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Leilani tries to avoid the awkwardness of hanging around a previous paramour and seeks new cocks to satisfy her.
The mid morning sun poured through my eyelashes. The first breaths of my day wheezed through a throat thoroughly stretched by the previous evening. I tried to swallow the saliva pooling in my mouth, but weakness only permitted me to drool on Tabitha's head.

Tabitha's head, which was buried in my chest. Her contented breathing sputtered in my cleavage, and I was inclined to let her sleep. She had obviously stumbled back to her own bed from the lawn chair she'd passed out in the night before and was too drunk to care that I was already occupying it. She was also naked. I didn't remember how that happened.

I was naked too, but that I remembered. The bedroom door was cracked open, and one of Tabitha's nails had dug into my hip that pinned it to the bed. As adorable as her burbling was, it was time to end this unsolicited cuddle. I yanked my arm out from under Tabitha's head, and she awoke with a wheeze.

“Wh-what? Oh, hi Leila,” she mumbled sheepishly before noticing our shame.

“What the hell happened, Leila? Did we...”

“Did we what?”

“I mean, did we... do you remember last night? Like, what happened?”

“All too well,” I grunted, thinking more about the vomit splattered wall than my furious deepthroat of Tabitha's cousin Marco.

“Oh. Ok good. That's good. Good good good. You're on my arm.”

I was not on her arm. Her arm was just fast asleep from having been smothered beneath me all night. Tabitha batted her useless stump against the mattress.

“Oh shit,” she groaned, “did I make this mess?” Tabitha poked at the crusted effluence at the foot of the bed.

“You may be a sloppy drunk, but that present was left by—“

The door swung open, and Janine bounded in with her hands pressed over her eyes. She appeared to have recovered completely after spending a night with her head in the toilet, and was already dressed for the day in a loose fitting white tank top and khaki ruffle skirt. She stopped with a jump as Tabitha and I scrambled to cover ourselves.

“Hi guys! I heard you talking and assumed nothing was going on anymore.”

“There was never anything going on,” I grunted.

“Really?!” Janine threw her hands down with a bight smile. Her face snapped to embarrassment when she saw our nudity, and she recovered her face

“Sorry sorry sorry!” She peeked through her fingers anyway.

Janine continued, “So now that you're awake, Marco and I were hoping we could get something to eat. You don't seem to have any food in your kitchen, Tabs.”

“Yeah, I eat out a lot.”

“I can tell. Anyway, my car is still broken so I was hoping you could take us somewhere maybe?”

“I'd love to, but I don't think the three of you will fit on my handlebars,” Tabitha said. “Maybe Leila will drive us to campus. I promised Marco a tour anyway.”

“Awesome!” Janine shrieked. “We can kill a bird with two stones!” She skipped back through the door. “I'm ready whenever you are!”

I tried to roll my eyes at Tabitha, but she was already busy dressing her self. I slumped back on the bed and heard her stifle a small laugh.


By a miracle, my car started. Sitting overnight must have settled enough juice in the battery for one final ignition. The Prelude was cramped with 4 people, especially with the massive Marco crunched in behind me.

This was a new situation for me. I'd given plenty of blowjobs before, but I'd never stuck around till morning, and I'd certainly never seen the guy again. It was awkward to say the least, and though I'd avoided prolonged eye contact with Marco all morning, I could still feel his blue eyes boring into me. I'd dressed down, just a gray fitted T-shirt and red nylon running shorts. My hair was unkempt, and I hadn't bothered to shower after working up a tremendous sweat the night before. I wasn't looking to impress anyone, certainly not the guy who'd just cheated on the girl sitting next to him.

“So you two went to school together?” Janine asked from the back seat.

“For three years,” Tabitha said. “We were close as kittens until I graduated last year.”

“How close?”

“Close enough that she was my date to senior prom.”

“Really?!” Janine grabbed the back of Tabitha's head rest and pulled herself flush.

“As friends, of course,” Tabitha said. Janine relaxed in her seat. “Neither of us had dates so why not. It was fun. We got each other corsages and everything.”

“You two didn't have dates?” Janine asked incredulously.

Marco broke his silence. “Yeah Leila, I find it hard to believe that a beautiful girl like you didn't have a throng of guys begging for a chance.” Checking the review mirror, I saw his girlfriend, Janine, didn't seem to register his flattery.

