A little background on the next contestant and the issues he and his wife are having in the bedroom.
Chapter Six – Repression Released

The final results vindicate Cassandra's original impression. Just as she thought, the man she first laid eyes on is the one to bid the most for her. The outcome is completely unsurprising. She aimed her assets at others in the crowd to help raise her price. The horny males eagerly raised their hands as the Hostess goaded them along. But she didn't even have to look in his direction. He was hooked when their eyes first met. What does surprise her; however, is what happens when the auction ends. He stands up to pay, but before heading to the cashier he gives the woman next to him a lingering kiss.

She makes sure her surprise doesn't show on her face and ruin the cold front she is cultivating, but the act intrigues her. From the way he was eye-humping her, she fully expected him to be a bachelor. Or at the very least, not be doing it in full view of his significant other. But that kiss held more passion than befits a mere acquaintance. She estimates the two are in their early forties and the woman is gorgeous. What could drive a man to so eagerly pay for her company when he has a beautiful woman right next to him?

Despite Frank's outward display of affection towards his wife, they have not consummated their marital bed for over a year. When they first started dating and eventually married, the stereotypical honeymoon period was in full swing. The two tumbled into bed at the drop of a hat. But that lustful time waned and their frantic lovemaking gradually became infrequent. It wasn't either of their intentional oversight, they both just lost interest. The hustle and bustle of married life, even without children, keeps them busy. Vivian found her sex drive waning. And Frank's mind wandered towards fantasies of other women.

While he loves his wife, his type of woman always did run more towards exotic women. In fact, in early high school, the few girlfriends he had were all of Eastern decent. He has no idea why Asian women make his blood pump faster, but his parents noticed the trend faster than his adolescent mind realized his personal predilection. They couldn't help but see who their only son and heir spent so much time with and they were none too happy about it. Soon after, they sat him down and laid down the law. If he didn't find himself a future wife that was enough of a WASP to fit into their conception of his future family than he would be cut off completely.

The explicit disapproval of his desires made them all the more intense for the young teenager. But he did what he thought was the hardest thing any hormonal teenager had ever been forced to do. He suppressed his raging libido for the good of his future, and his bank account. While some rebellious teenagers would have acted out by only dating girls their parents disapproved of, Frank decided to swear off women altogether. He was so terrified that his parents would find out if he strayed that he threw himself into his schoolwork rather than allow them to dictate who he could or couldn't date. His renewed academic rigor helped him become one of only a few of his peers to get a scholarship to his top college choice rather than gaining acceptance after his parents donated a new stadium or library.

Even in college, he did not have the self-confidence to shun his parents support in favor of his penis. Their control only served to raise his hackles to the point of ignoring the fairer sex. His resolve managed to last another year. In his Sophomore year Intro to Chemistry class he met Vivian. She was a vision of beauty. Her long blonde hair shimmered in the sunlight streaming through the classroom. Her laughter lit up her face, and she laughed frequently. She had a dancer's body all lean muscle and grace. The only thing keeping her from a life of ballet was the extra cup size puberty gifted her and an intellectual propensity for case law. She was quick to smile and it made her dazzling blue eyes glow with warmth. In fact, she was the perfect picture of the woman his parents wanted as a daughter-in-law, but he wasn't thinking about that. All he was thinking about was learning more about the vivacious co-ed.

Frank was not bad looking himself. His short cut brown hair suited him well. And he had the athletic body borne of good genes and the occasional intramural game of football or basketball rather than years of hard training. Vivian certainly found him handsome and was just as willing to get to know him. Although she didn't have a parental edict on who she could date, she was raised to be old fashioned. Making the first move never even entered her head. All of her rebellious streak against her upbringing was tied up in becoming a successful lawyer. She had no gumption left over to join the tail end of the sexual revolution.

When he asked her to be his lab partner, she readily agreed hoping it might turn into something more. However, unlike many college boys, he was more interested in her company than her sex organs. He thought she was beautiful and wanted to spend more time just being with her. Unfortunately, he was a little too engrossed with her one day in lab and spilled a flask of alcohol. It poured along the desk and pooled under their Bunsen burner. The two bonded over the ensuing firefight and became fast friends.He wasn't looking for a girlfriend, so he could be friends with her without the pressure to impress her. The ease he felt around her let him be his charming self. And she discovered that he was more than just a pretty face.

Their bond grew stronger over the months. A myriad of small touches and long talks over their association steadily ratcheted up the sexual tension, but they both ignored it to the best of their ability. Months progressively became years. Vivian had a few boyfriends during that time. Her old fashioned raising kept her mute on the subject of sex, even with her boyfriends, but she came to enjoy it thoroughly. She started taking birth control prescribed from a local clinic, just in case. The thought of bringing it up to her family doctor terrified her, but she understood the risks of being unprotected.

Frank, on the other hand, maintained his self-imposed celibacy throughout.Vivian had her suspicions about his inexperience, but they never talked about those kinds of things. Much less the ultimatum his parents placed on his shoulders. However, she never saw him with any other women, or men for that matter. Everything else in their life they shared, but decades of repressive rearing in sexuality are not easily discarded.

The two were so close, that they rented a house together their Senior year. Their degree programs had diverged slightly in the intervening years. Frank was prepping for entry into graduate school for his MBA. Vivian was diligently working on applications for law school. Late one night, Vivian called Frank to her room to help her revise an entrance essay. When he came to her room he had to pause at the door.

Vivian was sitting at her desk with a second chair pulled up beside her for him. She leaned forward intent on the first or possibly eighth draft of her letter lying on the cheap plastic desktop. Her tight controlled handwriting littered the page with her most likely fabulously written essay. Her head bobbed back and forth in time with her feet swinging underneath her chair. But what draws Frank's attention was her chest.

