James and Sara Harris were considered by those who knew them to be model citizens. James, an insurance adjuster for a national company was a deacon in their church and taught Sunday School to the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade girls. Sara, a fifth grade teacher at the local elementary school who had gained only ten pounds in more than thirty-plus years of marriage, retaining her slender sexy figure, was also involved in church work. Sara considered herself a conservative in every respect except one—she was very liberal sexually. James had often commented how great she was in the sack. Sara rarely denied any request James made—oral or vaginal sex, or both—she had even jerked him off on numerous occasions. She serviced James regularly—two or three times a week, more often if he wanted it, so she was really surprised to find the pictures on his camera—pictures of James and several of his Sunday school students, two as young as twelve. One of the primary reasons she visited Samantha and Sam was to seek her daughter’s counsel. She knew that Samantha controlled everything Sam did. She needed that kind of control over her wayward husband.

Chapter 1

“James, will you turn the TV off? I need to speak with you.”

“I wanna watch the game. Just say what you want and be done with it.” I took the remote and turned it off. James was not pleased.

“This is more important than your stupid game, besides I think you’ll find it much more interesting. I have some photos I want to show you.”

“And I’m supposed to be interested in this?”

“I’m sure you’ll be—I was. I was looking for the pictures from our weekend at the shore. I found them and a lot more on your camera. For example, there was this one of you and Jessica Maynard.” I put the 5x7 print on the table in front of James—she’s 13 and in your Sunday School Class, isn’t she? And, then there’s this one with you and Mary Beth. I forget her last name, but she’s 14. And here’s one of you and…well, the names don’t matter…these are all girls in your class. I believe two of them are 12 and they’re all having sex with you.” I put a total of five photos on the table, all showing my husband of more than thirty years getting blowjobs from underage girls. “It was extremely considerate of you to imprint the date on these pictures. They’ll make great evidence—James Harris, Deacon of the First Methodist Church, involved in statutory rape. Of course, I have more and they’re in a very safe place with a friend who will send them to the police if I ask or if something happens to me.”

James held his head in his hands wondering how all this went wrong when I spoke again, “Of course, nobody has to know, but there will be some major changes in our relationship.”

“Yeah? Like what?”

“Well, for one thing we’re going to become more like Samantha and Sam. I’m taking control and you’re going to take it, or else. You’re going to adore me, like Sam adores Samantha and you’re going to get punished when you misbehave, just like Sam. And, you’re going to wear this.” I held up the cock cage and rings.

“No fucking way. You’ll never get me into that.”

“You’re right, James, you’re going to do it yourself. That’s the only way I can control your sexual urges, but you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.”

“OK, I don’t!”

“Fine,” I replied as I picked up the phone and dialed 911.

James went white in fear. “OK…OK, you win!”

“Good, now take off your clothes. I want you naked.” Reluctantly, James complied, cursing as he did. “Come over here while I see what size ring you’ll need.” It took a while, considering how uncooperative James was being, but I had the answer for that, too. I locked the two parts together and put the key around my neck. James just looked at the cock cage in disgust. He started to put his clothes on, but I stopped him. “Two things—first, I’m not done with you, and, second, I want you naked around the house. It’ll make things easier when you service me. Right now, follow me into the bedroom.”

James followed me, cursing and swearing all the way. “Lie down,” I instructed him, pointing to the center of the bed. “Feel free to get up any time you want…if you want to be known as a rapist of children.” I pulled the restraints Samantha had sent me from under the bed. I secured James to the bedposts and a minute later his legs were spread apart, tied by the rope running under the bed. “I want to thank you for forcing me to take that boating class. I really learned how to tie knots. It’s coming in handy now, don’t you think?”

I pulled out the riding crop, also ordered for me by our daughter. “James, you have insulted me and our marriage. I’m going to punish you. I’m also fed up with your cussing and swearing. I want that to stop. Who do you love?

“What is this a fucking game?” WHACK! I had only swung the crop about a foot, but the impact was obvious. James cringed as the crop contacted his sensitive balls. “Oh, God, stop…please…stop.”

“You didn’t answer my question, James. Who do you love?

“You…you...damn it.”

“I told you I don’t like all that swearing, so now I’m giving you five more than I planned.”

“Oh, fuck.”

