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Me And My Aunty
hello, my name is john and i was 15 years old when this happened...

I was laying down on bed when my phone rang and so i got up and i picked it up. It was my cousin Lenn saying that if i wanted to spend the night at his house, so i picked up my stuff and left. When i got there he said he was going to a camp in the morning. So i took a shower (the bathroom had 2 doors and u could only lock 1 of them the other one was the one my uncle and aunt used because their room was right next to it). So we played the playstation 2 and we watched movies later ngiht he said he needed my help on packing his stuff for camp.

So we went to sleep and we were saying who was hot from school. Somehow, i fell asleep and didnt even remembered how we stopped the conversation. So i woke up and he was alsready gone. Aunt had breakfast but i said i didnt wanted any and uncle Rob was about to go to work and he had a tough job because he also worked overnight 'til 3 am, he was pretty easy going and he didnt get mad that he was cool, unfortunatelly,he cheated on aunty sometimes... i left home on my bike. My parents were gone for 3days so i remembered the reason why i had to stay at Aunt's. So i went back and she said "why did you come back?" and i replied "because i remembered that i had to stay with ya because my parents are gone". She offered me to watch tv and when night came i took a shower, she hada big picture of her in the restroom somehow, i never really paid attention to it, so i looked at it and i suddenly realized she looked beautiful. my cock got a boner right away and i really didnt know so i took my shower and went to bed.

My aunts room still had her light on so i got up and her door knob had broken before so my uncle had to get it fixed someday, meanwhile, we were still alone and i peaked to see what she was doing because i liked her now. She was reading a book, but after 5 or 6 minutes later she finished reading and went to put on her sleeping clothes, this is the good part, she took off her shirt and you could see her bra and she took off her pants and put em away, i guess i was wrong about her putting on some sleeping clothes! Her Titties looked pretty fine and she was probably 40 yrs old. She didnt have a pretty nice body but not bad and somehow it attracted me! This was actually the first time ive seen someone naked in front of me! I got a boner again and i went back to bed and started wacking off. She yelled from her room to see if i wanted some blankets and i said yes. i went and get em (but she never said to go and get them at her room) so i entered the room and she was still nude and she yelled "no no no... theyre over there at the garage". she saw me looking at her nude body for about 2 seconds, (literally) and she laughed with embarassment. So later on she called me to her room and told me not to tell anyone of what i just saw, i was embarassed ,too, and she was going to kiss me good night but my head moved a little causing her to kiss my upper cock then got big again and she knew it.

She didnt say anything and she smiled embarassedly. So she said she was sorry and tried to kiss me again in my cheek but then at the same time we stopped and changed our minds about kissing each other in the cheek (at the same time) and we were making out! She said to take off my pants because it was only fair that i got to see her and she didnt! so i took them off and she took my shirt off! She then took off her bra and her thong was still on her and she found my cock confortable for her to sit on! she was screaming "AH AH AH ... " and she got up and started to putting her ass in my face so she can suck my cock while i was getting me sum ass... i was afraid of someone knocking on the door or something... she then got up , i thought she was ready to quit but she went and grabbed some handcuffs and she tied herself to the bed and asked me to finish her on the back really fast! but i never finished her there she was having major orgasms and the neighboors could've probably heard it!

I've never had sex before so i wasnt an expert and i freaked out alot of times. She saidd it was ok because uncle Rob didnt get back until 4 more hours. So i took off her handcuffs and she leaded me to the bathroom where she turned on the hot shower and meanwhile we were kissing and i was getting my first handjob, then we were on top of the thing where you wash your hands (i dont remember what its called), she got some lotion and rubbed it all over her, all of it!, and she got soooo slippery! MAN ! HER TITS WERE SOOOO FINE I WANTED TO TITTIE FUCK HER! so we went to the shower and started to get it on there, but someone knocked on the door! shit! she ran and put on some clothes really fast, and she was still wet! she didnt even put on a bra and she opened the was a neighboor! he said to please keep it quiet cause theyre trying to sleep! we took a rest for about a min or 2 we ate something and she said it was a good idea if we had it in the kitchen table. She grabbed some yogurt and rubbed it on my cock then she sucked it. Then the table got boring so we tried somthing else... "we can go to Lenn's tree house", she said, "or we can do it on the sofa". i said either way was fine, so we went to the tree house ... without any close on... holding hands as if we were partners with each other now! She didnt turn on the lights there because then people would see us. But then i said "so what if they see us, its not like if they were going to see who we were"... "besides, youre mine now... arent you?!?!" she grabbed a rope Lenn left and tied her hands to a branch really tight and she wanted me to get her from behind again, so i did. She yelled and said she was all mine and no-one else's but mine! NOT EVEN UNCLE ROB ANYMORE! she said uncle Rob never really enjoyed sex. She also mentioned she was my slave and she said she's been bad so she asked me to wip her with a stick... so i followed her orders.... she then confessed me that she's been with other women and even Aunt Mary...another AILF (AUNT I'D LIKE TO FUCK) i wiped her even harder because she was even badder than i thought.