She was so distracted with trying to perfect her latest application that she forgot she was in her bedclothes when she called him in. Her nightshirt is nothing more than a loose t-shirt that hung low enough to cover the panties that were her only protection against the elements. While he could not see her lack of pants, the neckline of her shirt, aided by her bent posture, dipped low off of her body. From where he was standing he could see her breasts swinging free.

His mouth hung open for a minute before she noticed him. Moving upright, she broke his eye's connection to her bare flesh, but he still had an odd look on his face. Looking down, she realized how underdressed she was. Blushing furiously, she dashed over to her bed and threw on the bathrobe that was lying there. But not before flashing Frank a glimpse of her pert posterior wrapped in nothing but thin purple cotton.

The white robe covered all and he snapped out of his lustful thoughts. He shoved those desires down into the little box with the rest of them. Vivian told herself he couldn't have seen anything despite the blush spreading down her neck. With them both firmly in denial, they set to work. But the pheromones flitting in the air are thick enough to taste. Vivian wonders if she subconsciously let herself be caught nearly nude to force Frank's hand. Thoughts of what would have happened if she had left the robe where it was filled her mind. Her fantasies made her wet and her concentration falter. Finally, after working long into the evening on revisions, the levee burst.

He was leaning over the desk pointing out a correction when they turned to each other.Their eyes met. Their noses almost touched. He could smell the hint of cinnamon on her breath from recently spat out gum. Their lips came together and time stopped. They sat there lips barely pressed together simply breathing each other in. His hand sought hers and held it in her lap while they enjoyed the touch of lips to lips.

They parted after a few minutes. Their foreheads pressed together. Panting in unison. Their hearts beat loudly making their ears rush with the sound of their blood. But once started, they couldn't stop. They came together again and this time the gentleness gave way to utter need. The years of repressed desires burbled up out of Frank like a geyser. They fumbled out of the desk chairs and he lifted her onto the desk. Her robe fell off her shoulders leaving her sitting in just a shirt and panties.

But Frank was too busy exploring her mouth with his tongue to enjoy the view. Her naked legs wrapped around his waist. His instincts took over and he started blindly dry humping her crotch into the desk. The thin metal groaned under their combined weight. The sounds of imminent collapse worried him enough to break through his hormone saturated brain. He scooped Vivian up by her ass and they stumbled over to her bed. Their lips never separated making the journey exciting and blind.

He turned at the last moment and Vivian rode him into the mattress. She ripped his clothes free with the sound of burst buttons scattering over her bedroom floor. She yearned to feel his skin against hers. Even the brief separation needed to pull his pants free was too long. And once she felt his erection pressing into her panties she didn't want to move again. He took the initiative and ripped her panties off without lifting her body. The waistband pulled at her hips momentarily, and then she finally felt his hardness pressing directly into her wetness. After all this time, they were finally coming together. She had no idea she was the more experienced participant, but she could not wait any longer. She squirmed against Frank's rod. Her fluids coated his length with her excitement. He gasped in surprise at how amazing it felt. She was the first person other than him to touch him intimately.

She smiled at his reaction. Either she was correct in her assumption of his naiveté, or she was even better than she thought. Modesty forbade the second option. She kissed him again, hovering slightly above the bed. She crawled forward onto the bed proper. Her lips led him along with her until they were both fully on the bed. Vivian broke the kiss and reached back to grasp his penis now slick with her juices. Her hand guided the head to her labia. Without the kiss to hold her down, she rose on her knees and slid the tip between her lips. He groaned loudly as her nectar dribbled down his length. She lodged his head at her entrance and dropped her weight down. He sank fully into her warm, wet, and welcoming crevice. The bliss of his first pussy was indescribable.

Taken by an uncontrollable need, he sat up. He unintentionally pulls his rod free of her clasp, but he needs the taste of her lips again. They share a heated kiss, but the pole rubbing between her lips makes Vivian ache. She gently pushes him back to the bed. Her hands guided his up to her breasts for support.

He kneaded her globes keeping him distracted while she readjusted his tool. It plunged into her again like a knife through hot butter. His hands tensed almost painfully tight on her breasts, but he relaxed soon. She ground their pubic bones together. His rod pulsed with unmitigated pleasure. His inexperienced hips pushed up against her slight weight.

They gyrated under the influence of their hormones. But their first time is not fated to last. Vivian's crevice is infinitely warmer, tighter, and better than his hand. He cannot hold back. His seed filled her receptacle in steady bursts. Once done, he relaxed into the pillows exhausted. Vivian was still keyed up, but she could feel him slipping free already. With his hands no longer supporting her, she bent over to snuggle with him.

After a few minutes of rest, she suggested they clean up. They wandered naked over to the bathroom and hopped in the shower together.The stall was not big enough to hold a tub, but plenty large enough to fit two people comfortably. It was a simple shower stall with blue tile walls and a sliding glass door. Vivian bent over to switch on the taps. Her ass did wonderful things to his crotch when she arched her back. The pipes started up and sprayed warming water over the two. The warm water cascaded over their bodies. It wiped the sweat away with sheets of steaming liquid. The newly christened lovers shared kisses and a million small touches under the waterfall. Wherever his hands touched her a fire swirled out along her skin. Vivian was still aroused from before, but she was hesitant to start anything so soon.

Instead, she soaped up her washcloth and started wiping Frank down. She pushed him out of the spray so she could ensure full coverage of the soapy bubbles. She took special care of his genitals. His balls were polished. His pubes were shampooed. And his cock was rubbed with the cloth until it stood out straight.

Seeing his erection wiped away her reluctance. She turned him around and soaped up his back. She squeezed the washcloth letting the suds drip over him. Then she molded herself to his back. Her breasts slid against Frank and she was forced to wrap her arms around him to keep steady. She dropped the rag and filled her hand with his cock in its place.