Okay, James, that’ll be another ten. I can stay here all night if need be.” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

“Please, Sara…please stop.”

“OK, James, let’s try again—who do you love?”

“You…you…only you. WHACK!

“You’re getting closer. We’re going to have the same kind of relationship that Samantha has with Sam, aren’t we?

WHACK! WHACK! “Yes…yes…I’ll do anything.”

“Yes, James, you’re exactly right. You’re going to be my slave, aren’t you?” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

“Oh, God, Sara…please.”

“Wrong answer James. Incidentally, you can stop this at any time, can’t you? Do you want to stop? Shall I call the cops?”

“No, Sara, no---hit me again. I’ll be good.” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

“You’ll be my slave, won’t you?”

“Yes…yes…I’ll be your slave. I’ll sit at your feet. I’ll do anything…anything you want.”

“You’re getting closer, James. I’m actually thinking of stopping, but not quite yet.” WHACK! WHACK! “What does Sam call Samantha, James? I’ll give you a hint—it’s a term of respect for her authority. It’s a term for my authority over you.” WHACK! WHACK! “Say it, James…say it.”

“ Mistress…mistress. Please, Mistress.”

“That’s good, James, now we’ll have a little test. I’m going to straddle your face. What do you think you should do?”

“Eat your pussy…eat your pussy.” WHACK!

“You forgot to call me by my title, James. Here’s another reminder.” WHACK!

“Mistress, I’ll eat your pussy. I’ll eat your ass. I’ll be your slave. Just please stop…Mistress.”

“Very well, James, I’m stopping, but make sure you remember that I can do this again any time I want to, right?”

“Yes, Mistress…any time you want.”

I put down the crop and straddled my useless husband’s face. He hated to eat pussy; he never did it to me unless he was drunk. I didn’t even have to say a word. He attacked my cunt—yes I also use that word when appropriate—with his mouth. I have to admit it felt really good, the best I’d had in years. I’d spent a lot of time talking with Samantha, picking up pointers and tips. She had Sam well under control and, in time, I’d match her with James. James began by licking my slit. I have to admit I could have used a shower. I had been perspiring nervously building up the nerve to do all this—planning every step. Now I was reaching the end of Phase I.

“James, I’m fucking my ass with my fingers. It feels really good; how are you feeling? Sorry yet? When I take my fingers out you’re going to clean them, aren’t you—clean them in your mouth. If you hesitate I’ll beat you some more.”

I pulled them out and held them over James’s face. He lunged up to suck them into his mouth. They were clean in an instant. It’s amazing how motivating a good beating can be. I got up and released James. I helped him into the tub where I filled it with warm water to soothe his wounds. “I’m doing this because I love you, James. I need to help you control yourself.”

“I know that…Mistress.”

Chapter 2

James was unable to go to work for two days and I stayed home to care for him and to reinforce my domination of him. I made him sit at my feet. I made him eat my cunt twice a day. I even made him lick my ass (Samantha had told me she just loves it when Sam does it to her. I had to admit it felt pretty good to me, too.)

James had a habit of going to a bar after work with his “buddies”—a bigger group of degenerates I’ve never met. This was going to stop. He got off work at 4:30 and I wanted him in the house no later than five and I wanted him naked and vulnerable. I waited until his balls were healed before moving into Phase 2. I bought a dog’s choke collar—large size—and a leash. I made him wear it in the house and I used the leash to control him.

He was sitting at my feet watching a cooking show when I pulled him up. “C’mon, I have to pee.” He looked at me with fear in his eyes. “You don’t have to, you know. You can walk out the door any time you don’t like what’s going on. I was kind of surprised when Samantha told me that Sam was free to end their relationship, but I guess he understands how good she is for him. He’s a smart man, James.”

I pulled him behind me. “Are you being reluctant, James? Not eager to serve me?”

“No, Mistress, you know I’ll do anything for you.”

“Get into the shower and sit so I can pee on you. If you’re good I won’t make you drink it. You need to learn humility and to accept my authority. We’ll do this every day so get used to it.”