“Well,” Tabitha started, “I had the incredible foresight to break up with my boyfriend 6 days before prom, and Leila had developed something of a reputation. She'd already turned every guy in school down twice.”

“Oh did she...?” Janine simpered.

“I'm just picky I guess,” I grumbled. I really didn't want to discuss my sex life in present company.

“So, once you find the right guy, you'll never let him go, right?” Marco said, leaning over my shoulder. His knee bumped my hand as I reached for the gear shift.

“I need the stick.” I said flatly. He backed off.

I spent the rest of the trip in silence while Janine and Tabitha giggled about prom dresses and joked about slow dances and who got to be prom king. I parked in the garage, and the four of us walked to the student center.

“...and that's the psychology building where my closet—I mean office, is.” Tabitha gestured to a near by building as part of her tour.

“How does a 19 year old get an office?” Janine asked, tugging Tabitha's arm to get her attention.

“Well, I spent most summers in high school doing dual credit work for college. Between that and AP classes I'm already a senior.”

“Wow, so you're a genius? You're gonna be like, a brain surgeon or something, right?”

“More like a research psychologist. Though maybe your idea is better. Let me take a look in your head.” Tabitha reached down to the petite blonde and grabbed at her skull. As the two giggled through their slap fight I felt something sliding up my skirt. I slapped Marco's hand away for the third time that day. Subtlety was not necessary as Janine could not have been less interested in her boyfriend at the moment. When I felt his breath on my ear I wheeled in front of the group.

“So... about that food,” I shouted over the din of the other girls' horseplay.

“There's a pizza place in here.” Tabitha gestured to the student center a few paces away.

We all bought slices, and I hurried to a spot in a corner booth. I waved my hands at Tabitha, trying to get her to take the space beside me, but she was too busy trying to balance her tray on Janine's head, and Marco took the outside seat, pinning me in.

“Hi gorgeous.” Marco kissed the back of my neck as I turned away from him. I balled my fist between myself and the wall. A knot rose in my throat. His hand slid under my shirt onto the small of my back. I cocked my arm and whirled back toward him. Only the sound of girls' laughter stayed my hand.
“Oh my god! I made it like half way, Tabs!” Janine glowed as Tabitha removed the tray from her head.

“I'm as surprised as you are,” Tabitha grinned and sat down, completely oblivious to my agitation. I ate in silence.

“Wow, I totally forgot what I got!” Janine blurted out. “I don't even know what this is.. Olives and cucumber?”

“Janey, you said you wanted vegetarian,” Tabitha reminded her, “to maintain your pretty figure.”

“I did didn't I? But now I'm looking at your bacon and pineapple and I kinda want some.”

Tabitha smiled and and lifted her slice to Janine's mouth which she nibbled like a baby bird. While they laughed, I felt Marco's hips bump mine as he scooted closer. I continued to hold my tongue. I didn't want to embarrass Tabitha or ruin Janine and Marco's relationship. Tabitha returned her pizza to her own mouth, dropping a hunk of pineapple that stuck to her collar bone. I hadn't noticed her low neckline before now. Janine leaned in slowly with tongue extended to grab the fruit. Tabitha shoved her head away, and the laughter and slap fighting started up again.

Marco once more took liberties with the on lookers distracted and slid a hand across my lap. I shot to my feet, knocking the table and spilling Janine's drink into her lap. I left a paltry “sorry” behind as I tore myself out of the tight booth. I caught the fleeting sensation of Marco's hardening manhood against my shorts before sprinting to the bathroom.

I stood at the sink and wiped black tears from my eyes. The previous day's mascara ran down my nose. I heard someone's hand on the bathroom door, so I slipped into a stall to keep my privacy. Before I could close the latch behind me, a large hand forced its way through.

“I've been waiting for this all morning,” Marco said, barging through the door. He pinned me up against the wall. I froze in terror as he began to fondle my ass and suck on my neck.

“What the hell do you think you're doing?!” I shouted. He backed off.

“Huh? Oh you want to get right to it. Sorry. You're too horny for me!” Marco fumbled with his belt.

“What?! No! Get out of here!”

“But this place is perfect, baby. You were so excited at the table. I know you're ready to finish what we started.” He put both hands on my waistband and pulled down. Before it could move an inch I punched Marco on the ear.

“Are you stupid?!” I shouted while Marco grimaced and held his head. “What have I done today to make you think I even wanted to talk to you, much less have sex with you?”