She slowly worked the suds into his length. His hand thumped against the tiled wall and his leg started to shake. Unexpectedly, she stopped. By the time his brain caught up to her disappearance she had retrieved the fallen cloth. Vivian turned her back to him and let the rush of water flow over her hard nipples. The cloth hung by a finger over her shoulder in a clear invitation.

He took the cloth from her and returned the favor of cleaning her back. The rhythmic caress of the soft fabric and the falling water lulled Vivian into a hypnotic state. The gap between their bodies gradually shrank until his stomach pressed against her back. His soapy penis pressed between her thighs from behind. Vivian mewled appreciatively when the bulbous tip brushed her burning lips.

Frank's arms wrapped her up tight. His hands roamed across her skin enflaming her desire. She pushed back into his chest. Her thighs rolled his slippery member like a cigarette. One hand made its way down her belly to spread the petals of her sex. Frank kissed and sucked the water off of the skin of her neck while his finger wriggled into her channel. The way his fingers curled against her rubbed across her hardened clit whenever he pushed inside her.

Vivian braced her arms against the tile in front of her. The sensations threatened to drop her in a puddle onto the floor. The changed angle made it difficult for Frank to reach her with his finger, but he had a better idea. He pulled back enough to free his cock from her thighs and pressed into her from behind. His hands hold her hips steady. His cock sunk effortlessly into her cave. Frank's hips slowly rocked his prick in and out of her.

The water flowed along Vivian's back and down between the cheeks of her ass. The liquid washed away the soap and added warmth to their connection. Spurred on by the running water and Vivian's moans, Frank sped up. His hips slapped against Vivian's ass filling the small bathroom with the echoes of their lovemaking. His hands started to slip from her pelvis and he shifted his grip to her pubic bone.

Either from sheer luck or instincts shaped by years of porn viewing, his fingers landed directly on her clitoris. They moved in circles in time to his thrusts. Vivian was already nearing her breaking point. The prior build-up and extended shower foreplay turned her into a primed powder keg. And his fingers and cock lit the fuse.

She slammed her ass into Frank when she came. He has to shift his feet to steady himself, and his hard fought control falters. Her added momentum and the rippling of her birth canal milked him like a cow. With a final grunt, he released his semen into her undulating pussy.

With his balls drained once more, he collapsed forward adding a hand to her pair already on the wall. He kissed her neck gently with what little strength wasn't designated to keeping him upright. His phallus flopped out of Vivian allowing his seed to drip down the drain with the water. Vivian fumbled the taps off with loose fingers. The weary lovers emerged into the steamy bathroom and toweled each other dry. They shared a smile knowing that everything was going to be different now.

Chapter Seven – Frank's Foibles

Vivian and Frank's whirlwind romance led to a wedding in the Hamptons soon after graduation. However, as the decades passed, his old desires came back even stronger. The older he got, the more he wanted to relive his teenage glory days. In particular he yearned to date younger Asian women again. But now it wasn't his parents staying his wandering. He truly does love Vivian and he couldn't bear to leave her. His cock just did not want to enter her any more.

After years of intermittent relations and desires unfulfilled; he turned to escorts to satiate his sexual needs.It seemed like the perfect solution to him. He has a great emotional relationship with his wife. He doesn't want a girlfriend on the side. He just needed someone to burn off a few extra calories with and help him feel young again. And it was ridiculously easy to cater to his preferences. Finding Asian companions was as easy as picking up the phone. The ease in satisfying his decades of yearning was the icing on the sex cake. He also liked how straightforward the whole process was. No games to play or coy seductions to plan. They both know what they are for from the word go. And if she was the take charge kind of gal willing to teach him a thing or two for a few extra twenties, all the better.

The arrangement worked perfectly up until Vivian found out. He thought that would end their marriage then and there. But she had her own secrets. She noticed the change in their sex life. It was impossible not to. But her sex drive had diminished over time. She enjoyed the intimacy they shared, but getting herself worked up towards actually pouncing on him never happened. She started to wonder if he was going through the same slump or if he was getting a little something on the side. She got a little suspicious when he suddenly started going to the gym more frequently and at odd hours of the night.

They may not have had children, but she watched the news. She picked up a GPS watch they sell to keep track of your children and hid it in his car. The next time he left for the gym, she waited twenty minutes and followed after the signal. It led her to a motel on the far side of town. She assumed he was in one of the rooms, but she could not be sure which one. It wasn't an overly large motel and all of the rooms had outside entrances and large picture windows, so she decided to peek in a few rather than go home immediately.

When she found his window and took a peek inside, she saw him grabbing some other woman by the waist and slamming her so hard the bed was bumping against the wall. She had mentally prepared herself for him cheating on her, especially after finding him at a run-down motel. But where she expected to be filled with righteous anger, lust burned through her. Blood rushed to her face. Her skin flushed. Her eyes locked onto the sight of two nude bodies working in unison. Seeing her husband plowing some young thing made her unbelievably horny. She could only watch the lurid tableau for a few minutes before she couldn't stand it anymore. She dashed back to her car and fingered herself to orgasm right there in the parking lot. The whole time she envisioned her husband in her mind's eye sticking it to the little Asian hottie.

The next day she still could not get the thought of them out of her mind. She had not felt the ferocity he showed the other woman in a long time. And thinking about it brought back sense memories of Frank taking Vivian from behind in much the same way. She was still turned on that morning, but couldn't bring herself to talk with Frank about what she was feeling. Now that she saw him with someone else, she worried he would not be interested in her at all. And she did not know where to even start such a conversation. They never talked about their sex life or lack thereof. The lack sat there like the elephant in the room. She was content with that arrangement before; however, when her desires grew to the size of that proverbial elephant she needed release.