I stepped into the shower, placing my foot on the side of the tub. I directed James to sit beneath me. Again he was reluctant. “I told you, James, we’re going to do this every day so you learn humility and to respect my authority. I see you’re reluctant so open your mouth—drink my pee. Of course, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. You can get up and leave any time.” That did it. I started to tinkle and moved so it fell straight into James’ mouth. “Go ahead—swallow now.” He did, making a face, but he opened his mouth again, taking more of my urine. “I’m done, James. Now come up here and lick me clean. You can be my toilet paper.”

James leaned up, applying his tongue to my cunt and removing any remaining pee. “That feels pretty good, James. Make me cum.” James licked my slit, tasting my essence. He wasn’t eager, but he wasn’t reluctant, either. He moved his attentions to my clit, sucking it into his mouth—between his teeth. For a guy who hated eating pussy he was doing a pretty damned good job. I came hard, almost falling, catching myself at the last second. I allowed James to shower and clean himself with instructions to return to my feet in five minutes—or else! He was there in four and a half. I congratulated him, patting his head like I would a puppy or child.

James behaved himself pretty well all week and on the weekend I decided I would allow him to jerk off. I put my key into the lock, but it wouldn’t turn. I checked the numbers on lock and key—they were different! The son-of-a-bitch had switched locks! “Well, James, this goes to prove that I can’t trust you at all, can I?” I rose from the bed and picked up the phone, dialing my friend. When he answered I told him to please mail the package I had left him in the morning. James was aghast—he threw himself after me, kissing my feet, begging me not to. I hung up the phone. “Who was it, James? You didn’t break the lock just to jerk off, did you? Who was it?”

“Ashley…Ashley Johnstone.”

Ashley’s family were neighbors; they lived only two doors away. I moved James onto the bed and restrained him then I called Ashley’s mom, asking if Ashley could come over for a few minutes. She arrived five minutes later. I walked her into the living room and sat with her on the couch.

Taking her hands in mine I told the twelve year old, “I know about you and my husband, Ashley. I’d like to hear from you what happened.”

“Oh, Mrs. H, I’m sorry, but he made me do it. It was yucky but I had no choice. He caught me making out with Jimmy Cunningham behind the church when I was supposed to be in his class. My father hates Jimmy. He’d kill me if he knew. Mr. H took me into the storeroom and pushed his…his penis into my mouth. He told me to suck it. He came in my mouth. Then he told me he was going to fuck me. That happened the other day. He had that metal thing on his penis, but he cut the lock with some really big pliers.”

“You mean bolt cutters?”

“I think so. He made me lie down and he stuck himself into me. I begged him not to—I don’t take the pill—I could get pregnant, but he wouldn’t listen. He hurt me in my vagina and he blew all his stuff over my chest. I felt filthy.”

“Well, Ashley, it’s time for you to get your revenge. If you’ve told me the truth you won’t have any trouble doing this. Come with me. I have something to show you in my bedroom.” Holding her hand I led her down the hallway. She was shocked to find James restrained spread eagled on the bed.

“Mr. Harris!” she exclaimed.

“Yes, here he is in all his rapist glory, but don’t worry, he’s tied tightly, aren’t you, dear?” I showed her the riding crop. “Now here’s what you’re going to do. Just take a little swing and let him have it right here.” WHACK! “In the balls,” I continued, handing her the crop.

“Doesn’t that hurt?”

“Of course, Ashley, that’s the point. We’re punishing him. You’re doing it for what he did to you; I’m doing it for cheating on me…again.”

Ashley sat on the bed, measuring the distance with the crop. Suddenly, she swung. WHACK! It was a really good one. The crop moved almost three feet before she struck James. He screamed in agony.
“OK, you have the idea. Give him ten and then I’ll take over. You can talk to him if you want. Let him know how you feel.”

“Mr. H,” Ashley began, “I hate you for taking my virginity. I was saving that for someone special.” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! James was writhing in agony, pulling unsuccessfully at his restraints. “I know the other girls feel the same way.” WHACK! WHACK! “You made them do it, too, and then you took those pictures to blackmail us.” WHACK! WHACK! “How many more, Mrs. H?”

“Two more from you should do it, dear then I have another idea. I’ll bet he didn’t let you have any pleasure from the sex, did he?”

“No, the only pleasure I’ve ever had is from…uh…uh.”

“It’s OK, Ashley, I know all about masturbating. I’ve even had to do it myself after sex with my husband so give him two more than go and straddle his head. We’ll make him suck you off, OK?”