“God damn girl, you are fucking insane. How can you drop all those hints and then get pissed when I try to show you a good time?”

“What hints?!”

“Oh come on. You've been so coy all day. When a cock fiend like you says things like, 'I want the stick'. How the fuck am I supposed to take it?”

“How about literally?” I barked and reached for the door. Marco blocked my exit, standing straight up again. He seemed even larger now, and my fear was much more real.

“Leila.” He put a hand on my outstretched arm. “You know you want me. You were throwing yourself at me 10 hours ago. You wanted me so badly you came just from sucking my dick. That was the best sex I ever had, and we didn't even have sex. How can we share something so awesome, but now you don't even want to look at me?”

I yanked my arm away.

“I try not to date pushy assholes. Especially if they have a girlfriend.”

“Hey, I love Janine but I can't go back to her. Not now. Not knowing how much better I could have it. She thinks we're getting married! I don't want to fake orgasms for the rest of my life. I want you, and I know you want my dick”

I ignored him and reached for the door. Once more, Marco blocked my exit.

“You don't want to open your mouth?” he snarled. “Fine. A whore doesn't need to talk” Marco dropped his already loosened pants to the floor, and his flaccid penis spilled out. I lunged for the door, driving a shoulder into his chest. The 100 pound weight disadvantage made my effort futile. A muscular arm lassoed me by the neck and crushed it against the stall with his shoulder. A sweaty palm smothered me. His off hand grabbed my wrist ,and with every effort I made to struggle, he wrenched my arm further. There was no space between us, and I could feel his ravenous breath on the back of my neck and hear his grunts as he ground his prick against my stomach. His limp dick quickly hardened but remained trapped between us and pointed straight downward.

My struggle was token by then but still present, and my attempts to knee his groin prevented him from making any space between our hips. He released my hand and snapped the waistband of my thong and shorts out just far enough for his rod to slide downward, under my clothes and against my vulva. As he bobbed, his cock head scraped my clit and peeled across the surface my labia. Restricted breathing had rendered me half conscious and my screams exited as mere whimpers. He grunted with every manic hump, bouncing like a puppy on an old shoe. He clawed my neck line and ripped my t-shirt in two with a single swipe. My oxygen deprived legs collapsed, and I fell sideways, smashing my head into the stall door. Marco caught me before I hit the ground, his hands groping my breasts.

“Are you alright in there?” a voice inquired from outside.

At the sound of this unknown voice, Marco bolted straight up. He gave me a panicked stare as his face washed pale, and the reality of his crime overtook him. I regained my breath and reached for the latch. Marco grabbed my hand again, but relented to my menacing glare, knowing his only chance for salvation was my mercy.

I hurried out of the student center head down without even responding to my savior. On my way out of the building, I looked up long enough to see that Tabitha and Janine had left. My sundered T-shirt flapped in the breeze that chilled my tear-stained cheeks. I checked over my shoulder to make sure I wasn't followed. Marco was smart enough to have given up, but did see plenty of students gawking at my exposed body. The embarrassment was unbearable. My throat closed. My chest heaved. I choked back a new volley of tears. Even though he hadn't gotten what he wanted, the emotional trauma was still palpable. All the terror of the moment flowed back into me. I was out of control again. I cried. I cried for only a moment before the tears turned angry.

I couldn't press charges; I wouldn't put myself through an investigation like that or risk getting my aunt—my legal guardian—in trouble and losing my independent living arrangement. I fumed. I supinated my palms in front of me and clenched at the air. I felt the wetness in my panties, a vile adulteration of Marco's lubrication and my own coerced liquids, and screamed. I felt so powerless. I felt so naked. I needed company, and I needed control.

So I found it.

Passing in front of the dorms I saw a skinny freshman waiting in the courtyard. I tied the two halves of my shirt together into a bikini and wiped the tears from my face. I took a deep breath and approached.

“Hi, I'm going to suck your cock.”

The brown haired teenager pulled music buds from his ears. “I'm sorry, what did you say?”

“Alright broski, lets roll!”

Another kid with dyed blond hair and a more muscular build had emerged from the double doors of the dormitory.

“Yeah just a second,” the first boy yelled. He turned back to me. “So what's up?”

“I was just saying that I would really love to suck your cock. Right now.” I took a step closer and raised on my toes so that my cleavage was nearly under his nose, “really... really... badly.” He stared at me dumbfounded, and I licked my lips. I gripped the band of his athletic shorts and led him back into the building

“Whoa bro, what's going on here? I thought we were going to the gym!?” his muscular friend whined.