That day, she took a long lunch break and did something she had never attempted before. She went to a sex shop. Her fingers did the trick the night before, but she was hungry for something larger between her legs. Not knowing what she would like, she hurriedly bought an assortment of dildos and vibrators before her heated blush could give her away as a virgin shopper. She stashed her new purchases in the trunk and drove back to work. Her body sang with the need to try them out and discover which ones she liked best.

She did not have long to wait. The night after she made her purchases, Frank left with a quick kiss and his gym bag in hand. She waited until he was down the street a bit and followed after his trailing brake lights. He led her back to the same motel. The second time, she was close enough behind him to observe him entering a different room. She sat in her car working up the courage to approach the motel room again. Her hands gripped the wheel so hard her knuckles whitened. She was absolutely terrified that someone would notice her peeping and she had no idea what she would do if that happened. But in the end, the vision of Frank plowing a complete stranger again and again like a feral beast took precedence over her hesitation. She crept up to the picture window and peeked around the mostly shut curtains. Frank was already nude and standing at the foot of the bed. Vivian didn't know that he was paying for the privilege so the sight of a different woman surprised her.

The new woman was standing on the bed half-way through a striptease. Her smooth skin was wrapped in shadows with only a single desk lamp to illuminate her dance. She was already down to matching purple lace bra and panties. With a deft flick of her fingers, her bra came loose and slid down her arms. She hung it from the crook of her elbows. Her arms shielded her nipples from view while leaving little else to the imagination. Her arms moved like a pair of snakes without ever exposing her hard nipples to the open air. She approached the eager man with a smile on her lips. The moment she came close enough he reached up towards her ass. She danced away to the head of the bed. She maintained her covering the whole way and shook her finger at him in a clear rebuke.

The bra slipped into her hands, finally exposing her orbs completely. She collected the undergarment in one hand and flung it at the horny man. Her bra flew out of her hands landing right on Frank's head. She giggled which carried through a slight gap in the window to Vivian's ears. Frank's dick filled with blood at the sight of a beautiful lady in nothing but a small pair of lace panties. He was already semi-hard from the show, but her nudity compelled his cock to fill with blood and lurch free of his sack. He pulled the bra off of his head and hung it around his raging boner.

She smiled appreciatively at his balancing act. She sank into the pillows beneath her butt exuding the presence of a reigning queen. He put his bare knee onto the bed without losing the hanging bra. But she shook a finger back and forth once more in a clear indication that he was not to move yet. He conceded to her wishes and withdrew his leg to stand firmly on solid ground. He remained motionless at the foot of the bed, waiting. His penis on the other hand seemed incapable of staying still. It twitched in mid-air desperate to plunge into the tasty morsel in front of it. Vivian could almost hear it begging Frank for release.

The woman rewarded his prompt submission to her will with the finale to her strip. Her long legs arched up over her head raising her pert butt off the bed sheets. The delicate fabric wrapped her skin tightly. It molded to her bottom like a lifecast. But not for long. She pulled the small scrap of clothing off of her ass and up over her legs. The legs then fell down to the bed revealing her shaved pussy to both husband and wife. Her legs spread wide enough for Vivian to see everything from her small gap in the curtains. Her heart started thumping like a hammer and her eyes flicked from man to woman wondering what was going to happen next. Frank stayed motionless, but the Queen in her throne of pillows took to action.

She extended her neck and clutched it with one hand. The movement exaggerated its length making her look almost swan-like for the briefest of moments. Her hand wandered slowly down her body. It paused briefly to cup and caresses her breasts. The fingers splayed out and rubbed her areoles. But the hesitation was brief and it continued its winding path down over the flat expanse of her belly. After an arduous journey, her middle finger nestled between the unprotected lips of her vagina. It sank inside as if pulled by quicksand and her butt jumped as if surprised at the touch. Or maybe she had a joy buzzer hidden on her finger.

Her fingers played with her labia. They spread the lips apart revealing her inner folds and the finger disappearing inside. They flitted across her entrance encouraging her arousal to grow. Her other hand rose back to her small breasts and tweaked her nipples. She worked her slender digit in and out of her hole for several minutes. Her closed eyes and the smile on her lips spoke of incalculable pleasure. Occasionally, her finger flicked out from her crevice as if to fling her juices down the length of the bed towards Frank. The playful hands obscured Vivian's vision from seeing what was happening in the escort's depths, but she saw Frank's eyes grew wider and his tongue snaked out to lick his lips.

Every time her finger pulled out of her pussy and snapped straight, Frank watched the hole generated by her penetration snap closed like a bear trap. Her vaginal walls were so tight that if she hesitated at all he would miss the show. The sight forced him to imagine her tight walls coiled around his member and sucking him dry. However, the show must go on. A shiver of anticipation was all he allowed himself to telegraph his desire.

Eventually, she stopped penetrating herself with a slender finger. Her digits closed together into a solid grouping and worked small circles into her hardened clitoris. She moaned softly and humped her hips into her moving hand. The moans grew louder as her hands sped up. Her hips started moving in time with her hand. They moved in opposition to the direction of her hand increasing both the sensation and the exposure of her pink crevice with every cycle. She also made sure to spend several long moments pulling her mound open with both her fingers and the movement of her thighs. These instances let her catch her breath and ensured Frank had the best view in the house.

After a few more gut-wrenching minutes, her slick hand moved up her belly. It left a trail of her nectar along her skin as it went. It briefly joined the other in massaging her boobs before continuing up to her dark lips. She ran her tongue along her finger before slowly sucking it into her mouth. She quickly replaced the vaginal fluids on her middle digit with saliva before returning it to her hole. This time she pressed the tip of her finger against her entrance and kept it there arching over her sex like a spider.

With excruciating sluggishness, it disappeared inside her pussy again. She let out a low moan as she penetrated herself. Her rumbling moan grew louder and higher as more of her finger vanished inside her magical opening. By the time her hand was flush against her skin she was moaning so loud Vivian was afraid someone would come to investigate.