“OK, that’ll be more revenge, won’t it?” WHACK! WHACK!

“Yes, dear, that’s exactly what I had in mind.” The agile pre-teen removed her panties and scrambled up over James’s writhing body, squatting over his head. “Do it, James. Eat her pussy and make her cum. That’s the least you can do for her and if you hesitate….”

“No, Mistress, I’ll do it. But…please no more.” He leaned up, engulfing Ashley’s little cunt with his mouth. She squealed in response. She had to hold the headboard to control herself. James had had plenty of practice in recent days, doing me at least twice daily so his tongue was in great condition for licking a wet pussy. She came instantly when he licked her clit.

I helped Ashley off the bed. She redressed herself and I showed her to the door. “Thanks for coming, Ashley. Just tell your mom I needed some help with a little decorating project. Here’s ten dollars for your trouble.”

“Believe me, Mrs.H, it was my pleasure.”

I returned to James. He was just catching his breath when I entered the room. “James, I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with you. I thought I was giving you all the pussy you could handle and then I find out about this. I’m actually ashamed and I didn’t even do anything. Well, back to work, as they say. I still owe you ten.”

“Please…Mistress…I’ll be good…I’ve learned my lesson.”

“You know, that’s one of the things Samantha talked to me about. The only way to make sure Sam learned his lessons was to give him the full punishment. Oddly, she told me he insisted on it. I guess he’s more of a man than you are James.” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

James responded by screaming and begging me to stop. “Please…please, Mistress…Please stop. I’ll be good…I swear…I swear.”

“That’s what you told me last week and what happened? Within a week you’re right back to raping innocent young girls.”

“Believe me—she’s anything but innocent.”

“That’s hardly of interest to me, James. You married me and now you’re cheating at every opportunity. That’s not only insulting—it’s demeaning. I’m not kidding—this is your last chance so make up your mind what you’re going to do. Meanwhile I owe you seven.” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! James struggled against his bonds, his face wracked in pain. I gave him another two. WHACK! WHACK! I could see his balls were terribly swollen and bruised. Tough—he brought it on himself.

“Let’s go over the rules again, James. What time do I want you home?

“By five…by five…no, before five…before five…Mistress.”

“Are you to go drinking with your buddies?”

“No…Mistress…no drinking. I’m coming home…straight home from work…every day…Mistress.”

“Are you going to be my slave, James?” WHACK! “That’s just another little reminder.”

“I don’t need a reminder, Mistress. I want to serve you.”

“Are you going to eat my cunt, James?”

“Yes, Mistress…every day…every morning…every evening. I’ll eat it and eat it and eat it.”

“What about my ass, James?”

“Yes, Mistress I’ll eat your ass. Please no more! I’ll stick my tongue into your ass. I’ll do anything…please.”

“All right, James. I owe you one more.” WHACK! “Don’t forget what I said—this is your absolute last chance. Given the circumstances I’d get everything in a divorce. You’d go to prison, be disgraced, lose everything. You know what they do in prison to rapists, don’t you? Especially child rapists, James. You’d be lucky to survive a month before you were killed or raped. Think about this—use your brain, not your cock. You’re doing this my way or it’s over.”

“Yes, Mistress, I understand. I’ll do it your way. I’ll be your slave, Mistress. I’ll do everything you ask.” Finally, James was defeated. His life as a slave was truly about to begin.

Chapter 3

I released James and helped him to the tub. I left the cock cage in position. I was fairly sure he’d comply this time and, just to be sure I’d check his lock every single day. James was a beaten man, but he was ready to serve and service me. James’ idea of sex was all about his pleasure. I wasn’t kidding Ashley when I said I had to masturbate after sex with my husband—that was the only way I could achieve the pleasure I needed so badly. But, no more; James had it his way for more than thirty years, now it was my turn and I planned to get my share. He was going to eat my pussy morning and night. I’d be going to work with a big smile on my face. Damn, I’d even be smiling when I went into church on Sunday. I figured I’d even make him eat me when I had my period—that’s just how pissed off I was. It was bad enough the first time, but to learn that he had deliberately disobeyed and raped a twelve year-old was the final straw.