“Uhh, change of plans. I gotta do this thing.” the skinny student said as we passed.

“So what? I gotta get my swell on all alone?”

I stopped. Still within arm's length of the meat head, I reached back and grabbed the strap of his backpack, pulling him into me.

“I think you'll both get a much better swell if you come with me.” I squeezed between them led them inside by their hips.

“Seriously, bro?” I wasn't sure if he was talking to me or his friend because he was staring straight into my cleavage.

They were both caught off guard, but despite nervous glances and awkward silence, they were easily herded into the elevator and up to their dorm room. On the way they introduced themselves. Their names were instantly forgotten. The skinny guy unlocked the door, and I nudged them inside. I closed the door behind me and threw my ad hoc bikini in a corner.

“Oh shit bro you see those? Man I told you you'd get all the pussy if you roomed with me.” The meat head held up his hand for an unreciprocated high five. The skinny guy was too entranced by my rack to notice. I pushed the blond onto the cot sized dorm bed and embraced his skinny roommate, locking him in an aggressive kiss. His clumsy hands floated above my skin, even now afraid to offend me. Without breaking our kiss I dug through his shorts and retrieved his already stone hard dick, giving it long upward strokes and pinching the head between each set of fingers as they passed.

The blond stood up, putting his hands on my hips. As he leaned in I shoved him back on the bed.

“Wait your turn.”

“Damn bro, alright. It's cool. I'm chillaxed.”

I resumed my kiss. The skinny brunet's tongue was stiff on my lips. I lassoed it with my own and led the inexperienced member with languid strokes around my mouth, pausing to lick his lips and allow his moans to escape. Pre-cum pooled at the top of my fist, and I felt him rising onto his toes, trying to drive his dick even faster through my grip. I pulled the shaft out straight and banged my hips against the head. With each thrust the brunet yelped, and on the fourth he skipped a breath, catching it with an incoherent grunt. After barely a minute of attention, his dick was already on the edge.

I stepped back and left him to hyperventilate. He remained in place, eyes fixed on the ceiling, unaware that I had even moved.

“On second thought, I think he needs to wait,” I said, turning back to the bedside and the blond. His pants were waiting around his ankles. I dropped to my knees.

“That's what I'm talking about, bro!”

In my peripheral vision, I caught the skinny guy reaching for his cock. I swatted his hands away.

“I told you to wait.”

The blond laughed.

“Oh shit bro! No she di—“

I slapped a hand over Jersey Shore's face and dropped my mouth to his cock. As I flicked my tongue about his frenulum, he began to suck my index finger. His sensitive tongue recalled my own oral fixation, and I felt the first sweet tingles in my lap. I also felt droplets of warm liquid splattering on my knee. The skinny brunet could not wait for me.

“Unnghhh ohhh ohhh, fuck, Ohhhhhh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean t—Ughhhhh, sorry” he panted. I ignored his embarrassment and pulled my hand from the blond's mouth to snatch his dick. I didn't care that he came on me. My only annoyance was that it had interrupted my wonderful finger massage.

“Oh my god bro. Did you just do that? Seriously bro I cant b—“

I slapped my other hand across the meat head's face. He dutifully sucked my pacifier once again.

“Mmmmm, much better.”

I caressed the brunet's freshly juiced member and worked the still oozing cum into the skin. I gave the head a salty kiss before returning my mouth to the blond. He, meanwhile, had moved from suckling one finger to giving my entire entire hand a tongue bath. One by one, he took each digit into his mouth and then released it with a pop. He tickled my palm with laps of his tongue. He moaned around my fingers, sending delightful vibrations through my hand.

I had never been quite so distracted during a blowjob. I found myself forgetting about the penis in front of me and imagined that I was sucking my own fingers. For his part, the blond guy seemed equally disinterested in my efforts, focusing his attention entirely on making love to my hand. He now massaged my hand with both of his, pinching and rolling each knuckle before kneading the palm with his thumbs. A finger brushed the length of my pinky.