Her hips worked hard against the buried finger. Her voice started to waver as she worked herself up. And her finger started pumping in time to her ass bouncing on the bed. Her juices flowed over her hand completing the cycle of nectar and saliva as her lubricant of choice. She added another finger with a short gasp using the dual penetrators to spread herself wider for Frank. She plumbed the depths of her cave until the steady slap of her palm against her crotch grew louder than her ecstatic murmurings.

The sounds trailed off as her fingers left their home. But her throat revved up like a stock car when her slick fingers returned to her clit. She started working her clitoris with slow circles of her soaked fingers. Vivian was enamored with watching the beautiful maiden moan and writhe on the bed. Her fingers mimicked the motions though only on her thigh rather than her dripping snatch. She fought her natural inclination to pleasure herself on their balcony for fear of getting caught with her hand in the nookie jar.

The prostitute gradually increased the pace of her swirling fingers. Every circle pushed at her lips exposing her sex to the married couple. Her leg dropped lower and with her hands in motion, Vivian could grasp the full picture. The woman's sex opened to her gaze like a flower in spring. Nectar dripped from the petal-like lips. It clung to her fingers and they flung it along her thighs. With every increase in pace, her fevered mutterings ratcheted up both in decibel and octave. Soon her whole body was shaking and her hand became a blur of movement. A river of juice flowed down the crack of her ass and she slammed her fingers inside once more before all movement ceased. Well, all conscious movement. Her body still shivered uncontrollably for a minute. And Vivian's knees shook. She never saw someone take such pleasure in their own body before. She longed to touch herself in that way.

Frank remained exactly where he was, though Vivian could see his right hand twitch. He was just as desperate as her to masturbate, but they held back for very different reasons. The slide of a drawer pulled Vivian's attention back to the woman, but all she saw was her bare ass wiggling in the air. She pulled something out of the far bedside table that Vivian couldn't see well enough to identify. She put whatever it was between her teeth and slowly crawled towards Frank. She arrived at the foot of the bed and Frank's bra stand was within licking distance. Vivian finally identified the mystery object as a condom wrapper. She spared a thought of thanks that they were being safe before locking back onto the show.

The mystery woman flung the bra aside exposing Frank's full length. It jumped a bit in anticipation of coming fun. She ripped open the package and quickly applied it to the jerking penis. Vivian tore her gaze away from the pair and glanced around quickly. She did not want to look away, but her fear of getting caught peeping on her own husband was far greater than the fear of missing anything steamy. Reassured no one was around to see her, she looked back into the room.

The woman was standing on the edge of the bed looking down at her husband. His rod looked odd wrapped in the purple condom. It arched up toward the young girl as if trying to grow long enough to impale her from the ground. She glanced down at it with palpable hunger and jumped into Frank's arms.

He caught her ass handily and supported her against his chest. After a bit of one-handed fumbling, he guided his cock to her entrance. His hand drifted back to her waist and helped her slide down his pole. Her squeals of delight traveled easily and made Vivian wetter. Frank gripped the flesh of her ass and lifted her free. He combined arm strength and rapid hip thrusts to bounce the young girl off of his cock for several minutes. Vivian had to fight her own hand's inclination to slip under her dress. Being caught peeping is one thing. If anyone caught her masturbating as well she would die.

After risking another quick glance around, Vivian returned to the action just in time to see the pair crash onto the bed. The woman's ankles locked behind his back holding their chests together. He slammed into her making the bed bounce under her body. Vivian could almost hear the wet squelch of his latex-wrapped shlong filling her cavity. In a daze, Vivian slipped her hand under her dress to rub between the moist folds of her vagina. The sight preoccupied her brain to such an extent that she could no longer entertain the thought of being caught.

Her lips parted before her questing fingers. The abundant lubricant made the journey easy for the fingers. She had to fight back the urge to moan lest it carry through the crack to the writhing lovers. The stranger unhooked her legs giving him a bit more room to build up speed. He grabbed her ankles and helped lift them up over her head. The legs blocked his view of her beauty, but provided a great platform to lean against. With his weight held by her body, Frank could focus his energy on slamming her with his meat.

Before long, his legs started to shake with the effort of holding him upright and active. Vivian started to feel weak in the knees too, but for an entirely different reason. His strokes slowed and he paused to catch his breath. The woman pulled herself free and twisted her body away. Vivian thought she might be done with him, but was quickly dissuaded from that line of thought. She laid herself face down on the bed. Her neck twisted around to look in his eyes and she smacked her ass in an open invitation.

Frank crawled up after her without hesitation. Her legs shut tight and she grabbed a nearby pillow to cradle her head. His fingers probed her crack hunting for her slit. She moaned enthusiastically and lifted her ass enough to give him eyes on his target. He guided his purple missile to the opening and sank in to the hilt.

For a moment he simply laid atop her body grinding his cock into her. Vivian similarly ground her fingers into a different orifice. Once he caught his breath he resumed his hard thrusts. She stroked his leg with her toes, but maintained the position of her thighs. The closeness of her legs kept her pussy tight around his invading member. Her tight box massaged his cock and he started humping faster. His balls tightened and his finale approached.

With a load groan he unleashed his seed into the protective latex barrier. He collapsed onto the woman's back breathing hard. But Vivian was already gone. Half-way through his final position she couldn't take the fire any longer. She dashed back to her car, her fingers dripping nectar as she ran. She hastily clicked off the lock as she approached her car. Thinking fast, Vivian shimmied out of her panties and hopped into the passenger seat. She reclaimed her fallen underwear before shutting the door behind her. Always thinking ahead, she had moved all of her recent purchases into the glove compartment for the night's events. She threw her panties in with them and searched for something long and hard.