I tried hiding Lenn's porn magazines but she saw 'em and said she didnt care what her son watched or did. She said all she cared about was me and our relationship!
so we were tired and her ass was sored. But i made her have more of my cock (even though i was running out of cum) "i'll give you my last drop that cums out of me!" i said and she quickly followed my orders. We went down the tree house and we started to fuck on the grass... this time nobody could see us... so she was in top of me and i was ready to cum... i told her to stop and put her mouth on my cock so she can drink something and get more energy... she quickly obeyed and she drank every single drop all went down her throat!!! so now i was tired and i was ready to go to sleep we went back in and uncle Rob was on the way home, we could see his car from the backyard and we ran inside and she went to the bathroom and cleaned off the cum and she took a bath while she added because she smelled like sex!!! but then uncle Rob could've seen some evidence from the kitchen table and the bed! i went to bed and let my slave handle it! ...fourtunately, uncle Rob was tired and he went straight to bed!

Next day, the kitchen and eveything was all cleaned up and aunty was cooking breakfast, she smiled at me and gave me my breakfast. uncle Rob was rich because he worked most of the time! and he was almost ready to go. I could tell that aunt was anxtious for him to leave so she could lay hands on my cock. Uncle Rob left and Aunt turned on the tv to a porn channel. She said she enjoyed last night and wanted to fuck so bad, but her friend, Susy, was coming over for some teacher stuff... (aunt was a teacher,too) so all we could do is make out!

Susy came by and knocked on the door and we stopped kissing... i was afraid that she had seen us kissing through the window so i told aunt to try to get her into sex because she didnt have a husband but she looked alot like aunty so she attracted me too... so we planed something realy fast! She came in, aunty said that she had a nephew over and he was sleeping so she told her not to make much noise. I had my dick hanging out in bed and Susy past by and she told my aunt about me having my cock hanging out. So my aunt pretended like it was sucha problem. They both came in and sat down on the bed. Susy said "maybe you should put a pillow over it, he'll be embarassed if he wakes up like this" and "put it back in! do something!!!" so my aunty grabbed it like it was a disgusting thing to grab and she tried to put it back it, but aunty said "its too stiff, i cant get it in! maybe if it gets a little more slippery then i could put it back" so she licked it all around. (my aunt's name is Kate...ok, sorry about not telling you in the beggining of the story) .

"KATE! what are you doing?!?!" she said

"Im trying to put it back on...what do you mean...?!?!" aunty said


Aunty took my jeans off and said maybe if i get it more wet it would go back.
i was still pretending i was sleeping... and aunty was wearing a dress then she raised it up so she can sit on my cock.

"oh my god...." Susan said silently..."do you have to be doing this...?!?!"


She started going up and down and i "woke up" and said "aunty...what are you doing?"

Susan interrupted, "nothing! you go back to sleep!"

it all came up when aunty got off "the ride" and said "wanna try it Susy...? its free!"

I said, "please, susan, i've always wanted to!"

"You have...?" susan said silently...

"Yes! now please... susan... i always wanted to fuck you on your desk at school whenever i had lunch detention in your class" Susan tought about it for a second... softly she said "ok" and she took off her clothes... she had a tatoo that said "wild" on her ass so i thoght she,too, had a wild side. I could see in aunty's eyes jealousy... but it was her orders to do as i say! Susan told aunty to go and get us some water but the only thibng she wanted is to be alone with me. So she locked the door. I had to admit i was having twice as fun than with aunty so now i had 2 women i could have wheneveri wanted to.

Uncle Rob came home and aunty was yelling to open the door because Rob was on his way. We didnt believe her... so we had more fun... Aunty saved herself, but uncle Rob came in and told us to open the door... NOW I WAS FREAKED OUT HIS TIME!!! I hid susan in the closet, and i told Rob i was coming... He came in and i thought i had all evidence out of the way but Susan's bra was still in bed. So i sat on it! Uncle Rob told me to go to his car and pick up some papers he left. So i put the bra under the pillow and i was headed to the car. I opened the door and i curiously looked what he had under the car and he had 2 condoms and a pink thong! I told aunty about it too! So When i was back uncle Rob was gone. Aunty and me were all alone again! i dont know where Susan went now... so i looked at the window and saw Susan and Rob fucking hardcore behind some bushes and i thought maybe the stuff i found at the car belonged to Susan. So Susan and Rob went to the car and somehow betrayed Aunty and thye left to San Fransisco and they were never heard of again. Aunty and me had sex about 100 more times or even more until Lenn found out and the whole family was ruined! ....


-thank you...

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2013-06-06 16:52:43
Hahaha how can ur cock get a bonner?!?! Hahaha
Come on it's called spell check

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2009-12-02 01:25:22
the 2nd part was a copy of a teacheraunt sex video kay parker

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2009-11-19 16:05:13
sugar i do not want to say anything mean... but there is somethings that needs to be fixed, anyway i still offer u kudos for even putting one up here, i mean some people can be so rude... dont let the haters get to you, the fuck do they want its free if they want perfect give up a buck or two you cheap bastards!!!! hugs to the writer


2009-09-07 22:27:52
Another immatrue butherer of the Kings English You don't proof your work, and obviously have never heard of "spellcheck"

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2009-02-16 05:57:26
This is based on a 1970/80s porn film private teacher I think it was called

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