I smothered my squeal with his cock. It was impossible to concentrate on my efforts as they were constantly interrupted by excited breaths. I gyrated my hips, sliding my legs against each other. The blond only grew more earnest in his efforts. He planted kisses up to my wrist. My fingers were pruned by now, and globs of saliva spilled onto my head. My erratic breathing made continued oral stimulation impossible. I laid my swimming head sideways against his body, and it lolled on top of his cock. He pumped my fingers into his mouth. My wet thighs rocked with every thrust. Spit dripped onto my ear. His cock rubbed on my cheek. The world grew pale, and I closed my eyes. Electric pulses shot from my fingers to my gut. I whimpered in his lap.

My jaw dropped, and a tiny screech escaped. I buried my mouth into his thigh, muffling further screams. My hips jerked forward in orgasmic spasm half a dozen times before I slumped to the floor, leaning against the blond's leg.

“See that broski? That shit was poppin'.”

“Damn,” was all the skinny brunet could manage.

After my collapse, I found myself still clutching the brunet's turgid pole. I pulled myself back to my knees. Both guys stood in front of me. I grabbed both cocks and began to stroke them, lubricating the brunet with his continued discharge and the blond with the combination of our saliva left in his lap. Neither was a stunning specimen, but I now found myself quite enamored with the modestly endowed blond. With green eyes upturned, I slurped the glans while tugging on his scrotum. Now able to give him my full attention, his enjoyment was evident. We locked eyes in a smoldering stare, and I gave his shaft a vulgar kiss before flicking my tongue into the slit of his glans.

“Oh shit. Oh...” His rosy face bent down, and he pulled my mouth to his. The kiss was long for such an awkward position, and I pumped his love handle as furiously as he strained to keep our lips locked.

“Ahhh,” he gasped as we were finally torn apart.

I dove onto his staff, easily taking the majority. With sputtering bobs I sucked. His head bobbed with mine, and approving murmurs floated through my head. Something more tangible also prodded my ear. Another penis brushed my cheek, and I realized that my opposite hand had been motionless for the past few minutes. Now the lust starved brunet was pleading with his cock for attention. I'd never given two blowjobs at once, and my coordination was lacking. I stood up, still holding both dicks.

“Lie on the bed,” I ordered. The blond jumped onto the skinny mattress with a smile.

“You too,” I directed the brunet. He hesitated.

“Uhhh I... I don't think we can both fit... I mean... we'll be like rubbing together together and—“

“That's why you put your head at the other end.”

He eased himself onto the bed and took a seated position scrunched against the wall at the foot of the bed.

“Relax. Make yourself comfortable.” I grabbed his ankles and pulled them to his roommates hips. He recoiled in protest.

“Whoa, I don't think I want to get that... I mean I'm not gay, you know”

“I'm sure you aren't, but if you don't get closer, I won't be able to reach you, and you'll have to sit and watch. ”

He inched down the bed. The blond grew impatient.

“Come on bro, don't be such a fag.” He snatched his hesitant roommate by the ankles and swept them up to his shoulders. Both guys winced as their scrotums collided. Grinning at this enthusiasm, I knelt at the bedside between them. Once again I gripped each stalk. They were so close now that my knuckles ground together with every stroke. I put both shafts together and milked them with interlocked hands. The brunet shot up at this dick-to-dick contact, but his roommate remained completely unconcerned, relaxing with arms akimbo behind his head. The skinny one started to object, but finding no one to commiserate with, resigned himself and slumped back to the mattress. His hands covered his face. Whether it was in shame or fear I couldn't tell.

I worked the cocks against each other, flicking the ridges of their heads together and squeezing the turgid flesh. The blond's breaths were shallow, and I could see his diaphragm caving into his ribs. His skin splotched red. It was time to drive him over the edge. I bent over the hydra. Two dicks, while alone quite average and easily consumed, presented a real challenge to my oral skills. Their combined girth was far greater than anything I had ever inserted. I manually drew my jaw open to accommodate their dual heads. I was also unable to create a vacuum with distended lips so I brought my fist flush to my mouth. I sucked deeply, varying the pressure amid sporadic slurps caused by my imperfect suction.

My jaw relaxed, and I took them further, taking great care that teeth only lightly brushed across their sensitive skins. With deliberate strokes my wet lips slid up and down the shafts, drawing them deeper with every pump. Soon their joined mass was flying through my mouth, and both guys were lifting their hips trying to get more of my sopping hole. My spit and their pre-cum spilled into a puddle between their bodies.

“Oh. Oh. Ohfuckshitbro, UNGH! UNGH!”