She groped in the darkness for anything dick shaped to ram into her crevice. Luckily her spare flashlight wasn't the first thing she found. Instead, she managed to get a grip on a rabbit, which makes sense since it was the largest of her small collection. She only waited long enough to ensure she had the base in hand before shoving the full length into her pussy. She held it inside enjoying the feeling of something other than her fingers for the first time in months. Little surges of pleasure pulsed through her from both vagina and ass.

It took her several moments of enjoying the sensations before she realized that not all of the vibrations betwixt her nethers were her body's doing. While she did manage to plunge the cock head between her lips, she had inserted the rabbit upside down and her pinkie had activated the lowest setting. The secondary vibrator nestled firmly between her cheeks and sent shivers up her spine. And the main head pulsed within her in time to her rising orgasm.

She started sliding the toy back and forth encouraging the growth of her lust, but the combination of her long dress and the confining passenger seat made the movement awkward. Throwing caution to the wind, she kicked off her shoes before carefully rearranging herself until her legs arched over the dashboard. The undertaking did fantastic things to the phallus and once she had enough room to spread her legs she was impatient to pleasure herself. If anyone wandered by they could have seen her legs on the dashboard although her activity would be shrouded by her dress. But it was a risk she was willing to take. She knew she would never make it home without exploding with need.

Her hand worked the toy expertly for a beginner. She moved it in and out all the while thinking about watching her husband take that younger woman like an animal. Her fingers occasionally hit the various settings on the underside of the rabbit. The speed and intensity would vary with almost every thrust, but she couldn't bring herself to stop long enough to explore the controls. She was so focused on the pleasant humming in her ass crack that she didn't even consider where that shaking bunny would be should she turn it the other way.

Eventually, the frequent changes exasperated her though. Each one felt exciting, but the changes were distracting her from her fantasy. On the subsequent pull out, she turned the vibe around in the hopes that her thumb would be less prone to changing the tune every other second. Luckily, she was right. Furthermore, her thin fingers made one more change before the controls left their vicinity. They triggered maximum power.

The head spun like a top, grinding against her walls as it pushed its way up. She slowed her progress dramatically to enjoy every nuance of the whirring dildo. When the texture changed she gasped and slipped an extra inch in out of pure hunger. And when it hit bottom, the two silicone ears snuggled up to her love button on each side and shocked her with their high-speed vibrations. Her fantasies bore fruit and her orgasm broke the surface.

Her body shook as fast as the battery operated animal between her legs. Then her head suddenly slammed against the headrest and her body went rigid. Her feet pressed hard against the windshield leaving imprints where warm flesh met cold glass. Her mouth froze open in an eternal silent scream. Her arms locked in place keeping the toy trapped inside her and making her orgasm all the sweeter. The only part of her that could move was her toes. They slowly curled up squeaking their way across the clean surface above them.

Gradually her pleasure subsided and she let the vibrator slip from her fingers. The rabbit spun tirelessly and slowly worked its way free of her slit. It landed wet and whirring on the floor mat below. Without the constant stimulation, Vivian sank bonelessly into the leather seat and stared out at the empty parking lot through half-lidded eyes. But what she saw made her sit bolt upright as adrenaline surged through her. Frank was leaving the motel room and with a quick peck on his most recent lover's cheek, he headed off towards his nearby car.

Panic gripped Vivian. She just knew he would see her playing with herself in the parking lot and it made her feel both guilty and embarrassed. But he didn't spare the open area a second glance before hopping into his auto and burning rubber. Vivian relaxed, but in spite of her fears of being caught she was already thinking ahead to the next time.

Chapter Eight – Breaking and Entering

On the way home, she considered dropping by the grocery store to pick up a few odds and ends. The items would explain her absence should Frank beat her home. With her mind mulling over shopping, inspiration hit. She saw several models of strap-on vibrators on her last excursion to the adult shop. With one of those, she wouldn't need to refrain from masturbating outside their window. The more she thought about it the better the idea seemed. She even remembered seeing a few models with wireless remotes. She could wear one of those under her clothing and have the best of both worlds.

She didn't want to miss a single opportunity if Frank went to the gym the next night so she changed direction and headed back to the toy store. With another bag of goodies, she returned to her car with a bounce to her step. It wasn't until she opened the passenger door to deposit her purchases that she noticed the rabbit still stirring on the floor. She picked up the shaking dong and clicked it off. With a smile, she tossed it into the bag with the others and made her way to the grocery to make her cover purchases.

The following months Vivian felt more sexually alive than she had in a long time. Frank left her home alone often to go to the gym. And she always followed shortly after. She introduced herself to a wide array of toys of all types. But her first introduction to self-pleasure left a mark on her desires. The rabbit was always her favorite toy. Unfortunately, her spying did not always go as planned. She never did get caught in spite of her fears. A large part of the reason Frank chose that motel was the isolation and discretion. What did foil her was simple mechanics.

The curtains were not always open enough or in the right position for the budding voyeur. She frequently did not have the option to see her husband take his woman of the evening and it left her frustrated. She still worked herself to orgasm on her memories, but seeing it live was always more exciting. If she was lucky in these instances, the window might be open enough for her to listen, but it still wasn't the same as seeing.

Frank had his excursions often enough that it usually wasn't too long before she could succeed in her peeping. But when the season changed and the darkness grew a cold bite, success became less and less frequent. The curtains were rarely open enough to satisfy her. And the windows were never opened. Even when the curtains were cracked, the viewing was always a silent performance. After a solid two weeks without seeing so much as a pubic hair, she snapped.