I left James in the tub while I returned the restraints and crop to their closet. An hour later James was able to walk on his own, although sitting was a challenge due to the swelling in his balls. He came out to where I was sitting and went down to my feet. He leaned down and kissed my feet. I ran my fingers through his hair. “Don’t fuck up, James. I’m not playing games with you any more.”

“I won’t Mistress. May I eat your pussy and make you cum?

‘Yes, that’s a great suggestion. If you behave yourself I’ll let you jerk off next week. Maybe I’ll even help you. You know I enjoy sucking that cock of yours.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” were the last words he uttered before he dived in head first, slathering my hairy pussy with his active tongue. He pushed his tongue deep into my cunt as he sampled the nectar I was producing. He looked up to ask, ”May I finger you, Mistress—your cunt and your ass?” I nodded as he shifted his tongue from my hot went tunnel to my shitter. Samantha was right—the sensations were incredible. I came hard, squirting for the first time in over a decade.


James’ life as a slave began in earnest now. When Sara had first forced him to wear the cock cage and be her slave he figured he could cheat, just as he had dozens and dozens of times during their marriage. Most of the time his partners were young women—wives or single mothers who had claims with his company but didn’t have the deductible and, without that, couldn’t afford the repairs to their cars or homes. They were between a rock and a hard place so James would come to the rescue and help them—and himself. He learned the technique from his mentor who once figured that he had fucked more than a thousand such women during his career. James took a close look at him—he was short, overweight with a big belly, bald, and had bad skin. “Fuck,” James recalled thinking, “if this slob can do it so can I.” He still remembered his first. She was a young wife whose husband was out of work. She’d had an auto accident, skidding into a tree and doing well over $2,000 damage to her car—a car she desperately needed to take her three children to the doctor and hospital. “They have a rare condition that requires constant attention. Can’t you do something to help me?”

“Well, I might if we had a quid pro quo. You know—you take care of me and I’ll take care of you.”

“But, I don’t have any money. That’s the problem.”

“I can help you with the money; you have something else I’d like. Let me explain. You have $2,400 in damage but all you’ll get from us is $1,400 because you have a $1,000 deductible. I’ll juggle the claim and set the amount at $3,400 so you’ll actually get the full amount you need. You’ll go to All-County Body Shop. He’s a friend of mine and he knows what to do with the bill. That’s what I’ll do for you. All you have to do is spend an hour with me. I’m sure you know what to do after all you do have three kids. Before you say no, stop and think—when’s the last time you got a thousand bucks for an hour’s work? It’ll solve both our problems.”

Defeated, the woman who was only 23, with big tits and a tight ass, knew she had no choice. “When and where?”

“Tomorrow afternoon at two—your place; just tell your husband to go for a two hour walk and to take the kids. I’ll come in once he’s left and be gone before he returns. Tell him anything you want. Hell, tell him you’re fucking to get the car fixed.”

“OK, but only an hour.”

“See you tomorrow.” She turned out to be a really good lay, sucking him first deep into her mouth to get him hot and taking him three different ways before he blew his load in her snatch. Her cunt was pretty tight considering the three kids and she moved all over the place, something James found exciting and stimulating. He got his rocks off; he didn’t give a shit about her—let hubby do that to thank her for the thousand.

Now, that was all over. Sara was checking his cage lock every fucking afternoon. He couldn’t even drink with his pals. They were all accusing him of being pussy whipped—if they only knew, it was much worse than that. His balls were still sore from the last beating he had endured. Even that little cunt Ashley had gotten in on the fun. He had new-found respect for Sam, his son-in-law, who actually seemed to revel in being a slave. James was doing it only because he had no choice.


I was proving to be a stern mistress. I required James to rise each morning at six, an hour earlier than he had all his life. He was expected to receive my pee and, depending on my attitude that morning he might be required to drink and swallow. He really tried to get on my good side—he hated the taste of it and the smell wasn’t much better. After my shower he was expected to eat my pussy or lick my ass--either way I expected to get off. Laughing, I told him people in my school had noticed a smile on my face lately. I still did the cooking and laundry, but he was expected to clean the house, care for the lawn, things he usually neglected. He had to request permission to do these chores and he knew he would be in trouble if I had to remind him even once.