The blond screamed with each shot, and my mouth was clogged with the muscular blond's thick discharge. The copious fluid filled every free space in the cavity, but as he relaxed I did not release him. I continued my torrid pace. Sperm spurt through gaps in the dam of my lips. Some I swallowed by accident, while some rushed into my septum and leaked from my nostrils. My own pleading moans escaped with the liquid as the two pulsing members squished together. The brunet was huffing loudly, turning his own shade of pink and seemingly unaware that his dick was now bathing in his roommate's ejaculate. His fingers curled against the sheets. His neck muscles wrenched as he strained for release.

“I'm cumming! Ahhh...”

I disgorged their meat just in time to avoid his load, unleashing a torrent of mixed juices that coated their members and settled in a pool between them. The brunet sprayed a single burst of clear liquid into the air before his cock calmed to a steady ooze. Both of their pelvises were drenched with various sticky fluids, and both shafts wilted into their common effluence. I stood. Neither guy joined me.


I wrote a fake number on a pad by a laptop, and wiped my chin off with a nearby towel.

“Thanks guys,” I bent down and kissed them each on the forehead. I almost left the dorm room without a shirt on before snatching one from a basket of hopefully clean laundry.

“You don't mind if I borrow this, right?”

There was no response.

Once out the door I regretted my choice of clothing. I'd clearly grabbed from the meat head's bin and now found myself in an extra small shirt that read: COLT OF PERSONALITY, whatever that was supposed to mean. All I knew was that the tight fabric he'd chosen to accentuate his pecs was doing a fine job on my own. I was probably better off in my bra rather than having this skirt hanging off my bulbous chest, mashing them into unnatural shapes. My tits billowed up to the neck hole. I'd never had cleavage in a boy's t-shirt before.

I checked my phone. Several texts from Tabitha. She had taken Janine to her office to find her some clothes to replace the skirt I'd ruined earlier. There was also a text from Janine; who knows how she had gotten my number? It said: hi :) .

Looking up, I found that I'd already walked several blocks in a daze and was across the street from the psychology building. I squeezed through the heavy wooden double doors and gamboled up five flights of stairs, wearing a content smile as memories of my earlier handiwork played in my mind. I wrenched a flaking brass door handle and entered the Teachers' Assistants section. There was a handful of students in the central area poking through text books lazing through Facebook profiles.

I circumnavigated the room passing myriad foyers themselves each filled with multiple cramped teacher's assistant offices. At the back corner of the room I found foyer “F”. Tabitha's name was on the center door. It was closed, but through the frosted glass I could hear Tabitha mumbling.

I waltzed through the door and immediately slammed it shut again to conceal Janine's half naked body draped over the small wooden desk that occupied the majority of the tiny office. She gave me an upside down wave and then silently shushed me with a finger. She didn't have to tell me to be quiet; I was struck dumb by the bob of red hair peaking out form across the table. Janine tried to suppress a giggle.

“I hear laughing. Is—”

I ducked behind the desk.

“—laughing a good noise?” Tabitha asked.

Janine crunched forward, leaving me alone in my hiding spot.

“It's great!” Kissing noises. “You're doing great. Just try your best!” Many more kissing noises. Janine flopped back to my side of the table with a sigh. Her head dangled less than a foot from my own and her left arm splayed over my shoulder. I was barely shielded by the two dimensional foot guard on the back of the desk and couldn't scoot even an inch to escape. Janine's drooping fingers crawled into my cleavage. I turned away to shield myself, and she bit a mouthful of my hair.


“Sorry.” Tabitha said.

Janine flushed with repressed laughter. Her rolled up tank top now fell over her face, and she wriggled out of it. A rose-cheeked Janine smiled and twiddled her nipples as she enjoyed Tabitha's efforts. A squish. A kiss. The patter of saliva dripping on aluminum. The guttural flutter of a tongue across wet skin. Janine cooed. A kiss. A moan. Wet hands squeaking across lacquered wood. The buzz of a trumpeter's embouchure.

“Ooooooo!” Janine shot forward. More kissing.

“Now I know that was a good noise,” Tabitha said. The girls giggled and kissed some more. Janine remained crunched forward as the sounds of sex returned.

Alone again, the awkwardness of the situation diminished. I felt happy for Tabitha. I hadn't seen her in any sort of relationship since high school and it was nice to know that she was enjoying herself, no matter the circumstances. I leaned against the desk and tried not to bother them. Like watching a crying baby finally sleep, the last thing I wanted to do was disturb her.

