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Firstly, my name is Lucy and I’m 24, 5ft 5 with long thick blond hair, 32b/c breasts and I weighed at that time about 110. Most people would say I was nicely put together, my ex always said I was well fuckable. I didn’t find it difficult to get guys. They just came to me and I had difficulty saying no. Young, old, good looking, ugly, thin or fat. If they had a dick I needed it inside me.

I’d been working at the brothel for a few months and I was still fucking Faith’s Dad (Michael) whenever he came to London for business. The only problem was that since the threesome I’d had with him and my 20 year old sister Katie (see Story 17) he’d spent more time fucking her than me.

I’d just walked in the door and Michael smiled at me. He was sat at the kitchen table in a bath robe. I smiled back. I’d just fucked two black guys in the back of a taxi (see Story 18). I could still feel the cum sticking between my thighs. It’d had dried during the walk home and I needed to get some sleep.

Michael was sat in the kitchen. I’d watched him fuck Katie in the arse earlier in the evening. I’d seen him contort his face as he sent his hot load into her shit hole and then collapsed on top of her breathing hard. I’d snuck away, gone out and found some strangers to use me like a cheap slut.

He looked at me as I walked through the door. “We missed you tonight,” he said.

“Yes, I had plans with a friend,” I lied.

He stood up and walked over too me. He reached out and took my tits in his hands and kneaded them softly.

“You’re still horny ? Didn’t you fuck Katie tonight ?”

“Yes. She an incredible fuck. And so young,” he smiled. “I’d love to fuck you right now, but I don’t think I could manage it.”

“That’s ok. I’m kinda tired anyway.”

He walked away from him and into the bathroom. I took a nice long hot shower, washing the black cum from my cunt as best I could. My pussy lips we a bit sensitive but it didn’t stop me rubbing my clit until I came in the shower. When I walked into my room, Michael was lying in bed naked.

“You not sleeping with Katie tonight ?”

“No, she sprawled out in the middle of the bed. No room for me.”

“I dropped my towl and climbed into bed naked.”

“You know, I’d still like to have a threesome with you and my friend John.”

John was a friend of Michael’s. They’d been friends for over 50 years and there fantasy had always been to share a girl, to spit roast her and take both holes at the same time. I wondered if he’d mentioned it to Katie. But even if he had, I’m not sure she’d have been into the idea. She was a little more picky than me.

“What about Katie?”

“I thought it would be better with you. Besides, I’m sure John won’t mind if she were to join in.”

“When do you want to do it?” I asked.

“John can be hear tomorrow night,” he replied.

I shrugged. “OK.”

He smiled and pushed a hand under the bed sheets to adjust his cock.

I laughed. “You cock hard again?”

“Yes. Could you suck it for me?”

“What about Katie?” I asked.

“She’s asleep.”

I moved down the bed and took his big hard cock in my hand. I lowed my lips to his bell end and slowly took his cock into my mouth. I sucked on it hard, spitting on the end and slurping away as he moaned.

“That’s it, suck my cock good and hard,” he moaned.

He cock tasted wonderful. I could taste Katie’s pussy juices mixed with his spunk. I sucked it hard, wanking the base the way he liked it. It didn’t take long to get him off. He moaned out loud and put a hand on top of my head holding it in place. His hot spunk flowed over my tongue and between my teeth.

When he’d finished he let me raise my head. I swallowed his cum in a single gulp. The warmth of it flowing down my throat to mix with the black cum already in my stomach felt wonderful.

“You’re such a slut,” he said.

I smiled, stood up and made my way into the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I walked back into my bedroom, Michael was asleep. I climbed in next to him and closed my eyes. The next thing I remember was waking up on my stomach. I could feel Michael’s cock pushing past my sphincter and burying itself to the hilt in my arse. I groaned as he withdrew it and thrust it back into me.

My arse was very tight and Michael fucked it hard. Again, he was quick. Turned on by the idea of sharing me with his friend. I felt a few ropes of hot cum fill my bowls before he withdrew his cock, rolled back over and went back to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, Michael was gone. I found him sitting alone in the kitchen. He was just about to leave for work as I grabbed a coffee from the pot and sat down opposite him.

“I can’t wait till tonight. John’s going to love fucking you. I told him what a cheap little slut you are. He’s gagging to fill all your holes with his spunk.”

“As long as I get some rest today, he can do anything he wants to me.”

“Ok,” he replied with a big smile and left for work.

I spent the day in front of the telly, playing with my clit in anticipation of the evenings activities. I rang Katie at work to find out if she wanted to join Michael and John and have a fourway, but she said she already had plans.