James’ afternoons weren’t much better than his mornings. He got off work at 4:30 and had to rush to get home and be naked by the five o’clock deadline. My day ended earlier—around four—so I was always here to check. Most afternoons I’d be in my chair or on the couch, also naked, and I’d point to my pussy or ass. James was expected to service me. He’d come to enjoy eating my pussy—not that I could compare to Ashley’s sweet cunt, but he hated eating my ass—the smell and the taste nauseated him. It often seemed that the worse it was, the more I wanted him to do it.

Over the first few months James lost twenty pounds. First of all, he hadn’t had a drink in all that time and he wasn’t missing all those useless calories. Second, working on the yard was hard work; it showed in his physique. He looked better than he had in years. Even I commented, complimenting him on his appearance. Our house, long the worst looking in the neighborhood, was now one of the best thanks to his efforts.

The most noticeable change in James was that his penis looked bigger—longer than it had in years. Research online showed I was right—loss of fat in his abdomen made more of his cock visible, not that he could actually see his cock very often; most of the time it was sealed in that wonderful stainless steel tube. I first let him take it off two weeks after his severe beating. I let him jerk it, allowing him to cum in my mouth. I licked it clean and even kissed it just before returning it to the cage. But there was no way I’d permit him to go anywhere without it.

Of course, he started out doing anything I asked. I had modeled our daily activities after what Samantha had described to me. I was getting off more in a week than I had in three months previously. No wonder I always had a big smile on my face—except when I had to deal with James. Then my expression changed dramatically, especially when he began to slack off. He became lazy, slow to react to my orders. Time for Phase 3!

Samantha had duplicated her valise for me so I had a variety of punishment and control implements. It was time to use some of them. Thus far James’ offenses had been sexual in nature, therefore, the use of the crop on his balls, but now his slacking behavior required another approach.

I moved when James had neglected to mow the lawn. “James, come here,” I told him, “you need some discipline. Why do I have to remind you to mow the lawn, or to do anything? Time for punishment. Of course, you know you don’t have to accept it, don’t you?” He was sullen and silent, but he bent over the table. He really had no choice. I restrained him and pulled out a paddle. “You know,” I reminded him, “I’m doing this because I love you. You need to shape up.” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

“Please Mistress, that hurts…please.”

“Did you know, James, that Sam thanks Samantha for paddling him? He’s obviously more of a man than you are. I like him more and more. You’re getting a dozen, and when I finish paddling you I’m going to fuck you in the ass. You’re always telling me how much you want anal—now you’re going to get it!” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

I had just finished the paddling. I stepped into the strap-on, adjusting the straps when the bell rang. Checking my watch I noticed they were just on time. I pulled back the curtain on the side panel and saw Ashley and several girls—the ones on the photos I had found. I opened the door, “Hi, Ashley. Hi, girls.”

“Hi, Mrs. H,” replied Ashley,” Uh, what’s that?”

“It’s a strap-on. I was just getting ready to fuck Mr. Harris with it. Come in, I’m glad you could all make it. I had an idea. He fucked all of you, didn’t he? Now you can all fuck him. By the time you finish his ass…oh, hi, who are you?” I noticed for the first time a small girl at the back of the pack.

“That’s my little sister, Amy, Mrs. H, she’s eight,” answered Mary Beth. “Mr. Harris did it to her, too.”

I leaned down to see her at her level. “What did he do to you, Amy? Don’t worry, you can tell me.”

“Mrs. Harris, he put his thingy, like that one you have, in my mouth. He made me gag. Then he put it in between my legs. He hurt me, Mrs.Harris. I want to hurt him.” I was livid. James was going to pay—big time. We’d get revenge and then I was calling the matter to a close.

“Come in, girls, we’re all going to have some fun at Mr. Harris’ expense. Since he fucked all of you, you’re invited to fuck him. I’ll go first so you can see exactly what to do.” James was writhing, trying desperately to escape his restraints, but he was getting nowhere. I really had learned to tie knots in the boating class. I figured he would scream all throughout this torture. I went to the closet and pulled out a ball gag. “Open, James.”

“The fuck I will!”

“No problem, James—Ashley, see that paddle on the floor. Hit Mr. Harris in the balls, not too hard—just enough to make him scream.” Ashley knelt under the table. His balls were facing forward in his ring. She gave him a swat, swinging the paddle about a foot. When James began to scream I rammed the ball gag into his mouth and fastened the buckle behind his head. He was furious—I couldn’t care less.