While I was busy not interrupting, a tiny hand was busy grabbing a clump of my hair. I could either scream or follow it, so I allowed Janine to lead me over the desk. There I saw her holding my best friend's head against her pussy. It was a bizarre sight. Even after Janine let go I couldn't look away. The shirtless Tabitha was buried in Janine's lap. Her mouth engulfed the tiny blonde's vulva. Tabitha moaned over Janine's mound as her cheeks pumped with the enthusiasm of Tabitha's tongue. Janine took deliberate breaths, and with one hand raked Tabitha's red curls over her love spattered glasses

Her other hand grabbed my breast. I tried to swat it away but she'd hooked the bra material and was pulling it away. I ripped away. The cup of my bra slipped and a massive melon was allowed to float freely beneath my too tight shirt. I shrunk to a squat, once again fearing detection.

“Hmmm?” Tabitha inquired.

Janine sat forward and I heard them stand.

“That was awesome, Tabs!”

“Really? But you... you didn't cum, did you? I'm sorry. I'm... really bad at this.” Tabitha said breathlessly.

A long silence was followed by the light smack of lips releasing.

“It's OK. It's your first time. You'll get lots of practice.”

Giggles. More kissing. Plastic clacking on wood. Tabitha's glasses dropped in my lap. She bent over the table chasing them.

“Oh sweet god!” She screamed and toppled over the desk.

“Hi... Uh, you dropped these?”

“How long ha...” she sucked in a skittering breath. “How long have you been there?!”

“Just a minute or two. You looked like you were having fun so I didn't want to disturb you.”

“Well,” she started as Janine pulled her back upright, “I was.”

She was. Her entire chest above the her bra was bright red. Patches of sheen glimmered between her thighs below her skirt. I could see her rapid pulse in the muscles of her crimson neck. Her breathing was stuttered, and sweat dripped from her brow.

“I should give you guys a minute,” Janine said.

Tabitha grabbed Janine's arm and pulled her back.

“No... No. Janey I'm gonna burst. You gotta... Please.” Tabitha's eyes welled. Janine gave a depraved giggle and slapped her hand under Tabitha's skirt.

“Owwwoooooooo...” Tabitha's yelp faded to a moan and then to a gasp as Janine fondled her pussy.

“Oh wow, you are ready aren't you.”

Now it was awkward again. I tried to sneak out the door, but on cracking it, found a crowd of people had assembled in the lobby and were packed into the foyer and against the office door. With a clear line of sight to the whole room, even an attempt to squeeze out would draw dozens of stares. I turned my back to the frosted glass to provide the girls as much privacy as was possible with me standing 5 feet away.

Janine sat in an office chair with her head up Tabitha's skirt. From her seat on the desk's edge Tabitha turned to me.

“Sorry.” she whispered.

Tabitha's skirt whipped up an down as wet growls emanated from it. Tabitha reclined and was folded over the desk with dangling arms as Janine had been, gasping for air with mouth agape. I was transfixed by the rhythmic heaving of her lithe frame, her eyes fastened. I had never thought of her as a beautiful girl, but now in her element, the awkward red head's every writhe seemed graceful, and she glowed with a sensual warmth. Her gasps were now audible wispy squeals. She opened her eyes and caught me staring. Her look seemed almost apologetic. Her lips wobbled as if trying to speak, but no words came.

“Ahhhh!” Tabitha howled and fastened her eyes again. Janine was standing and pumped a hand under Tabitha's skirt.

“I was going to ask how that feels but I think I know.”

Tabitha's contented squeals morphed into distressed whines. Her once relaxed arms contorted and searched. Her gentle fingers clawed at the skin of her neck and chest. The mashing of wet meat and Tabitha's cries were the only sounds in the cramped office.

The latter noise vanished. Tabitha's eyes screamed open. Her feet jumped onto the desk from where they had hung. She pounded her hands against the carpet, lifting herself into a bridge. Higher and higher she silently wrenched her self before crumpling into a pile in front of the desk. I dove forward, catching her skull before it smashed the ground. As her head lay in my lap I could feel spasms rocking her. Her shallow pants were barely audible, and her red face now tinged purple.

“Ahhhhh,” Tabitha gasped, drawing her first proper breath in almost a minute.

Sprinting around the table, Janine tripped over a garbage can and toppled to the carpet beside me. She crawled over to Tabitha and cradled her face.

“Oh my god Tabs are you OK?”

