone can see or touch you! You are not to deny anyone! Remember, you are being punished! Now I am forced to make a cut in your t-shirt,” yelled Ms. Sarin.

Ms. Sarin grabbed the top of the t-shirt cutting a V into it. The cut exposed a little bit of Malani’s cleavage. Malani’s only response was to sob. Both boys began to rub Malani’s pussy right in front of Ms. Sarin. She did nothing to keep Shetan and Malajit from exploring Malani’s pussy. Malani felt like a slut when her pussy started to get wet as it got played with. Tears ran down Malani’s cheeks as the boys had their way with her.

Headmaster Chopra walked into is doorway and said, “Wow, Malani! You did not even get out of the office before you got your t-shirt cut! I hope you are smart enough to make to the end of the school year with that t-shirt intact!”

Malani kept her head down as she ran to her study hall. When Malani entered into the classroom she was greeted with wolf whistles and laughter. Mrs. Saxena walked Malani to the front of the room so she could allow the students see Malani’s pussy when she lifted the t-shirt.

“Ok, you all saw Malani’s privates. Now get back to studying,” laughed the study hall teacher.

With her head hung low and a face red with humiliated Malani sat in her chair wishing was anywhere but here. A boy named Uday who sat behind Malani reached around her chair so he could slide her t-shirt over her thighs. Malani did her best to keep the t-shirt from being lifted but the boy was tenacious about seeing Malani humiliated.

“Stop it Uday,” Malani screamed. When she stood up her t-shirt was pulled up to her belly button exposing her from the waist down. Everyone in the class laughed at her exposed pussy and bare ass.

“Damn it Malani Dasgupta, get you ass up here,” yelled Mrs. Saxena. Malani pulled down her t-shirt then ran to the front of the room.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Saxena, but Uday kept pulling my t-shirt up,” Malani said while crying.

“Save your tears Malani. What Uday’s is doing is right, you’re being punished remember? How do you want to do your punishment? Do you want your shirt cut or do you want a paddling,” asked Mrs. Saxena.

“I don’t believe I’m saying this, but I will take the paddle,” Malani said.

Mrs. Saxena grabbed Malani by the arm to lead her to the front of Mrs. Saxena’s desk. Malani placed both hands on either side of Mrs. Saxena’s desk then stuck her ass out. Mrs. Finster reached down to grab the bottom of Malani’s t-shirt to lift it over her ass. The class broke out into laughter when they saw Malani spread her legs a shoulder width apart. When she did this she exposed her asshole and pussy lips.

The angry teacher took her time to retrieve her paddle from the corner of the classroom. Mrs. Saxena loved how uncomfortable Malani looked with her exposed ass and pussy on display for the whole class to see. Mrs. Saxena smacked the wooden paddle against the palm of her hand as she walked towards Malani. With every loud smack against Mrs. Saxena’s palm made Malani cringe and shake with fear.

“Your not so high and mighty now is you Malani! When I give you your ten whacks, I want you to yell out Thank you Mrs. Saxena,” laughed Mrs. Saxena.

The first whack of the paddle gave off a great loud crack then Malani screamed out “Thank you Mrs. Saxena!”

The second whack hit Malani so hard the t-shirt fell back down. This angered Mrs. Saxena so she lifted Malani’s t-shirt then tied it off right under Malani’s breasts. The class erupted in laughter when they saw that.

Each whack after that was loud and caused Malani’s round ass to jiggle to the delight of all the male students in the class. Malani’s caramel colour ass was a nice red hue to it. Every one was impressed how Malani’s Indian ass glowed red after her paddling.

“Would everyone like to help soothe Malani’s stinging ass? Feel free to come up and rub her sore buttocks,” Mrs. Saxena.

All the guys got out of their seats to rub the pretty Indian student’s ass. At first Malani squirmed to keep away from the wondering hands. She quickly stopped moving once Malani realized how comforting the rubbing was. Some of the boys even gently blew on her stinging ass, which drove her nuts and made her pussy wet. Malani had goose bumps all over her arms and legs. The male students loved how hot Malani’s red ass felt to the touch. Once Mrs. Saxena saw Malani was no longer embarrassed at being touched by the male students, she allowed Malani to sit down. Malani started to undo her t-shirt to put it back down, but Mrs. Saxena made her stop and take her seat.

“I will be checking up with you Ms. Dasgupta! If I find out you untied that shirt I swear I’ll cut two parts off of it. You will leave it up for the rest of the day,” said Mrs. Saxena.

Malani sat in her chair trembling and crying from the humiliation of her situation, she got herself in. The thought of everyone had seen her bare pussy and ass just about killed her.

When the bell rang for the students to change classes, Malani made sure to be the first out the door. She did this to try to avoid being groped when she made her way to her next class.

Malani resisted fighting the boys who rubbed her pussy or grabbed her breasts. All that mattered now was to get to the next class. When she got to her social studies class Ms. Sharma greeted Malani. Ms. Sharma had no love for Malani after Malani made it her purpose in life to make fun of Kallie Rangan. Ms. Sharma was the teacher that pushed for this punishment when she helped convince Kallie to come back to school.

“Wow, you starting a new fashion trend Malani,” laughed Ms. Sharma.

Ms. Sharma stood Malani in the front of the class so they all could see Malani’s pussy. She turned Malani around so the class could see her ass was paddled red.

“You have been a bad girl today haven’t you? Look you already have a piece of fabric removed from your shirt and your ass is red as a baboon’s ass,” laughed Ms. Sharma.

Malani took her seat and did her best not to make waves. She knew Ms. Sharma is a little crazy and capable of anything.

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