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A horny nineteen year old girl is thrust into an alternate reality that resembles an age long past.
Lizzy awoke uncomfortably after what felt like a lifetime of sleep. The last thing she remembered was being in her car, on her way to her boyfriend's house. When she opened her eyes she saw a pitch black

sky, surrounded by foggy trees and laggoons. The ground itself seemed to be made out of mud. She realized she was in a swamp; she wanted to panic and scream, but instead she simply groaned and tried

to go back to sleep, hoping she was just dreaming and would wake up any second now in her boyfriend's arms.

But when she reawoke she remained where she was. She tried to remain calm, she knew panicking wouldn't accomplish anything. As she got up she noticed her pussy was soaking wet. Curious, she

squatted back down and felt around the area with her finger. Then she remembered.

She was wearing the same clothes she had put on that morning; jean short shorts that let part of her ass hang out and a tank top that was two sizes too small for her, which exposed over half of her perfect

D cup boobs. It also showed her pierced belly button, which she knew a lot of guys found very hot.

Lizzy has wanted to tease her boyfriend when she came over, so she hadn't wore panties. When she had tried to poke at where her panties normally were, her finger went straight into her wet pussy,

surprising her and causing her to instantly let out a small moan of pleasure. She realized how horny she was and lay down to finger herself. She began using multiple fingers at a time, stretching out and

playing with her pussy, moaning louder and louder.

Suddenly she heard a loud noise and was forced to pause her masturbation session. She looked around and saw a group of small, cloaked figures riding on what looked to be a cross between a horse and a

pig. Scared to death, she dashed to a mound of tall grass and ducked down into it. Wanting to take up as little space as possible so that the grass would cover her she pressed her thin legs up against her

breasts. Being so aroused already she nearly moaned when her knees squeezed her boobs together. She kept it together though, and soon the riders were gone. Lizzy crawled out of the grass. She was lost

and confused, and not knowing what to do she just wandered around for a bit. The sun had almost finished setting and there was no light whatsoever in the swamp; she would have to find shelter one way

or another. She stumbled across what looked to be a road, and decided to follow it mindlessly for about a mile.

As she walked she touched herself periodically to ease her sexual desire as it was hard to concentrate on anything else. After awhile of trying to do this she simply stuck two of her fingers in her throbbing

pussy and left them there, feeling the juices leak from her and moaning as she gently rubbed the inside.

Finally she saw something in the distance.

It was a, not quite a house, a log cabin that was in the center of a small clearing in the murky forest. She approached it carefully, praying that she would be allowed to stay there for that night.

She knocked lightly on the door. After a minute or so it opened and she was met by a large man wearing brown leather pants and no shirt, exposing his muscular form. Just looking at him made her think

about what she was doing before the riders appeared, but she had to wipe that thought out of her mind for now.

"Um...excuse me, sir," she muttered, not sure how to approach him or if he even understood her. "Could I um, you know, stay with you tonight?"

After that he looked at her for a long time. He looked at the different parts of her, and for awhile his eyes were focused on the exposed area of her breasts and then, for an even longer time, the front of her

shorts. She looked down, noticing she hadn't bothered to zip up her shorts from earlier and that a small patch of her dripping vagina was showing. She looked at his pants and noticed a small but growing

bulge. She smiled at him, giving her most seductive smile possible.

Soon he moved to the side, gesturing for her to enter. His house had two floors, the first of which appeared to be where he stored his food and weapons. There was a table covered in boney, crudely

prepared and uncooked meat, which she assumed was him primary diet. She noticed a large bag near the door and upon closer inspection, saw that it was filled with bread and cheese, as well as what

looked to be two bottles of wine. She was starving, and wanted more than anything to dive in to his rations. She looked at him and motioned at the food, and after taking a minute to interpret her meaning

he led her to a nearby table, poured out the contents of the bag and handed her one of the bottles of wine.

They ate and drank in silence as he eyed her breasts, she now also realized her nipples were hard and clearly visible through the thin fabric of the tank top. She didn't notice him though, she was too

focused on the food. The wine was delicious, although she knew of the effect it would probably have on her. Although she was very turned on by the presence of the man, she was scared of him and she

tried her best to control her emotions despite her continually leaking pussy.

When the meal was done she had eaten nearly half of his food. Feeling guilty but satisfied, she was led by the man upstairs to his bedroom, which he allowed her to sleep in. There was only one bed. Where

would he sleep? Then she got the picture when he lay down in the large bed right beside her, being careful not to touch her.

As she lay resting the wine began to kick in. Just looking at the shirtless man made her pussy throb madly, and soon she couldn't control herself any longer. Still in her worn out clothes, she pressed herself

up against his back, feeling up his muscular chest and wrapping her legs around his waist. He realized what was happening and turned himself over to confront her.

Lizzy shoved herself upward while still holding on to him, using the force to help wiggle her sticky shorts off so that the entirity of her dripping pussy was rubbing against his crotch with his pants still on. He

could feel his raging hard-on, and quickly pulled down his pants as she began to kiss his chest and then his lips. To no surprise his cock was enormous. As he entered her she let out a loud squeal which

settled into a slow moan. She forced his cock into her again and again, moaning louder and louder as she rubbed her huge tits against his chest, her wet tank top still on. When she reached her climax she

let out one final squeal, and he blew his load right into her pussy. It felt amazing to her, nothing like she'd ever experienced before. When the moment had passed she began to try and cuddle with him, but

he was already asleep.

As she lay there naked in his bed she had an idea. A dirty idea, but she didn't know what else to do. She couldn't just stay here forever, she had to find out what else was in this world. She retrieved her

shorts and moved silently down the stairs, locating the bag of food they had eaten earlier that night. It wasn't very heavy, she carried it with ease and realized she could probably take something else with

her. She skipped over the disgusting looking meat but looked at the weapons for awhile, thinking she would need something to defend herself against whatever lies in the swamp. She settled on a bow and

quiver of arrows, as well as a small dagger. She set the bow and quiver in the bag, but the dagger would probably cut through it which would cause all sorts of problems. So, improvising, she stuffed the

dagger face-up inside her bra in between her tits. It wasn't a great solution, but she liked it as it actually gave her a bit of pleasure having her tits rub across the hilt of the dagger as she walked.

So she set out, continuing on the road she had came from, which she didn't even know extended past the house at the time. It must lead somewhere, right?

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2012-06-18 23:07:24
A paragraph contains a single concept or thought...
If the first three paragraphs in this story were put would be in true form..
No matter if something is online or in actual physical print the rule is the same. pick up a book and you'll see what I am talking about....

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2012-06-18 05:55:15
i don't understand the complaint about paragraphs. online postings have different do need to break up normal paragraphs length into easier to read online formats.the problem i have with your story is need to find a voice.just writing he did this or she said that does'nt create a story.please just look up first second and third person perspectives.there's plenty of sites with example's of theproper way way to tell your tails.


2012-06-17 22:34:13
The formatting screwed up when I posted this. I'm trying to get it edited so it appears normally.

In the mean time you can view the normal version at:

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2012-06-17 21:43:53
It would help if the author learned what a paragraph was..

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