When Michael arrived back after work, John walked into the apartment behind him. He wasn’t as good looking ad Michael, but they were about he same age. Both in the fifties. John had a big beers gut and was balding quite a lot.

“John; this is Lucy. The girl I’ve been telling you about.”

“Hi,” I said and walked over too them.

John just stred at me. His mouth open, his eyes scanning my body before fixing on my tits concealed by my pink skin top T-shirt.

“He still thinks I’m joking,” Michael said. “He looked at me and said “why don’t you show John that this isn’t a joke.”

I dropped to my knees and started to pull at his belt. In less than a few seconds I’d reached into his pants with my hand and pulled his hard throbbing cock out. I spat on the tip and rubbed my saliva into his bell end with my hand. Then I clamped my mouth around his shaft and pumped his cock hard with my hand.

I sucked his cock harder and faster as he moaned and cried out.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” he moaned. “ahhhhh, suck my cock.”

He grabbed my head and thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. His massive bell end pounding the back of my throat with each thrust. I ckocked loudly as he used my mouth as a fuck hole.

“That’s it,” Michael said. “Use her fucking mouth.”

John pulled his cock from my mouth and pushed me back onto the floor. He started pushing my denim mini-skirt up around my waist as his dropped between my legs. "I have to fuck her cunt,” he moaned and started to yank at my knickers, ripping them off.

“That’s it. Make her your whore,” Michael shouted.

John thrust his hard cock straight into my wet cunt and pounded in and out of me with force. When I cried out, he put a hand over my mouth and thrust harder. I looked up at Michael, his cock was in his hand and his trousers were around his ankles.

With one final thrust, John emptied the biggest load of spunk into my cunt I’d ever felt.

“That’s it, cum in her cunt,” Michael said.

When John finally got off of me, Michael ordered me to get on my knees again. I thought he wanted me to suck his cock, but he yanked at my t-shirt, pulling it off and then freed my tits from my bra. John grabbed my tits and squeezed them together as Michael fucked them, rubbing his massive cock in my cleavage.

“Turn around and suck his dick clean”, Micheal said.

I turned and took John’ cock in my mouth. I was on my hand and knees wondering where Mike would stick his cock. His hands were exploring the flesh of my arse and then I felt the tip of his bellend pushing against my pussy lips.

“Sloppy seconds here I come,” he said and thrust his cock straight inside me.

He pounded in and out of me for a few minutes and then pulled out and thrust his cock into my arse hole. Johns spunk on his cock lubricating his fist thrust. In just a few short seconds I felt rope after rope of cum flow into my arse. At the same time, John shot cum into my mouth before pulling his cock from my throat and splashing the remainder of his spunk in my face.

They helped me up and pulled my skirt off. I led them into the bedroom where they removed the rest of their cloths and climbed onto the bed next to me. They talked about what they were going to do to me as if I wasn’t there.

When they were both hard they used my like a fuck toy. Exhausted I straddled Michael, taking his cock into my cunt. John climbed up behind me, sliding his cock into my cum filled arsehole. They rock me back and forward, thrusting inside me for 5 minutes. I moaned in pleasure as an orgasm rippled through my body. The feeling of hot spunk flowing into both holes at the same time sent me over the edge and as another orgasm ripped through my body I collapsed unconscious onto Michael’s chest.

I don’t know how long I was out, but when woke up, they were either side of me, wanking there cocks in my face. They delivered their last loads of the evening into my face, mouth, ears and eyes. I slept covered in their spunk.

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I would like to be fucked like that slut.I have been fucked for 3 years now and I dicks

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Super sluty

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2014-11-03 07:36:37
Michael-Thanks for coming to Woodland, CA sevarel months ago and speaking.Here is something you did NOT mention in your book is: If the unborn child is not human or have any value, then why is there a Anesthesiologist present for the unborn child during the abortion? From my reading, Anesthesia is used on a patient to undergo a surgery or procedure to assist in blocking pain and distress. Wow! When our country is more concerned about the treatment of pets and animals than the pain and murder of a child, it is a huge tragedy. Sooner or later, History will view abortion and what we have done to our own as barbaric, cruel, and unbelievable.Presently, people have justified and masked infant killing as wanting to protect a woman's rights, freedoms and health choices. Those that look deeply into the subject will see otherwise. Thank you for what you have done and are still doing.Blessings to you and your family.

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I am a slut like u,i love big dick,i can fuck 4 men at a time


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id love to have a slut like you to use for my pleasure.whenever i feel like it.

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