Tabitha responded by snatching Janine's head and kissing her deeply. They made out in my lap for some time, dripping spit onto my crotch.

“Ok... I think that's about enough of that.” I said, pushing their heads to the floor. The fall did not discourage them, and the two girls squirmed on the carpet in sweet embrace. Janine's hand surveyed Tabitha's body, eventually digging beneath her bra and freeing a wild breast.

“OK OK OK OK. Stop stop stop, “ Tabitha said, sitting up. “We can continue this later, I hope. Leila, I don't think needs to see any more.”

“I don't know. I think Leila was enjoying herself.” They stood in front of each other. “But not as much as I was. I hope your first time was everything you expected.” They hugged.


Janine parted with a kiss on Tabitha's cheek. Tabitha slipped behind her desk to dress and Janine did the same right in front of me.

“I'm sorry Leila. I don't want you to be mad at me,” Janine said.


“Don't hide it. I know we shared something last night, but that was just a thing. I hope we can stay friends. For Tabitha.”

“The only thing we shared was the contents of your stomach.”

Janine gave me a pitying glance and a pat on the cheek.

“I gotta catch up with someone, Tabs. I'll see you tonight.” Janine opened the door and pinched my ass. “You're hot, but you're not as much fun as Tabs.”

The door shut leaving Tabitha and me in silence. She rifled through drawers.

“Do you... do you see my panties?”

“Right here.”

I hooked a red thong with my sandle and flipped it to Tabitha.

“These are Janine's. Where are mine?”

“Knowing her? She's wearing them. The only question is whether she knows it or not.”

Tabitha laughed sweetly to herself and slipped the panties beneath her skirt.

“It doesn't matter to me.”

“Hey Tabby, I'm really sorry about this whole thing I didn't mean to get in the way.”

“No!” Tabitha raced around the desk and grappled me. “No, I'm sorry. I know you liked her, and I shouldn't have had sex with her but—“

“'Like' her? I think you have the wrong idea... about a lot of things.”

“But she said the two of you stayed up all night licking—“

“She stayed up all night puking her guts out. I'm surprised she even has enough brain cells left to be wrong. Tabitha. I don't like girls. If I did, there's no way Janine would have beaten me to you.” I kissed Tabitha on the forehead. She smiled.

“Really? Not at all?”

“No! I was crammed in this closet with two hot girls eating pussy while one of them groped me mercilessly. No one who is attracted to girls could just sit here and watch that.”

“Yeah, I kinda thought you were going to jump in.”

“Did you want me to jump in?”

“No. I mean, not any more. Leila I figured out you weren't interested in me a long time ago.”

“'A long time ago'? Tabby how come you never told me you were a dyke?”

“Hey! We don't like being called that, at least, I don't think we do. I don't know much about being a lesbian. I didn't even admit it to myself until last year. At prom.”

“Oh... so we didn't just go as friends then.”

“Leila, I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years.”

“Yeah I know. Darrel was pretty pissed about getting dumped 6 days before prom.”

“Five days. I asked you first. I didn't even know I was a lesbian because I wasn't attracted to girls, just you. I can't believe you couldn't tell!”

“Well, you definitely enjoyed the slow dances more than I did. But I mean, you were always the squeezy feely type anyway”

“With you. But I figured it out that night after prom when we shared that bottle of wine on my parents' bed. Even drunk as a hobo you still didn't want anything to do with me. It took me a while to get over you, but when I did, I saw there was a whole world of hot chicks waiting for me.”

“I don't really remember much of that night. But I never led you on! I never meant to hurt you.”

“Well... you never wanted a boyfriend. You never talked about guys. You almost seemed disgusted every time someone asked you out. Pretty much everyone at school thought you were a lesbian.”

“My best friend is not supposed to listen to rumors like those.”

“Wishful thinking, I guess.” Tabitha perked up. “But enough about scorned lovers, what did you do all day?”

“Oh, the usual. Had some pizza; sucked some dick.”

Tabitha laughed and then gasped, grabbing my arm.

“Oh my god Leila. Where did you get this bruise? This whole time I thought you were wearing a watch or something.”

There was a dark purple ligature on my wrist. I couldn't remember how it happened. Did Janine grab it? Was one of those two dorks too rough with me? Gradually it came back. I could feel bruises on my head and back. I could feel the bathroom wall. I could feel the fear.


I threw myself into her chest and sobbed.
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