She crept up to the window as usual, but not a single photon of light escaped the den of promiscuity. She whirled on her heels and stomped straight at the closed door. If she had stopped to think she might have worried about it being locked or thought beyond the following minute if it wasn't. Instead, she grabbed the handle and pushed her way in. The door was one of the older motel types that took a regular key as opposed to a keycard. Frank was so eager for that night to begin, he had forgotten to throw the bolt when he entered. Vivian walked across the threshold and was half-way across the room before anyone, even Vivian herself, realized what was happening. She stalked forward in a daze, her frustration washed away with the sight of Frank thrusting into his Lady of the Evening.

He had his back to the door and the room at large. Underneath his body, the escort was the first to notice. She let out a little yelp before ducking her head behind Frank's body. She wasn't sure what was going to happen in the next few minutes, but hooking to pay for medical school would not work out if an angry wife or girlfriend knocks her over the head with a lamp. It's hard to be a neurosurgeon with your brains leaking out of your ears. He was on top of her happily humping away, but her reaction made him stop mid-thrust.

He turned slowly not positive about what was behind him. What he saw was even worse than he thought. He glimpsed Vivian over his shoulder and immediately pulled out. He scrambled off the bed and away from the pro who thoughtfully moved towards the head of the bed keeping her distance. Vivian had frozen herself, unsure what her next move would be. Her eyes glanced down at her husband's rock-hard cock. It was wrapped in a lime-green condom this time and it still dripped fresh drops of vaginal fluid and lubricant onto the carpet. The sight made her pussy growl with need and she made up her mind before he spoke.

"Vivian, honey. I can explain. I'm so sorry. I'll never do it again."

She cut off his pleading with a quiet, "Shhh."

He gulped and kept his trap shut. They have never really fought in all their years of marriage and he was worried that she might have been in that quiet super pissed mood that he sometimes saw her level at others. Nothing could be further from the truth. She saw the opportunity her brazen entrance had given her and she was going to take it in hand. Among other things.

"I didn't mean to interrupt," she said truthfully. But she found her tongue sticking in her throat. The overwhelming draw towards watching them continue pulls her like a black hole of lust, but she was incapable of verbalizing her desires. Instead she walked over to a nearby chair and sat down.

Frank was stunned. He didn't know what to think. And he thought it might be some kind of trap. In all the years he knew her, Vivian was not the type of woman to play games like that, but he also did not envision her watching him have sex with another woman. Lucy, on the other hand, saw the look in Vivian's eyes. The older woman's body language spoke volumes to anyone attuned to the dialect. She recognized the unbridled lust in the older woman.Frank's confusion muddled his mind enough that he completely missed it. Lucy had a few clients that got off on watching or being watched and she recognized what Vivian needed without the spoken words.

Vivian unzipped her jeans which become unfortunately necessary as winter spread across Alaska. She pulled them off of her ass to freedom. The friction between the chair and her weight dragged her panties along with them. Lucy wrapped her arms around Frank from behind. She was eager to move Frank into the right mindset again. She kissed his neck, leaving light marks of suction behind. She knew what Vivian wanted and she was happy to oblige. She merely needed Frank to get the picture, fast. Vivian dropped her clothes into a pile before the chair's legs. Her tight ass was bare but for two straps wrapped around her thighs and a third larger strap circling her waist.

Her legs rose to lie over the arms naturally opening her crotch to Frank. Frank was surprised to see a large purple butterfly over his wife's crotch. Suddenly his vision shoots up and he's staring at the ceiling. Lucy was getting impatient, so with a hard tug she managed to knock his knees into the bed and pull him down. She crawled over his torso. Her pointy nipples dragged against his flesh until her fragrant snatch hovered above his mouth.

She brought herself down to kiss him with her crotch before lifting out of his reach. A few drops of nectar decorated his lips. Her fluids saturated his senses and he ached for more. He chased her down with lips and tongue, but she managed to stay out of his range. Her intoxicating aroma distracted him from his nearby wife and he only had a mind for tasting her again. She skipped back on her knees forcing him to inch further up the bed to chase his meal.

Meanwhile, Vivian was in full internal debate mode. The dance of her husband and the woman leading him by the nose was sparking her interest. She was not sure how she wanted to proceed now that she was inside the room with them, but she longed for her rabbit sitting cold and neglected in her car. Her strap-on vibe wasn't even on, but it prevented her from doing anything other than enjoy its mechanical delights. The butterfly was mostly used to take the edge off. The pleasant buzz helped her fight the temptation to run back to the car prematurely to orgasm. She liked using her hands for the main event, and now that she was inside the room she wanted something with a little more tactile interaction.

Inspiration struck and she unclipped the butterfly from its harness. She slowly pulled the short dildo attached to the insect's abdomen out of her wetness. It glistened with her arousal and watching her husband squirm on the bed as he tried to satiate his hunger she grew curious. One taste of that young woman was enough to distract Frank from the fact his wife was staring. Could she be as intoxicating?

She brought the tip to her mouth and gave it a little lick. She couldn't taste much with barely a little lick. In the spirit of exploration, she slid the toy between her lips and along her tongue. It had been a long time since she had anything suitably phallic inside her mouth and the novelty briefly took precedence over the curiosity of her taste. As the flavor spread over her tongue she decided that while not wholly unpleasant, the tangy taste was not as awe inspiring to her as it apparently was to Frank.

She caught Lucy's eye and received an encouraging smile in return. The woman watched her suck gently on the rubber dick like a pacifier as she worked out her internal review on the taste of herself. Somehow she did not feel self-conscious with the young woman watching her. She knew that if it was Frank observing her tasting herself she might not have been as open to keep sucking. Lucy's distraction cost her though. She could not maintain her lead forever. Frank caught her and drove his tongue between her lips. She squealed in surprise and fell forward to the bed. He pressed his advantage, grabbing her ass and driving his face into her crevice.