“OK, girls, watch carefully. This is Mr. Harris’s ass. We’re going to abuse it. Watch me. I lubed the dildo and his ass. “Now normally we’d be really careful putting this in, but today we don’t care if it hurts, do we? We want it to hurt, don’t we?” I stepped in, grabbed his hips, and pushed the big tool into his ass. James screamed non-stop for several minutes. It made me feel much better. I pushed until the entire ten inches was in his butt. I fucked him hard for almost ten minutes then I pulled out. I took off the strap-on and handed it to Ashley. She fucked him for almost as long. One by one, each girl took a turn fucking his ass. He started bleeding after the third. By the time we got to Amy—the eight-year-old—I had developed a plan for her. I stopped her from using the strap-on and brought out another item that Samantha had ordered for me. It looked kind of like a club that cops carried, but it was made of rubber. It was actually thicker than the dildo. “Use this, honey, you can use two hands on this and I think you’ll get plenty of leverage. She pushed—by now there was a huge gape in James’s ass. She pushed in and pounded it in and out—over and over until she was exhausted. She left it sticking out of his asshole and went to rest. I showed them to the door, thanking them for stopping by.

I went to call my friend. “Hi Steve…Sara here. It’s time…yeah…I met an eight-year-old girl today who had been raped by James. Can you believe it—eight-years-old? I’m just disgusted. What? Yeah, bring some extra men so you can stick around. I really need to get fucked by a real man. OK, see you soon. Bye, Love.”

I removed the restraints and ball gag and laid him on his back on the table. I unlocked the cock cage and dropped it into the sink, covering it with hot soapy water. I returned to James, knelt and began stroking his cock; it hardened quickly. I leaned down to take it into my mouth. “I told you how much I enjoyed sucking this. I’m going to get you off. It’ll have to last you a long time.”

“How long?”

“Forever—it’s going to last you forever. I’ll explain in a few minutes.” I lowered my head, using my tongue all around his helmet. James moaned immediately—a clear indicator that he hadn’t had any sex at all lately. I ran my tongue down the underside and around to the top. I used the flat of my tongue and took him completely into my mouth. James came almost immediately, sending several ropes of gooey cum into my stomach. I licked him clean, kissed his cock and told him to stay there. I returned several minutes later with a t-shirt, underwear, jeans, socks and sneakers. “Get dressed,” I told him. When he questioned me I told him, “You have to be dressed, believe me—do it now.” He had trouble standing so I helped him dress. He was barely conscious. He mumbled something about going to the tub. “Not today,” I replied, “I don’t think you’ll have time.” I had just finished that sentence when the door bell rang again. I dumped James on the couch en route to the door. “Hi, Steve,” I stepped up to kiss him on the lips.

“Where is he? I have the photos right here in my jacket. Leave the door open, my men will be here in about ten minutes.”

We walked into the living room hand-in-hand. James was a wreck. “James, I want you to meet my friend, Lt. Steve McCormick. He’s with the state police and he’s also my lover. Thanks for making it so easy for me to get rid of you. Steve’s been holding the photos for me, but now you’re finished. We’re done.”

“But, you said….”

“OK, James—I lied. How many times did you lie to me? I know there were plenty of other women besides the girls. I actually followed you one day when you went to meet one and I overheard you on the phone making arrangements. Steve has the names and addresses of more than twenty. You were so arrogant and so careless. I was going to divorce you when I found the pictures of your rapes. Why settle for half when I can get it all? You must have thought I was an idiot. Well, who’s the idiot now? I worked out this scheme with Steve so I could get even—revenge for the way you treated me. After today there’s not much more I could do. You know what Samantha told me? A person has to be willing to be a slave—you can’t force him. She was right. Sam wants to be her slave, that’s why they work so well together. ”

My words were cut short by the arrival of several police officers. At Steve’s orders they arrested and cuffed James. He said he’d be down to finish the job in a few hours—he needed to take my statement. James was led out the door for what I hoped would be the very last time. I closed the door, locked it and returned to the living room.

“Is that true?” Steve asked as I began to shed my clothes. “Does a slave have to be willing?”

I turned and dropped to my knees, my head down in submission. “Yes, Master. I’m at your bidding, Master. Please abuse me—I need it.”

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