Vivian needed relief. Watching her husband eat out another woman made her flush with heat. She pulled the toy free of her mouth and placed it back at the mouth of her temple. This time; however, she turned it upside down. It slid in lower than it was before and she deftly reconnected the straps and tightened the insect into place. Unfortunately it still was not on. She briefly debated the merits of moving and decided the vibrations were necessary. She dug the remote out of her pants pocket and returned to her spread open position. With a click of the controls, it started humming away.

Vivian granted the appliance a shiver in response to its aptitude. But with the toy reversed, the vibrations would no longer reach her clitoris directly. The thick antennae shook between her cheeks sending pleasant shivers through her in addition to the shockwaves generated by the inserted vibe. With the change in direction, she can not only prolong the rising orgasm, but also include her hands in the process. The bottom of the butterfly, now the top, left enough of a gap for her fingers to manipulate her clitoris at the same time.

Lucy kept her eyes locked on Vivian. She watched the older woman stretch out and eased her fingers into the moist gap between toy and flesh. When she started moving her fingers in slow circles along with the gentle humming, Lucy relaxed a bit more. She'd heard horror stories from some of her fellow ladies about wives interrupting mid-coitus and the shit-storm that followed. In an unregulated industry where the police are more likely to arrest than help, paranoia pays dividends. But her initial instincts appeared to pan out as the wife happily stroked herself and watched her husband lick Lucy.

She decided she needed to get the show on the road, and no longer feared what would happen if she turned her back on the sexy stranger. She broke free of Frank's loose grasp and turned around to face her client.

"Tsk, tsk," she admonished. "I didn't say you could eat yet. But if you're that hungry I'll feed you."

She crawled forward over his arms. Her shins pressed down on the prone biceps restricting his movement and placing her ass on top of his pectorals. She put a finger to his forehead adjusting her balance so that she has enough weight on him to hold him down without causing pain. She watched his face carefully for any wincing while she evened out her stance. He could have toppled her with a bit of effort, but there was inclination whatsoever to stop what was coming. It was a part of the dance they shared fairly frequently.

Her hand dug into his hair and gripped his skull. Silently, she pulled his neck up until his mouth mashed against her pussy. Lucy is a big fan of positivity. She utilized both positive reinforcement and positive punishment. Over the months, she rewarded good technique by massaging his scalp and corrected improper tonging with a gentle slap. Most guys catch on that they she will not let them go until she is done, but sometimes she has to fake it so the less apt pupils do not suffocate. Frank was one of the quick learners. He only required a few slaps before his skills grew to the point that she no longer needed to fake anything. She only exaggerated her reactions to stroke his ego in the same way his tongue strokes her clit.

Vivian, unfortunately, could not see her husband's skills from her vantage point. But she can clearly hear the effect they are having on Lucy. The waving of Frank's green penis while he enjoys his treat mesmerized her. And the jiggle of Lucy's ass whenever he licked her in just the right spot made butterflies flutter in her stomach. She flicked the dial up a notch and increased the pace of her rubbing to match.

Frank went to his task with gusto. He slavered over her tight lips lapping up every drop. He did not even notice his lungs burning with his face buried into Lucy. She wrested his head from her charms every once in a while to allow a hasty breath before forcing him back to the buffet. It was not long before she gave him his reward. Her orgasm washed his face with a burst of vaginal fluid. He drank deeply of her offering. He drove his tongue into her contracting tunnel searching out more of her delicacy.

Before the sensations were done ripping through her, Lucy released his head to flop against the pillows. Her orgasms typically left her energized. She often felt voracious for more. More stimulation, more penetration, more everything. That time was no different. Frank was happily licking the excess from his lips and barely noticed her weight disappear from his biceps. However, it was impossible not to perceive her convulsing snatch clamp down on his upright tool.

He instinctively reached out to her and blindly groped her flesh. Pulling his head up, he saw her ass moving against his abdomen. Her long black hair swayed back and forth with her head as it moved with her body. The grinding was more out of habit than volition as her orgasm ended. She was more concerned with watching Vivian. The other woman had already set her vibrator to its maximum and was shaking like a leaf in the cheap motel seat.

Lucy was struck by an odd idea. She could see that Vivian was close to coming and she wanted the couple to come at the same time. She grabbed Frank's ankles for leverage and started pumping him, bouncing on his shaft. The sight of Lucy's ass devouring his rod again and again was almost too much for Frank. Her wet box milked his organ making his control falter.

In an effort to keep it up, he averted his eyes. That turned out to be a mistake. His eyes fell on his wife the instant her orgasm took her. Watching his wife freeze solid in orgasmic bliss for the first time in a long time was the straw that broke his balls. He unleashed his seed into the prophylactic. He thrust himself harder into Lucy's flying body. She rode him like a bucking bronco chasing the vestiges of her orgasm fueled lust.

When he finally collapsed, Lucy sank forward between his legs. In order to preserve the illusion for him, she had to act as worn out as he was. She couldn't help it if getting off made her more hyper and horny. As she laid there between her John's legs, warm breath coiled around her ear surprising her.

Vivian came harder than she ever did in the car. She had no idea what the future held, but she knew she was grateful for what happened that night. And she also knew who was responsible for encouraging Frank to continue when he was too flabbergasted to function. She hauled herself out of the chair with the toy still buzzing away. She debated about turning it off, but she was unwilling to let go of that feeling. So she pulled her panties and jeans back on over the oscillating silicone. She walked with a bit of a hitch in her step from the occasional aftershocks and the moving vibrator

She bent over Lucy on the bed and whispered, "Thank you!" before leaving. She shut the door softly behind her and drove home. She had to be extra careful, because she refused to turn off the buzzing butterfly until her car was in the garage. She carefully unhooked it and extracted it from her pants before tossing it back into the glove compartment.

That night neither of them spoke about what happened. For all intents and purposes, in that household nothing had happened. But, the next time he left for the "gym," he left the motel door slightly ajar after entering. And that time Vivian remembered to bring her rabbit with her when she entered.

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